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Chances are, you've been sold a version of success that isn't actually yours. It often sounds like: follow the accepted path, get approval from other people, and evidently, abandon the truth of who you are. Hard pass. With a lovable blend of wisdom and humor, Limitless Life™ is here to realign you to your inner guidance, self love, and infinite possibility.So, whether you want to grow a fulfilling, soul-centered business, create authentic relationships, or reconnect to your highest self, you'll walk away from each episode with the tools and empowerment to break the "rules" and do life on your own terms.Through interviews, coaching calls, and solo shows, you and your host, Melyssa Griffin, will unlock how to create abundance without self-abandonment so that you can design a truly limitless life.

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How to Recover From Burnout and Infuse More Joy and Creativity Back Into Your Work, with Sunny Lenarduzzi

Hey Everyday World Changers! If you have ever felt burnt out from work or life, and you’re unsure of how to get your creativity and joy back, then this episode is for you. Today I’m chatting with YouTube sensation Sunny Lenarduzzi, who built a massively successful 7-figure business and an audience of hundreds of thousands of people. As you’ll hear, what a lot of people don’t tell you about success, and what we’re digging deep in today, is that achieving some kind of success in any area of life can lead to more pressure, more anxiety and a whole lot of fear. What happens when you combine all of these things together? It can lead to burnout and a total lack of creativity, and in Sunny’s case, an anxiety attack that put her in the hospital. If something you once loved doing now feels like a chore and you’re struggling to get your mojo back, then you’ll want to hear what Sunny has to say in this episode. She is extremely open about her struggles and triumphs, and you will enjoy the fun, free flowing conversation that we have about success, burnout and what it really takes to create a purpose-driven and joyful life. I especially love the activity that Sunny shares with us at the very end of the episode, which I know will help you feel even more fulfilled and proud of yourself for the work that you do every single day. If this episode resonated with you, it would make my day if you could take a screenshot of you listening on your device. Post it on your Instagram feed or stories, and tag me, @melyssa_griffin, and let me know how helped you. Knowing that people like you are listening to this podcast is honestly what keeps this show going!


9 Jul 2018

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Discover Your "Unfair Advantage" and Use it To Get Major Press for Your Business

Want to learn how to get your business featured in the biggest magazines, TV shows, and more? Chris Winfield is a major publicity expert and describes how to identify your "unfair advantage" in order to get massive press for your business. Plus, Chris is also one of the most positive people I know, and in this episode he shares his habits and routines that have elevated his happiness, even through traumatic situations. 

1hr 5mins

27 Jun 2017

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The Secret to Discovering Which Patterns You’re Creating That are Keeping You From Your Highest Self, with Leesa Renee Hall

Hey Everyday World Changers! Today’s guest, Leesa Renee Hall, is quite literally one of my favorite people. She’s the kind of woman who is unapologetically herself and says what’s on her mind and her heart, even if she knows that some people may get rubbed in the wrong way. As a recovering “nice girl” myself, this is something that I’ve been working on bringing into my life more too, and I’m just so inspired by how Leesa shows up in the world. We dig really deep here, and in this conversation we talk about a unique writing practice that Leesa teaches and says is one of the best things she’s ever done for developing more self-awareness, discovering who she truly is deep down and embodying more of herself in everything she does. She knows a thing or two about writing and vulnerability, because she is the author of 7 (almost 8!) books, and more recently, has turned her attention to writing about the intersection of race, spirituality and leadership. In this discussion she’ll help you dissect your own identity in a really meaningful way, so that you can truly see who it is you’re being in order to become who you’re really meant to be. If this episode resonated with you, it would make my day if you could take a screenshot of you listening on your device. Post it on your Instagram feed or stories, and tag me, @melyssa_griffin, and let me know how helped you. Knowing that people like you are listening to this podcast is honestly what keeps this show going!


