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You Are Enough: The Most Important Lesson Of My Life and Career #TheOnePercent

This is the most important podcast I have ever done. I had a major breakthrough in my life, that was THE most impactful shift I have ever had in terms of personal development, and I want to share that with you.


18 Oct 2018

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How To Invest $1 Million For Long Term Wealth w/ Sam Prentice

Ryan had a very motivating chat with Sam Prentice, an investment expert and the co-founder of Wealthpoint, about generating passive income through investments. Here’s some of what Sam had to say about what to do if you get a big windfall (from selling a business for example): Use 1031 exchanges wisely Some of Sam’s clients used a 1031 exchange to take money from one depreciated property, reinvest it in another property, and defer all capital gain taxes. You can actually 1031 between asset classes as long as they are considered like-kind. Some people exited real estate for a great profit and reinvested the money in oil and gas. Set up a capital warehouse and then go for the cash flow First set up a capital warehouse, which means that you will have a limit to how much you can put into it each year. This is basically a liquid place to store capital which earns a return. For the rest of the money, go for anything cash flow. Keep it simple Look for assets that have a value and buy countercyclical assets when you don’t know what you’re doing so that you can trade them later. Always keep it simple. Look for sweet spots, aka places where you have a strategic advantage either in knowledge, or in the people that you know, or the sector you are familiar with. It was great listening to Sam! Key takeaways: Take advantage of 1031 exchanges Set up a capital warehouse and then go for the cash flow Keep it simple and look for sweet spots   Connect with Ryan Find more amazing podcast discussions on FreedomFastLane.com. On Facebook On YouTube On LinkedIn On Twitter   Connect with Sam Find out more about Sam’s company, Wealthpoint, at https://gowealthpoint.com/


30 Jul 2018

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Perry Belcher : How To Use Content Marketing and Tripwires To Grow Your Sales Fast #TheOnePercent

Perry Belcher is the co-founder of DigitalMarketer.com and NativeCommerce.com. He is one of the world's best marketing specialists in the direct response world. If you sell physical products, but you do not feel "in control" of your sales, Perry is the best in the world at creating physical products funnels. In this talk from The Capitalism Conference Perry walks through his "ideal funnel system". You'll learn how to target your ideal customer effectively and massively grow your business. This year's Capitalism Conference event takes place in Dallas, Texas January 21st, 2019.


24 Dec 2018

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#TBT - The 4 Step Formula to Success in Any Business w/ Mark Ford aka Michael Masterson

Would you believe that there is a formula to growing your business, one that generates millions of dollars? Mark Ford (pen name Michael Masterson) created it and has applied it dozens of times. There are four steps in this formula, and Mark shares them with us on today’s episode. After growing a business to $65 million in four years, Mark took the process and duplicated it over and over again. Entrepreneurs who apply this process in their businesses experience success, and you can too. Marketing is everything, and copy is king. Once you have those nailed, your business growth will take off.

1hr 7mins

7 Mar 2019

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Being Weird Can Be Your Key to Your Success [Here’s How]

Full show notes at https://freedomfastlane.com/ Guy and Ilan are weird. And that’s okay! They’re hugely successful entrepreneurs, they’re compassionate coaches, and they share invaluable information on personal actualization on their Satori Prime podcast. But that’s beside the point. They’re weird because they act in accordance with who they are. And being themselves meant charting their path away from what the “group” does, leading them to their awesome Satori Prime project. This isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things to do. From a very young age, we are indoctrinated with the values of our parents, our educators, and what we absorb from mass media. It is easy for us to come to a conclusion at that stage in our lives about who we are. If you decide as a kid that you are “worthless”, “not talented”, or “a loser”, it can be very difficult to shake that feeling. Guy and Ilan are here to help you shake that false social programming, and get you to focus on being yourself. Everyone has something to contribute to make the world a better place and give their loved ones a better life. You can bring that gift out. Check in with yourself. Ask yourself what really matters to you. Notice where you feel like conforming to what everyone else is doing. Think about whether you really need to conform as well. Do what is consistent with your principles. Be yourself, and you will reap the rewards throughout your life! Key takeaways: It’s time for you to be unapologetically yourself Really successful people have achieved success by not caring about what other people think about them Take action consistent with who you are, rather than your social programming Connect with Guy & Ilan Visit the Satori Prime website: https://satoriprime.com/ On Twitter On Facebook On LinkedIn Subscribe to Freedom Fast Lane -->Subscribe to the Freedom Fast Lane Podcast with Ryan Daniel Moran<--


