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Episode 09: The Alter Ego Effect with Todd Herman

Practical Mindset

Have you ever wondered about alter egos?  They’re more than just a split personality - they can actually help you transform your life into exactly what you want it to be.  You may know a few famous alter egos, such as Sasha Fierce and Marilyn Monroe (aka Beyoncé and Norma Jeane). How were those alter egos different to the people who portrayed them?  If you could build the ideal person to become, what would you be able to achieve?  Now, make that person an alter ego, and slowly morph your life to become that person and outperform your former self.  Joining me today is Todd Herman. He is an accomplished author and sought-after coach, and today he’s going to be enlightening all of us on the magic of the alter ego, and giving steps for you to be able to accomplish anything in your life by simply using the creative imagination between your ears. Mentioned in this episode Negative Capability ToddHerman.me Todd’s Instagram Todd’s LinkedIn Todd’s Facebook Get his book Subscribe to the podcast Write to us Work/Connect with me: 10K Accelerator Business and Rejuvenation Retreat Coaching programs Tune in to start taking your business and life to the next level today and don't forget to subscribe or follow the podcast to make sure you don't miss any future episodes. Visit https://jessicamillercoaching.com/ to learn more. You can also follow me on Instagram (@jessicadioguardimiller) and Facebook.


15 Sep 2021

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Alter Egos Are Tools for Mental Toughness with Todd Herman

The Dad Edge Podcast (formerly The Good Dad Project Podcast)

Todd Herman is a high-performance coach and is the best-selling author of the book The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life. Over the past 20 years, Todd has worked with celebrities and professional athletes, of whom the majority of his clients are kept secret. In his book, Todd teaches us how alter egos work, how we create them in different aspects of our lives, and how to activate them to help us become the most effective businessmen, the most intentional husbands, and the most patient and present fathers. Alter egos help us find the real version of what we are capable of. This is due to the fact that you no longer care about people judging you for who you are. One thing Todd mentions is that there's only one person keeping you from your full potential and that's YOU.  According to Todd, the way to bypass fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs is through creating heroic alter egos. Todd's biggest aspect of coaching is mental toughness. He tells us the true definition of mental toughness which is, "Mental toughness is your ability to be flexible and adaptable despite what your circumstances are giving you right now." For the show notes and exclusive links mentioned in this episode go to https://thedadedge.com/333-2/ ———— Join the Free Dad Edge Facebook Group at gooddadproject.com/group. Apply for The Dad Edge Alliance at gooddadproject.com/alliance. Watch this interview on YouTube gooddadproject.com/youtube. Follow us on Instagram at @thedadedge! FREE RESOURCE – 21 Days to an Extraordinary Marriage

1hr 19mins

30 Aug 2021

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How to Get Out of Your Own Way with Todd Herman | Jim Kwik | Brain & Memory Motivational Speech

Motivational Speeches

Get Jim Kwik's #1 New York Times & Wall Street Journal bestseller book as an Audiobook for free: Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life Listen to this Audiobook for free: https://bit.ly/Limitless_Jim_Kwik_Audiobook Jim Kwik is an American entrepreneur. He is a brain coach, Mindwell trainer and is noted for his speed-reading and memory techniques. Jim is also the founder of Kwik Learning. He taught people how to learn something very fast, optimizing their brains for high performance and memory improvement. For two decades, Jim Kwik Profile has worked as a brain coach to students, seniors, entrepreneurs, and teachers and advisor to many of the world's leading CEOs and celebrities. Jim Quick is today the CEO, Entrepreneur, and International Speaker. Get Premium Brain & Memory Related Audiobooks For Free: Memory Improvement Bundle: 5 in 1 Bundle - https://bit.ly/3zPDG1f The Memory Bible: 4 Books in 1 - https://bit.ly/37bG5r4 Bible-Based Affirmations to Improve Memory - https://bit.ly/2WsRTTs Super Learning: Increase Your Intelligence - https://bit.ly/3j2SSSb Moonwalking with Einstein - https://bit.ly/3ldWCTA What Every BODY is Saying - https://bit.ly/3zLN7Pe 100 Simple Things You Can Do To Prevent Alzheimer's - https://bit.ly/2UVYrtF BRAIN TRAINING & MEMORY IMPROVEMENT MASTERY - https://bit.ly/3BZK1ZS Brain Training & Mental Toughness - https://bit.ly/3rGtKEJ Brain Training Mastery - https://bit.ly/3x7QBKo Neuro-Philosophy and the Healthy Mind - https://bit.ly/3j2pUle PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY - https://bit.ly/2WCJnl5 BRAIN TRAINING - https://bit.ly/3yfRySj BRAIN TRAINING PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY - https://bit.ly/2UVwWjT Dark Psychology and Manipulation - https://bit.ly/2WCSa6w SPEED READING: Ways to increase your reading speed - https://bit.ly/2Vkv9oa SPEED READING MASTERY - https://bit.ly/3yf8RCY BRAIN TRAINING AND SPEED READING MASTERY - https://bit.ly/3yelP3Q THE 3 HOUR SPEED READING BOOK - https://bit.ly/3x81GuU MANIPULATION MASTERY - https://bit.ly/3BSx0BD ACCELERATED LEARNING - https://bit.ly/3C6qp6L Disclaimer: This podcast is directly collected from Jim Kwik's youtube channel, and he has all the rights to this content. We publish his content for educational purposes. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/motivationly/support


