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Welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast!This show is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to market in a way that lets us get our message, our products, and our services, out to the world… and yet still remain profitable.  Learn from Russell Brunson, the world-famous internet marketer and a co-founder of the largest funnel creation software ClickFunnels. Inside each episode, Russell shares his biggest “a-ha moments” and marketing secrets with complete transparency. From tough lessons learned, to mindset, to pure marketing strategy, Russell pulls you into his world and shares his personal journey and secrets to growing a business from $0 to $100,000,000 in just 3 years, with NO outside capital!

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The #1 Secret To How Rachel Hollis Sold 4+ Million Copies Of Her Book

I recorded this podcast after getting off a call with Rachel and I asked her my #1 question… On this episode Russell talks about a call he had with Rachel Hollis and asking her how she sold 4.3 million copies of her book without paid ads. Here are some other awesome things to look for in today’s episode: Find out the difference between a war time and peace time general. Find out how Dean Graziosi changed his ads and products to go better with the world we’re experiencing now. And find out Rachel Hollis’ strategy for selling so many books. So listen here to find out the answers to those questions and how you can take advantage of the times we’re living. ---Transcript--- What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I’m excited to talk to you guys today, I hope you’re excited to hear from me today. If not, just skip to the next episode. But anyway, I’m going to be talking today about a question I just asked Rachel Hollis. I asked her how in the world have you sold, I said a million copies of her book, but she told me it was 4.3 million or something crazy like that. So if you want to hear the answer of how she did it, you’re going to find out in this episode of the Marketing Secrets podcast. Alright everybody, I hope you guys are surviving quarantine. I didn’t shave today, so I’ve got a little bit of a beard growing out. I was doing Facebook lives every day for like 3 ½ weeks, and then I just stopped. I’ve been getting back into work and working through a whole bunch of stuff. Anyway, it’s been fun. This week’s been really cool for me. I did a juice fast, I’ve not eaten in 5 days, but on top of that, I’ve been focusing on re-doing all of our stuff and shifting our whole company around. In fact, this is kind of interesting, I was talking to, I had a call with Rachel Hollis and we were talking about a bunch of stuff, in fact, I’m going ot share something from that call here in a minute. But one of the things she talked about, she’s like, “Have you read the book The Hard Thing About Hard Things?” I said, “Yeah, I’ve read the Hard Thing About Hard Things, come on now. That’s a good book. Anyway, she said one of things, and I totally forgot about this, she said one of the things that the author talked about in there was that there’s a difference between a peace time general and war time general. And then she started talking about some of the stuff she was doing, I was like, “We literally did the same thing.” And it was interesting, I was like, “Oh my gosh.” we’re accepting this new time, this new area for us to be leaders for our teams and for our people and for our families. It’s like there’s differences in a peace time general and a war time general. So if you understand that, the war time general is not like, “Okay, let’s have committees and discuss.” No, it’s like “this is what has to happen and we’re doing. You’re going to listen and we’re going to go.” Anyway, it was kind of interesting, so it made me feel validated in some of the stuff I’m doing and some of the things that I’m moving. I’m moving a lot of cheese around in the company right now. In fact, I don’t know if you read the book Who Moved My Cheese, but someone said, “Here at Clickfunnels, its cheese wheels.” So they’re just rolling all the time, so it’s always constantly moving. But we made some big shifts and some big changes. So it was kind of cool the war time generals versus peace time generals. But anyway, I digress, I was talking to Rachel, super honored, I sent her and her husband a copy of the Secrets Trilogy box set and they actually started reading it during quarantine. She read the Dotcom Secrets and Expert, she’s in Traffic Secrets right now. So anyway, so we jumped on a call and kind of brainstormed and she asked me a couple of questions and I asked her a couple of questions. And the number one question I asked is, “how in the world did you sell a million copies of your book without any paid ads?” And she kind of laughed and she said, “It’s actually 4.3 million so far.” That’s just one of the books, she’s got two books. And I was kind of just joking because I was like, I don’t think I could replicate what she did, it’s insane. But then she came back and she said something really cool and I was just like, “Oh my gosh.” It was really cool. She said, “Over the decade before I wrote the book, I was listening to my audience and I knew the questions they kept asking me over and over and over again. So I wrote the book answering those questions.” She’s like, “There are 20 questions I got the most, so I had 20 chapters and each chapter is addressing a question with my story about how I figured it out and how I got through it and all that kind of stuff.” I was like, “That’s pretty cool.” And she’s like, “Right now though, I just finished my 3rd book and it’s supposed to go live, but I told my publisher to stop, I’m going to do this thing called crashing the…” I can’t remember what she called it. Crashing the pressing or something. She’s like, “You know what that is?” I’m like, “No.” She’s like, “It’s where, you know when a celebrity dies and you know 3 weeks later a book comes out on their life, that’s what crashing the….” Anyway, whatever it’s called where it basically comes out real quick, they write a book very timely and then launch it as quick as possible to kind of piggy back off of current events. And she said right now, she’s like, “What my audience needs is not my third book I wrote. They need this other book that I haven’t written yet.” So she’s like, “I’m writing a book, I’ve got a month to write this entire book, we’re going to crash the presses and it’s going to be coming out while we’re all in quarantine.” And she talked about how it was just like, it was interesting because she was like, “I know that my women are not thinking about what the topic of book number three was. They’re talking about this. So if I gave them book number three, they wouldn’t pay attention, it wouldn’t sell that well, it’s not what’s top of their mind. This is what’s top of their mind.” And I was thinking about that, and I remember I was talking to Dean Graziosi, we do a, me and Dean do a call every week to just kind of brain dump. And I show him all the cool stuff we’re doing, he shows us the cool stuff he’s doing. And one of the biggest things, all his ads are working the best right now literally are starting talking about the economy. Grab people where they’re at, “I know you’re freaking out about the economy. I know you’re stressed out, but…” and then it wraps into whatever the thing is. So his ads are doing the best. He also went back to his auto webinars selling Mind Mint, or selling excuse me, The KBB Mastermind.com thing. And it’s interesting because they do this whole, the actual webinar, it was him and Tony and me and Jenna and stuff. But then the webinar starts and as soon as Tony and Dean introduce themselves, it stops like, errr, it pulls out and Dean’s like, ‘Hey, really quick before I get into this, this was recorded on this date, we’re coming back right now, ever since we recorded this everything shifted and changed and things are chaos in the economy.” So he bridges that gap, meets them where they’re at, and then drives back into the webinar afterwards. And that dramatically increased their conversion rate. So it’s just interesting. So my question for you is like, looking through that lens, again as like, and this is not just for quarantine times, but for any times, what is the thing that is number one concern or fear on my audiences mind right now? And then how do you enter the conversation that’s already happening inside their mind, and then you tie it back to your product, or make a product around that. Anyway, I know we know these things, and I think about them, but I think a lot of times I think about how you capitalize on the moment, it’s not that. It’s more entering the conversation inside someone’s mind. You know if, it’s crazy because that’s what Rachel attributes selling 4 and a half million copies of her book to. She literally was the number one, there’s only one author, Michelle Obama is the only person that outsold her last year on the New York Times list, which is crazy. But it all came back to that, it came back to really getting deep inside their mind and knowing exactly what they’re looking for. So anyway, I’m curious for you guys, do you know what your customers are freaking out about? And do you know how to communicate that and grab their attention because of that and then transform that into a way that your product gets them out of that pain, or moves them towards the pleasure they’re looking for. Anyway, that was my big insight, a couple of insights from there. Hopefully you get out a couple things. Number one. the difference between a peace time general and a war time general. If you want to go deeper in that, go read the hard thing about hard things, by Ben Horrowitz, I think is his name. So that’s number one. Number two is if you want a bestseller or a bestselling ad campaign or high converting webinar it’s entering the conversation that’s happening right now, addressing it, and then showing how your product, your service, your thing either moves that person closer towards pleasure, or more away from pain. Anyway, fascinating day. Anyway, it’s Friday, I’m going to finish my juice fast today. And then tomorrow I get to eat some food, what? It’s been 5 days. I am down 7 pounds this morning though, so I feel good. I was up 8 to start, so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be back to scratch where I’m back to my fighting weight before the quarantine 19 or whatever hit. Anyway I appreciate you guys all, I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you learned anything cool, please take a snapshot of it and tag me on Facebook or Instagram, share it with your friends, family or other people. And with that said, I appreciate you all, thanks so much and I’ll talk to you all soon.


