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66 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Todd Herman. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Todd Herman, often where they are interviewed.

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66 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Todd Herman. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Todd Herman, often where they are interviewed.

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31. The #1 Question To Ask Your Kids Daily with Todd Herman

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This week I’m shaking things up a bit because I’m bringing on my very first dad guest, Todd Herman. 

Many of you might know Todd as the award-winning author of the Alter Ego Effect, the founder of the 90 Day Year, author of the children’s book, My Super Me, or just as the secret weapon behind many of the professional and Olympic athletes out there. 

He's dedicated the past 23 years to creating systems, programs, and coaching the world's elite athletes, leaders, and public figures and has been featured on the Today Show, Sky Business, CBS Sports, NFL Films, and the NY Times.

Todd is extremely good at helping ambitious people calm their minds and master their inner voice. But most importantly, he's a husband to Valerie, and dad to 3 little kids - Molly, Sophie, and Charlie, and today I’m really excited to share this episode because I get to bring out the parent and dad side of him.

Normally we hear about Todd the mindset coach or the systems guy, but today we’re going to talk about

  • Parenting and how he parents to build “tough” (meaning independent and resilient) kids
  • The 4 questions he asks his kids daily
  • How we can reframe our mindset on how we communicate with our kids about outcomes to build more emotionally and mentally centered individuals
  • How we as a moms can differentiate our identities in order to thrive in our different roles whether that be as a mom, a wife, a CEO, etc…  

I literally could listen to this episode over and over and keep pulling out new “ah ha” moments so I hope that you learn something new too!

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Nov 10 2020 · 54mins
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Todd Herman on Coaching the World's Top Athletes, CEOs and Performers

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Todd Herman has helped some of the world's best performers in all walks of life reach their full potential.

He is an entrepreneur, coach and mentor who has been working with the world's top athletes and leaders for over 20 years. Todd’s professional training programs are delivered annually to over 200,000 professionals in 73 countries and he has been featured on the Today Show, CBS, Business Insider and more. He is also the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Alter Ego Effect.  

Todd joined host Robert Glazer on the Elevate Podcast to talk about building a coaching career from scratch, how the best in the world unlock their best selves, and more.

Sep 29 2020 · 51mins

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The Power of the Alter Ego with Todd Herman

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Todd Herman builds Alter egos and secret identities for olympians, athletes and public figures around the world! It is TRUE. After an unfathomable event happened to him at the age of 12, Todd formed an “alter ego” to protect him and help him thrive in life. 

As an adult, Todd has been working with the highest achievers in sports and business for over two decades helping them create alter egos to expand their results to the highest levels possibile.

Todd is the author of the bestselling book, ‘The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life’. AND as a father of three, he has now also released a children’s version of the book called, ‘My Super Me’, to help kids find their own superhero within and be more confident and courageous.

Join into today and learn EXACTLY how Todds Method can level you up helping you get over imposter syndrome, Getting you into the ultimate ZONE and FLOW state

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How creating an alter ego can improve your life
  • How to get into FLOW state
  • How you're able to overcome imposter syndrome
Sep 28 2020 · 58mins
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Ep #123: The Alter Ego Effect with Todd Herman

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Tune in this week for a super interesting discussion about the alter ego concept and find out how well-known leaders like Martin Luther King Jr have used it in their own lives. We’ll discuss why using creative imagination can break the boundaries we set for ourselves, and how embodying the superhero mindset can work wonders. Are you ready to design a life where you show up differently?

Get full show notes and more information here: https://tobifairley.com/123

Aug 06 2020 · 57mins
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EP. 81 Leading a Powerful Life with Todd Herman

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How are you leading your life, business and family?

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, Todd Herman and I are lifting the fog and giving you a powerful framework to lead.

Get comfortable to write pages of notes because Todd is sharing extraordinary strategies and tactics for you to lead and live a better life during this tumultuous time. 

He also shares how to master an alter ego and a helpful routine for you to step into your Rockstar greatness!

Listen to the episode and choose two or three actionable steps for you to incorporate into your schedule to lead and live with power and clarity!

Aug 05 2020 · 1hr 27mins
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6. Todd Herman: How To Unlock Your Alter Ego & Transform Your Life

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My guest today is Todd Herman, author of The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life. Todd has over 20 years of experience working as a high-performance coach and mental game strategist with Olympic athletes, business CEOs, and many more top performers. 

