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Jill Stanton: How Her New Business Healed Past Trauma

The Rainmaker Podcast

Have you ever wanted to get out of the weeds of one business and start a new one? In the first episode of The Rainmaker Podcast, Jill shares with us about the different successful businesses she has run over the past ten years, what it was like working alongside her husband and how Millionaire Girls Club went from an idea on the back of a moped in Bali to the successful relationship focused business it is today. We discuss when Jill truly felt like this idea was in alignment and how she knew that Millionaire Girls Club was the next step for her by listening to her human design. She opens up to discuss about her past trauma surrounding female relationships and how her new business has allowed her to heal through this emotional experience.Whether you're wanting to scratch the itch of a new business idea or are desiring to realign with your values you'll hear how Jill has crafted Millionaire Girls Club to be her dream business. From how the idea came to life, to the importance of having an intimate team of A-players, Jill shares how being intentional about how to scale and lead her new business compared to her previous ones has helped her success.Resources Mentioned:A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron GikandiThe Big Leap by Gay HendricksLearn more about my guest:Jill Stanton is the Creator of Millionaire Girls Club where she hosts ultra luxe retreats for women entrepreneurs who are making $1M+ and are craving wild expansion and deep connection with other powerful women. When she’s not CEO’ing she can be found hangin’ with her husband Josh and their little guy, Kai at their home in the Cayman Islands.Jill's Links:Website: https://www.millionairegirlsclub.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themillionairegirlsclub/Connect with Veronica on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vromney/If you’re ready to transition from full-time Marketer to full-time Founder of your own business apply for the Rainmaker Residency™: https://rainmakerresidency.com/Skip the formal recruiting process and learn how to source rainmaker applicants that are already connected to you: https://rainmakerresidency.com/rainmaker-hiring-kitDelving deep into the tough topics we often face as scaling business owners that AREN’T talked about often, sign up to The Rainmaker Report: https://rainmakerresidency.com/rainmaker-reportIf you found value in today's episode, I would appreciate it if you could leave a rating and review.


7 Sep 2022

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205 Millionaire Girls Club with Jill Stanton

The Legalpreneur Podcast

Jill Stanton has been building businesses since 2012.  She and her husband created Screw the Nine to Five which has become Wealthy Course Creator.  Throughout her journey she has always had a concept to create a space for women that are smart as f*** and driven but she held back.  Until now!  Listen to her talk about her journey, her businesses and her amazing club for women that are looking to connect with other women to talk business, strategy, and life.In this episode we will cover:Course creation tipsAffiliate businesses.Working with your partnerMillionaire Girls ClubIf you would like to join MGC, Dm Jill on Instagram and check the  Wealthy Course Creator website.The Dream Bigger Conference is coming.   Text now to be on the text list at 832-225-3164 and text me the word EVENT for the details. Legalpreneur App is LIVE!  Now is a great time to join the Legalpreneur Membership!The 5-Day Legalpreneur Challenge is back! It is going to cover everything you need to know as a small business owner; this won’t be just a surface level discussion like you get in this podcast, instead we are diving deep into all the knowledge you need to run your business. Remember to use code PODCAST for a special discount!Links: Andrea’s Instagram Legalpreneur Instagram Website FacebookTwitter TikTokYouTubeDisclaimer: The Legalpreneur Podcast is advertising/marketing material. It is not legal advice. Please consult with your attorney on these topics. Copyright Legalpreneur Inc 2022-----Things I Didn't Learn In SchoolConversations with guests including FBI Director Jim Comey, hedge fund billionaire Ray...Listen on: Apple PodcastsSpotify


3 Aug 2022

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Self Confidence and The Magic Mindset with Jill Stanton

The Self Esteem and Confidence Mindset

Today I welcome a hugely inspirational business and mindset coach of mine, Jill Stanton where we talk about having a strong mindset when times are tough. To connect with Jill or if you would like to launch your own program to the world check out her Instagram: @wealthycoursecreator Also her website: wealthycoursecreator.com


14 Jul 2022

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Embracing Expansion & Letting Money Be Easy w/ Jill Stanton

