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There are hundreds of recent Amazon seller success stories on this show and inside the free 66,000+ member Facebook group (https://SilentJim.com has links). On this show, you'll hear a never-ending stream of interviews and motivational insights from rising Amazon sellers of all levels from around the world. These interviews are with "real people" from all walks of life, but they represent only a fraction of the 1,000s of successful students in the https://ProvenAmazonCourse.com community. The "PAC" as most students call it has long been the industry standard among serious Amazon sellers, and it's hard to deny this lofty reputation based on all the success stories coming from this community. The host, Jim Cockrum (https://SilentJim.com) has had a reputation as one of the most credible sources of eCommerce strategy advice to be found since 1999. You'll learn cutting-edge strategies for success selling on Amazon (Amazon FBA) as well as other proven online business strategies. As arguably the all-time best-selling author in the world on the topic of online business success, you are sure to gain from Jim's observations and biblically based insights and lessons. This show applies timeless, proven strategies to modern eCommerce challenges. This podcast is for anyone who is looking to build or start an online business the RIGHT way with advice from one of the most trusted names in online marketing

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#87: Success with an online business from Jamaica? Yes!

It truly doesn't matter where you live, or what your background is when it comes to succeeding online with an Amazon or online selling business.  Today I hang out with a couple of great guys who have incredible stories. Our community is FULL of great stories like these, and we hope it encourages you! First up we have Barrington who had lived in Jamaica his whole life. He started out with the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course and went on to build an empire online from the tiny island! You can hear the first recording I ever had with him at the top of the Proven Amazon Course website.   Next we talk to Lance Wolfe. He started out selling a few books on Amazon and then really grew from there into a healthy seven figure business through unique partnerships!   There are plenty of great tips and lessons in today's show! Enjoy!    As always, show notes are at SilentJim.com   Receive Facebook Messenger Notifications For New Episodes https://m.me/SilentJimCockrum?ref=w347297 getonaz.comJimCockrumEvents.com   Step away from the keyboard to succeed online (episode #11 of SSMR)   Bullard prep center affiliate link http://jimc.biz/2wCMESDProvenProductPartnering.com (it's included in the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course)   ProvenPrivateLabel.com    Jim's keynote presentation at ASD in 2016 (link to episode #1)   MySilentTeam.com FB  https://www.facebook.com/groups/mysilentteam/   Vegas ASD Registration Page http://www.asdonline.com/lv/attendee/registration.shtml

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17 Aug 2017

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#236: 80% of our listeners lack this simple business super power

I recently polled our community in our Facebook group and discovered that the vast majority of them are not doing one simple activity that is GUARANTEED to ignite their business and move it forward at warp speed. Ignore this simple lesson at your own peril.  I'm about to give you (literally SPOON FEED YOU) an awesome SUPER POWER and you'll thank me for it! Expect to see results within days or weeks at the longest - this simple skill requires zero funds and WILL put more money in the bank every time. Show notes at https://SilentJim.com/podcast   The poll: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mysilentteam/permalink/2457267407722688/   Our free Facebook group (53,000+ members!) https://www.facebook.com/groups/mysilentteam/TheProvenConference.comZoom.us - A great video conference tool   Our free "world map": MySilentTeam.com/worldmap.html   PPP course ProvenProductPartnering.com (this is a module in the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course as well)   JimCockrumCoaching.com (our coaching program) 1-800-994-1792   The book that started it all: SilentSalesMachine.com


19 Nov 2019

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#238: Our reaction to some very scary Amazon news

There's been some news lately from the world's largest selling platform that is making many sellers nervous." That opening sentence has been the topic of about 10,000 articles over the past 20 years. For the longest time it was eBay as the target of concern, and now it's Amazon. Today I address the most recent "scary" article and the concerns being raised there. Better yet, I tell you exactly how to THRIVE in spite of any changes that are coming! Show notes at https://SilentJim.com/podcast


25 Nov 2019

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#16 Deleted Recording

We apologize for the inconvenience but we have removed this episode. Please click on another episode to get great online business selling content!