27 Apr 2020

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RUSSELL'S RANT: How Can This Work For My Business

If you think that this stuff doesn't work for eCommerce, network marketing, local businesses, non profits, and your business... think again. Let me show you how this process works for all businesses. On today's episode Russell talks about why and how you can use Expert Secrets to 10x or 100x ANY business. Here's some of the awesomeness you will hear in this episode: Why you need to stop thinking, "This won't work for my business." and start thinking, "How can I make this work for my business?" instead. Hear Russell come up with some offers on the fly on something as ordinary as a coffee mug. And find out why it took Russell launching Clickfunnels six times before it finally blew up. So listen here to find out why you can use Expert Secrets to grow and scale any business. Transcript - https://marketingsecrets.com/blog/russell-s-rant-how-can-this-work-for-my-business


9 Apr 2018

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What Happened When I Taught Expert Secrets To The Local Government and Politicians

What's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, I want to welcome you guys to a very special episode of the Marketing Secrets podcast. This is an episode that will not be on YouTube or anything. It's only going to be here in audio format for those who are listening in, and I'm excited for you guys to hear it. Some of the back story, as you guys know, I am always excited about all this marketing stuff, I talk about it all the time, I get the chance to speak all over the world, but I say 99.9% of people who ask me to speak, just because of time, energy and money and all that kind of stuff, it's just not possible to do. But recently, my father in law asked me if I would come speak at an event that he was putting on, and it was in Burley Idaho, which is a little small town about 2 ½ hours south of Boise, and obviously I can't, I can't justify it from a business standpoint, but for my father in law, that'd be awesome. Obviously, it would give me time to hang out with my wife. So my wife and I jumped in a car on Wednesday and we drove 2 ½ hours to Burley, I spoke at this event, and then 2 ½ hours back. So it was a really fun time for us to spend together without any kids, and then had a chance to speak down there, and it was cool. But to preface it, it was a completely different audience than I've ever spoken to, ever. It was for the most part, government officials from all around Idaho. Those who are involved in economic development, how to grow the economies. So there were people from all over Idaho who came to this thing, there was probably 70 or so people. As you guys know, I'm used to speaking to entrepreneurs who are trying to change the world, and here is like government officials who are, also have good intentions as well and trying to do some awesome stuff. But they're definitely an older demographic, they're not running their own companies, it was just different. Anyway, I was really struggling, what should I teach on? What should my presentation be about? I didn't really know, and it took me a while to kind of figure out. Finally I realized that what I wanted to share with this audience was basically the stuff you guys are very familiar with, which is the Expert Secrets thing. I want to talk about building a mass movement, about influence and persuasion, storytelling and how they can use that in their own spirit of influence. How them, as government officials can build a movement to help people change. And then also how they can use it for their family. With your family, how do you create a movement with your family? How do you create a movement in different places? SO it's not just a mass movement of your customers, like we talk a lot about in Expert Secrets, but also the internal movements inside your companies, and then your family, inside of governments, whatever spirits of influence you have. So that's kind of what this presentation is, and I hooked up my iPhone and clicked record. So I kind of recorded, the audio I don't have any idea of how good or how bad it will be. But that's what it is. So there's the context, when you hear the presentation, it was definitely a different audience, the energy level is way different. So if I sound weird , that's why. I was trying like crazy to get this older group of government officials to get as excited as I am about business, about economic growth and development. I also tried to show those guys they're crazy because they don't understand the right ways to run a political campaign and I kind of teased them about that, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Hopefully it will help you guys if you're listening in on this. For those that know Expert Secrets, a lot of stuff will be kind of a review for you, but you'll have a chance to see it through a different lens, how this would work inside your family, how this works inside of a business and a bunch of other things like that. So hopefully it helps. I hope you guys love it. With that said, let's queue the intro music and let's start at the event there in Burley, Idaho.