Conscious Conversion

Get ready to meet your newest expander! Today I am releasing my conversation with the absolute badass Jill Stanton (you may know her from Screw the Nine to Five)!!In this episode we dove into her multidimensional journey that took her from bartending to becoming the CEO of the The Millionaire Girl's Club. We talked about money and how we can begin to create a relationship with it that breeds a life of ease and abundance. And last but not least, we dove into how we can begin to invite in greater expansion in our lives while trusting in the unfolding in real time. This is a beautiful conversation with a total Girl Boss and one you do not want to miss! Conscious Conversion is a weekly podcast about how we bridge the gap between business and spirit, money and meaning, technology and regeneration in a wildly changing world. In a time of so much polarity and uncertainty, this podcast explores how together we are connecting across the planet, across our differences and across dimensions as we build the New Earth together. Jill's IG Paid Launch Formula  Sara Yamtich IG Conscious Conversion IG ConsciousConversion.com


7 Jul 2022

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How Epic Your Business Can Grow When You Have a Podcast - Jessica Zweig & Jill Stanton

The Cathy Heller Podcast

What doors can you open when you start a podcast? Jessica Zweig, branding and marketing expert, author, founder of SimplyBe, and Jill Stanton, cofounder of Screw the Nine to Five are both entrepreneurs who scaled their businesses from their podcasts. They share how to overcome the impostor syndrome when you start with a small audience, how mentorship has played a crucial role in their growth, and how to own who you truly are and let yourself be seen.- Do you want to learn how to create, grow, and monetize your podcast? Join Cathy's It's Your Turn to Podcast program! https://cathyheller.com/join- Follow Jessica and Jill on Instagram @jessicazweig and @millionairegirlsclub- Listen to The SimplyBe. Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts!- Listen to the Screw the Nine to Five podcast wherever you listen to podcasts!- Thanks Skillshare! Skillshare.com/dreamjob for a one-month free trial of Premium Membership.- Thanks Headspace! Get a free one month trial at Headspace.com/dreamjob- Shoutout to our good friend Julie Solomon! Head to Episode 154 at JulieSolomon.net/podcast to listen Cathy and Julie chat all about pivoting your passions and business growth so you can start getting what you want today!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoicesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoicesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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27 Sep 2021

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Ep142 - Mastering your Mindset with Jill Stanton

Her Empire Builder with Tina Tower

My guest on the podcast today is my business coach Jill Stanton. I signed up to Jill who I have admired her for years and years and years. I sought her out because I have always spent a lot of money on business coaching. Throughout my whole business journey, I have always spent money on coaches, programmes, courses, books & so much on education, because I do think that the only way we learn is through different perspectives from people who have done the things that we want to do. So whenever I want to go to that next level, I look for someone who's done just that. We cover Mindset Mastermind at tinatower.com/142 herempirebuilder.com


7 Sep 2021

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#157 Jill Stanton on the Millionaire Mindset Shifts You Need to Build a 7-Figure Business You Love

