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The Live Fit Podcast is Your Guide to Better Health. Taking an holistic approach to improving your health with diverse interviews, insight, research, and experience. The founder of Live Fit, exercise physiologist, health coach, college instructor, and personal trainer, Glenn Johnson has more than 19 years experience as a good health professional. Live your life Healthy, Fit, and Free.Glenn will give you the bottom line on ways to stay fit, lean, healthy and vital. Live life to its fullest. The Live Fit Podcast will show you that living healthy and lean can be easy and satisfying. See show notes, and more, at http://LiveFitPodcast.com.

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126 Why Can't I Stick to My Diet?

Today's guest, Erin Wathen is a food addiction counselor and author of "Why Can't I Stick to My Diet?: How To End the Food Drama" As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and a Food Addiction Counselor (INFACT), Erin understand the science behind health. Erin has several group exercise certifications and understand the mechanics of health and how to break it down to everyday talk for her clients.   However, despite her wealth of knowledge, she was having trouble losing the last ten pounds, until she changed her mind.    Listen as Erin shares what she did to be in the best shape, health and happiness of her life.   Show notes: LiveFitPodcast.com


25 Apr 2018

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64 [WWW4] Periodic Cleanse & Weightloss

Wednesdays With Will continues as Dr. Harden explains the Benefits of a Periodic Cleanse and answers a listener's question about rapid weightloss after INCREASING her water intake. We all absorb toxins from our environment and periodically these toxins build up to a destructive level and are not released naturally. This is why a periodic cleanse can be beneficial. View show notes at http://livefitlean.com/ep64


20 Nov 2015

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53 Diets Don't Work w/ Traci Mann

Dr. Traci Mann has researched the ability of weight loss diets to do what they say they will and found some surprising results - they don't work. More specifically, they do not help a person keep the weight off over time. In this interview with University of Minnesota professor Traci Mann, she tells us the premise of her book, "Secrets From The Eating Lab", and why she is uniquily qualified to write this unbiased book. In this interview, Dr. Mann tells us: Her strategies to lose, and maintain, body weight Why willpower doesn't work Why dieting is worse for you than doing nothing The power of an "implementation intention" That "Calories in - Calories out" is a myth Comfort foods are not comforting, and Diet soda is worse for you than the sugar versions Show notes, and links, can be found at LiveFitPodcase.com.

1hr 5mins

27 Jul 2015

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62 What is Functional Medicine and What Can it do for You?

What is functional medicine and what can it do for you? Dr. Christina Bergstrom explains all this, and more, in this interview. Functional medicine investigates the whole body, the whole person, not simply the components. Bergstrom does not use band-aids to cover up boo-boos like standard Western medicine.  Find show notes and links at http://livefitlean.com/ep62


11 Nov 2015

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52 GABA Deficiency [insomnia, anxiety, weight gain]

In this episode, clinical, holistic nutritionist, Beverly Meyer explains the importance of having a proper level of the neurotransmitter gamma aminobuyteric acid (GABA). She explains that this important, but little known, neurotransmitter balances out our fight or flight system to allow us to calm down, relax, rest and recover. A lack of which will cause sleep problems, anxiety, weight gain (or the failure to lose weight), and several other problems that you may not be relating to stress. GABA balances out stress. Listen as Beverly tells us how to spot the signs, symptoms and what to do about it. Show notes can be found at livefitpodcast.com #livefit


22 Jun 2015

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75 [WWW10] Cause and Relief of Headache, Cortisol Control

In this Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden explains some of the common causes of headaches and how they can be prevented and treated. Plus, in our listener question, Will explains the role of cortisol in the body and what happens when it is out of sync (insomnia, stress, day time drowsiness, etc.).#livefitShow notes and transcript can be found at: livefitpodcast.com


3 Feb 2016

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103 Never Binge Again w/ Dr. Glenn Livingston

Psychologist Dr. Glenn Livingston spent years overcoming his obsessive binge eating. He found the solution and says it will work on most people.  Find out how he did it, and how others can too. Show notes can be found at LiveFitPodcast.com


28 Dec 2016

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69 [WWW7] Digestive Health

In this Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden discusses chiropractic care and Digestive Health. Plus, listener questions. Show notes available at livefitpodcast.com #livefit


23 Dec 2015

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89 Sugar pt 1: What is it and What Does it Do to Your Body

Part 1 in a series about sugar and your health What is sugar? What does it do in your body? Why do "they" say it's bad for you? Why do you like it so much? Listen to this first of a multi-part series about your health and sugar. Show Notes at: LiveFitPodcast.com


