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The Persuasion Show with Bushra Azhar gives you proven strategies on using the art of persuasion to sell to tightwads, create killer sales pages, how to pitch in your webinars, how to sell without sleaze and even how to persuade your children to behave ( joking, it's not magic)

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9 idiot-proof methods to become a subject matter expert

Tip #1 Leverage your existing contacts. Tip #2 Start sharing mini blog posts. Medium.com I think is one of the most underutilized tools to position yourself as a subject matter expert. Give it a try. Tip #3 Opinion pieces.  I don’t just necessarily mean blog posts. I mean pieces that reflect that you have a strong opinion. Tip #4 Share third party articles. And, be brave enough to challenge an opinion.  Tips #5 & #6 Share before and afters I took random pieces; blog posts, home pages, about pages, and I did a before-after. I took a screenshot of the before, took a screenshot of the after and started sharing it in a few Facebook communities that I hang out with. The next thing you can do is to start offering free sessions. I know, I know there are so many people who are against the idea of free work, I call bullshit on that. Tip #7 Start a conversation. Similar to sharing your opinion but in this case what you’re doing is you’re  ideally sharing an opinion that creates polarity. Tip #8 Complete a conversation. Someone is already having a conversation, someone is already sharing an opinion and you agree with it or you don’t agree with it, complete that conversation. Not enough people do it. TWEET THAT! Tip #9 Bite-sized wisdom pieces A how to, a case study or something you’d charge money for would be a 100% solution, you could just share 10% of that as a bite-sized wisdom piece. Tip #10 Have a unique hash tag. It’s less brash than coming straight out and saying “I’m a copywriting ninja” Tweet That!


8 Mar 2017

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3 Tiny Tweaks That will Boost Your Sales by 24%

Did you know that about 24% of all buyers are tightwads? Which means that they feel SO much buying pain that they cannot spend money even if they want to (imagine!). The spending of money causes them a lot of pain. Actual pain, I am not kidding. This is a real thing. So how can you sell to  the  tightwads? The first step is to acknowledge the genuine pain that they  feel in a buying decision. Then, somewhat obviously no? Minimise it!  Let me tell you how. Tweak One It’s all in the words: Hold off on the big hairy, scary number. Instead use things like: “It costs 33 cents a day”  for $120 It’s easier for the tightwad to grasp the value  of your product in this way. Tweak Two baby hit me one more time NOT: If you hit them repeatedly,  for example  weekly, monthly or by piece...that’s a lot of pain! Bundle it up baby. For example offer a yearly or lifetime membership price at a deep discount. Tweak Three the inclusion of a slam dunk bonus Bonus bundling is ridiculously common - 22 bonuses and the  total value at $2billion or something silly, you’ve all seen it. For the tightwad, all they are doing is breaking down all the bonuses  and stressing their heads over paying for bonuses they don’t want or need. A slam dunk bonus is JUST ONE bonus but it is so exclusive and so alluring that  it not only reduces the buying pain, it enhances the overall value of your product. Win win Bonus Tweak! Tightwads are far less likely to be blown away by the sexiness of a product than by utilitarian terms. So make sure you play to both - some people NEED that end result, not just the fluffy, sexy part. For example, a back massage  as pain relief vs a pleasurable experience. So remember, address that pain, don’t ignore it... Tweak away darlings!


15 Feb 2017

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SIX Sensory Phrases That Can Take Your Pitch From Lame to Phenomenal

SIX Sensory Phrases That Can Take Your Pitch From Lame to Phenomenal Let me be really honest with you.I see A LOT of lame copy. ANd not just from newbies, from the supposed experts. One of the reasons it is so lame is that there is no mental picture. My senses have not been engaged. First things first, these phrases need to be talking about a strong offer - if it is shitty, not going to work. Here are six of these glorious phrases, compared to some of the lame oh copy we see. Yes yes I know, I am very generous. You may send gifts. Can you hear the sound of… Can you hear the rumble of their empty stomachs? Vs Can you imagine them being hungry? So close you can feel… You can feel your next loan payment breathing down your neck, all hot and prickly Vs Your next loan payment is looming ahead Nothing beats the taste of… Nothing beats the sweet, tangy taste of success Vs Nothings beats the taste of success Imagine laying eyes on… Imagine laying eyes on your own house for the first time, taking in all the details: The staircase, the patio, the wall to ceiling windows  Vs Imagine walking into your new home for the first time  Can you smell the.. Can you smell the crisp new smell of $100 bills you earnt when you slept? Vs Imagine making $10,000 while you sleep (which btw, please stop using because it’s so done)  As you whooosh past People will stand open mouthed as you get your well earned promotion Vs They will stand open mouthed as you whoosh past all objections to a well earned promotion So next time you are talking about how your “thing” will change people’s lives, use these visceral phrases 