21 Dec 2017

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How to Do Anything in 90 Days w/ Todd Herman

Guest Bio Todd Herman is a high-performance coach and advisor to Olympic athletes, billionaires, and entrepreneurs. Among many successes in athletic and business coaching, he is the creator of the “90 Day Year”; in his own words, “a program for business owners who are frustrated with their level of performance and want a highly refined system to get out of their own way and see their business and personal leadership thrive”. Show Notes We’ve had so many amazing conversations with people over the years, so we’ve decided to go into our archive and bring back some of our favorite podcasts for you. In this Freedom Fast Lane replay, we learn from coach and advisor Todd Herman about structuring your productivity calendar and goals in ways that deliver you better results, in a faster and saner way. Todd won’t deny the importance of a long-term vision for success. But achieving that vision through long-term goals is the wrong way to go about it. We need to stop chasing goals with year-long, five-year-long, or ten-year-long deadlines, and we should instead break down our quest into 90 day sprints. Why 90 days? It’s short enough to feel tangible and doable, while long enough to achieve a serious goal. You also take advantage of positive neurological feedback loops by bringing the rush of success from achieving your goals more quickly, giving you the drive to ramp up your business faster than ever. How can you get started? You pick one particular, high-impact skill or goal that, if you focused on honing right now, would deliver the best performance results. That’s your target for the next 90 days. These can be outcome goals (e.g. losing X pounds in 90 days), performance goals (e.g. doubling Facebook followers in 90 days), or process goals (determining who will do what, when, and where, to enhance business clarity and momentum). Don’t let long-term goals drag down your long-term vision. Break things down into 90 day sprints, and you’ll see results sooner. Key takeaways: Long-term vision is important, but long-term goals are inefficient at achieving that vision Pick your most high-impact skill or goal, and focus on that for 90 days These can be outcome goals, performance goals, or process goals. Connect with Todd Find out more about Todd at http://toddherman.me/ On Facebook On Linkedin On Twitter   Connect with Ryan Find more amazing podcast discussions on FreedomFastLane.com. On Facebook On YouTube On LinkedIn On Twitter


19 Feb 2018

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The Predictable Path To Get (Really, Really) Rich By Age 50 w/ David Osborn #TheOnePercent

David Osborn is one of the largest real estate investors in the United-States and runs the largest Keller-Williams franchise in the world. Ever wonder how you can get to 9 figures? Tune in for some weird and serious advice refined over David’s 20 plus year entrepreneurial career. Key takeaways [5:19] There is no amount of hours that will get you to 9 figures, so what do you have to do? The first lesson David learned was that it’s not about you: change the question. The right question for a 9 figure business is always: who. Who do you have to hire to get to the next step? What’s a key hire you could make right now that would drive your business forward? What’s the title, the job description? Start making yourself the least talented person in your organisation. Get your Whos [8:17] Once you know that “who” is the question, you need to figure out who you have to become to attract that person: the right “who’s” don’t work for just anybody. What do the “whos” look for? Purposeful people. Learn how to goal set and make yourself accountable for those goals. Never forget your agenda: if you don’t have an agenda for your life, the first person you meet everyday gives you an agenda. The matrix is real [12:03] But it’s not like taking the red pill: we usually don’t stay awake tough, so it’s important to get your implicit system on board: The implicit and explicit systems: Explicit: is the part of you that you think you are, your inner voice its a slow system, a row boat — as fast as the language you use. Implicit: is the unconscious, everything that runs in the background and it’s much faster, like a jet — think of the difference in reading speed when you mouth the words! When you do wake up and get that clarity on what you want, set those goals down in writing and let your implicit engine take you closer to your goals. Ok, weird, so how do I align my implicit system? [15:45] First, nurture your 8 life gardens: 1. Relationship and family 2. Spiritual contribution 3. Physical health 4. Intellectual growth 5. Lifestyle and adventure 6. Environment tribe 7. Personal financial 8. Business Set goals [19:17] The clichés do work… for each of the aspects of your life, set goals and have a very clear vision it’ll create a massive vision of what you want your life to be. Then break it down into the day to day goals. Be careful of accomplishing the goals you set, or adjusting them if necessary. If you just write stuff down and don’t do it, all you’re doing is training your implicit system to recognise that what you say doesn’t matter. Do what you say and say what you mean. Manage your energy [27:30] Money is energy, you get energy by spending energy. Make sure you have energy to spare: Nurture your primary relationships: your significant other, your kids, your friends, your peers Nurture your health, your brain, your spirit, your community Be ruthlessly honest with yourself and cut out what doesn’t work. Contain your environment and eliminate the chaff so you can focus your attention like a laser beam. The beautiful thing about capitalism is that everybody has a job and you can hire them to get your time back for your own agenda. Pay people to: ● Cook ● Clean ● Pay bills So you can focus on: ● Hiring talent ● Looking for opportunities ● Creating vision Check your peers [32:04] Hang out with winners, winning is contagious. Dump the losers, charity belongs in charity. Coaches [42:05] invest in coaches, be around leaders and teachers. [46:19] Set goals, manage your energy, check your peers, get coached and be ruthless honest. We are forgetful creatures, put it in your flight plan. Q&A [52:00] David opens up the floor: How do you cut out family? People don’t have to do what you do, but they can’t be resisting you. Phase them out, they will notice less than you think. How can I attract the mentor I want? Come from a point of service, add value and be prepared if they say yes. Did he grow organically? Yes What is your hiring process? Personality assessment, Behavioral assessment. 3 sets of interviews: Screening, Comprehensive and Hiring. Spend at least 10 hours with every new hire, always ask yourself what’s going to bug you about that person in two years and listen to your gut. What can you do to empower your unconscious brain? Stop listening to your conscious brain! How do you segment your life without losing your business time? Miracle morning, goal setting, writing it down and once you have the revenue: outsource the things that eat away at your time. What is in David’s flight plan? goaltemplate.com