2 Jul 2018

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1% Better Everyday: How to Create Life-Changing Habits You'll Actually Stick To, With James Clear

Back when I was a web designer, I encountered today’s guest in a unique way. A client sent me some sites that he liked, and one of them was the minimalist home belonging to this guest, James Clear. Last year I got to hear James speak at a conference we were both presenting at, and he blew me away! Not only is he an engaging speaker, but he really backs up everything he says with research studies and interesting stories. He’s a master at teaching others about productivity and habits, and I’m so thrilled to be sharing him with you in this episode that is both actionable, and entertaining. In today’s interview we talk about his philosophy of getting just 1% better every day, how to be more productive and why research shows that it’s better to create often than to strive for perfection. I know you are going to love this interview and it’s going to change so much for you (in a positive way)!


19 Feb 2018

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The 3 Most Important Factors for Having a Great Life

Jonathan Fields is an award-winning author and the founder of Good Life Project, a global community of people on a quest to live more meaningful, connected and vital lives. But...he didn't start that way. In fact, his career began as a corporate attorney, until he realized he wanted to shift everything and open a wellness center, followed by a yoga studio in New York City, and ultimately to create a personal development brand and adult summer camp. In this interview, Jonathan shares how he moved past fear as he created each new business, how he creates a work/life "blend," and the 3 most important factors in having a great life.


5 Jul 2017

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How Authentic Story-Telling Helped Him Create a 7-Figure Business in One Year

About a year ago, Sterling was homeless. He was living on couches of friends of friends and trying to grow a business without much success. Well, that all changed. Now, just about a year later, Sterling is running a million dollar business that brings him immense joy, allows him freedom to travel and relax, and has completely changed his mindset about what's possible. So, what changed? Well, he started incorporating authentic story-telling, writing, and videos into his work and his community immediately shifted and grew. In this interview, he explains how the power of stories, vulnerable copywriting, and genuine videos can help you rapidly grow your business as well as a community of people who will devour anything you create. Sterling is unlike most humans I've ever met -- he reminds me of a younger Tony Robbins. Not only will you love Sterling's helpful frameworks and business advice, but you'll love all of his life insights and wisdom, too.


10 Jul 2017

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The Keys to Creating the Best Relationship of Your Life

Today’s discussion is one of my favorites on this podcast so far -- I'm welcoming Vienna Pharaon, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Mindful Marriage and Family Therapy in NYC. If you've ever wanted to have better relationships, work through the "stuff" from your past, and become more aware of who you are at your core, this episode is for you. Vienna is the founder of the super popular @MindfulMFT Instagram account, the expert relationship contributor for Motherly, an international speaker and presenter, and the co-founder of the Relationships 101 program she presents around North America. She believes that we all have the capacity for beautiful change and fulfilling relationships, but that in order to come face to face with that change we need to take on vulnerability, explore our past, and find ways to express and expand ourselves and our needs in a healthy and connective way. During this chat, we talk about things like what THE most important quality is in a romantic partner, what the prerequisite is before you can be in a happy, healthy relationship, and how to actively work through any negative experiences you had in the past, that are still disrupting how you feel in the present. Listen now!


7 Aug 2017

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Why Your Biggest Roadblock Is Yourself (And How to Fix It), with James Wedmore

About a year ago, today’s guest James Wedmore and I decided to meet for lunch. To be honest, I didn’t know a ton about him at the time, and I just knew that he had a popular mastermind group for entrepreneurs as well as a really successful online business. I expected our conversation to revolve around things like the latest business strategies and tactics, but as soon as we sat down it was clear to me that James was so much more than a business coach. For the next two or three hours we talked about personal development, spirituality and the crazy stories that had taught us something in our lives. Not to mention, James was funny and relatable, and he brings all of that to this fun and unique interview. We talk about upcoming business trends and predictions and well as his first real business, but we also dive into his personal journey with spirituality. James shares about how he shifted his brand to talk less about marketing and more about mindset. He combines self-help with business strategy in a way that’s seamless, and in my opinion, necessary. We both truly believe that if you want to create an incredible business and life, you need to master your inner game first.