21 Dec 2016

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#1 Simple strategies that will exponentially grow any business quickly

In our opening episode we present Jim's recent keynote address from a 2016 conference. The ASD conference where he spoke is one of the largest U.S. trade shows which attracts tens of thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world, but they had never had a keynote address. Jim was honored to be invited to be the first! These tips and strategies will introduce you a bit to the way Jim's mind works. The audio isn't the best, but we thought you'd enjoy hearing Jim interact with an audience of business owners as our pilot episode. Get the show notes at http://SilentJim.com/podcast

1hr 14mins

9 Nov 2016

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#39: This simple Amazon search that reveals 1,000's of profitable products!

Imagine having product after product on Amazon selling steadily at great profits WITHOUT competitors swooping in to crash the pricing!  On today's show Jim invited Teresa Rose, one of the best JimCockrumCoaching.com coaches to the studio to teach us all how to use simple Amazon searches to uncover countless hidden gold mines of opportunity!  We are taking all the guess work and mystery out of sourcing on today's show and we have hundreds of success stories and loads of examples to prove it!  You'll love this one!  As always, get all show notes at SilentJim.com Brett and I talking wholesale PPI episode 32 http://www.JimCockrumCoaching.com/ My Silent Team Facebook group Merchant Words The Wholesale Strategy videos from Teresa are in this course! Proven Amazon Course Our episode Step Away from the Keyboard SSMR episode 11


13 Feb 2017

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#32 Everything you need to know about sourcing wholesale to sell online​

We've sold tens of millions of dollars in wholesale goods across numerous product categories on Amazon and eBay. We've also taught thousands how to do it themselves...and it's NOT complicated. Sourcing wholesale is a topic of confusion for many people, but not for those who have our ProvenAmazonCourse.com course! In this one episode Brett and Jim take on the challenge of sharing EVERYTHING they know on the topic of wholesale sourcing in a single episode. If that sounds a little far fetched, it means you really need to hear what they have to say! If you are stuck in "product sourcing mode" or if you think that success on Amazon is all about the constant search for profitable products, think again. It's way easier than that and we have plenty of proof! As always - show notes are at SilentJim.com Facebook conversation for this episode Episode 2: How Brett turned $400 into an 8-figure Amazon business Episode 16: Spend $10 & uncover gold mines. A chat with my 8 figure selling partner Brett Bartlett Episode 31: Unless you've sold tens of millions in private label on Amazon listen up!​ ProvenPrivateLabel.com MyFulfillmentTeam


26 Jan 2017

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# 201: The High School teacher who built a $million business online

Today you'll meet one of our coaching students (he's also a ProvenAmazonCourse.com student) who, as a former high school teacher decided he wanted more flexibility and income. In this episode you'll hear EXACTLY what he sells, where and HOW he sources it and how you can replicate his success. You'll love his simple, powerful "hacks" that he's discovered while using his free Amazon app! This episode is arguably content that we should be charging money to share! No matter how long you've been selling online, this episode will give you two or three (minimum) new HIGHLY PROFITABLE strategies that you can start using today. All links can be found at SilentJim.com/podcastProvenAmazonCourse.com - the course that's helped more successful Amazon sellers build a business than any other course in the world!   TheProvenConference.com -join JR (today's guest), your host Jim Cockrum and our entire team and hundreds of your fellow listeners in Sept 2019 at our annual conference!   Watch this interview on You tube https://youtu.be/bhEjnlTL8DI   Learn more about our Legends sourcing group here: ProvenAmazonCourse.com/legends   Our reverse sourcing class: http://provenamazoncourse.com/replens   PPP is our ProvenProductPartnering.com course that shows you how to partner up with brands and sell their products on Amazon (zero risk, zero cost for either party!)   Amazon101Course.com  This course teaches you the basics of RA style sourcing. This is what JR's business model is built on.  (note this course is a module in the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course)   Are you going to ASD in Las Vegas in summer 2019? Get details on our team's plans here:https://provenproductpartnering.com/asd19/