14 Jun 2017

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10 phrases on your sales page that make you look idiotic

If you already have a sales page and you have one of these phrases on there, the world will not end (probably). But if  it appears  a lot more...you   might want to change that. You will learn” People don’t want information, they want FREAKING RESULTS! “The most comprehensive …” No one CARES how comprehensive it is, I promise you. They only care how effective it is. “You will find the secret to…” There are no more secrets. If this is the only argument you have for your thing, I don’t want to know it. “This will save you money…” Finding a dollar is way more lucrative than knowing I won’t lose one. Position it as making or finding more money. “Once you have this, you won’t need anything else” You are not only closing the door to  further potential sales, you are making yourself pretty unbelievable. The BS alarms will be ring a ding linging “It’s affordable” Just please don’t. It the core merit is  that it’s affordable, there is something wrong. Affordable = mediocre “This is my life‘s work” Who freaking cares?! No-one.   “You’ve never seen anything like it” Oh PLEASE. I have seen it all. You’re just diluting your message. “I’m not here to make money” Stop it. You are in BUSINESS.  You are making yourself look like a liar. This is not a  hobby, it’s a business. “I have 30,000 fans on Facebook” This is just an EGO number, it doesn’t make a bit of  difference to your  product. It doesn’t mean people will believe you. So GO - off to your sales page and check for these phrases.


26 Apr 2017

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How to create insane hype and buzz around your launch

A contest If you have a program you can run a scholarship contest, if you have a product then you can run a giveaway contest. The idea is to run your contest in a way that it hinges on social shareability. This creates A LOT of hype or buzz around your launch.  Micro Lessons These micro lessons do two things. Make you look like a bad-ass expert and create a hunger for more. Pay with a Tweet or UpViral Pay with a Tweet: Embed 5 vidoes on a page and tell them: “If you want to unlock the remaining five videos please just tweet it out.” Upviral: When someone signs up to receive something, the thank you page reads: “There is also an accompanying video with it and if you want the video have three friends sign up through your link it will unlock the video or the mini training.” Celebratory Posts If you are in the middle of the launch and you have one thousand people signed up for your webinar share it! Share those milestones, put celebratory posts for each milestone. Authority intro posts These are not related to your launch, but they will make people go check you out because it makes you look interesting, it makes you look like you know your shit and it makes you look intriguing enough for them to go check out who you are and what you do. 


10 May 2017

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How to break Satan's Spine (and never worry about NOT selling ever again)

Today we are talking about how to break Satan's spine. Interesting thought, no? It's just that in this case the Satan's spine is a thing. An entity or a mindset that is a substitute for your thing. Really, look at it this way, whatever your potential buyers are doing instead of doing you ... Not that way you gutter brain, but whatever they're buying instead of buying from you that is a Satan's spine. Whatever they do, whether buy something, or do something, or think something, when they don't buy from you is the Satan's spine, and we've got to break that ish.


11 Oct 2016

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The 3 step system guaranteed to make you an authority in your niche

The way to go from zero to authority in your industry is not with flashy photos or a shiny website. Yes they will cement your authority but they won't get you there. Listen up to see what WILL work, and why.


