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Welcome to The Garyvee Audio Experience, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. On this podcast you'll find a mix of my #AskGaryVee show episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, segments from my WEEKLYVEE video series, interviews and fireside chats I've given, as well as new and current thoughts I record originally for this audio experience!

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Tea With GaryVee #4 | How to Take Advantage of Your Time in Self-Isolation

For today’s episode of Tea With GaryVee I answer questions about making content from home, starting a new business while in quarantine and how to use existing content on new platforms. Do you want to know how you can chat with me? Click below! Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 Text me your question at 1-212-931-5731 Tea with GaryVee 9am ET: facebook.com/gary

2hr 3mins

28 Mar 2020

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How Coronavirus Will Change The Way People Think | Tea with GaryVee

Hope you are all enjoying Tea With GaryVee! This was an episode with a lot of great questions and a special guest performance by Jewel!  Plus, we hit tactical questions around business and personal branding during the coronavirus epidemic. The coronavirus will change how people think and make decisions moving forward, both in life and in business. There's a lot of value here so please watch all the way through ... Enjoy! Hit me up with your comments on Twitter and leave a review because it means a lot to me. Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 My Appearances: garyvee.com/events My Newsletter: garyvee.com/newsletter

1hr 4mins

23 Apr 2020

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The Best Way to Conquer Your Fears | Tea With GaryVee

This was a phenomenal edition of Tea With GaryVee. On this episode, we deep dive into a strategy to turn one-time customers into long-term clients. We discuss the importance of prioritizing happiness over financial gain and the value of doing work for free. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Tweet me or leave a review. Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 My Newsletter: garyvee.com/newsletter

1hr 1min

5 May 2020

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Clarifying my thoughts on hard work, hustle, and happiness

Stop complaining, stop judging, stop making excuses for yourself or others - once you start recognizing these super important facts, you begin to really excel...


12 Dec 2018

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23 Minutes of Advice That Every Young Hustler Should Hear

What’s up podcast. This episode is the audio version of one of my most popular videos that was originally published in August of 2016. I sit down with a young man and discuss finding your purpose, the importance of documenting the journey and ends the meeting with a challenge. Don’t miss out on that one time I interrupted the episode ;)   3:45 - Don’t front   8:10 - Context your truth   16:15 - Show up   21:30 - The value of audio   Hope you enjoy the next 23 minutes and tweet me @GaryVee if you noticed anything new in this format


17 Apr 2019

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It’s Ok To Feel Lost

Podcast listeners, this Monday morning I bring you a motivational talk about when I felt lost in life, my passion and what I feel will unlock happiness, success and self-awareness. Now’s the time to figure yourself out. Please tweet me @garyvee with your comments and thoughts on this one. :) Topics From Today’s Episode:00:15 | Self-Awareness2:30 | When I felt lost7:30 | Live within your truth8:30 | Worry about other peoples opinions9:30 | Agony of defeat vs fruits of victory12:00 | Don’t over judge yourself


21 Oct 2019

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Advice For People Who Feel STUCK in Life | A GaryVee Mashup

Today’s episode is a mashup of my advice for people who feel stuck and how patience is the real answer. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Tweet me or leave a review. Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 My Newsletter: garyvee.com/newsletter


17 Jun 2020

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10 Ways to Have a Winner's Mindset

I want to help all of you guys be the best version of yourself ... this episode is a mash-up of 10 of my "ideologies". Please listen closely as I really think these next 20 minutes can help you take that next step. Tweet me @garyvee to say hi and have a great Saturday! Timestamps: 1) :16 - Stop complaining 2) 2:10 - Chase happiness 3) 3:20 - Stay in your lane 4) 4:57 - Go do shit 5) 6:54 - Play longterm 6) 8:35 - Figure yourself out 7) 11:57 - Take action! 8) 13:40 - Find optimism 9) 15:16 - Stay driven 10) 16:18 - Live your life


7 Sep 2019

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6 Reasons Why Patience Is The Driver Of Success

This is a FIRE mashup that I'm super super happy about - really detailing out my thoughts around all of the pillars of patience. Hope you're all having a great holiday week & looking forward to next year <3 


28 Dec 2018

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How To Build The Tallest Building | A Gary Vaynerchuck Original Film