1hr 11mins

17 Jun 2019

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Zero To $1 Million In 12 Months On Amazon

In 2014, Ryan released the 0 to 1 million in 12 months on Amazon video— viewed about 1.6 million times — but 5 years is huge in the digital space… Today’s episode is all about the updated version of the 0 to 1 million in 12 months on Amazon. What’s new and different in the Amazon space? What’s coming, what’s here to stay and what’s about to go? Ryan shares the best tools to use, where to put the bulk of your energy and breaks down the steps to getting to the million mark in easy to follow point form. Mentioned in this episode Instagram: @RyanDanielMoran Twitter: @RyanMoran Tweetables

1hr 1min

14 Oct 2019

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How To Get To $1 Million With Zero Employees

Full show notes at https://freedomfastlane.com/ Making millions without a big team seems, at first blush, rather daunting. How is it possible to make that happen? As Elaine Pofeldt has found, it’s more common than you think. In fact, you can do it without hiring a single employee. Before embarking on something like this, you need to make sure you start with your desired lifestyle in mind. A business is a means to an end. If you make the business itself your reason for being alive, you expose yourself to substantial psychological risk down the road (such as if you discover you hate the work or find yourself reflecting on missed opportunities to do other enjoyable things). Then look to entering a field of commerce that interests you. You’ll find yourself enjoying the work that much more. Let’s say you like traveling and enjoy writing. You could build up a business as a marketing consultant, traveling around the world, with your “office” being any computer with Internet access. Now you know what the “seeds” are for your zero-employee business. Once you’ve planted the seeds, you can scale up more easily than ever before, as you can reach a global market through the Internet. You don’t have to do it alone, though. It’s easier than ever to find non-employee help, harnessing online freelancer marketplaces like Upwork, or, if you have a physical headquarters, hire a contractor to do some tasks while you’re traveling. Your business does not need a complex human resources system to be successful. You can keep it small while scaling to big profits! Key takeaways: You don’t need employees to reach a million dollars There is less friction than ever before in building a business Why your next business is immensely valuable to society Connect with Elaine Find out more about Elaine at http://elainepofeldt.com/ On Linkedin On Twitter Connect with Ryan On YouTube On Facebook On Twitter On Google Plus On LinkedIn On Instagram Subscribe to Freedom Fast Lane -->Subscribe to the Freedom Fast Lane Podcast with Ryan Daniel Moran<--


15 Jan 2018

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The Secrets And The Mindset Of The $100m+ Man w/ Joel Marion #BrandBuilderPodcast