1hr 27mins

26 Apr 2018

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Create Attraction, Connection & Overcome Insecurity - Part 2 of 3

On this episode you will hear part 2 of a presentation given by Sean Stephenson at Funnel Hacking Live in 2016. Here are some of the awesome things in today's episode: Find out what Sean believes the cure to insecurity is and how he came to that conclusion. Find out why the motto of the coast guard helps Sean decide who he is going to help. And find out Sean's answer to the question, "How many lives do you think you've changed?" So listen here to the second part of Sean Stephenson's inspirational presentation at Funnel Hacking Live 2016. Transcript - https://marketingsecrets.com/blog/create-attraction-connection-overcome-insecurity-part-2-of-3


14 Jan 2019

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I'm Pretty Sure This Is The Fastest Way To Get To A Million Dollars Without Having To Learn How To Do Anything New

After sitting in the blistering heat all day, I'm not sure if this is just a hallucination or a really good idea. Either way, I thought I'd share it with you. On this episode Russell talks about what he thinks is the fastest way to get to a million dollars in a company. Here are some of the insightful things to look for in today's episode: Why two people Russell knows were able to make a million dollars in a year with just the two of them, with a simple business. What people you will need on your team to be able to make a lot of money right out of the gate. And why you can't built something amazing by yourself and you need an amazing team to back you up. So listen here to find out how two dudes were able to make a million dollars in a year, and what you can learn from them to do the same thing. Transcript - https://marketingsecrets.com/blog/i-m-pretty-sure-this-is-the-fastest-way-to-get-to-a-million-dollars-without-having-to-learn-how-to-do-anything-new


30 May 2018

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I Think I May Know Why Your Business Is Stuck...

The #1 thing that keeps entrepreneurs back from success, that you won't read about in any business or marketing book. On this episode Russell talks about the power of forgiveness and shares a small portion of a presentation by Chris Wark that encourages you to forgive everyone who has done you wrong. Here are some of the cool things you will hear in this episode: Find out why someone on the initial Rippln startup team has struggled to progress because he needed to forgive. Hear why Chris Wark thinks forgiveness is the key to healing your heart and in turn healing your health. And find out how to get a hold of Chris' book, so you too can forgive and heal your heart. So listen here to find out why forgiveness of your enemies is so important. Transcript - https://marketingsecrets.com/blog/i-think-i-may-know-why-your-business-is-stuck


30 Jan 2019

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The What And How

The secret from going from zero to a million dollars is all about identifying what it is you're selling and how you're selling it. On this episode Russell talks about being able to have the "What" you're selling and "How" you're selling it, to be able to go from $0 to $1 million. Here are some of the awesome things Russell talks about in today's episode: Why you need to be doing a webinar weekly that you can tweak and change to be able to figure out what you should be selling and how you should be selling it. How to use your creativity as an entrepreneur to change things to what your customers want. And why once you have figured out the "what" and "how", making a million dollars will be fast and easy. So listen below to find out why figuring out the "what" to sell and "how" to sell it can take you from 1 to 7 figures a year. Transcript - https://marketingsecrets.com/blog/the-what-and-how


22 May 2017

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The Secret Behind The Three Phases Of The Attractive Character...

Hint: It starts with you, but if it ends with you, you'll never have the impact that you actually want. On today's episode Russell talks about a webinar in which Kaelin Poulin will sell Clickfunnels rather than Russell. He then goes into detail of how the attractive character of Clickfunnels is evolving. Here are some of the interesting things happening in today's episode: Find out why some critics of Russell were correct when they said you can't sell a business based on an attractive character. Hear how Russell is getting passed the attractive character issue by helping it to evolve 3 levels deep. And find out why Kaelin Poulin is the perfect person to pitch Clickfunnels, besides Russell. So listen below to find out how Clickfunnels is evolving it's attractive character. Transcript - https://marketingsecrets.com/blog/the-secret-behind-the-three-phases-of-the-attractive-character


11 Jun 2018

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The #1 Destructive Behavior That You Have That's Killing Your Success

If there is anything virtuous, lovely, of good report, or praiseworthy, we seek after these things. On today's episode Russell talks about the teachability index, and why most adults no longer have it after completing school. Here are some of the other awesome things in this episode: Why adults are so unteachable as compared to children. How Russell was able to open his mind and become teachable at a Tony Robbins event. And why having a high teachability index will improve our chances for success in business. So listen here to find out how Russell regained his teachability and has been so successful. Transcript - https://marketingsecrets.com/blog/the-1-destructive-behavior-that-you-have-that-s-killing-your-success