You’re probably familiar with the idea of an alter ego: Superman had Clark Kent, Kobe Bryant had the Black Mamba, and Beyonce had Sasha Fierce. In this episode, Todd explains why it’s good to have an alter ego, how it can help you overcome personal obstacles, how to create your own alter ego, and much more.


  • [00:58] About Todd Herman & how he became a mental game coach
  • [07:28] Defining the Alter Ego effect
  • [12:10] Difference between "fake it till you make it" & an alter ego
  • [15:25] Why rappers & entertainers love Todd's book 
  • [17:36] Todd & Kobe Bryant had plans to write a book together
  • [19:16] How imposter syndrome, personal trauma, & narratives prevent us from reaching success
  • [25:24] How changing the story you tell yourself can change your life 
  • [28:41] How to create your own Alter Ego 
  • [31:34] Creating an Alter Ego for first-time authors
  • [41:41] My Alter Ego: Alex & Books
  • [45:27] Two books that had a big impact on Todd

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Aug 04 2020 · 52mins
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Elite Performance with Todd Herman

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Over The Years, Todd has Helped Tens Of Thousands Of People Achieve Their Most Ambitious Goals By Becoming More Resilient, Creative, Confident, And Courageous.

He has clocked over 15,000 hours on the field of play working one-on-one with people from all backgrounds and circumstances to develop an impenetrable mindset.

He knows the mental performance game better than anyone. His execution and mindset strategies and systems are used by businesses, entrepreneurs, entertainers, athletes and do hard things.

He understands the things that drive people are often complex and nuanced. Although he is known for being brutally honest and often tough on his clients, he is also deeply empathetic and compassionate because he knows how important it is to not treat everyone like a nail, just because you’re a hammer.

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Jul 09 2020 · 1hr 1min
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RYB 849: How To UNLOCK Your SECRET Identity To Grow Your Business and LIFE with Todd Herman

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Today I have Todd Herman on the show, and I am thrilled he’s here! He wrote a book called “The Alter Ego Affect.” that I really enjoyed reading. In fact, he actually reads the book himself on the audiobook, which I love because it makes it more real. So, if you get a chance, you should definitely listen to it. Now let’s get right to it and learn a few things from Todd. 

Why Your Alter Ego Matters 

  • I started a peak performance training and coaching company back in 1997 right after I got done playing college football. At the time, I was really young. My strength when I played sports was my mental game.
  • I learned all about mindset when I was in high school and learned how to get to a zone state to help with my anger issues.
  • Now I coach athletics and Olympians and help them learn to control their mental state, especially when they’re on the field or getting ready to compete.
  • When I started working with top quality athletes, they would say they had a different identity they would step into when they stepped onto the field. Working in many different sports, I took things I learned from each to help other athletes. I realized alter egos was a theme. It didn't matter who I talked to. There is a process to it.
  • With sports, there is a theme and an end goal. With business, there are so many different ways to go about achieving your goals that it causes friction for entrepreneurs.
  • There are so many hats that you’ll wear, and all those things will create friction because you’re not always good at everything. Being able to shift our identity is a huge fast track to get through the start-up stage.  
How To Get Unstuck
  • There is a difference between people who start a franchise and someone who starts their own, especially between people who start a franchise and start their own business from scratch.
  • People are much likely to succeed if they start a franchise than those who start their own business. Because the entrepreneur is building the product and business at the same time, and it’s not easy to do it all. 
  • A meta-model says when we have a model that we’re working inside or a vision we have. It helps achieve something quicker. 
  • Use someone that you would like to be showing up as to be your model. It’ll help give you fire and drive to move forward and get through difficult things. Create a model within your own mind to help you show up. The power of an alter-ego is taking a preexisting idea and showing up to represent that. It’s not you being fake.
  • There is no you because there are multiple versions of you. We play many roles in life. When you’re an entrepreneur, there are many different versions of you as you grow a business. Ask yourself who you’ve met or connected with that is amazing like that and show up just like they do. 
  • So many people identify their skills as themselves, and that’s just not true. An alter-ego allows you to show up as different types of people for different aspects of your life. 
How To Take Action and Embrace Your Alter-Ego
  • I don’t care about your beliefs; they aren’t your truths. I want you to commit to 30 days. Do the thing you’re struggling with every day. Do it in private, so you can practice and get better at whatever it is. When you do it again and again, you’re going to improve as you go. 
  • The lowest barrier that I can get you to start with will help you get momentum. Momentum creates confidence, and confidence creates certainty. If you’re just starting out, just commit to taking action and practice.
  • Have a model in mind of people that are really good at the thing you’re practicing. It’ll help you play around with different sides of your personality so you can find a grove. 
  • Mental toughness is your ability to be flexible and adaptable, no matter your circumstances. You’ll just need to find a strategy to get there when things don’t go the way you’ve planned. 
  • Expectations can be healthy. Always keep in mind that if there is a bad in something, there is also good. My expectation is to the process, and not the outcome. I expect myself to show up and believe I’ll do my best. They are all things that I can control.