1 Aug 2021

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38. Todd Herman — The Alter-Ego Effect


Growing up, he was always the youngest kid on the team, fighting for a place on the field. And now he has 18,000 hours under his belt working with the most elite athletes on the planet, helping them achieve their most ambitious goals. How did a farm boy from Alberta Canada become a consultant for clients like Real Madrid, PGA, NBA, and top leaders in entrepreneurship? In this episode of HawkeTalk, Erik catches up with Todd Herman, Co-Founder of upcoach.com and Author of The Alter Ego Effect, to talk about how he developed his career around helping elite performers become more resilient, creative, confident and courageous. They also talked about: - Why he wants more conflict in his life. - What it was like apprenticing for Harvey Dorfman. - Why he believes in changing identity over changing beliefs. - What he’s creating next.For more interviews like this one, subscribe to HawkeTalk on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! 


19 May 2021

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58 — Todd Herman — The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life

The Game Changing Attorney Podcast with Michael Mogill

"The reality is that human beings have all sorts of qualities, abilities, and traits available to us. But what ends up happening is because of this story and this narrative of who we think we are, we end up acting through the exact same person over and over again, telling us stories about what we think we can and cannot do. The Alter Ego is the thing that just allows these abilities to more freely come out of you so that you can truly kind of lead the life that you most want." - Todd Herman How can you employ the concept of the Alter Ego to achieve your goals? Who are some people who have utilized the Alter Ego method successfully? What's the one thing you can't coach? What are the Four Core Motivators? Coach of the YearTodd Herman is the founder of Upcoach and Herman Global Ventures, a WSJ best-selling author of “The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life,” and creator of the award-winning "90 Day Year" program for leadership and skills development. He has been coaching elite athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs for over two decades and has helped thousands through his work. In addition, HGV was named one of the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in America.Through his work with Olympians and top athletes, Todd has developed a multitude of mental strategies to achieve peak performance, which he has brought to the world of business.Finding Your SupermanPerhaps the most notable of Todd's mental strategies is the Alter Ego Effect. After all, he wrote a whole book on it! In his career, Todd has seen that the narratives we construct about ourselves can be limiting. For example, if you don't consider yourself to be outgoing, how will you get onstage to deliver that keynote address?Todd recommends creating another version of yourself — one that is strong in the areas you lack — and activating it in times of need.Drawing on the science of enclothed cognition and other psychological phenomena, Todd explores how simply perceiving ourselves differently can have a measurable effect on our performance across a host of categories.Your Own Worst EnemyIn addition to the Alter Ego, Todd uses a concept called "The Enemy." This can be your ego, a negative idea of yourself, or the words of an old bully from your past. But at the root of it, it's the story or habits that get in your way as you pursue your goals. These maladaptive behaviors can seem amorphous and therefore insurmountable. One of Todd's methods is to give the Enemy a name and a form. By doing this, you contain these habits into something tangible that you can subsequently manage.You can't fight something until you can see it clearly.Key takeaways: You contain multitudes. Don't worry about being your "authentic self." There's no one single "you," and what you think you might be could limit what you become. You construct yourself. So often we feel at the whim of forces out of our control. But the thing you can always control is yourself and the six inches between your ears. The real deal. These strategies aren't just self-help platitudes. The idea of the Alter Ego goes back to the ancient Romans, and Todd's system is built off evidence-backed science. Links and Resources The Game Changing Attorney Podcast Michael Mogill Facebook Michael Mogill Twitter Michael Mogill Instagram Michael Mogill LinkedIn Crisp Video Website Crisp Video Facebook Crisp Video Group Twitter Crisp Video Instagram Crisp Video LinkedIn Todd Herman Website Todd Herman LinkedIn Todd Herman Twitter 90 Day Year The Alter Ego Effect


18 May 2021

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BEST OF: Elite Performance with Todd Herman

The Traffic and Funnels Show

Mind food for today's entrepreneurs www.TrafficandFunnels.comSubscribe and get a free gift at www.DailyMindMedicine.comOver The Years, Todd has Helped Tens Of Thousands Of People Achieve Their Most Ambitious Goals By Becoming More Resilient, Creative, Confident, And Courageous.He has clocked over 15,000 hours on the field of play working one-on-one with people from all backgrounds and circumstances to develop an impenetrable mindset.He knows the mental performance game better than anyone. His execution and mindset strategies and systems are used by businesses, entrepreneurs, entertainers, athletes and do hard things.He understands the things that drive people are often complex and nuanced. Although he is known for being brutally honest and often tough on his clients, he is also deeply empathetic and compassionate because he knows how important it is to not treat everyone like a nail, just because you’re a hammer.www.TrafficandFunnels.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