Today’s episode is an original film produced by Jason Morena of Team GaryVee, on my thesis of how to build the tallest building in business and in life. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Tweet me or leave a review. Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 My Newsletter: garyvee.com/newsletter


16 Jun 2020

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My Best Time Management Advice for Everyone

This 4Ds session will bring you incredible value!! We talk about how to allocate your time, not judging yourself, and not knowing the alternative before making a decision. I believe that if you understand the nuances of not judging yourself that it will change your world. Making decisions with the data you have available at that moment and not judging yourself is the biggest advice I can give you to go fast. Executing is better than pondering and strategizing. Excited for you guys to listen to this one. I hope you enjoy. xoxo


16 Nov 2019

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A Keynote: NAC Philadelphia 2018

The 3rd Keynote in the NAC series, this was one for the books - I go in on people that talk about being an "expert" in something, just putting it in their bio instead of putting in the work to show that they're excelling in their field. This was a really really all-time keynote, I think you'll love it <3


18 Jun 2018

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What’s Stopping You From Starting Something?

Podcast listeners - great news ... I am finally back in the US after 2+ weeks in Australia. Hope you're all doing well :). Today's episode is a Mompreneurs podcast I did in LA back in late July. A lot of really good parenting talk and some insight into how my parents helped me become the man I am today. Hope you enjoy and tweet me @garyvee to say hi  Timestamps: 5:05 - Why is your self esteem wrapped up in your children’s accomplishments?   11 - Allowing other people’s opinions to dictate your actions needs to stop   17:20 - How I parents my children   24:15 - How my parents suffocated me in a good way   31:10 - I don’t to make my money on my audience   36:15 - If you need money you need to start flipping


15 Aug 2019

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Put In The Work | Motivational Mashup

There's only one way to achieve what you're trying to, whether that's success, fame, money or anything in between - and that's by putting in the work. <3


13 Dec 2018

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How to Stop Caring and Start Posting

Today’s episode is from a keynote that I gave in Mobile, Alabama during Senior Bowl weekend last month. I talk about social media’s opportunities and why if you stop caring it'll allow you to start posting. I hope this brings you incredible value! Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 My Appearances: garyvee.com/events My Newsletter: garyvee.com/newsletter

1hr 12mins

11 Feb 2020

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How To Stop Caring About What Other People Think Of You | On Purpose w/ Jay Shetty

If you don't know Jay Shetty I hope this episode opens the door for you to his content. He's one of the most authentic story-tellers and is a great friend of mine. About a month ago I was on his podcast "On Purpose" and we got into an in depth talk about how to stop caring what people think about you, why you should focus on happiness not hustle and why you need to contextualize advice before you decide to listen to it. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you thought on social @garyvee

1hr 8mins

24 Jun 2019

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How I Manage My Time | Interview With Nathan Chan of Foundr

Really loved this interview I did a little while back -  talking really heavy into how I split my time between work and family, and what that dynamic looks like (also why I believe nobody else should be able to judge anyone's work/life choices), the importance of managing expectations of employees and developing a positive culture and whether or not I set goals for myself :) Check out the podcast & Foundr here: https://foundr.com/podcast-with-nathan-chan/


5 Feb 2019

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My 50 Rules For Success

FIRED UP for this MASSIVE mashup, almost 2 straight hours of total fire detailing a ton of the pillars of my main content & more, with @Teamgaryvee breaking up the voiceovers.

1hr 43mins

5 Oct 2018

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The Best Way to Build Your Brand | Q&A w/ the Rutgers Football Team

Shout out to Nakia for the fire intro!! Check her out at @nakiagrowsgyms on IG especially if you're in Australia. Today's episode is a really good Q&A I did with the Rutgers Football team. Punchline? You have so much time :) - enjoy and tweet me @garyvee if you want to intro a podcast episode   Timestamps:   7:10 - The importance of communication   14:45 - I love Ls   23:50 - My big thing   33:30 - The best way to build your brand   39 - Nobody cares   47:30 - Don’t dwell when you haven’t even started


5 Aug 2019

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How to stop caring what other people think | Keynote in Sydney

Super fired up for this keynote in Sydney -  focusing on patience, why creating content specific to different platforms is necessary at scale, how you should be using my content to enable you to pursue what you want & ending with a massive Q&A.

1hr 9mins

3 Nov 2018

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