10 Aug 2016

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71 [WWW8] Immune Function

In this Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden explains the benefits of chiropractic care and immune function.Plus, a special guest. My 10 year old daughter joins us for a brief update on her Past and current New Year's Resolutions.And, I have a new intro and outro with voice actor Brad Dorsey. Show notes can be found at: livefitpodcast.com#livefit


6 Jan 2016

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79 [WWW12] Arthitis, Achilles Tendonitis

Wednesdays With Will continues with a discussion about Arthritis (osteo & rheumatoid).  He will share what causes it and what can be done to prevent and reverse it, if anything. Dr. Harden then answers a listener question about Achilles tendonitis - what causes it, how it is treated and what you can do. Show notes at: livefitpodcast.com


2 Mar 2016

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73 Relieve Knee Pain, Life After Colon Cancer [WWW9]

In this Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden discusses the most common causes of knee pain and how you can relieve it. Plus, he answers a listener question about improving digestion after a partial colon removal. Full transcript is available at: livefitpodcast.com #livefit


20 Jan 2016

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50 Nutrition, Get the Whole Picture with Steve Mukensabl

Nutrition doesn't have to be difficult. Listen to the needs of your body and eat accordingly. Stay away from the extremes and diets. Eat whole, clean, real food and be healthy for life. Show notes can be found at LiveFitPodcast.com #livefit


4 May 2015

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84 The Psychology of Eating [w/ Marc David]

Another from the "Change your mind, change your body" series: Marc David is the founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. His mission is to help people overcome their eating issues and weight loss problems and live healthy, happy lives. Having trouble losing weight? Been on diet after diet and always gain the weight back? Then Marc is the guy for you. Since most weight problems stem from a person's mind, knowing how to change your thought process will help you lose your excess body weight - for life. #livefit Show notes at: livefitpodcast.com


6 Apr 2016

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124 Heal Your Drained Brain w/ Dr. Mike Dow

Today's guest is Dr. Mike Dow, and he's going to talk to us about hormones. We are run by hormones. They control our metabolism, weight, our mood and our minds. Dr Mike Dow is a highly sought-after psychotherapist and neurotherapist.  He is the New York Times bestselling author of Heal Your Drained Brain, Healing the Broken Brain, The Brain Fog Fix, and Diet Rehab.  His latest book "Heal Your Drained Brain: Naturally Relieve Anxiety, Combat Insomnia, and Balance Your Brain in Just 14 Days",  offers a 2-week plan designed to help naturally boost brain health. Show Notes: LiveFitPodcast.com


28 Mar 2018

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68 Healthy & Fit at Any Size

In this episode Glenn talks about the notion that a person does not have to be skinny to be healthy or fit. Healthy and Fit and Any Size means that a person can have a high, low or medium body composition independent of good health. See show notes at livefitpodcast.com


16 Dec 2015

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44 Metabolic Syndrome

What is metabolic syndrome? Do you have it? Do you know anybody who does? Do you know how to prevent it or get rid of it? This episode will help you. On Tips, Tricks & Hacks, find out about my miracle morning and a new app that will take your fitness and turn it into a game. It's really fun. Plus, what does the Super Bowl, PBS, Rolling Stone, and a rocket ship have to do with this episode? You will have to listen to find out. View show notes at LiveFitPodcast.com #livefit


9 Feb 2015

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118 Morning Coach w/ JB Glossinger

He's been rich, destitute and well off. JB Glossinger spends his day helping others have a good day. JB Glossinger is an entrepreneur and powerful motivator. He creates a brief podcast and Youtube show every morning as part of his morning routine. He follows his Sacred Six steps every morning to create his day, then he records two show to help fire other people up. Find show notes at: LiveFitPodcast.com


3 Jan 2018

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117 Strengthen from the Inside Out

Wade Lightheart tells us how to improve our health, vitality, immunity, and energy by giving our intestines live foods. He says this is the foundation of good health and the gut plays an integral role in our health and happiness, resistance and mood. Wade helped his mother battle cancer and then he became a national bodybuilding champion before finding what really makes a person healthy. He says that he's healthier now than he was at the age of 30.


20 Dec 2017

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90 Sugar pt 2: The Most Dangerous Kind of Sugar

Sugar part 2: What is the Most Dangerous Kind of Sugar? In this episode Glenn will share the most dangerous type of sugar to consume, why and what you can do to avoid it. Show notes can be found at LiveFitPodcast.com


17 Aug 2016

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