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Join spiritual energizer and Oprah-featured author Victoria Moran and her intriguing guests as they explore ways to live vibrantly and age brilliantly, find practical answers to Big Questions, and craft a compassion-fueled life -- the kind that leads to peace, power and purpose. If you're looking to thrive in your body, cozy up to your soul, overcome an obstacle, and live responsibly, deliberately and passionately, tune in. We invite all seekers, creatives, empaths, quirky folks, the shy, the eloquent, animal lovers, story-weavers, urban lights, nature nurturers, loners, moms, the freshly young, the elegantly elder, and you -- you most especially.

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Raw Delights + Direct Action Everywhere Founder Wayne Hsiung

Laura-Jane (the Rawtarian) opens the program with yummy raw treats for cooling off your summer and revving up your vitality. We then welcome Wayne Hsiung, founder of the sometimes controversial but always for-the-animals AR group, Direct Action Everywhere.


13 Jul 2017

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T. Colin Campbell, Healing America, and a Hot New Show Song!

The China Study’s Dr. Campbell and Plant Pure Nation’s Nelson Campbell join us as they embark on their Healing America Tour, and we chat with U.K. musician/songwriter Rob Mills, of "Vegan Girlz," bits of which comprise the new music for our show.


11 Jan 2018

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Radio Host Kevin Storm and Karen Dawn, Author of "Thanking the Monkey"

Today's guests are 12-year-old radio host Kevin Storm and Karen Dawn, autor of Thanking the Monkey.


19 Dec 2013

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History and Health

From 1880 to 1970, scientific journals were reporting on findings about heart disease, cancer, vegetarian diets, fasting, and detoxing—but that was before the Internet. So that this valuable information would not be lost, Alan Immerman, DC, spent 25 years compiling this data in the fascinating "Immerman Files" and shares his fascinating finds on today's show.


3 Apr 2014

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Rich Roll, Julie Piatt, and The Food Duo's Carmella Lanni-Giardina

Ultramarathoner Rich Roll teams with his musician-wife Julie Piatt to create The Plantpower Way, a glorious cookbook and lifestyle guide. Carmella Lanni-Giardina is half of @TheFoodDuo, hosts of the popular #VeganFoodChat.


23 Apr 2015

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Was Jesus Vegetarian?

The Lost Religion of Jesus author Keith Akers says yes. My guest host is Charles Chen of RawYouth.org.


19 Jun 2014

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Jasmin Singer’s New Memoir and Zesty VegDoc From New Zealand

Always Too Much and Never Enough is the fabulous memoir of ourhenhouse.org‘s Jasmin Singer who turned childhood bullying into a way to understand the suffering of animals. She's since released 100 pounds through healthy vegan eating and lots of juicing. Opening the show is Dr. Luke Wilson, half of the twozestybananas.com team, a pair of New Zealand doctors who’ve developed a very hip and inviting site to interest younger folks in the plant-based life.


3 Mar 2016

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Mindful Veganism With Lani Muelrath

Lani Muelrath, author of The Mindful Vegan, + Q&A with Victoria on protein, iron, and vegan heroes.


28 Sep 2017

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Sistah Vegan + Gunas Bags

A. Breeze Harper, Ph.D, author of Sistah Vegan and 2016 Humane Party vice presidential candidate, discusses feminism and being an African-American vegan; also, Sugandh Agrawal, designer and founder of Gunas, stunning vegan handbags.


2 Feb 2017

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Melanie Joy, Author of "Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows"

The noted Melanie Joy, Ph.D., discusses her keynote thesis, carnism, why cultures determine that it’s okay to think of some animals as friends and others as dinner—and how to dismantle this notion.


19 Sep 2013

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Robert Cheeke

Vegan bodybuilder, runner, and author of the new book, Shred It: Burning Fat and Building Muscle on a Plant-Based Diet, plus pop-in all about the London VegFest coming in September.


28 Aug 2014

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Dean Ornish, M.D.

The legendary cardiologist weighs in on telomeres, heart health, prostate cancer, yoga, meditation, and lifestyle medicine.Show notes.


19 Sep 2019

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80/10/10 + Veg Kids’ Magazine

Dr. Doug Graham, athletic coach and developer of the 80/10/10 raw food diet joins us, as well as Melissa Vanderhorst, founder of Vegan Kids Magazine.


29 Mar 2018

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Beating Lung Cancer and Teen Activism

81-year-old Carl Helvie, RN, M.P.H., outwitted cancer naturally 37 years ago, and 13-year-old Rose McCoy is a lifelong vegan and animal activist arrested at 12 for protesting SeaWorld.


16 Oct 2014

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T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell With "The China Study," New Edition

The most influential nutritional mind in the plant-based movement, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., returns with his son and coauthor of The China Study, Thomas M. Campbell, M.D., to discuss their New York Times best-seller's new edition, cutting-edge developments since that groundbreaking study, and what we need to know about food now.


13 Apr 2017

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The China Study Solution and FARM's 40th

Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) founder Alex Hershaft, a Holocaust survivor and true hero, on the occasion of FARM’s 40th anniversary; and Thomas Campbell, M.D., youngest son of T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D, coauthor with his father of The China Study, and author in his own right of The China Study Solution, with real-world ideas for healthy living.


13 Oct 2016

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Joel Kahn, M.D. + Vegan Film Festival

Cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn wows with life-saving information and Shawn Stratton shares about the first Vegan Film Festival, happening in Ottawa this fall.


12 Jul 2018

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Happy Herbivore Lindsay Nixon + Healing Digestive Disorders

Lindsay Nixon is a major culinary celeb and she joins us to discuss her latest book and trends in vegan cuisine. Our starter: David Klein, who overcame his own digestive disorders and, as a lay practitioner, has guided thousands to leave behind colitis and Crohn's disease.


29 Oct 2015

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Rip Esselstyn of The Engine 2 Diet

Rip and his sister, Jane Esselstyn, coauthor of The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook, talk food, family, health, and legacy.


18 Dec 2014

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Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., M.D., and Family

Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., M.D., President Clinton's physician, and his wife Ann and daughter Jane, authors of The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook. Pop-in from Alberto Gonzalez, founder and CEO of GustOrganics in New York City, the world's first and only 100% certified organic restaurant.


31 Jul 2014

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