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PI4MM25: Why Talented People Suck At Selling Themselves

In this episode… 02:11 – Why people who boast and display extreme confidence are often the same people who screw things up beyond repair… 08:25 – The bizarre reason why many of the world’s greatest performers are painfully shy and fall to pieces in social situations. 12:10 – John’s “Hierarchy of Confidence” and the one category […]

1 Dec 2015

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Show 12 – Why Civilians Hate Good Salesmen

The biggest problem in business today is in our heads — it’s the inability to understand how salesmanship works. Veteran marketers just roll their eyes at the clueless rookies (and criminally-naive gurus) who rattle on about “selling without selling” and other attempts to circumvent the ONE TRUTH about business: If you want someone to buy […]

1hr 2mins

11 Jun 2014

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PI4MM24: Potbellies & Beatles Wigs

PI4MM24 Show Bullets: Potbellies & Beatles Wigs 05:00 – Why laughing at older people will ALWAYS come back to bite you in the ass 06:50 – The natural cycle of App Abandonment every tech product will someday be forced to face up to 10:40 – The ‘Canaries In The Mine’ employed by smart entrepreneurs – […]


10 Sep 2015

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PI4MM21: On Story…

Click here to read The 3-Sentence Story Challenge from John’s blog PI4MM SHOW 21 BULLETS: “ON STORY…” 01:52 – How two of John’s famous sales letters used story in completely different ways (one where story drives the letter and the other you’d swear had no story at all) 02:20 – John: “Most people are not good storytellers” (and […]

29 May 2015

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Show 14 – Maslow’s Pyramid

In this episode, we start off exploring Abraham Maslow’s psychological theory called the “Hierarchy of Needs”. But it didm’t take us long at all to veer off into the fertile soil of stand up comics who’ve found success and struggled to stay in touch, along with famous directors and guru marketers… Some notable topics from […]

1hr 5mins

24 Aug 2014

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PI4MM19 Pt 1: Wrath of the Trickster God (A naked breakdown of John Carlton’s twisted writing process)​

SHOW 19 PART 1 INDEX: 00:37 – Why John is sitting alone in the dark during a power-outage spending the last drips of cell battery to record this episode… 07:36 – Why good writing is “good looking” writing… 09:17 – The only gauntlet John trusts to test his writing… 11:10 – The one thing your copywriting […]


13 Feb 2015

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PI4MM19 Pt 2: Wrath of the Trickster God – A naked breakdown of John Carlton’s twisted writing process

Dive deep into John’s twisted brain to find out what really goes on when he sits at a keyboard to write… whether it’s copy, fiction or just a simple Facebook post. SHOW 19 PART 2 INDEX: 01:38 – The three writing styles that set a rhythm (just ask Mick Jagger)… 10:25 – How adjectives can confuse writers […]


14 Mar 2015

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PI4MM23: Top 6 Reputation Killers

Listen, Download & Review this episode on iTunes PI4MM23 Top 6 Reputation Killers Show Bullets: 01:55 – Why following in the footsteps of “Hall of Fame” copywriters can instantly jeopardize your reputation 07:57 – The freelancing blunder that will leave your clients feeling like the “jilted lover” (easy fix, yet ignoring this may cost you […]

20 Aug 2015

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PI4MM18: The Goal-Setting Blunder That’s Keeping You Broke, Miserable & Out Of The Loop

Planning a business isn’t saying, “I’m going to open a restaurant and get rich.”  That’s not a business plan and a life plan is not, “I’m gonna be really happy next year.” That doesn’t cut it… You’ve got to start getting specific, and start nailing stuff down. In the episode below, John and Kevin dig into John’s […]


12 Jan 2015

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PI4MM20: The Psych of Suck

In this episode of the Psych Insights Podcast, Carlton is spitting so much fire and brimstone we’re calling it… The Psych of Suck It’s all about how people find misplaced comfort and stagnate in their “working on it” phase, never allowing the curtain to go up on their show. SHOW 20 BULLETS: 00:55 – Why John Carlton is pissed […]

27 Mar 2015

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