1hr 18mins

27 Apr 2018

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How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind For Automatic And Lasting High Performance

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re always looking for ways to take your sales, performance and income to a higher level. If you’re like most people though, you find yourself falling back into your old patterns. In this episode, you’ll discover exactly how your brain has been working against you and what you need to do to create lasting changing and significantly improve your performance. Jim Fortin is a master at helping people to rewire their brains in order to get what they want out of life, and that’s exactly what he’s going to help you do in today’s episode. If you’ve ever wanted to move past bad habits, negative thought patterns that keep you stuck or even a lack of success, then you’ll want to hear what Jim has to say!


16 Oct 2017

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How Being Vulnerable Helped Her Grow a Diehard Audience of Over 100,000 People

“The whole thing about vulnerability is somebody has to trust and be vulnerable first." -Alison Faulkner.  During this interview, Alison shares how she's used vulnerability and authenticity to grow a huge and engaged audience of people. How do I know her audience is actually "engaged"? Well, when she hosts events, they often sell out in minutes. And when she posts a vulnerable photo on Instagram, they get thousands of likes and tons of comments. This woman has mastered the art of creating genuine connections online, and in this interview she shares how she did it -- and how you can, too. Not to mention, Alison also talks about what her true purpose is and how to find your own. As well as how she was able to find both joy and sadness during a recent, tough personal experience.  This interview is packed with laughter, honesty, and wisdom and Alison is a self-help guru for the modern ages.


17 Jul 2017

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How to Easily Stick to Your Habits and Routines by Understanding + Utilizing Your Personality Type

Several years ago when I was starting my business, I bought a booked called The Happiness Project that changed my life in a very meaningful way. The book has become an absolute sensation because of how it talks about happiness and routines in a way that feels personal, and today’s guest is the author, Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen has authored several books since then including the New York Times best sellers Better Than Before and Happier at Home. She also co-hosts an award-winning weekly podcast with her sister Elizabeth, called Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Fast Company added Gretchen to their list of most creative people in business and she’s a member of Oprah’s coveted “SuperSoul 100.” In this episode we’re talking about her latest book, The Four Tendencies. During her research in writing the book she found that people tend to belong to one of four tendencies, or personality types, when following habits and sticking to routines. As you’ll hear, each tendency excels at habits in a different way and knowing your tendency can help you live a more joyful and consistent life.


6 Nov 2017

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How to Attract Anything You Want Into Your Life (With Deepak Chopra)

I’m honored to share that today’s guest is Deepak Chopra, who is a world-renowned spiritual leader, speaker and best-selling author! He is a pioneer in personal transformation and holistic wellbeing, and today he’s coming to talk about The Law of Attraction and how our thoughts affect our reality. Deepak is also going to be sharing about his latest book, called Home: Where Everyone Is Welcome, which is a collection of songs and poems inspired by American immigrants. Even though this interview is shorter than the usual episodes of this podcast, there’s a lot to take away from this conversation!


18 Sep 2017

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How to Become the Most Outgoing and Charismatic Version of Yourself (Yes, Even If You’re Shy and Socially Awkward)

I’m super excited for this episode with Jordan Harbinger, a social dynamics expert who’s literally teaching people how to remove the mask of shyness in order to be more outgoing, charismatic and better at communicating with others. Jordan is the creator of the top-50 wildly popular podcast Art of Charm, which he’s been hosting now for over a decade! His company holds boot camps and training sessions for companies and individuals that want to learn the elements of emotional intelligence that will help them to become more persuasive, confident and charismatic. Today you’ll learn about what Jordan was like growing up (hint: he’s actually an introvert by nature and grew up being very shy!) and he’ll also share the two things that keep people stuck when it comes to creating true connections. Jordan also gives us some of his best tips for how to practice confidence and charisma, including a pretty cool exercise involving a doorway and post-it notes! He even delivers a beautiful rant about how we, as a community, can begin to cure the divisiveness that’s been spreading around the world and come together. This episode is both extremely practical and super inspiring and I know you’re going to absolutely love Jordan’s advice!