18 Jun 2018

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We Are Funnel Hackers And These Are Our Stories - Part 3 of 3

On this episode you will hear the final part of Russell's first presentation at last year's Funnel Hacking Live. Here are some of the amazing things to listen for in this episode: Find out what the creativity switch is and how it can help you grow your company. Why the backend of your Value Ladder should never change. And how you can avoid getting stressed out and overwhelmed by the surplus of information you are receiving in this presentation. So listen here to hear the final part of this amazing presentation at Funnel Hacking Live 2018, and get excited for this year's event coming up soon! Transcript - https://marketingsecrets.com/blog/we-are-funnel-hackers-and-these-are-our-stories-part-3-of-3


28 Jan 2019

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The Secret To Getting Anybody To Do Anything You Want

The real secret to winning this game is SO simple, most of you are missing it. On this episode Russell talks about receiving a card in the mail asking to be on a podcast, and why that offer wasn't irresistible enough. Here are some of the other things he talks about on today's episode: What was missing from the card asking Russell to be on a podcast, making him throw it away. Why you should always look at what is in it for your customer, or date or whatever, in order to make what you're proposing impossible to refuse. And how you make something you create more valuable than someone's time or money, so they will trade you for it. So listen here to find out why a card sent in the mail wasn't irresistible enough, and how that person could have made it impossible for Russell to turn down. Transcript - https://marketingsecrets.com/blog/the-secret-to-getting-anybody-to-do-anything-you-want


3 Aug 2018

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An Instagram Hack...

One way to make sure you are posting stuff that people will actually engage with. On today's episode Russell shares an Instagram hack from the upcoming Traffic Secrets book. Here are a few fun things from this episode: Find out how Instagram rewards those who do what they want them to do. Listen to an example of Russell using Instagram in a way that gets rewarded. And as a bonus, find out how Russell blocks out his calendar from most important to least important priorities. So listen here to get an inside look at Traffic Secrets with this awesome Instagram hack. Transcript - https://marketingsecrets.com/blog/252-an-instagram-hack


23 Oct 2019

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ClickFunnels Startup Story - Part 1 of 4

Listen in as Andrew Warner from Mixergy interviews Russell on the ClickFunnels startup story! On today's episode you will hear part 1 of 4 of Russell's interview with Andrew Warner about the Clickfunnels start up story. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this part of the story: Find out how and why Russell got started with online marketing in the first place. Hear from Collette why she didn't consider Russell a loser, even though he had no job and she was working 2 jobs to support him. And see how after Russell's company had reached over 100 employees, the whole thing came crashing down. So listen here to hear the beginnings of Russell's role as entrepreneur, and how he has been able to overcome many of the obstacles thrown his way. Transcript - https://marketingsecrets.com/blog/182-clickfunnels-startup-story-part-1-of-4


20 Feb 2019

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The Top Marketing Secrets From My Inner Circle (Part 1 of 2)