Joel Marion is the founder of Biotrust Supplements but he caught Ryan’s eye when his own personal brand blew up overnight. How do you develop the right mindset around advertising, marketing and brand building in 2019. Tune in for some actionable strategies on how to scale your business and your message 10x bigger and 10x faster. The proof is in the results: from 0 to 100 million in one calendar year. More than once Key Takeaways [3:57] Joel introduces himself and explains that the strategies he’s about to share are all things he has spent the last decade successfully implementing into his business ventures. [10:48] When it comes to income vs impact opinions differ, Joel sets everyone straight: Go for impact and income will follow? Nope. You may have a fantastic products but it will go unsold if insufficient energy is focused on generating sales. Go for Income and impact will follow? Nope. If you only push the sale and don’t have a great product, you will have short lived income. In truth, both are equally important: you can’t have scalable impact without scalable income. [14:12] Everyone needs traffic to convert customers but traffic is an auction: pay more, get more. So the lion’s share of traffic goes to the one who can pay the most for it, without fail. Organic growth is very nice, but it’s not repeatable or sustainable. The only 2 sources of scalable traffic are the ones you pay for: 1. Warm traffic (pay for someone’s audience) 2. Cold media (CPA, CPM, CPC) [21:05] “Okay Joel, how can I afford to may more than everyone else, Joel? I’m not rich, Joel!” To scale a business you have to dial in these 2 aspects of your business:] 1. Front end — Increase traffic to acquire more customers. 2. Back end — Build a sales funnel and monetize your customers. To scale a business fast the trick is to get confident enough to go negative upfront to increase traffic, and maximize your sales funnel. How do you get confident enough to front all this advertising money and fast-track your front end? KNOW. YOUR. NUMBERS. [24:13] This is actually the name of the game. Do you know your cost to acquire a customer, down to the dollar? Do you know your cost to acquire a customer for every traffic source? You need to figure out what is the value of that customer at 2 weeks, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days. This is the information you use to determine how long you will be in the hole before you break even. If you know exactly when and how much a customer will pay you, you can know how much to pay to acquire that customer and how long you can front the money for it. How do you maximize your sales funnel and fast track your back end? UPSELL [27:07] You should upsell immediately, on the order confirmation page, on the order confirmation email. The shipping confirmation email has a 95% open rate, you never see that elsewhere, use it. [40:46] The real scaling of a business comes from dialing in the back end, knowing your numbers and being able to comfortably lose money upfront. Learning all of this is complex and complexity can be scary, but the more you put yourself in complex situations, the less fear you will feel. [51:34] Joel recaps the 4 steps to scale any business fast: 1. Maximize front end offers through testing, optimization and refining your marketing skills — never outsource marketing. 2. Dial in your back end and know your numbers, know your numbers, know your numbers. 3. Do the work and get comfortable with back end reporting. 4. Be willing to go negative upfront to outbid your competition — don’t go beyond 180 days. Thanks for listening! Mentioned in this episode Capitalism.com Other Joel Podcast Dan Fleishman — social media presence build


21 May 2019

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#TBT - When and How To Raise Money w/ Jeff Hoffman

Today’s episode is an excerpt from the Freedom Fast Lane Live 2015 (now known as the Capitalism Conference) with Jeff Hoffman. Tune in for the Q&A section of this very popular talk with the well known billionaire. Key Takeaways Q. Thoughts on funding. [2:26] For some reason, everytime Jeff asks entrepreneurs what their sources of funding are, no one says ‘customers’. He blames Silicon Valley for all the loans, bank debt, private equity, venture capital and this idea that you need to get the funding NOW. List everything you need to do for your business to reach your definition of success, and circle all of the things you can do without anyone else’s money. Then do them. If you need money, ask yourself if you can you sell something. Creative ways to finance your company through customers should always be your first attempt. Borrowing money from somebody else should only come after you’ve done everything you can think of. Q. Thoughts on money. [4:43] Jeff would literally divide his money into 2 piles, one for him for the value that he created, and the other one to reinvest in his business. To best manage your business’ money, you need to think of what normal controls you would you implement for someone else’s money: is the money being spent on things that will sell more for the business? Entrepreneurs is like jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down. If you don’t have that mindset of always focusing on the plane, you’re in the wrong field. Q. Thoughts on failure. One of the harder things with entrepreneurs is that failing is tangled into pride and ego, and when you have borrowed money from everyone you know and your business is failing, you don’t want to see them — especially for the holidays. The problem is that people don’t define success and failure, and so they have no way of measuring. So Jeff developed what he calls the Thanksgiving test. 1. Make a clear list of what success looks like 2. Have all of your stakeholders sign it 3. Come next Thanksgiving, determine if you succeeded/failed 4. Keep going/move on By following this, you will never be stuck in failure for a long time, and your pride and ego will not prevent you from facing your stakeholders. Mentioned in this episode Capitalism Conference