1hr 8mins

11 Jul 2019

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#163: From zero knowledge of Amazon selling to her first $20,000 in sales

Today's guest is a ProvenAmazonCourse.com student who only recently began selling on Amazon. She and her husband have now sold $20,000 in product very quickly and they are super excited about the future prospects of their new business. She discusses the challenges she overcame on her journey and gives fantastic specific advice to others who are in the early stages of their journey. Guest: Brandy Lozosky  Stay updated with us on Facebook Messenger This episode also available on youtube for viewing at this link: https://youtu.be/Gsk_zQIKCZs Proven Amazon Course https://provenamazoncourse.com   Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/mysilentteam/


25 Jan 2019

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#111: Simplify Private Label (PL) using promotional companies

You've never heard of this idea before!  On today's show Christi Michelle joins Jim to discuss how she uses promotional companies to find virtually unlimited, high-profit private label product opportunities.  Promo companies are the companies that typically supply marketers with things like custom printed mugs or pens, but Christi has tapped into a goldmine of opportunities with very nice profit margins! You'll definitely want to check out her new course at PromotionalCompanySourcing.com after this episode!  All links are listed at SilentJim.com as always   Stay updated with us on Facebook MessengerPromotionalCompanySourcing.com

1hr 8mins

7 Mar 2018

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#150: Finding profitable items to sell

This episode was recorded live in front of our Facebook community the link below allows you to join the discussion. On this show Jim lists and explains the handful of core strategies that we teach and use on our team to profitably source products to sell.  While not a comprehensive list of all possible strategies, this list is a great summary of the sourcing tactics that we dive deep into inside the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course. Stay updated with us on Facebook Messenger  Interact with those who watched this episode live: https://www.facebook.com/jimcockrum/videos/10215865902655556/ProvenAmazonCourse.com COC.coop - our new Co-Op


6 Nov 2018

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#48: Our eight figure Amazon secret: Hunt for keywords, not products

Once you know how to identify what shoppers are looking for on Amazon, you'll have a much easier time getting into hot niche markets as a seller!  Today we talk with a guy who helped us build our 8 figure online selling empire! Billy Monnier is a coach with JimCockrumCoaching.com and one of our research experts who has uncovered multiple hot niche markets using our PPI (ProvenPerformanceInventory.com) system.  As always, show notes can be found at SilentJim.com/podcast! ProvenAmazonCourse.com Our PPP course ProvenPerformanceInventory.com Our free Facebook group: My Silent Team Facebook


22 Mar 2017

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#135: $2 million in sales this year simply selling wholesale on Amazon by himself

Using only the wholesale training found inside the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course Zac has built an incredible business in a very short time. He's just left his full-time career as a professional CPA and he's now able to be home with his wife and 2 year old daughter (with a little boy on the way soon!). He shares exactly how he did it and has plenty of tips for both seasoned and new sellers. As always, get links to everything discussed at SilentJim.com   Stay updated with us on Facebook MessengerJimCockrumCoaching.com ProvenAmazonCourse.com (includes the wholesale training and the PPP training that Zac mentions on today's show) SilentSalesMachine.com/dynasty (the latest news on how our community is benefiting greatly as we help build the top toy brand online) ProvenAudienceFormula.com - using Facebook creatively to grow a massive audience rapidly


31 Aug 2018

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#6 Making Your First $100 Online

If you are new to making money online, or if you've tried and failed so far, this episode is for you. Our goal together is simple. Together we WILL put $100 profit in the bank! If you want more detail on any of this after listening, please email us and we'll get you help! SilentJim.com Part 1: Where NOT to start 0:00 Part 2: Why listen to my team and I? 39:00 Part 3: Let's put some cash in the bank! 45:07 SilentSalesMachine.com Silent Sales Machine – the book that launched this podcast. It's only $5 on Amazon here http://jimc.biz/1NH8G49 Email marketing - Our ListBuildingClass.com email course is FREE if you purchase Jim's "Silent Sales Machine" book! Aweber.com - one of Jim's favorite email marketing tools that he's used for years http://jimcockrum.aweber.com/

1hr 7mins

22 Nov 2016

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#19 Start with $0 and build an online income quickly! Six online strategies!