7 Nov 2017

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If anyone tells you there is only one way to do a thing - RUN. Even if it is me. Especially if it is me. This week I am sharing MY way of finding and choosing joint venture partners and affiliates. It works for me, but this is not the bible on how to do it! Non negotiable rule: Do not get assholes to promote you. Most people use entirely the wrong criteria for choosing, they look only at the numbers. And numbers do not tell the whole story. If someone has a huge list but they promote alllll the damn time, their level of goodwill is low. Here is my criteria: Credentials and reputation They are going to be associated with your brand. And that will STICK. Anyone known for low quality work, or doing anything for quick buck etc. is not someone you want to be associated with.   No conflict of interest I do NOT get why people aren’t smarter with this. If you are a business coach and you JV with another business coach, you are failing at business 101. If you are going to collaborate with someone choose someone who is in a complimentary industry. Like you’re copy and they are design.   Brand equity alignment Not always possible for affiliates but for a JV partner then it is essential. If your brand is crazy and whimsical and funny and in your face, don’t choose proper and corporate people to JV with. It creates a disconnect and it is damaging for both brands.   Growth potential If you are just starting out, choose someone who is either the same level or slightly above. Don’t choose someone who has been on that level for the past 4 years. Maybe it is because they have been working on their day job, or maybe they don’t have any growth potential   The AUP test My favourite test in the whole world! You can use this for anything. Team members, JVs, Husbands (joking. Or am I...) Keep an eye on the person in question, if they are all nice and cordial on the outside but then with even a little bit of pressure they turn into massive stinky assholes then RUN. If they post all their whiny problems all over social media, RUN. Because you WILL face pressure and if they can’t handle it you don’t want to be stuck with that kind of assholery.   Where to find them Your own students and clients.They already know and love you and even if they don’t have huge lists, everyone knows everyone online. Look at the complementary industries and at the different tiers of people. Follow them around (not in a weird way, don’t be like that) and see if they would be interested. Easy!


12 Apr 2017

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How They Persuade: JP Sears

JP’s biggest OMG moment JP had been really fixated for about a year with a mindset that said, "I don't want a relationship, "I'm so like married to my career right now "and I don't wanna take the time for a relationship, "and it would just like take away from me," and then holy cow, life blindsided him with a beautiful woman. Nicely played life, nicely played.   Biggest FML moment Being 18 and enrolled in university and just knowing "this isn't for me, there's no way I can make it through this because I don't want to"   Biggest WTF moment Going from self-induced personality constipation to allowing his natural humour to show on video and...well, you've all seen the Ultra Spiritual videos, right? HOW JP PERSUADES You are lost in woods, you can only send one voice message to someone to come and save you. What do you say? *dead pan* - "I need help, I don't know where I'm at, I'm in the woods, please help." Someone that you respect, on a public forum tries to engage you in a heated religious or political debate. What do you do? - "I hear your words, but I feel more your feelings, and I'd be curious, you have so much passion behind your words, I'm most curious, how do you feel right now?"


19 Jul 2017

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An insanely easy system to dust off some old files and sell them for $5,000

Now before we start - all you slimey people I mean YOUR OWN files. Ok. Good. I have a five step system for this, so let’s rescue your half put together guide, the one that’s languishing on your computer lamenting its sorry life and being ashamed that it ever landed in your brain Ok let’s go #1 Market Scan (Cash Spotting) Don’t spend months and weeks, 1 day is fine. Look at what else is out there which is similar to what you are planning to do. I like Udemy for this. Find five other PAID products and look at how many students they have and the price point.  I call is Cash Spotting #2 Break off a small part Separate one part as an opt in offer. This can be a checklist or a pdf or even better a fifteen minute video. Make it small, chunky and above all make it actionable. #3 Put together the course Take all your dusty old files and head over to Google slides. Open it up and write one actionable point on each slide. Now go ahead and record yourself talking over the top of those files. Something like Screencast O Matic. Now, take your recording and get over to Fiverr. Now get that video transcribed, make it into an infographic or checklist or pretty up your presentation. Now you have your beautiful materials record yourself giving the same lecture in a more professional way. There you have it. Done and dusted. I #4 Sell it Set up a sales page, add the link to your product and link to Paypal. You can use Get DPD, Gumroad or Teachable #5 Share it You don’t need a list, you can share with your existing contacts. Send them to your opt in page and after they have consumed the opt in, send them the link to your sales page. Price it at under $50 and you’re good to go! Simple, cheap, beautiful.


21 Jun 2017

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Turn Cynics Into Rabid Fans

The internet is FULL of cynics. And why? Because they have been burnt!  Learn how to embrace cynics with the mind tricks that will have them begging to buy from you. 