16 May 2019

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Black Man vs. White Man (Ep2): Trump, Privilege, and Entitlement w/ Billy Gene #TheOnePercent

Get ready for today’s episode, it’s finally part 2 of black man vs. White man! Follow Ryan “Debate” Moran and Billy Gene into a multitude of controversial rabbit holes and hear what Billy had to say that may have changed Ryan’s mind on some subjects. Key takeaways Trump or Obama? [5:43] Billy and Ryan set the tone for this dialogue by going over drunken items from the last black man vs. white man debate — are people more divided than during the civil war? Are things better or worse for minorities? — and open up this year’s conversation with a personal story from Billy. Putting other things first [:] Ryan points out that his choice to support Trump, or not, would be driven by his upbringing and his choice of peers. Billy rebutts that as a black man, it’s hard to put other things — upbringing, peers, etc. — before race since so much of his experience of the world has been dictated by it. One racist thing [13:35] Ryan asks if there is one thing about Trump that stands out as racist. The tagline! Billy offers that Make American Great Again refers to a time past, but which? Maybe the one when people of color were segregated against and women overlooked — what about that could you possibly like as a black man. What the f**k does great again mean? Representation [18:26] Billy notes that perception is key, and that we understand ourselves in the context of what we see, i.e. when he watches a 1920’s film, he understands that he was the milkman. So building pride and making certain that strong black representation exist in every area of life is important to him, he’s plated his Lambo “I’m black” — even if some white people take it personal! Ryan concedes a point! The opposite of racism? [21:40] Ryan asserts that he avoids making assumptions based on race and gender while Billy claims — as an advertiser — to be all about assumptions. Billy thinks forcing hard conversations may be the one positive thing to stem from the Trump movement. Privilege [24:38] Billy offers that privilege is the innate leg up that a white man may not realise he has in comparison to a black man. He also offers up the main opposing views of both sides which tend to generate disconnect: 1. Don’t say you came from nothing because you don’t know what nothing is. 2. Don’t villainize me for being born with what I was born with. The true leg up is having people like you, in your surroundings that were successful, that’s when you believe it’s possible. The controversial voice of privilege [29:10] Ryan agrees, but counters that privilege is less of a factor in success than ever before. Billy acquiesces but adds the following caveat: it isn’t gone and people are still not equal. Empathy [31:33] In a “black man or white man succeeding” scenario, Ryan says he would bet on the person coming at a disadvantage. Billy immediately counters that this may be because Ryan doesn’t really truly know what disadvantage is. And that is privilege, with a little bit of lack of empathy sprinkled in. Billy shares his personal story of privilege and luck which took root in his parent’s fight against disadvantage. The key to moving forward with this whole debacle is empathy: for people who are privileged to be cognizant and humble about it and for the people who had none not to villainize. Responsibility [36:40] Both Ryan and Billy agree that people who have privilege also have a responsibility to make other people’s lives better, whether or not that privilege was given to them or if they worked hard for it. And people without have a responsibility to themselves. But people with too much privilege or too long of a history of privilege tend to get soft… Is Billy stumped? Soft, soft privilege [40:00] Ryan argues that socialist government policies like raising welfare, social safety nets and etc. play a role in softening the masses. Billy offers a personal caveat. What is the role of government? [45:40] Ryan and Billy discuss the role of government: should governments force the “benevolent responsibility” of successful people? Should there be a fee for becoming successful? And once a program is successful, should it not be cancelled? Ryan offers that Federal Government should only exist to protect our borders, freedoms, rights and constitution and State Government should decide everything else. Abortion [48:35] Ryan is of the mind that State Governement should decide their own abortion laws — even if he thinks Alabama’s law is whack. The philosophical question that underpins the abortion debate revolves around when a fetus deserves equal protection under the law. Billy debates whether men should even vote on it. Marriage [54:33] Billy asks about the white entrepreneur’s recent obsession with open couples. Ryan isn’t even certain what he thinks about marriage but he does think that the recent spike in non-traditional narratives in the entrepreneurial community is driven by loneliness. Entrepreneurship [1:00:40] Both Billy and Ryan believe that people have come to mistake entrepreneurship and freedom and it has created a fad around becoming an entrepreneur. Instagram has created this idea that you can have the house, the car, the plane, the travel, the company and it’s a mistake. Freedom and money are not mutually exclusive. Looking for a rabbit hole [1:04:58] Ryan and Billy shop for another rabbit hole to tumble into, they go from universal basic income to the next election to what freedom means. Freedom [1:07:05] Defining what freedom means to you is usually a journey that starts with setting a goal. Humans are easily bored, so finding the problem you want to spend some blood sweat and tears fixing is key and once it’s fixed, it changes! It always changes and it’s very personal, Ryan and Billy find a very real human common ground. Rapid fire [1:10:40] Ryan asks Billy business questions: 1. Fear of loss? Losing will make the win look different. 2. Fear of change? Embrace change with grace is a core brand value. 3. Driver for scale? Simplification. Billy shares the peace he found with letting go of Billygeneismarketing’s reins — and the difficulties of letting the team make mistakes — having it become an asset that permits branching out into new ventures. Ryan shares how trippy this is for him since Billy is describing the exact path he’s been on for the past 2 years. Million dollar studio [1:17:12] The financial driver behind Billy’s business growth as well as his awesome studio and team was … *drumroll* … Ads! More specifically ads to video sales, that is the model. Final controversy [1:19:00] Billy offers up the last piece of discussion: traditional therapy and medications. The typical person who commits suicide is the white male. Billy offers up that the “get bigger problems” might explain why minorities have have a different perspective and much lower suicide rates. Ryan adds the “get soft and purposeless” as an aggravating factor to white male suicide rates. Two things make our lives feel fulfilled and happy: 1. Meaning 2. Community Affluent people tend to lose both, especially if you don’t do most of what Billy and Ryan have discussed in the last hour: redefine your goals and focus on social responsibility. Ryan goes full circle and pick the disadvantaged person again because they will be less derailed by adversity than the one who had it made. Race again [1:28:20] Billy uses a sports metaphor to illustrate that the idea that “we’ve come so far, let’s double down” is a hard pill to swallow. Also, if you want the women’s soccer team to get a raise, watch the damn games. Closing out [1:31:15] Having these types of conversations helps contextualize everyone’s perspective, there is white privilege, there is black privilege. But for people in the U.S. to have these dialogues, they need to be out of the “needs” category — you can’t worry about other people’s problems if you’re not sure how you’re going to eat. In the meantime, Billy and Ryan share a hilariously awkward handshake. Thanks for listening!