Description We've all been there at some point. More time than money. Can you still build an internet business if you are broke? Yes you can and Jim has six specific business strategies for you in this one! Even if you have some cash in the bank, you should check this one out! You'll find some very creative investment opportunities in this creativity packed episode! Don't forget - show notes are always at SilentJim.com MySilentTeam Facebook Group Learn to sell on Facebook marketplace – 3-minute video Learn to sell on Amazon from anywhere in the world – 8-minute video ProvenAmazonCourse.com ProvenProductPartnering.com


28 Dec 2016

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#68: Let's talk Amazon merch

In this extended episode we talk to a Merch expert as well as a coach in our community who are both very knowledgeable about Merch!  Merch is really heating up and it's a pretty simple biz model too. All you have to do is submit simple t-shirt design ideas to Amazon (free) and they wait for sales to be made. You get paid a nice profit for each sale!  While we don't consider Merch a great income model on its own just yet, we do think it's a great add on stream of income for anyone who wants to dive into custom printed shirts on the number one shirt selling website in the U.S. - Amazon.com! Merch Informer Tool  https://www.facebook.com/groups/MerchLife/ - Chris' Merch Facebook group   USPTO.govJimCockrumEvents.com

1hr 20mins

8 Jun 2017

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#75: From $0 to $1million in Amazon sales with no prior experience

Eric recently left a post in the "Silent Sales Machine" radio Facebook group about his Amazon selling experience and after reading it I knew I had to get him on the show. He's working full time at his real job (that he LOVES) while also selling thousands weekly on Amazon. He uses a very simple wholesale sourcing strategy that has worked eleven of the first twelve times that he used it - and you won't believe how easy it is! He's finding new profitable products constantly!  You'll be encouraged by the simplicity of today's show. This episode is for those who are new AND those who have been around awhile, but are looking for a new simple ideas for locating exciting profitable, easily restocked products to sell online. Please get the show notes at http://SilentJim.com/podcast Receive Facebook Messenger Notifications For New Episodes Eric's original post on Facebook Teresa Rose episode of podcast (wholesale strategies from the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course): SilentJim.com/podcast episode #39 RevSeller tool provenamazoncourse.com/revseller SilentSalesMachine.com - the $5 book that Eric started with


30 Jun 2017

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#187: Full time student sells $30-$40K/month using ProvenAmazonCourse.com

Today we meet a full-time college student who is selling a healthy five figures monthly as his side gig while he's taking classes!  He's using the wholesale sourcing strategies taught in the ProvenAmazonCourse.com course. And get this - he only started about 10 months ago, but he dove in! Guest Noah Cook. All show notes at SilentJim.com/podcast   YouTube link https://youtu.be/mu1H4KsvoZoProvenAmazonCourse.comTheProvenConference.comProvenPerformanceInventory.comProvenWholesaleSourcing.com


6 May 2019

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#194: $20million+ in wholesale sales on Amazon with a simple strategy

Today Jim interviews a guy who has developed a system for finding and building relationships with wholesalers. Along with his partner Eric, Dan (who you'll meet today) has built an incredible business and it's not complex to explain or duplicate. You'll enjoy the highly actionable strategies and tactics from this wholesale sourcing training episode! As always, get all show notes and links at SilentJim.com     Watch on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/Y80-FgWF3mkSilentJim.com/wholesale ProvenAmazonCourse.com TheProvenConference.com


10 Jun 2019

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#72: Deleted Recording

We apologize for the inconvenience but we have removed this episode. Please click on another episode to get great online business selling content!

22 Jun 2017

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