21 Nov 2017

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MY EARTH-SHATTERING DISCOVERY ABOUT LAUNCH CONTENT (and how that discovery changed my life)

I recently discovered this and I am SO EXCITED. Are you ready? You don’t have to create new content for all your launches. God, am I the last one? Did you all know already?   Here’s why, incase like me you didn’t know. When you launch something and create hype and content and ads and amazing beautiful emails and sales pages...people will react in one of three ways: They are so blown away that they will buy on the spot or after a little nudge Eager and hungry, they love you but they cannot afford you right now. Freebie hunters. They like you but they will never pay for anything (or they are competitors) So, the first type is not your target audience for the next launch - they already bought. ObviouslyThe second type are already convinced - you only need to get them to act, you dont need new content.The third category are the ones you would be creating new launch content for. This is utter madness! Why would we do this?Then you have the absolute newcomers, who haven’t been exposed to your amazing content anyway.So there you have it. This launch I have used about 80% of recycled launch content. You know why? No, not because I am a lazy wench. Because if it worked the first time, it will work again!   Here’s some tips to recycle without your content looking like the same old same old: Change the subject lines and the opening and closing of emails Present the same topics but change the webinar names Change the hook on the sales page Change the images on the sales page Done and dusted! Now there’s more time for chai and chocolate. I am a winner at life, I really am.


28 Jun 2017

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Stand Out Social Proof


1 Dec 2017

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Bart Simpson's Guide to No-Brainer Pricing

Should you price ending in a 9 or a 7? How do you price your product if you want to annihilate your competitors ? How do you price them if you want to be exclusive?  And how do you use psychology in pricing without resorting to using a 9 or a 7?!


14 Nov 2017

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The 5 Step Forever Cure for the Eternal Infowhore

WTH is an infowhore? It’s you and me. It’s the person who opts in to everything.  (I myself am on 2,500 email lists so yes I know what I am talking about here)   The problem with this is that gathering all the information and not ACTING on it will never get you  anywhere. Step 1 Test drive all the information, open one or  two emails, listen to one or two episodes and then only continue with the information which tells you something new, which excites you, which makes you think things you have never thought of before. Step 2 Look for the quick wins. Look for the fastest thing you can implement. Not just consume, but implement. Chunk and implement. Step 3 Don’t aim for perfection, aim for progress. If you  aim for perfect in the first round of  implementing, you are setting yourself up for failure. Step 4 Take notes by hand! The retention is better, the excitement is better and you will take those ideas and be able to  implement it. Step 5 Retrieval practise - at school or college you may have hated tests, but they work!. Retention without retrieval is pointless. Retrieval practice by the use of tests is what sets you up for long term success. Don’t just try and retrieve information when you need it. Practise. So now - go and write down the takeaways from this episode by hand - retrieve it! Go from infowhore to actionwhore


24 Jan 2017

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The Mere Exposure Effect

This is the one where you will find out why it is you love me. And yes you DO love me. It is all my diabolical plan. Yeah. Ever hear the phrase “Better the devil you know”? It’s not just a phrase it is a really powerful phenomena. It’s scientifically proven that the more we are exposed to something, the more we like it. The science bit Robert Zajonc, showed Chinese characters to people and asked them to assign a meaning to the characters. The more often they saw the characters, the more positive the meaning they gave it. But there is a flip side to this and this is that over exposure to anything can actually have the opposite effect. So don’t go bananas with it. My four tips to using without abusing #1 Always run ads, not just when you are selling The problem here is that you are showing up out of the blue and asking people to say YES to something without becoming a familiar face in their newsfeed. WHich is a bit insulting to their intelligence and huge missed opportunity. #2 Frequently change up your ads We all know that ad you see over and over again in your newsfeed - URGHH get away.  You don’t want that. So change up your ads, not every week but come on don’t be lazy. #3 Limit the frequence of the ad You know that rule of seeing your brand 7 times before someone is ready to buy? No scientific basis AT ALL. Sorry. Either limit daily exposure (you can do that in FB to just one time a day) Or limit the total exposure, you can use seven if you like, but if the person has not taken an action after that many times stop showing it! #4 Propinquity principle We tend to like people who look like us or speak like us or has the same values as us. So make sure that you use symbols or ideas which reflect this in your ads. Make sure you use ideas which make you relatable. If you are doing any sort of advertising, please use these tips! Thank you so much, see you soon!


17 Mar 2017

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Steal ALL my diabolical persuasion secrets

Want to win over everyone on the internet...and not go broke? Well listen up buttercup, in this episode I am telling you exactly how you can win hearts and minds ADN make bank using the psychology of persuasion. You'll find out what the hell a persuasion switch is (hint there are eight) and how to activate those little suckers.  Dig in and if you love it, tell me!