1hr 38mins

26 Aug 2019

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How To Solve The World's Problems w/ Marx Succes #WednesdayWithWyan

Ryan and Marx talk about the dynamic nature of life and happiness, and how speaking less and less in a universe that has reciprocity coded in has had painful results: hurt people hurt people. Are you serving a person or are you serving Amazon? The more value you give the more money you get, focusing on a person and giving them what they want will drive you forward, no cat (you’ll have to listen in to get that one!)


24 Apr 2019

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How Successful Brands Launch, Source, and Dominate on Amazon w/ Casey Gauss

Casey Gauss gave brilliant talk about HOW brands are currently crushing it selling products on Amazon at the Capitalism Conference this past winter. The CEO of Viral Launch, he’s all about sourcing, launching, and dominating your way to success. If you missed CapCon, now’s your chance to catch up on his awesome tips, including:   Killer hack: Be the best at everything Source the best materials. Have the best branding. Write the best ad copy. Engage the best influencers. If you can come out of the gate with the best possible product and the best possible marketing you can give it, you’ll stun the marketplace. Watch out for crowded spaces If there are a number of established players in a product space with 4.5 star ratings, you might be in for a rough time if you try to go up against them. Sure, you might be able to craft a product worth at least 4.7 stars, but that’s not going to make a difference in the eyes of your average consumer.   Split testing can be your best friend Why go all-in on one marketing strategy if another one might be just as good, or better? Take advantage of split testing to see what the market responds to better, so you can make more effective use of your marketing spend. It was great hearing Casey Gauss’s talk! Key takeaways: Being the best at everything is one way to win Avoid crowded markets, and Use split testing   Connect with Ryan Find more amazing podcast discussions on FreedomFastLane.com. On Facebook On YouTube On LinkedIn On Twitter   Connect with Casey FInd out more about Casey’s company at https://viral-launch.com/. On Twitter


9 Jul 2018

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How I Went From 0 To 1 Million Per Month Selling On Shopify w/ Garret Akerson #TheOnePercent

Having trouble growing your sales? This week Ryan presents a keynote by successful business entrepreneur, Garret Akerson. Throughout his presentation, Garret teaches 7 Key Takeaways that he used to grow his Shopify sales to 7 figures per month - and you can use no matter where you are taking sales.