9 Oct 2017

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From Idea to Income in 27 Days: How to Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Reality, with Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau is the kind of person who becomes your instant friend, and during this conversation we cover a lot of very interesting topics. We talk about how he has travelled to every single country (before his 35th birthday!), and we also look at how he’s able to host an enormous conference for thousands of people every year while still balancing his energy as an introvert. I think you’ll agree that Chris is the type of person who inspires you to do and become more, and to chase your dreams – no matter what. Chris has also just released a new book called Side Hustle, which will help you create a new source of income in just 27 days, and he will be breaking down some of his side hustle strategies to help you create more income in your life, even if you’re got a full-time job! Now if you’re ready to expand your life and propel yourself to new and beautiful experiences, you will love everything that Chris shares in this fun and enlightening conversation.


27 Nov 2017

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How to Stop Listening to Your Inner Critic + Start Playing BIG in Your Life, with Tara Mohr

A few months ago someone on my team sent me a message saying that she had just read an absolutely amazing book called Playing Big, by a woman named Tara Mohr. Now I had never heard of Tara, but I’m always looking for new book suggestions, so I went straight to Amazon to purchase her book. Not only is it well-written and eloquent, but it is fascinating and empowering, like the author knew exactly how I was holding myself back and what I needed to do to get rid of my limiting beliefs and play bigger in life. Tara Mohr is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being, as well as being an author, educator and certified coach. Her book Playing Big was named a “Best Book of the Year” by Apple iBooks. Tara is also the creator of the Playing Big Leadership Program for Women, and her work has been featured on The Today Show and in publications such as The New York Times. She’s worked with major corporations like Google and Starbucks on leadership initiatives and her Playing Big concepts have also been incorporated into middle and high schools in the United States and United Kingdom to support girl’s leadership development. During the episode we talk about things like how to access your wisest inner mentor, the ways that journaling can help you become your biggest self, how to update your beliefs so criticism just bounces right off of you, and so much more.


8 May 2018

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How to Quit Your Job and Create a Business That Supports the Lifestyle You Actually Want to Live, with James Schramko

Although I am an entrepreneur and I do some business coaching, I didn’t want this podcast to be about giving you tons of business advice. If you know my story, which I share more of in Episode 1, then you know how I’m a big proponent of prioritizing your personal growth and happiness first and that money and status will never be enough. So you know that when I bring an entrepreneur on the show, he or she is a big deal to me. Today’s guest, James Schramko, is that kind of person. James is an online business coach who’s helped over 2,000 of his students create and maintain 6, 7 and 8-figure businesses and before running his own company, he gave up a multiple 6-figure income to strike out on his own. James is all about creating a business that supports the lifestyle that he wants to live, instead of working himself into the ground to make more money. He’s found ways to automate his income and create recurring income streams so that he now has more time to do whatever he wants. In this episode James shares how he exited his corporate career and the way he was able to build his business while working a full-time job (while having a family of several kids)! He’s literally been able to build a company around the mentality, “Work Less, Make More.” If finding balance is important to you, then you’ll want to listen to this conversation with James Schramko.


28 May 2018

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Everything is Figureoutable, With Marie Forleo

Welcome back, Pursuit With Purpose family! I think the first time I heard of today’s guest was way back before I started my business, which was honestly one of the lowest points of my life. I felt unhappy, unappreciated and very stuck in the direction of my career. After starting my blog in 2013, I began looking for advice from entrepreneurs and smart people who could lift me out of the funk I was in. Marie Forleo ended up being exactly that person for me. I’ve always admired how Marie was able to blend her silly and funny sense of humor with spiritually sound life and business advice. Getting to interview her is a huge honor for me, and she does not disappoint in today’s interview. In this episode we talk about how her parents influenced the trajectory of her life, how you can combine your passions into a career and her secrets for a successful life and business. This is one of my all-time favorite interviews and Marie has tons of smart advice and incredible stories to share. I know you’re going to love it too!