30 Mar 2021

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Channel your Inner Superhero with author Todd Herman

Brilliant Balance

Growing up, did you ever pretend to fight crime like a superhero or perform like your favorite entertainer? You got to define the rules of the world! But eventually, you were forced to drop the act and ‘grow up’ in your adult years.  But the power of a secret identity is exactly what top athletes and entrepreneurs use to fearlessly conquer challenges and achieve limitless success. In this episode, global mindset coach and mentor Todd Herman shares deep truths about overcoming trauma and self-doubt to maximize success, and why transforming your life starts with the hero already inside you.  Show highlights include: The “90-Day Year” approach to organizing your calendar and living life by your rules (2:00) The hidden forces holding you back from finding your ‘superpower’ and living out your full potential (9:30) Why identity can limit you and the character traits you already have for maximizing success right now (15:20) Why “being nice” actually holds people back, and how to showcase your talents and lift up your friends immediately (25:00) Why the ‘boss lady’ and ‘mom’ never meet, and how to bring your right self at the right time for elevated success and freedom in life (31:24) CHECK OUT OUR FREE UPCOMING EVENTS & FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL Book Cherylanne to speak at your next event: www.brilliant-balance.com/tour Find out more about Brilliant Balance & book a free chat with Cherylanne: www.brilliant-balance.com/schedule Regain control of your schedule with our free guide: www.brilliant-balance.com/calendar Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/brilliant_balance Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/thebrilliantbalanceco Learn more about Todd’s work and the Alter Ego Effect:  https://toddherman.me


16 Mar 2021

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Season 7, Episode 13: Todd Herman

Raise Your Game Show with Alan Stein, Jr.

Please make sure to join the conversations at @AlanSteinJr on all major social platforms, as well as go to AlanSteinJr.com to subscribe to my Full Time Out and 30 Second Time Out monthly emails.StrongerTeam.com is a comprehensive collection of resources that can be utilized to raise organizational performance – from sports teams to Fortune 500 companies – by focusing on developing The 5 C’s of a High Performing Culture: Cohesion, Chemistry, Communication, Collaboration, and Commitment.Additionally, you can order the audiobook of Raise Your Game: High Performance Secrets from the Best of the Best at http://www.Audible.com or wherever audiobooks are sold. You can also order paperback or hard copies, for you or your entire team or organization, at http://www.RaiseYourGameBook.com. 


16 Feb 2021

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Todd Herman gives Michael a shout-out while filling in for Rush Limbaugh

The Situation with Michael Brown

Michael gets some national recognition with Todd Herman mentioning him by name during a fill-in stint on The Rush Limbaugh Show. The events leading up to violent protests in Washington, D.C. are explored and discussed.


7 Jan 2021

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31. The #1 Question To Ask Your Kids Daily with Todd Herman

Mommy's on a Call - Motherhood, Business & Wellness

This week I’m shaking things up a bit because I’m bringing on my very first dad guest, Todd Herman.  Many of you might know Todd as the award-winning author of the Alter Ego Effect, the founder of the 90 Day Year, author of the children’s book, My Super Me, or just as the secret weapon behind many of the professional and Olympic athletes out there.  He's dedicated the past 23 years to creating systems, programs, and coaching the world's elite athletes, leaders, and public figures and has been featured on the Today Show, Sky Business, CBS Sports, NFL Films, and the NY Times. Todd is extremely good at helping ambitious people calm their minds and master their inner voice. But most importantly, he's a husband to Valerie, and dad to 3 little kids - Molly, Sophie, and Charlie, and today I’m really excited to share this episode because I get to bring out the parent and dad side of him. Normally we hear about Todd the mindset coach or the systems guy, but today we’re going to talk about Parenting and how he parents to build “tough” (meaning independent and resilient) kids The 4 questions he asks his kids daily How we can reframe our mindset on how we communicate with our kids about outcomes to build more emotionally and mentally centered individuals How we as a moms can differentiate our identities in order to thrive in our different roles whether that be as a mom, a wife, a CEO, etc…   I literally could listen to this episode over and over and keep pulling out new “ah ha” moments so I hope that you learn something new too! Follow Todd at... Web: toddherman.me Instagram: @Todd_Herman Book: Alter Ego Effect Children's Book: My Super Me: Finding The Courage For Tough Stuff ----- 📚 GIVEAWAY WIN an Erin Condren Petite Planner Bundle for 2021 + my favorite journal! Enter by (1) Rating & reviewing the Mommy's on a Call podcast on Apple Podcasts, (2) Screenshot your review and (3) Either DM it to me on IG @MommysonaCall or post in my FREE FB community "Modern Business Mama" and you'll be entered to WIN! *entries must be received by 11/30/20 ----- Come join me in my sandbox of life and in this podcast to explore, play and discover something new every single week. Subscribe and tune in weekly because I know you've yelled "Mommy's on a Call" at least once in the last week!!! For show notes, visit www.MommysonaCall.com Stephanie's Website IG: @MommysonaCall & @StephanieUchima


10 Nov 2020