6 Jan 2020

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5 Steps To Achieve Financial Freedom #FreedomFastLane

Freedom is not money, freedom is doing the things that make you happy. The purpose of money, the only reason money matters, is to sustain the life you want. If you want to be free, then you have to know what you want. But asking the questions that will lead you to figuring out what it is you want is a very hard job. Like Ryan did, most people will go after the money believing that once they have that, they can make a grab for freedom. The troublesome thing that happens when you do that though is that the money itself becomes the purpose, and your life has none. Ryan has boiled financial freedom into 5 steps to follow so tune in to learn the way — but do be careful, these steps need to happen in this exact order for the system not to break. Key Takeaways 1. Decide [4:17]: you are absolutely required to decide, what you want your life to be like and be clear about it, don’t make it someone else’s life or belongings — don’t covet. Decide what you want and pull it into the present. 2. Cut out [6:26]: you don’t get without giving up, the universe requires you to make a trade to create the room for something new. Nowadays we have an overabundance of everything, but your primal brain doesn’t like to cut things out, it only processes the immediate loss, not future gain. To counter that, you have to be very intentional about what you want (step 1) and start cutting out things that don’t align (step 2) to give yourself space for step 3 because you don’t get to expand until you have made the room for it. 3. Expand (you have just created the space!) [11:07]: what are you expanding into? New businesses, new relationships — we are the 5 people we spend the most time with — learning, reading, listening. But this expansion, in order to continue, will require you to keep giving up things, it’s a positive feedback loop. What from the past will you decide to bring into the future. 4. Invest [13:13]: skip the short game and plan for long term results. Follow Ryan’s Tribe 5 areas of long term investment Time, Relationships, Income, Expansion. 5. Give [15:52]: it sounds silly but it’s true. You are never ever free if you are in a take, scam, hack or extort mentality. You need to find what you have to give be it money, time, knowledge, anything really, and invest it! People always want the hack but the only thing that creates financial freedom is you deciding that you want a different life, cutting out the things that are not in accordance with that life, expanding into new possibilities, investing for the long term and constantly giving. You want to build the life you want? To get happy? To be free of the game? That’s how. Mentioned in this episode Intentional community Dan Sullivan Robert Kiyosaki Tribe 5


3 May 2019

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#TBT - Only Invest In Multipliers: How To Quickly Multiply Your Success In Business

Are the things you are currently working on going to bring you the greatest long term results? In this #ThrowbackThursday episode Ryan Daniel Moran shares the lessons he has learned about "multipliers", the things you can invest in that will compound your results. 


21 Mar 2019

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Finding The 5% of Customers Who Will Increase Your Revenue By 90% w/ Steven Black #BrandBuilderPodcast

If you don’t brand yourself, your customers will brand you. Max Kerwick talks to Steven Black about social listening, a great tool to begin or improve your ongoing market research processes. Tune in for some serious advice: your social media channels are not secondary sales channels, engage with your customers! The importance of customer retention, abandoned cart sequences and stop apologizing for being in business.


16 Apr 2019

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Ryan Daniel Moran: The Power Of Ads, Amazon, And A Good Offer #BrandBuilderPodcast

Ryan Daniel Moran recently spoke at AdSum 2019, a summit for online sellers and digital marketers. In this talk Ryan shares how you can combine the power of online marketing through ads and great offers to send traffic to Amazon products.


19 Mar 2019

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"GaryVee, Brian Lee, and Therap-y" By Ryan Daniel Moran #TheOnePercent

After meeting with Gary Vaynerchuk, 3 time billion dollar brand builder Brian Lee, and going through a therapy workshop in LA Ryan Daniel Moran shares his insights and breakthroughs about business and life.


21 Apr 2019

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