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#768 Building a 9 Figure Empire With Zero Public Funding w/ Val Katayev

The Pomp Podcast

Val Katayev is a serial entrepreneur with over $100M in profits and exits. He's successfully lead 4 different start-ups to hyper-growth that center around digital media. He has also recently made significant investments in real estate.In this conversation, we discuss building and selling companies, structuring a holding company, how he hires individuals to run each company, his unique work/sleep schedule, and why he's getting heavily invested in real estate.Val is someone you may not know, but will learn to appreciate it. He is someone who has built a spectacular life without any public funding or notoriety.=======================Mode, UK Fintech app, allows you to buy, earn and grow Bitcoin, all in one app. Not only is it an easy and safe way to buy and hold Bitcoin, with Mode you can shop and receive up to 10% Bitcoin Cashback for FREE from its growing list of online partner brands.Available on the App Store and Google Play. Download Mode at modeapp.com and enjoy 0% trading fees on all buys and sells until Dec 31, 2021. Only available in the UK.=======================Cryptocurrency is the future, so don’t get left in the past, bet with MyBookie and you can get in the game now! To get you kickstarted with crypto, use my promo code (POMP) to double your first crypto deposit at MyBookie. The best part is, MyBookie accepts well-known crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum so you can bet and withdraw with Crypto.The NFL Playoffs are around the corner and this week the Buffalo Bills and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face off in a potential Super Bowl preview. Both teams sit 1 win away from earning the top spot in their respective conference, but in this high stakes game, bet the Buc’s Moneyline. Don’t miss out, double your first deposit up to $1000 by using promo code [POMP]. Head to MyBookie today, place your bets, and watch the sparks fly with UFC269. Bet anything, anytime, anywhere…with MyBookie. Visit http://mybookie.website/joinwithPOMP=======================Do you want a new job in the bitcoin and crypto industry? You should go apply for hundreds of open roles at http://www.pompcryptojobs.com or sign up for our training program at http://www.pompscryptocourse.com


31 Dec 2021

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88. You Make It Happen: From Accidental Entrepreneurs To 8-Figure Businesses — The Unconventional Journeys of Entourage Members (with Axon Property Group, Elevate Communication, Industrie Tapware, & Planet Fitness Australia)

The Make It Happen Show

There's no singular path to building a successful business. In fact, many of the business owners in our community at The Entourage started their business 'accidentally', often not even feeling like they have a business until years in and millions of dollars in revenue have been earned. This is such a normal trajectory for businesses nowadays, going down a more unconventional path to business, that we wanted to share with you some stories from our Entourage Members and Alumni of how they got from 'No Freaking Idea' to 8-figures and more in business, showing you all the different ways businesses can be run, built and grown.   This episode of The Make It Happen Show is for anyone who isn't sure about where their business is right now and where it's going, struggling with business partnerships and leadership, going through challenging times and feeling lonely in their journey, or just want to hear from other business owners just like you.   Taken from a snippet from our recent Unconvention event, you'll hear the authentic business stories, lessons and knowledge from the likes of Tamara and Robbie Turner from Axon Property Group, Mel Deacon from Elevate Communication, Ryan Comerford from Industrie Tapware, Montana Rosekelly from Planet Fitness Australia, as well as a few pieces of wisdom from our Founder, Jack Delosa too. Check it out!   Timestamps: 5:43 - Pivotal moments that made entrepreneurs realise they are 'accidental business owners' 9:20 - How personal growth impacts business growth 10:20 - The benefits of having a visionary and a technician in a business 13:47 - Why friction in the business and among business partners can be beneficial 17:49 - How unconventional thinking can work in the toughest adversities 20:50 - One piece of advice every entrepreneur should know


28 Dec 2021

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Going From Convicted Felon to 8 Figure Entrepreneur With Sean V. Bradley