On this very special, two part episode Russell asks his inner circle to weigh in on the biggest marketing secrets they have learned over the past decade. You will hear from the following people on part one: Peng Joon Andrew Argue Rachel Pedersen Joshua Latimer Pedro Adao Jayme Amos Jaime Cross Annie Grace Alison J Prince Ryan Lee Stacey Martino Bart Miller Julie Stoian So listen here to get this amazing, valuable marketing advice from some of the top marketers out there right now. ---Transcript--- Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Alright, I’ve got a special treat for you guys over the next two episodes. So the new year started and New Year’s Day I was sitting, we had my family up at the penthouse and we were just hanging out and relaxing and you know, I relax for about 30 seconds, then my brain starts thinking, what’s the next, what’s the plans for this year, what are we going to do? And I started thinking, you know, we know this was the end of a decade, and a new decade is starting. And I just started thinking about over the last 10 years, what are the biggest takeaways, what are the biggest aha’s and things like that, that I’ve had in my business? And then all the sudden this idea hit me, look, I know the things that, the big aha’s that I’ve had. And I’ve been, I talk about them on the podcast all the time. But I was like, I’ve got this amazing inner circle group of entrepreneurs who have been working with me for the last 5 or 6 years. Each of them paid, in the beginning it was $25,000 a year, towards the end it was $50,000 a year to be part of the program. And we had 100 entrepreneurs in it and I was like, you know these guys have been around me for a long time, they’ve been in the trenches, they’ve been doing this in their businesses. I thought how much fun it would be to hear what their biggest marketing secret was, their biggest takeaway that they got themselves over the last decade in their businesses. So I have a Voxer group that has all my inner circle members and I Voxed them and said, “Hey, just curious what’s your number one takeaway, what’s the biggest marketing secret that you’ve gotten over the last decade in your business that’s helped the most? If you guys could voxer back the responses to that, that’d be awesome.” And from that I got, I think almost 20 people sent back responses and they were amazing. So I thought how much fun to turn that into two episodes. So we’ve got two episodes for you guys that are going to be revealing the top marketing secrets from my inner circle members. And each one’s got a different thing. I told them to try to keep them under 3 minutes, some people were, had a lot of brevity and did it in less than a minute, others struggled and got in 3 to 4 minutes. But each one had a unique idea, a unique piece of gold for you. So I’m really excited for these next two episodes. And it’s interesting, as you listen to them, I’ve been teaching this stuff for the last decade and a half and there’s tons of things we teach and that we talk about and brainstorm about, mastermind about, and it’s interesting looking at each person, even though all of them have built huge 7 and 8 figure businesses, each of them had a different thing that was the big marketing secret, the thing that knocked down the big domino for them. And you’ll see some things amongst the inner circle members, other people they’re completely different things. But as a whole it was fascinating just to see what they’re all, what each of their biggest takeaways were. So what I’m going to do is this episode and the next episode we’re just going to play through those, each one is 3 to 5 minutes long, giving their marketing secret. Most of them followed the instructions and said their name and their website url, so we would have those. Some of them didn’t, so the people who didn’t state their names, I’ll jump in ahead of time and let you know who they are, and then we’ll plug in their thing. So with that said, I’m going to queue up the theme song and when we come back, we will start with the first marketing secret from my inner circle members. Peng Joon: This is Peng Joon and my biggest marketing secret that I learned from the last decade is that every given moment in time, we are building 5 different assets. And in marketing the first asset that we will ever build is the social asset. This is basically the stuff that will sit on social media forever. Many times when people don’t have the clarity as to why they’re creating that technical video on YouTube, why they are doing that Facebook re-targeting ad, why they’re documenting what it is that they’re doing. The reason for that is because they don’t know that this is step number one, they’re creating this social asset that can be fed into step number two, which is the digital asset. This is where you build the funnel, you build up the sales process, you build up something that will live on forever, in order to sell the course, the book, the consulting. And the question you gotta ask yourself is, “How can you take what you’re already doing in your life, the presentations, the life event, the consulting, the coaching sessions, how can you document them so that it can be turned into the digital asset that will work for you forever?” So for example, the keynote that I did at Funnel Hacking Live, I did that presentation once, but I turned that into a book, into a recurring that lives on, and is going to live on for a really long time to come. And the whole purpose of that, number two is to then move onto number three in order to create a proprietary asset. This is basically the infrastructure, the tribe, the community, if you think about what makes Apple Apple, if Samsung came up with something that was 3x better, with more features, half the price, chances are I’m not going to shift. Why? Because I’m locked in. I’m locked in and I’m thinking about the inconvenience. I’m thinking about the iTunes, I’m thinking about all of my files backed up in the cloud. Same thing for Clickfunnels. Even if there were 200 different competitors, even if somebody came up with better features or lower pricing, I’m not going to switch. Why? Because of the tribe, because of the community, because of the good will Russell, you have given to me in the last decade. That’s what locks people in, and it’s something that I’m thinking about all the time. And that brings us to number four. Number four is creating of systems assets. This is the SOP’s, the Trello boards. This is why I document what I’m doing on YouTube, Instagram, the steps on social media. Why? Because I’m constantly working on removing myself from the business so that I can work on the business and not in the business. And finally, that is all pushed to number 5, the capital asset. Understanding that ultimately why I’m building all these things is to build up capital. This could be office space, this could be property, things that generate positive cash flow, which then can be used back to step number 1, which is to fill social asset. And when you have this big picture, as to understanding why it is that you do what it is that you do, you’ll be able to have the big picture and have clarity on every, what you work on every single day. Andrew Argue: Hey it’s Andrew Argue from Accountingtax.com and I wanted to share my biggest marketing secret that I learned in the decade. And you know, I was kind of struggling coming up with this because I actually learned pretty much everything I know about marketing in the last decade, because I’m not really a marketer, I’m an accountant by trade. But when I think about the biggest thing I learned, that made the biggest difference, you know, a lot of times when people are doing marketing, they’re doing something that looks good, or something that feels good and they’re putting it out there, and it’s like a brochure maybe, or maybe like a Facebook ad, and they don’t really know exactly what the return on it is. So myself being an accountant, when I first started doing marketing I really had no idea what I was doing until I finally started actually calculating out what specifically what