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Vegetarian and vegan information, tips, recipes, and more presented in a light, conversational, and nonjudgmental manner. We welcome input and feedback from our followers regarding issues you would like us to address as well as ways in which we can improve. Please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help. If you enjoy and find value in our podcast, we would very much appreciate a favorable review on iTunes. This would help us tremendously. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy Vegetarian Zen.

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Building Better Human and Dog Relationships with Heather Beck of K9 Lifeline

In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we welcome Heather Beck of K9 Lifeline, a company that specializes in training, education, and care of dogs.  Larissa and I first learned about K9 Lifeline when we were watching one of our favorite shows, “The Profit” on MSNBC with Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis.  Heather and K9 Lifeline were the focus of one of the episodes and we were very moved by her mission to provide training and education to dogs and dog owners in order to help prevent surrenders, or even worse, DUMPED dogs!  You can check out the show notes here which include a special coupon code from Heather just for our listeners! 


17 Oct 2021

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VZ 394: Saving our Seas with Doug Hines of Atlantic Natural Foods

In today’s episode of The Vegetarian Zen podcast, we welcome J. Douglas Hines, founder of Atlantic Natural Foods, a company that produces convenient plant-based products.  Prior to founding Atlantic Natural Foods, Mr. Hines was a leader in the global seafood industry for more than 40 years. The abuse of our oceans by commercial fishermen is what inspired him to leave the fishing industry. For more about Doug, check out the show notes!


3 Oct 2021

Rank #2

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VZ 393: 10 of The Best Vegetarian Cookbooks for Beginners

In this episode of The Vegetarian Zen podcast, we discuss 10 of the best vegetarian cookbooks for beginners. 


19 Sep 2021

Rank #3

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VZ 392: Teaching Kids to Grow, Cook, and Taste the Seasons with Joanne Roach

In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we welcome Joanne Roach of  The Foodies (thefoodies.org) which is a site that helps children understand where food comes from. It’s all about trying new things to make the link between the seasons and their plates. Check out the show notes here.


5 Sep 2021

Rank #4

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VZ 391: No Oil? No Problem! How to Cook Without Oil

In episode 390 of the podcast, we talked about some simple swaps you can make in cake mix to make it a vegan cake mix.  Inspired by that discussion, we’re going to expand our discussion of “swaps” in the oil space. In this episode of The Vegetarian Zen podcast, we’re going to give you some tips for cooking without oil. Yes, it is possible!


22 Aug 2021

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VZ 390: Fabulous Vegan Cake Mix for the Baking-Challenged

Who doesn’t love a good cake? If you’re a vegetarian who still consumes some eggs and dairy, baking cakes at home won’t change much for you.  However, if you’re vegan or just trying to consume fewer eggs and dairy, cake-baking can be a bit more challenging, especially at the beginning of your plant-based journey.  In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we’re going to talk about how you can easily veganize cakes you make at home including how you can take a box of cake mix and easily make it vegan. Be sure to visit the show notes for quick links to everything we discuss. 


8 Aug 2021

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VZ 389: 8 of the Best Vegan Yogurt Brands of 2021

In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we’re going to talk about 8 of the best vegan yogurt brands of 2021 as named by our amazing closed Facebook Group, The Peas and Carrots Society. With so much change happening in the plant-based space we like to keep you, our listeners, up to date on the latest and greatest so that’s what we’re going to do here today. For complete show notes and links to all the things we mention, head out to vegetarianzen.com/389. 


25 Jul 2021

Rank #7

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VZ 388: Tyler Mayoras and the Making of Cool Beans

In this episode of the Vegetarian Zen podcast, we welcome Tyler Mayoras, CEO, and co-founder of Cool Beans, which strives to bring whole-food goodness to the frozen foods section of your grocery store by creating minimally-processed food that is good for your body, soul, and for the planet.  We will talk to Tyler about his own plant-based journey, about his inspiration for creating Cool Beans, and about what he sees in the future for the plant-based industry.


19 Jul 2021

Rank #8

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VZ 387: Growing Hot Peppers with Jenny of Grow Hot Peppers

In this episode of The Vegetarian Zen podcast, we welcome Jenny TB of Grow Hot Peppers.  Jenny loves to garden and taught herself how to grow all kinds of pepper varieties and today, she’s going to talk about how you can get started growing your own peppers no matter what space limitations you may have.


27 Jun 2021

Rank #9

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VZ 386: This Week In Plant-Based News (June 2021)

We discuss some of the top stories in plant-based news. 


13 Jun 2021

Rank #10