The Law of Attraction

About The Guest On today’s episode, I sat down with Sean V. Bradley (@seanvbradley), who is the star of Vice TV’s “I Was A Teenage Felon”. Sean is an example of the classic rags-to-riches story at its best. Starting his life with a tormented childhood that eventually led him to the life of a Federal convict, Sean is a self-made man who has grown into a successful entrepreneur, published author, speaker, and award-winning international trainer. A 13-time NADA/ATD convention speaker, FranklinCovey Certified Facilitator, recognized with the prestigious CSP designation in the National Speakers Association and a member of the “Million Dollars Speaker Group”, Sean has spoken at over 300 NCM and NADA 20 groups. Here’s what we spoke about… - Sean’s personal history of what it took him to attain the success he did from a childhood and early youth filled with violence, poverty, neglect, and emotional torment - His top three tips on how to live a life of fulfillment - The importance of having the correct mindset for success and being specific with one’s goal - Endurance and perseverance as two key aspects to a fulfilling life - How crucial is it to engage people with long-term commitments such as contracts and subscriptions - The importance of time and doing everything with purpose and passion If you want to learn top-level business, mindset and entrepreneur secrets from Sean himself, make sure to listen at anchor.fm/natasha-graziano. Show Links https://dealersynergy.com/sean-v-bradley-csp/ https://www.instagram.com/seanvbradley/ Connect With Natasha https://www.instagram.com/natashagrano/ Text Natasha +1 917 672 4905


17 Nov 2021

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Thanh Pham — From Hiring to Ops to Management: an Operating System for Building a 7-Figure Media and Training Company

Conscious Creators — Make A Life Through Your Art Without Selling Your Soul

“No matter how clueless you might feel, someone else out there is willing to help you and can teach you something. One of the best decisions I've made, being able to let go and say, Hey, I don't know how to do this. Let me ask someone who does know how to do this.” — Thanh Pham Thanh Pham (@asianefficiency), the Founder of Asian Efficiency, is our guest today. In 2008, he dropped out of college and started as an entry-level marketing associate at a life coaching business in Los Angeles, CA. Through sheer hard work, working long days and his commitment for excellence, they promoted him to be the VP of marketing. This is where he realized he had to work smarter and be more productive with the limited time he had. Today he sits with me to share his journey and success. Tune in to learn: The mindset switch creators have to make to intertwine personal stories with their brand How to onboard and match multiple personalities on the team when their talents’ variety The core principles of establishing happiness in your workflow How a 4 day work week led to an improvement in employee NPS How to build a team of cross-functional generalists How to implement a systematic approach to hire people and upgrade their skill set to be efficiently productive Why you should never be discouraged to ask for help to grow your business Welcome to the Conscious Creators Show; where through intimate and insightful interviews with authors, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs and other podcasters, you'll learn tools and tactics to 10x your creativity and improve your business and life. Like this show? Support us by following the show, leaving a review here and helping us spread the word by sharing the pod with one (or three) friends: https://refer.fm/creators Do you want to learn how to make a living as a creator? Check out the CreatorsMBA where we show you how to get paid to create online: http://www.creatorsmba.com Follow our host, Sachit Gupta, and get in touch if you have any questions or ideas related to the show: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. Please enjoy today's episode and thank you for listening! Books and resources mentioned in the podcast: “Scaling up”  by Verne Harnish “Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat”  by Michael Masterson “WHO” by Geoff Smart “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose”  by Tony Hsieh How to Get Started with An Executive Assistant w/ Tim Francis (TPS190) Show Notes 01:59 - About the switch in the mindset that creators have to make 05:05 - On telling personal stories through your brand, and the drawbacks 06:30 - The core principles of the brand as a pillar of success and stability/consistency 09:20 - What a variety of characters can bring to the quality of work and relations 13:01 - How being interested and indirectly present in different industries can be an eye opening experience for you 17:50 - Why you should apply challenges and other insights to your way of work 20:37 - How to find the winning intersection of skills and characters 24:08 - Charting the growth of business step by step with Thanh, from operational/business to team perspective 28:47 - Diving into the tips & tricks on hiring an EA 31:14 - The detail/explicit process behind the decision making guidelines on your path to efficiency 35:18 - How to identify and implement the specific principles of your own happiness 40:01 - The scheme in organizing your personal life 42:46 - About Thanh’s journey through hiring and delegating, including his strategic approach 49:08 - What does the systematic process of building a team look like for Thanh? An original perspective on a mix of skills. 55:43 - The Individual Development Programme as a way to growth by upgrading your skill set 58:13 - What is the DNA meeting? 60:54 - How you can learn from mistakes, from Thanh’s point of view 65:54 - The insider story on recruiting and building the relation with the COO of Asian Efficiency 72:13 - Why is it important for Thanh to create a bigger number of SOPs every month? 74:17 - What are the tradeoffs of growing a business? 79:41 - How he benefits from the parties hosted by him 84:36 - The social psychology behind paying the bill 88:00 - On the challenges of understanding the female mind from a male perspective 90:04 - Why feeling clueless should not discourage you ever? Tweetable Quotes “I teach people how to be productive at work and in life. And so I'm always looking for people who have a passion for productivity and have a passion for teaching or how.”- Thanh Pham “In the beginning phases, it's all about scaling yourself. Meaning you're the one who knows everything. So the more time you can free up for yourself. The more you can grow. Right?”- Thanh Pham “I'm happy to lose face if we can preserve the relationship where the contact or the other person feels good about themselves. And so that to me is always very important.” - Thanh Pham “When I think about strategy for my personal life, what I would try to maximize for is essential to happiness. I'm trying to maximize unique experiences, memory, and ultimately happiness.” - Thanh Pham “I really want to communicate to everyone that hiring is a skill like anything else that you can get better at.” - Thanh Pham “Ask yourself at least once a year if you go through every single person in your company, you ask yourself, would I rehire this person again?” - Thanh Pham “The quality of our happiness comes from the relationships we have with people and the better relationships we have, the happier we are.” - Thanh Pham “I want to build more deeper, meaningful relationships with people and actually get to know them as people, not who they are, what they do for work, but actually know their stories, what they believe in what they stand for, what their hopes and aspirations are, you know, who they were when they were little kids, that kind of stuff.” - Thanh Pham “I'm just learning as we're going and people know that it's all done in good fun, and that we're all learning from each other. And to me, that's the most important thing about being open-minded enough to learn about different perspectives that I would never think.” - Thanh Pham About Our Guest Thanh Pham (@asianefficiency) is the Founder of Asian Efficiency. In 2008, he dropped out of college and started as an entry-level marketing associate at a life coaching business in Los Angeles, CA. Through sheer hard work, working long days and his commitment for excellence, they promoted him to be the VP of marketing. Facing failures on the way to the top he realized he had to work smarter and be more productive with the limited time he had. Today, he has the No.1 podcast on productivity, called “The Productivity Show” where he shares his vast knowledge and expertise on productivity, time management, and efficiency to achieve your goals in record time. He also holds the top spot with his blog on Productivity & Time Management. Having established the foundational set of principles, Thanh has mastered the optimal efficiency, and in 2011 founded Asian Efficiency, the No.1 personal efficiency platform in the world. Thanh is regarded as a thought leader in the field of productivity. Forbes, The Guardian, Fast Company and Inc.com have all written about him. Thanh is passionate about assisting people in completing their to-do lists by lunchtime, allowing them to maximize their productivity. He believes that getting things done should not require sacrificing one's health or personal life. As a thought leader who gives lectures on productivity, efficiency, and time management all around the world you can contact him on his website or his Instagram account.