I was getting for what I was doing. So I would look, “Okay, what is my cost per click?” so what was the cost per click for somebody to come to my website? And I would know that number. And I started looking, “Well some of these people are coming to the landing page and then they’re opting in, what percentage of those people are opting in? That’s my landing page conversion rate.” So I would look at my cost per click. Let’s say my cost per click was $4, and then let’s say that only 10% of people were opting in, so that means my cost per lead was $40. Then I’d say, “Okay I spent x amount of dollars on Facebook or Google or something…” and I was getting leads for $40. Okay well then, where were those leads going, they were going next stage to book an appointment. And what’s my cost per appointment? Only 10% of people that became a lead booked an appointment. So that means $400 was my cost per appointment. And then how many people would I close? And I think until I really put those kind of metrics, the cost per click, landing page conversion rate, cost per lead, conversion from opt in to appointment, and the cost per sale, until I really put those metrics on it, I just never really felt confident in doing more marketing or spending more money, because I just didn’t really know what I was getting. So I mean, I learned so many things on the art and how it all works. I mean, obviously Russell’s done a tremendous job teaching me a bunch of different things about marketing, hook, story, offer, a ton of different things. But I really never felt comfortable to pull the trigger, and now we probably spent 6-7 million dollars on advertising over the last few years alone. So that’s probably the biggest thing I learned in the decade, hope that’s helpful. Rachel Pedersen: I’m Rachel Pedersen, the founder of the Viral Touch digital marketing agency and Social Media United, the leading online training for social media managers.  Now I haven’t been in entrepreneurship for a decade yet, but over the last decade I definitely learned a lot about social media and attention spans. We’re in a time where technically speaking, attention spans are at an all time low. Or at least, that’s what we’re being told. The interesting thing that most people don’t realize, sorry you’re going to hear my son in the background, welcome to mom and entrepreneur life balance. So what I’ve discovered is that if you can grab someone’s attention within in the first 10 to 15 seconds, you have them. So many of us spend time watching TV shows or movies, you know Netflix binging for lack of better words, but how is that we decide what we’re going to Netflix binge? Well the chances are it happened because of a trailer. We stop, we look at the thumbnail, we give it about 10 to 15 seconds to decide if it’s worthy of more of our time. The most important thing that you can learn to do for your business, especially in this time where people are becoming increasingly discerning about what they’re going to allow their time to be spent on, is to truly know your message, really, really, really get it. Can you make your point clear in 10 seconds? Can you explain your business in the 15 second video or conversation? For me, jumping onto tiktok was such a great lesson and truly a test of if I understood how to grab attention in 15 seconds or less. And for me it’s a daily practice reminding me how to capture attention and ultimately harness a following that says, “Not only did we like that 15 seconds, but we want more. We want to binge watch all of your content.” So now is the time to truly understand how to capture attention. We are after all in the attention economy, and those who grab it in the first 10 to 15 seconds will be the ones that ultimately are binged over the next decade. That’s definitely what I’ve learned over the last 10 years of being on social media. Joshua Latimer: Hey what’s up? Joshua and Ashley Latimer from honorandfire.com. The biggest marketing secret I’ve learned in the last 15 years is really easy for me, and it’s relationship marketing. It’s looking at your business like a marriage instead of just a wedding, which is a weird analogy. But people are super, super short term minded with their business, and in today’s climate with the internet, people want to get a Two Comma Club award, or make a million dollars as fast as possible. And desiring that is not wrong, but from a sustainability standpoint, what I’ve found is that when you solve real problems by providing real quality solutions and services, it’s really, really hard to fail a business. But it takes a little bit longer when you play the long game. So that goes for your relationship with your employees, your relationships with your dream 100, relationship with your business partners. My biggest marketing secret has been to slow down, try to have massive integrity, so real problems, and play the long game rather than just getting the ad that converts or getting that offer to do awesome in that one launch, it’s really, really hard to fail when you focus on the marriage, and not just the wedding. And in business I see a lot of people really excited to launch something or to get their funnel done, and they need to spend more time on making sure that they’re solving a real problem with a quality solution, whether it’s a product or a service, because at the end of the day, money is a natural byproduct of solving real problems. And if you slow down and listen to Tony Robbins, Tony always says people overestimate what they can do in a year, and underestimate what they can do in a decade. If you can be one of the people that realizes that, I think it will help you. And Russell, you’ve helped me. And hopefully that adds value to listeners of your podcast. Pedro Adao: Hey Russell, this is Pedro Adao, I’m in the inner circle. Man, so many but the one I think that I have probably leaned into the most, and has really I think, helped me kind of blow up on movement, is just really going deep into the niche. Going deep into your client avatar and really leaving that red ocean and finding an underserved, or unmet needs, carving a niche so tight that only you can fit in. That’s kind of a phrase that I’m now saying a lot these days. So that’s the big thing, that’s been a game changer for me. It’s allowed me to find my place of uniqueness and really not feel like I’m actually competing at all with anybody, because I’m really serving this really micro audience. That’s been a game changer. And then tactic is challenges. Man, I saw, it was at FHL last year I saw Natasha teach on challenges and I took the free masterclass concept I learned from you in Expert Secrets, I was doing free masterclasses and doing well with those, and then heard about paid challenges, and we’ve been doing  pretty much a paid challenge every single month since then and I just recently used a paid challenge to actually win a major launch for Pete Vargas, came in first place ahead of some pretty serious guys. So I have a great testimony around challenges, I’m happy to share as well. So that’s, those are my two big keys, which is carve your niche, find a great market that’s underserved, and then show up and deliver value and prove your work through challenges. Take all the risk upfront before you ask them to buy. Hope that helps, bro. Take care. Jayme Amos: My name is Jayme Amos, CEO of Ideal Practices, we’re the country’s largest startup dental consulting firm. In other words we help dentists open startup dental practices. The number one marketing secret for me over the last decade, that I thought I understood, was being able to serve a niche. So to trick myself into understanding this better in the last decade, and the way that this has made the biggest impact in myself and in my consulting company and in the industry where I serve, is to describe it as a niche of a niche of a niche. Now here’s what I mean, you’ve probably heard me say that I help startup dentists. Well, I help dentist, I do, but only younger dentists. Usually doctors who are working for someone else, and only even in that subset, startup dentists. They can buy a practice, they