1hr 1min

14 Feb 2018

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A Millionaire’s Advice on How to Remove Your Money Mindset Blocks to Fully Live in Abundance and Wealth

I met today’s guest Chris Harder in a very unique way (you’ll hear the full story in the intro!) and I have to say he is an extremely kind and generous individual. After an 11-year career as an executive and partner in the banking industry, Chris was feeling burnt out and lacking fulfillment. Since then, he’s retired from banking and partnered with his wife Lori and her brand, LoriHarder.com, and Chris has now found the meaning that was missing in his previous career. Chris is also the host of the hit podcast, For The Love of Money, which is aimed at helping people bust through their money blocks to become unapologetic about their pursuit of wealth and to show that money is a tool for good in a world with many, many needs. In today’s episode we’ll be talking about money mindset blocks that keep us from reaching new levels of wealth, why our culture has a problem with generosity, how to work through financial issues with your partner and the things that Chris and Lori have done over the years to create a truly incredible relationship together!


24 Oct 2017

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The Best Steps to Take When Starting Your Own Business

Today’s amazing guest is Dorie Clark, who’s joining us to share her advice on how to start your own business. Dorie is unlike most people as she started college at age 14 and graduated at 18, and then went on to hold a bunch of different positions such as non-profit executive, political campaign spokeswoman and even documentary filmmaker! For the past decade, Dorie’s been running her own marketing and consulting business, and she’s also authored several books including Stand Out (which was named the #1 leadership book of 2015 by Inc.), Reinventing You and her latest book, Entrepreneurial You. In this conversation, Dorie and I talk about things like what it was like growing up as an LGBT person, how she reinvented herself with so many different careers and why you’re probably overthinking your first business. She also reveals the steps and tactics to take if you want to start your own company!


25 Sep 2017

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The Counterintuitive Way to Stop Feeling Like Crap and Fall in Love With Your Life, with Amber Rae

Today’s guest is someone I deeply admire for her creative and free spirited approach to life and business. Amber Rae is an author, artist and a speaker whose work invites you to live your truth, befriend your emotions and express your talents to the world in a bigger way. Her writing blends raw, personal storytelling with actionable “a-ha” moments and has reached more than 5 million people in 195 countries. Amber’s public art has spread to more than 20 countries and she has spoken at and collaborated with brands like Kate Spade, Apple and Amazon. In today’s episode we’re talking about some of the important lessons from her new book, Choose Wonder Over Worry. Amber opens up about her past relationships, her career and her desire to always achieve more, and she shares how this mentality never really seemed to bring her joy. She also gives special techniques that help her transcend her fears, feel more happy and not get so caught up in worry and anxious thoughts. If you are ready to transform your life, embrace your emotions and infuse more creativity into every day, then this episode is for you. I have some very special announcements to make! This podcast is a year old now, and to celebrate you have a chance to win amazing prizes such as a $100 Amazon gift car, a custom journal, Brain Dust (the super blend that I swear by!) and some bestselling books from past guests of Pursuit With Purpose, like Mark Manson, Nataly Kogan and Mastin Kipp. To enter all you have to do is go to iTunes, search for Pursuit With Purpose under “Podcasts”, and then subscribe to the show and leave a review (make sure to put your Instagram handle in your review so we can reach out to you if you’re a winner). This amazing giveaway is open until June 29th, 2018, so head over to iTunes right away and enter! But wait – I have more big news for you. We are launching a free Facebook group for listeners of the podcast, because community is so important in life. To join, head over to http://pursuitwithpurpose.com/community, where we’ll be diving deeper into each episode and I’ll be hosting Facebook Live classes to share more of the behind-the-scenes of the podcast, and much more. We’re also planning to host in-person meet ups for listeners around the world, and I can wait to meet you. If this episode resonated with you, it would make my day if you could take a screenshot of you listening on your device. Post it on your Instagram feed or stories, and tag me, @melyssa_griffin, and let me know how helped you. Knowing that people like you are listening to this podcast is honestly what keeps this show going!


26 Jun 2018

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