3 Nov 2017

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How They Persuade: Jill Stanton

I have with me today Jill Stanton. Who is not only my online crush but also someone who I look up to in a lot of ways. Jill's biggest OMG moment in business Her first ever $100,000 launch. Jill spent $3500 on ads and expected to make $50,000 Biggest FML moment Spending $5k on creating a guest blogging course which sold...zero. Cue ugly crying and day drinking. Biggest WTF moment. Sending out private member links to a full list of approx 17k people (no, they weren’t members) HOW JILL PERSUADES You have a product it does not work the way it is supposed to work. It does not deliver the results you promised it would deliver. And someone calls you out on that, publicly. What would you do? Address it publicly, straight away. If my product wasn't delivering I'd probably email all of the members and offer a free training session or a master class to get them moving on the right track. Someone buys your product, plagiarizes it and sells it as their own. How would you deal with that situation? I would certainly get a lawyer to draft up a cease and desist. I would just lawyer up, first. Secondly, I would absolutely email that person to let them know. Someone buys your program, consumes the content, and files a charge back claim with their credit card company. How would you deal with that? I'd screenshot everything. And I'd fight it tooth and nail cause I'm like no. Fuck that noise. Someone asks you an open question on your opinion on either a program or a person or an ideology that you know does not work, is bogus or fraud. What would you do? Absolutely, if I don't believe in it or if I think it's bullshit or if I think it's misleading or irresponsible which I feel like a lot of stuff that's happening right now which is super misleading and insanely irresponsible on the entrepreneurs end I'd call it out. I have zero problem calling out bullshit online. Where can you throw money at Jill? Head on over to JoinScrewYou.com and that's where you can read about everything that’s  going on inside the monthly membership community.


24 May 2017

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How to use equivalence to close any sale

What exactly is  Equivalence? Equivalence is  a nifty little trick to get people instantly interested in what you have to say and it works so well because it is a brilliant way to paint a mental picture quickly and without going through lots of fuzzy, generic words. As an example what mental image do you get when I say: Uber for Lawn Mowers Airbnb for cars LinkedIn for musicians. TONY ROBBINS for tropical monkies (not really) You know that Uber for lawnmowers means that this business allows people to sublet their lawnmowers when they aren't using them. You know that Linkedin will be a specialized professional social media platform for musicians This is equivalence. When to use equivalence? When you want to get your point across quickly When your business is a bit complex and hard to explain When you are talking to someone who has no clue to the subject matter When you want to stand out amongst many similar businesses Frames of Reference & Associations Use a familiar frame of reference, for example Spain doesn’t have Uber so even though they may have heard of it the won’t necessarily get it. Please make sure it has a positive association - you don’t want a negative association. Make sure it has the right association Do not choose a reference  which has more than one predominant association.   How to use equivalence for the win Look at the best global brands out there (Interbrand is great for this)  and  see how they do it, look at the best movie characters and fictional characters. For example Hermione from Harry Potter. Look at what they stand for, is is longevity or loyalty for example - “I’m the Energiser Bunny of…” for longevity. Your turn - GO!


8 Feb 2017

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I’m here  today with a topic I know so many people struggle with - even ME! Yes really! It’s how to structure long ass copy like sales pages and blog posts where you don’t want people to glaze over and turn into zombies, who you’d have to kill. NO NO you won’t but you know what I mean. We have Scanners: “Oh, I just scan down to the end of the page” We have Cynics: “All blog posts are the same, anything with a lot of words is basically BS” And we have Know It Alls: “I know what this is going to say” Down to the tips: Subheads I KNOW obvious, obvious. But if you just have a dull  ass subhead like “What’s included”   it’s a total waste of bloody time. So please  use intriguing subheads which activates that curiosity switch Desire building bullets Write a bullet which makes them want your thing, not just “22 pdfs” because really - who ever wanted 22 pdfs? FMR Showcase Features Merits Results Just mentioning the features is not enough to induce that hunger and desire.  So don’t just list the 22 pdfs.  Add in the So that  but then also give the RESULTS. This is the bit which is so often  missing. Then put it in a box, make it a graphic or something and showcase it! Use Story Activators When you use story activators people CANNOT ignore the story. By reading these phrases mean that the person is emotionally invested in the story EG - Have you ever been in a situation...now instead of YOU being in the story, THEY are in the story. Hmm. Big difference. Use Teasers A little sneak peek to something they don’t have access to.  Obviously. Using something like “To find out x y z, turn to page 23” Now they can’t do that unless then buy the book or the pdf or wherever page 23 is. Clever, huh?


19 Apr 2017

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