can partner with a practice, but we only help startup dentists. So what does this mean for you? Well, a niche of a niche, of a niche, well here are the benefits that it’s helped me be able to achieve. I’m able to now speak so clearly to the people that I’m trying to serve best. So I can make the greatest impact with those specific people. But not only am I able to speak to them clearly, I’m also able to understand their pain points. And not just the pain points of dentist, not just the pain points of young dentists, or associates who are working for other dentists, but just those young dentists who desire to open startup practices. This allows us to serve them really well. But one of the aha moments that I’ve had, that I think Russell even taught me back when I was first an inner circle member, I don’t know, 3 years ago or something. He told me this, I thought I understood it, and it’s taken me even more time to fully understand this niche of a niche of a niche concept, and it’s this. When I’m able to understand them best, when I’m able to niche down best, I also am forced to find where they are. Now that sounds easy on the service, but when I’m forced to find where those people are, I’m also forced to find the places that nobody else knows about, where I can have the greatest impact. And guess what? There are fewer competitors there. And I don’t even mean just in my case, a startup dental consulting forms there’s competitors, I mean the competition of noise. I mean the competition of advertising dollars. So think of noise, whether it’s a newspaper ad, or a magazine ad, or a Facebook ad, there’s other noise for people’s attention that aren’t even direct competitors, but it’s competition for noise. And when I find the place where those people hangout, there aren’t many other people there. So I’m able to be one of the loudest voices in one of the smallest pockets in this niche of a niche of a niche. So my encouragement to you, one of the biggest aha marketing moments that I’ve had through Russell Brunson, through Clickfunnels, through my time as an inner circle member is this. Find your niche, but trick yourself and remind yourself that you can be even more powerful with a niche of a niche of a niche because you’ll be able to speak to them best. Serve them best and find those pockets of opportunity where you can have the greatest impact at the lowest cost. So I hope this serves you well. My name is Jayme Amos, CEO of Ideal Practices, number one consulting firm for startup dental practices in the country, and so much of this is the direct result of Clickfunnels, of Russell Brunson’s guidance, and being an inner circle member. Hope this is helpful to you as you grow how you impact others. Take care, bye, bye. Jaime Cross: So this is Jaime Cross with Migsoap.com and the greatest marketing discovery I’ve made in the last 10 years and have used in our business is story selling. It is, story is transcendent and Philip Tollman said that after nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing that we need most in the world. So there’s also a really great story about a journalist who purchased 200 items on ebay for $129 and he wanted to do an experiment, and he turned around and sold those same items for $8000 including story. So our fortune has been found in our follow up with story and then we incorporate into our description. So as an ecommerce company we have been able to maximize profits by leveraging story. You know, even with our pounce product, it’s kind of funny because I wrote like a mini romance novel. So I’m not just talking about the product, I’m actually making this story that every woman wants to be in come alive on our website. So we’ve done that with all our products and I’ve got a lot of really great ideas about story. You know, there’s an art and science to it as well. So it’s a great way, because there’s a psychological and chemical reaction in the brain when you hear and tell stories, it connects you to your audience, so it’s a really great way to build strong relationships and strong bonds with your followers and with your tribe. So I love story selling and I’ve got some really examples here too, but your brain on stories is like on fire compared to just listening to you know, features and benefits in the typical old way or traditional way of describing products. Annie Grace: Hey, this is Annie Grace from This Naked Mind, and my top marketing secret of the decade is probably the simplest one, but it’s so incredibly effective. And it’s really all about consistency. So I actually started a podcast right around the same time that people in the UK, a group that was doing basically the same thing I was doing started a podcast. And they came out of the gate like, over the top with guests. They had Gretchen Rubin, they had John Lee Dumas, they had Ryan Holladay, they had Hal Elrod, they had all these crazy guests and they got all these downloads and all this press around their podcast, and it was incredible and I was like, “Oh my gosh, they’re just smashing it. It’s amazing.” And then over the year I just kept going, my podcast was just the people who read my book. And I’d publish every Friday and every Saturday, but I never ever missed a day. And over the years these guys started missing a few here and there, and then they took a break, and then they came back, and then they took another break. And if you fast forward 2 years now, my podcast has 3.5 million downloads, and they’re nowhere close. So the consistency of just showing up every single week. I’ve now done a newsletter every single week for over 400 weeks. And the consistency of just showing up weekly and just doing what you say you’re going to do really pays off in the long run. It reminds me of the tortoise and the hair. So that’s my best marketing secret. It’s not really a secret. But just do what you say you’re going to do, if you’re going to do a weekly podcast or twice weekly podcast, make it happen, make the commitment, make it work into your life. Same with a newsletter, same with your emails, don’t pop up and then drop off again, because there’s no faster way to lose trust. Alison J Prince: Hey Russell and the Marketing Secrets podcast listeners, Alison J Prince her from Alisonjprince.com. I went from a junior high teacher to building 4 multimillion dollar businesses with 4 kids at my feet, but found my greatest success was watching my 10 and 13 year olds gain confidence in themselves as they went on to sell their first 6 figures before they even stepped into a high school. I am the host of the Because I Can live podcast where I show you what it takes to set up and automate your own online store using the steps I currently use today, and what I taught my girls. Why? Because I can. The marketing secret that I have been using for a decade and I still use today because it works, and it will work for as long as marketing exists, is teaming up with influencers to help explode your business. Yes, you can start growing your own following, but that can take years. So why not leverage what can accelerate your speed? Now I’m not talking about the get rich quick stuff that’s out there, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about getting your products in front of an already warm audience, and not crossing your fingers and hoping that cold Facebook ads work. Imagine Taylor Swift talking about earrings she’s wearing on an Instagram story with a simple swipe up for her followers to go and buy. Do you think they would sell? Yeah! Don’t stress in getting Taylor’s attention, that’s not what’s needed. There are a ton of influencers out there who can rock the sales, and they have less than 100,000 followers. And some have even had 2000 followers and they have been known to move sales number mountains. So whatever you are selling there is an influencer who is looking to team up with a business like yours. Influencers have been building an audience for years, so it becomes a 3 way win. Win for you because you make sales, win for the influencer because they make a percentage of the sales, and a win for their followers because they