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26 Oct 2021

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346 | How Do I Figure Out the Taxes on This?


In this week's episode, Brad and Jonathan examine the concept of assets and where they fit in your general tax strategy. Together, they discuss the different factors that effect how and when you pay your taxes, compare the differences between Roth IRA's and 401k's, and explore potentially beneficial ways in which after-tax investments and 401k's overlap! Resources Mentioned In Today's Conversation The Unfair (FI) Advantage Of Teachers 457b | ChooseFI Episode 13 The Millionaire Educator's 2021 Free Money Article Subscribe To ChooseFI's Weekly Newsletter Want to start your own journey to Financial Independence? Sign up for the free 5-Day FI Challenge here!


11 Oct 2021

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Helping a Performance Coach Replace Her 6 Figure Income & Leave Her Day Job

Cathy Heller Presents Don't Keep Your Day Job

What offers will fast track you to quitting your day job? Cathy coaches Leah, a marathon athlete and performance coach with aspirations of being a motivational speaker - but she's also a guidance counselor, volleyball coach, and a busy mom. Find out how to make the most of your time and bandwidth when you feel limited, what you can sell that will bring in the most revenue, how to find the clients that can afford it, and how to let yourself step into the spotlight.- Join the Quitters Club! https://cathyheller.com/quitterGive some love to Leah!- Instagram @thescrappyathlete- Website https://www.leahjantzen.com/- Thanks Gabi! To start saving on your auto insurance today, go to Gabi.com/dreamjob- Thanks Ouai! Get 15% at Theouai.com, code DREAMJOB- Thanks Novo! Sign up for free and get a free copy of Novo’s Small Business Starter Guide at BankNovo.com/dreamjob- Thanks Canva! Get a free 45-day extended trial at Canva.me/dreamjobLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoicesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoicesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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4 Oct 2021

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Kelly Roach on Growing an 8 Figure Business with Live Launching, Podcasting & Being of Service

