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The Amazon Seller Podcast is brought to you by multi million dollar private label sellers who share the information and experiences that they use every day. Join Andy Slamans and Liran Hirschkorn as they help you to become a better private label seller on Amazon.

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Dynamic Changes In Sponsored Ads

We're talking PPC and the latest dynamic changes in strategies for sponsored ads.  We're going to get into the latest changes to Campaign Manager of Seller Central and areas that you need to be looking at in your account.  This is all coming up in this episode.


4 Feb 2019

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Why You Are Failing at PPC - With Special Guest Mike Zagare

If you're not using Amazon PPC, you might be missing out on sales and missing out on the opportunity that we have. If you are already doing Amazon PPC you might be missing miserably at it. We're gonna tell you why and how you can correct it.


21 Aug 2017

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Money Questions with Amazon and Cash Flow! Hirsch-Slam Live!

How much money do I need to start selling on Amazon?  What do I do if I have limited capital or start-up funds?  How much money can I make per month?  When can I start pulling money out? In this episode, we answer your Money Questions with Amazon and Cash Flow, Growing Your Amazon Business, and the best ways to get started with managing your cash!


26 Aug 2017

Rank #3

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Product Selection In 2019

In this episode Andy & Nathan discuss what type of products they see working well for private label sellers in 2019. 


15 Apr 2019

Rank #4

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Launching

The 7 deadly sins of launching! Are you guilty of sourcing or launching products that fall into one or all of these 7 categories? You're about to find out in this episode.


17 Sep 2018

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The Successful Seller Mindset

We hear from Liran and Isabella Hamilton as they breakdown a Tweetstorm from Silicon Valley tech expert and angel investor Naval Ravikant.  Naval is the author of How To Get Rich Without Getting Lucky. This episode is focused on how to create a successful seller mindset, and not just specifically Amazon focused.  Check out the top 15 tweets from this Tweetstorm below!


4 Nov 2019

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Private Label Partnership: What You Need to Know

Love them or hate them, we list why you should consider forming a Private Label Partnership and what you should avoid when building your Amazon business. In this episode, we discuss what a Private Label Partnership means and what you should consider when forming one.  Whether you love them or hate them or never thought about it before, Andy Slamans shares his experience with partnerships.  This is a companion episode to our previous Wholesaling Your Private Label Products to Other Amazon Sellers.


18 Sep 2017

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Conversion Rates: Major Traffic & Conversion Rate Factors For Amazon Listings

In this episode, we're gonna talk about major traffic factors for your Amazon listings. How you can get your customers to see your listings. We're also gonna talk about major conversion factors and our main focus is steps that you can take to improve your conversion rates.


10 Jul 2017

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Bundling - Learning & Earning

What is Bundling? What are the benefits of this powerful business model? How is bundling similar to Private Label?  We are excited to give you the tips and tricks to Bundling in this episode.


9 Oct 2017

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$2 Cookbook Into 7-Figure Amazon Business - Gaye Lisby

Gaye Lisby runs a partner group of ours called the Amazon Seller Tribe.  She helps to coach a group of sellers who range from just starting out to $7 million dollars in annual sales!  Find out how this Grandma turned a $2 cookbook into a 7-figure Amazon business after a drastic life change forced her to become self-sufficient! All coming up in this episode! Don't forget to check out our services to help you dominate on Amazon: ---> The Magic Image & Listing Service: https://www.amazingfreedom.com/magic  ---> Amazon Reimbursement Service: https://www.amzprofessional.com  ---> Amazon Sponsored Ads Management: https://www.amazingfreedom.com/ppc  ---> Amazon Arbitrage Selling Group: https://www.amazingfreedom.com/arbitrage


6 Jan 2020

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Max Abreu’s Million-Dollar Seller Secrets

Max Abreu along with his partner, Garland, have been able to build tremendous business practices over the last four to five years. That’s why we were so excited to have Max come on the podcast and share with us how they’ve been able to have this phenomenal success with multiple Amazon businesses! Don’t miss this episode! 


9 Mar 2020

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10 Pillars to Private Label Success - Part 1

In this first of a two-part series, we review the 10 pillars that help us grow our successful private label businesses. These 10 pillars are based on a talk that Andy delivered at the Just One Dime conference in Las Vegas last week.


19 Mar 2018

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Building to $10,000/month Profit With Geoffrey Vallance

We interview Geoffrey Valance, who cranks out a new SKU of his own branded product every single quarter!  This process has allowed him to net $10,000/month all from building his own branded products.  Find out how he's been able to build his brand so quickly in this episode! Don't forget to check out our services to help you dominate on Amazon: ---> The Magic Image & Listing Service: https://www.amazingfreedom.com/magic ---> Amazon Reimbursement Service: https://www.amzprofessional.com ---> Amazon Sponsored Ads Management: https://www.amazingfreedom.com/ppc ---> Amazon Arbitrage Selling Group: https://www.amazingfreedom.com/arbitrage


21 Jan 2020

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3 Private Label Products We've Personally Sold on Amazon

We talk about 3 REAL private label products that Andy and Liran have personally sold on Amazon. Listen to this episode to get an idea of some of the products we've done in the past. And some of the mistakes we've made along the way.  Also, learn why launching new products on Amazon doesn't have to be hard!!


3 Dec 2018

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Lessons From Some Of The Largest Amazon Sellers

We're talking with Liran about his recent experiences with seven, eight and nine-figure sellers, and some of the lessons he learned in this episode.


28 May 2019

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Nuts and Bolts of Your Amazon Business

We're talking about the nuts and bolts of your Amazon business in this episode.  We're getting into the nitty-gritty nuts and bolts of your business.  Some of the processes you need to put in place to avoid unnecessary costs leaking into your business and ruining what you are starting to build.


12 Nov 2018

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How To Avoid $10,000 Private Label Mistakes

Do you love losing money? OF COURSE NOT!! That's why you need to check out 5 mistakes that we see over and over again (one of them that can be a $10,000+ mistake!). Learn from the mistakes of others.


24 Jul 2017

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Challenges of Amazon Success

What are the challenges of having a successful Amazon brand or products? We're covering five of them in this episode.


20 May 2019

Rank #18

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Ranking Breakthrough With Zonranker

Ranking is the bread and butter of making sure that you will do well on Amazon. So when Liran got connected with Jason Landro, of ZonRanker we were super excited to hear everything that he has going on with his brand new tool!  You won’t want to miss this information-packed episode! Don’t forget to check out our services to help you dominate on Amazon: —> The Magic Image & Listing Service: Amazingfreedom.com/magic —> Amazon Reimbursement Service: Amzprofessional.com —> Amazon Sponsored Ads Management: Amazingfreedom.com/ppc —> Amazon Arbitrage Selling Group: Amazingfreedom.com/arbitrage


9 Dec 2019

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Amazon Patent Breakdown

Are you worried about patent issues for your new Amazon product?  Or maybe you want to file your very own patent? We have what Amazon sellers need to know all coming up in this episode of the Amazon Seller Podcast.


29 Jul 2019

Rank #20