get your really cool, amazing product into their hands. Creating this 3 win-win has been one of my marketing secrets to building online profitable businesses. I hope that helps you crack the marketing code going into 2020. Oh, and one more thing, if you’re sending all that traffic over, make sure you’ve got a Clickfunnels set up so that you can maximize the order cart value. Ryan Lee: Hey this is Ryan Lee from Cashflowtactics.com and wanted to share with you the biggest marketing secret that I learned from Russell Brunson. So over the last decade as I’ve been in the inner circle and studying the art and science of marketing, one of the biggest things, one of the biggest epiphanies that I’ve had is building a business around a future based cause. You know Russell taught us for years all of the presidents maybe forever, the one’s that won {inaudible} on a future based cause instead of an improvement offer. And for too long inside of our business we were focused on features and improvement offers, but as soon as we took everything down and focused on the outcome that our product and our service created for our clients, that’s when things took off for us. So having a future based cause, and the easiest way to implement that for us was really diving deep and figuring out the core desire of our ideal avatar, our ideal client. Once we understood their pain points and their desired outcome, we could focus our message on speaking to both that pain and then the future based outcome for our clients. So for us at Cash Flow Tactics, we built our business around empowering people with money to become financially free in 10 years or less, and our tagline that’s really driven massive amounts of business has been “Rise up, Live free.” So something very simple but it speaks to our ideal avatar in the sense that they want control. It’s a future based cause to rise up, choosing differently from where they’re at today, so that they can live free. And all of our marketing is based around that, both from the possibility as well as speaking to the pain. So good luck in 2020 future based cause is where the gold is at. Stacey Martino: Alright hey there everyone on Marketing Secrets podcast. I’m Stacey Martino, my husband Paul and I are the founders of relationshipdevelopment.org , and I’m happy to come in and share one of our biggest marketing secret strategy that we’ve learned in the last few years, and that comes down to something that Russell shared with us probably the first or second time that we ever met him within inner circle. Like many of you, Paul and I were stuck in that place of look we have this amazing solution, we know we want to make as many people know about this as possible. Everyone deserves to know about the solution that we have, ours is for relationship, yours is for whatever it is that you do, and I’m sure you’ve had that feeling at one point or another, “I want everybody to know about this. This s so good.” So Russell said, of course to us, “Hey, you’ve got to do a podcast.” Because love to listen to podcasts. Hence, we’re all listening to marketing secrets podcast. And what I did in that moment was, “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s a great idea. Let me put that on my list, I don’t have time to implement that right now.” And I want you to learn from my mistake and catch yourself, because we all do this. “Oh my gosh, that’s such a great idea. I don’t have the bandwidth for that.” “Oh my gosh, that’s such a great idea. I don’t have time for that.” You have to catch yourself because one of the biggest strategies you could ever take away from this is you won’t get results from something you don’t implement. We have to implement, it doesn’t matter how many great strategies or ideas we have, we have to actually take action and get it done. So fast forward some time, we actually did make the Relationship Transformers podcast last year, it’s been catching like fire, it’s everywhere, it’s spreading, it’s doing everything we wanted it to do and more. And there’s two podcast strategies that have worked for our podcast that I really want to share with you. One Steve Larsen taught to us, which is to take your 3 Secrets Webinar and turn it on it’s side, and the first 4 or 5 episodes of your podcast is you doing like 20 or 30 minute chunks of your 3 secrets webinar to take them through your pillar content. Who you are, what you’re about, why is this different, what are the three secrets? So we did that, and it has been amazing. And then at the end of eveyr single podcast we share three action items like, “What can you do now to get great results now?” and a call to action. These are three things you can do to start getting results today, and your next step is join our 14 day boost program for your relationship. Whatever the first step is on your value ladder to help them take action. Because not only do you not get results from things you don’t implement, but the people who are listening to you won’t get results from things if they don’t implement. And yes, the podcast is amazing and we want to educate, and we want to inform, but if we don’t help them take that first step and take action, we’re not really serving them. So those are my strategies, I hope you implement them and make this an amazing year. Russell: Alright, the next person who sent a message was Bart Miller and Bart is a man of many talents. He’s the guy who dresses me for Funnel Hakcing Live, but on top of that he runs a huge ecommerce brand, he runs info product brands and a whole bunch of other amazing things. So with that said, here’s Bart’s biggest marketing secret from the last decade.  Bart Miller: The number one marketing strategy for us this year has been using a warranty card that goes into every Amazon box that we send into Amazon, and having people come back and fill that out and getting their email and capturing their stuff, and then putting on that thank you page for filling that out, a order bump for products that they can sell right then and there after they, I don’t know if it’s a bump or an actual sale, but we just take them right to it. Conversions are halving on two different things. One they are obviously coming onto an email list off of Amazon for capturing them, which is awesome. So we’re building a really cool camping list. And the second is that we’re actually selling them something else and the take rate on that right now is about 35%, are taking the next offer, which is a continuity program in the cooking space. So anyway, really cool, but that’s worked really well for us this year, and converted really well for us. Russell: Hey this next one is from Julie Stoian. Julie is no stranger in the funnel hacker, or marketing secrets community. She was a key player here at Clickfunnels for a long time, and I think you’re going to love the marketing secret that she shared next. Julie Stoian: Hey, so I’m going to answer this for you. I think probably the thing that I learned the most or that stuck out to me the most over the last decade is I’ve learned all the mechanics of marketing and I’ve learned the different fields offer, creation, copy, design, but the art of the hook is really something that I learned a ton from you, Russell, and all the stuff you teach, and this idea of pattern interrupt and no matter how great you are, how great your offer is, if you cannot get people to pay attention and get curious, you’re not going to get people into your funnel. So over the past couple of years especially, I’ve started to see, now that I see it I can instantly recognize when someone is marketing without a hook, without a reason or a story or a pattern interrupt. And I looked back over a lot of my writing and all of the emails and sales pages that were the best, I realized had this really curious hook or this crazy story attached to it. So even though I had been doing it unknowingly, once I figured out that that was the key, I started infusing it into everything. Into my emails, my sales pages, my ads, even my social media posts, and this made just a tremendous difference.


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