Cathy Heller Presents Don't Keep Your Day Job

How can you connect, engage, and convert your audience by serving with your gifts? Kelly Roach, business strategist and coach, bestselling author, and top marketing podcaster returns to the show to share her best advice on why it's better to take imperfect action, how livestreaming and podcasting can scale your business, and how to turn selling into an invitation to the best party in the world.- Get the Dream Path Workshop for free at http://cathyheller.com/workshop- Follow Kelly on Instagram @kellyroachofficial- Listen to Kelly's podcast, The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show wherever you listen to podcasts!-  Shoutout to friend & past guest of the pod, Allie Casaazza! Go to AllieCasazza.com/Cathy for Cathy's episode on The Purpose Show and get a free Get Clear On Your Calling workbook and training.- Thanks Canva Pro! Get a free 45-day extended trial at Canva.me/dreamjob- Thanks Ouai! Get 15% off at TheOuai.com, code dreamjobLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoicesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoicesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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6 Sep 2021

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#202 - A Breakdown of Trendy New Businesses & Boring 9 Figure Businesses

My First Million

In this episode Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@theSamParr) discuss upcoming trends they are seeing along with old school businesses making hundreds of millions of dollars. Sam also talks about how he wants to grow the podcast, and Shaan shares a new writing goal he has. They end the episode talking about businesses that set of their spidey sense and may be scams.---------* Want to be featured in a future episode? Drop your question/comment/criticism/love here: https://www.mfmpod.com/p/hotline/* Support the pod by spreading the word, become a referrer here: https://refer.fm/million* Have you joined our private Facebook group yet? Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/ourfirstmillion and join thousands of other entrepreneurs and founders scheming up ideas.---------Show notes:* (:55) Intro* (1:56) Sam's YouTube push* (5:11) Shaan's 30 day writing challenge* (15:33) Trendspotting - Stretching gyms* (25:52) Trendspotting - Semi-permanent tattoos* (32:24) The billion dollar class ring business* (45:49) The Pantone color book* (49:43) The trend makers - WGSN.com* (55:04) Scammy businesses - recovering items from TSA checkpoints

1hr 7mins

21 Jul 2021

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102. Robin Long on Building a 7-figure Pilates Business, Setting Yourself Apart, and Tips on Scaling a Business While Raising a Family

CEO School

In this episode, you'll hear from Robin Long, CEO of The Balanced Life – an online membership community that provides quick & effective Pilates workouts for busy women. In this episode, you'll hear how Robin went from a pilates instructor to running a seven-figure company, and how online business has shifted over the last decade due to social media Robin shares despite the challenges, what her vision was and why she kept showing up for her business. You'll hear how going from solopreneur to a business with a larger team shifted the way ideas were executed and some ways Robin was able to navigate the business partner/life partner conversation with her husband. At the end, Robin shares a thought exercise that has had a huge impact on her life. Connect with Robin: Check out The Balanced Life and sign up to get five free, 15 minute PIlates workouts sent straight to your inbox.  IG: @thebalancedlife This episode is sponsored by The Club, a Quarterly box and digital monthly community to help you level up and leadership and life. Learn more today at join.theceoschool.co/theclub Follow @ceoschool on Instagram for inspiration and exclusive behind-the-scenes you won’t find anywhere else. We also have an absolutely incredible FREE resource for you–it’s the 7 lessons we learned building 7 and 8 figure businesses, these are complete game changers and we want to give it to you, completely free. All you have to do is leave a review of the podcast–why you love listening–screenshot the review, and email it to hello@ceoschoolpodcast.com and we’ll send it your way.


12 Jul 2021

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The 7 Figure Book Funnel Book with Rob Kosberg

Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas

Rob Kosberg is a 2x Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and the founder of Best Seller Publishing. Rob helps experts to stop hunting for clients and instead become the hunted with their own best selling book. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and Entrepreneur magazine as well as many others... Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. If you don’t have something to make yourself standout, then getting 7 figures is going to be really difficult. 2. Being able to set yourself head and shoulder above your competition, and have something that is attracting your ideal client to you over and over again is worth the hardwork. 3. The biggest mistake is allowing doubt and fear to stop you from taking the necessary steps. FREE Book! Publish. Promote. Profit. Plus 3 BONUS Trainings - Publish. Promote. Profit. Sponsors: Streak: Stay on top of each part of your process - and your inbox - without ever leaving Gmail. Sign up for Streak TODAY at Streak.com/fire and get 20% off your first year of their Pro Plan! Helium10: Become a seller on Amazon, the world’s largest online retail site, with minimal startup costs! Get 50% off your first month of a Helium10 Platinum account at Helium10.com/fire!


7 Jul 2021