Note From Scott: Nowadays, it’s so easy to compare people, especially on social media. It can be hard to see other people who are successful and wonder how you’ll ever get there. Many people will show up on video or a blog post in fear of judgment or not good enough. What advice do you have someone who might be struggling with this?

Avoid The Path of Least Resistance 

Welcome to the club. It’s a heavy load to worry about what people are going to think about you. The reason you want to do something is that you like it. However, when you start, you’ll realize the difference of great work. Also, what you’ve done is discouraging. This is part of the process. 

  • The difficult parts of the process are there to help separate people who have the true desire to go after it from those who don’t. 
  • The beautiful part about it is if you’re only looking for the easy path in life, you’ll find resistance. The value is in the journey and the valley of difficulty. 
  • Human beings don't care about my story. Don’t worry about what other people think. If your intention is pure and you’re just working to improve, that is all that matters. People who just keep doing, do the reps, and move forward will be hard to beat. The discipline will win the day. You have to keep going even if you don’t see the results right away.
  • Because the brain is 70% visual cortex, it needs a model or framework. Shove all your content through that framework. I want you to learn how to paint by numbers first, so put in the reps so you can break the frame later because you have the skills to do it. 
  • Always focus on one target market and stay focused on it. Don’t get sidetracked. Put a box around it to help keep you focused. 
  • A rule of thumb is to start where you are. The moment you name who your target market is, other people will come. You might think that naming who you work with will eliminate everyone else. Instead, it’ll invite other people who aren’t in your target group. This happens because human beings don’t like being excluded.  
  • Boxes will help you stay focused, so don’t get overwhelmed. You need to learn to paint your boarder and stay within your sandbox. Think about what the number one skill is that it will help make the largest improvements in the outcomes that are important to you. It’ll help keep you on track to achieve something. 
  • It’s important to focus on doing what you love. Yes, you do need to make money, but you’ll get the best results if you look at it about playing and learning and building up your skillset. You’ll learn faster because playfulness is key to help you. 
Final Note From Scott

I wasn’t kidding when I said that Todd is an awesome guy. I consider him a good friend and loved having him on the show. He is someone worth having in your diet of consumption. He will help impact you in the right way, so go grab his book, “The Alter Ego Affect.” Now, take some time to think about what you’ve learned today and how you can apply it to your own life. Thanks for hanging out with us today! 

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Take-Aways From Today’s Episode 
  1. Why Alter Egos Matter (10:01)
  2. How To Get Unstuck (17:26)
  3. How To Take Action and Embrace Your Alter-Ego (28:57)
  4. Avoid The Path of Least Resistance (35:40)
  • "Momentum creates confidence, and confidence creates certainty". 
  • "I want you to learn how to paint by numbers first to put in the reps so you can break the frame later because you have the skills to do it". 
Jul 01 2020 · 52mins
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Understanding the Alter Ego Effect with Todd Herman

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Performance coach and mentor, Todd Herman has spent the last 21 years helping top elite athletes, leaders and public figures to become the best version of themselves by tapping into their alter egos.

In this episode, Chris and Todd discuss the subject of authenticity and how it’s involved while using an alter ego, tune in to find out why it’s an absolute game changer for yourself as an individual and a business owner. 

Essential learning Points From This Episode

  • Why Todd’s go-to weapon when helping people is always their alter ego
  • How authenticity is involved with alter egos
  • The story behind Martin Luther King Jr. and his glasses 
  • When you recreate your identify, it changes everything
  • Playfulness is the main way people unlock the flow of state  
  • There’s never only one version of yourself

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May 18 2020 · 32mins
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Todd Herman: The Alter Ego Effect

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In this week’s episode, we are thrilled to welcome Best Selling author, Todd Herman. Todd shares not only how the Alter Ego Effect has helped his high achieving clients; like Kobe Bryant, but also how it can help you become the best version of yourself.


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Apr 28 2020 · 39mins