Beyond Influential

You are going to love this week’s episode! It’s an incredibly inspiring and empowering conversation with a badass entrepreneur I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know recently, Jill Stanton. I was familiar with Jill before we did this interview, but I really started getting to know her personally this year, both in 1-on-1 conversations we’ve had and in the virtual mixers she’s hosted. Not only does she know her shit, but I love her attitude and the other incredibly successful and cool women she attracts.   If you don’t know Jill,  she is one half of Screw The Nine To Five, a company that has inspired and empowered tens of thousands of new entrepreneurs to quit their jobs, start and grow thriving online businesses, and make over $100,000 a year, all while being location independent and living lives of meaning and purpose. When she’s not CEO-ing, Jill also loves travelling the world with her husband Josh and their young boy, Kai.    Jill is also the founder of the Millionaire Girls Club, which is a place to connect with unapologetically successful women who hype you up, inspire you to play a bigger game, and have way more fun doing it. She’s currently planning her first retreat, which we’re going to get into in this episode.    I know I say this about a lot of interviews, but this conversation really is one of my favorites to date. And I can’t think of anyone listening who won’t get something valuable out of it.    In Ep. 157, we cover: Jill’s journey into the online space and the early years of her business Affiliate marketing: How Jill was able to crush it as an affiliate marketer and what it takes to be successful at it How she scrapped a very lucrative business model to do what truly feels aligned (and why that’s not a crazy thing to do!) Developing the mindset required to become a millionaire and her favorite money mindset resources Navigating failure and change, how motherhood has affected her business and lifestyle, and more! Jill really drops so many gems in this episode. She also gives some great book recommendations, which you can find below.     Want to listen to Beyond Influential ad-free and get other exclusive perks? Check out Beyond Influential Backstage right here: https://www.brittanykrystle.com/backstage     Want to create your own course or coaching program? If you’re interested in creating your own course or coaching program without investing thousands, check out Jill’s Course Creators Bootcamp, which is a very low risk and very effective way to get started no matter what your niche is.    I only recommend products I can stand behind, and what Jill offers is truly a proven system that will help you create a product people will want to buy, and is a ridiculously high value for a very low price. You can check it out here: https://www.brittanykrystle.com/thescrew Jill’s Book Recommendations! Dollars Flow to Me Easily by Richard Dotts https://amzn.to/3joF0Dg Dissolve the Problem by Richard Dotts https://amzn.to/3h6GHTb Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza https://amzn.to/2U8uSnB A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi https://amzn.to/3h3OwJo Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker https://amzn.to/3quWDmM The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease https://amzn.to/2T15QqD Don't want to miss an episode (or valuable free resources!)? Get on my list here: https://www.brittanykrystle.com/subscribe   Want to listen to Beyond Influential ad-free and get other exclusive perks?  Check out Beyond Influential Backstage!   Other Helpful Links: Check out Jill's Course Creators Bootcamp: https://www.brittanykrystle.com/thescrew   Want to Support the Podcast? Leaving a review on Apple Podcasts goes a long way: https://apple.co/3rSk09A Take a screenshot while listening to the episode and share it in your Instagram Stories—and make sure to tag me @brittanykrystle! https://www.instagram.com/brittanykrystle/ Join Beyond Influential Backstage and get access to ad-free episodes and other exclusive perks! https://www.brittanykrystle.com/backstage   To connect with Jill: Website: https://www.screwtheninetofive.com/ Millionaire Girls Club Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themillionairegirlsclub/ Screw the Nine to Five Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/screwtheninetofive Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SayNoToNinetoFive/   To connect with me, Brittany Krystle: Website: https://www.brittanykrystle.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brittanykrystle/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/brittanykrystle/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brittanykrystle/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brittanykrystlexoxo/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/brittanykrystle/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1f0uI6wzWqp58n7fk-7-1g Clubhouse: https://www.joinclubhouse.com/@brittanykrystle *Full disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. I will be compensated (at no extra cost to you) should you choose to purchase through them. Thank you in advance. (I appreciate you!)

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29 Jun 2021

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UES 697: Entrepreneurial Freedom with Jill Stanton

The Kelly Roach Show

What does entrepreneurial freedom mean to you? Many times, entrepreneurs leave their corporate 9-5 job with the idea of taking control of their lives, but that isn't what ends up happening. Today's episode, featuring Jill Stanton of Screw The Nine To Five, is all about diving into true entrepreneurial freedom, designing a future you love, and creating an exciting, fulfilled and meaningful life. Because if your business has you completely and totally bogged down, then what was the point of becoming an entrepreneur in the first place?  Jill is also sharing more about her new Millionaire Girls Club, where high-level women can take off the CEO hat and experience luxury vacations to really soak in the life that they've created for themselves. Learn more about the luxury treats by checking out @themillionairegirlsclub on Instagram, or follow along with Jill @screwtheninetofive.  You can connect with her by reaching out to Jill@screwtheninetofive.com. And, check out her podcast, The Screw Show, wherever you get your podcasts: https://www.screwtheninetofive.com/the-screw-show/ For more business tips and strategies, follow along with Kelly: Join the Tribe of Unstoppables on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2080754075505322/ Website: https://kellyroachcoaching.com Instagrams: UE Revolution: https://www.instagram.com/uerevolution/ UE Marketing Mastery: https://www.instagram.com/uemarketingmastery/ Kelly Roach: https://www.instagram.com/kellyroachofficial Twitter: https://twitter.com/kellyroachlive


7 Jun 2021

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153. Alignment Is The New Hustle with Jill Stanton

Level Up Babe

Jill Stanton is the co-founder of Screw The 9-5 where she and her husband teach course creators and coaches how to build a 6 figure business as well as her brand new brand: Millionaire Girls Club. Today we are talking the nitty gritty details of building a thriving business from how to sell to gain one on one clients, how to pick a niche, her thoughts around freebies and pop up FB groups to sell! We are talking it all.


19 Apr 2021

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[Episode 75] Are you playing to win? Or are you playing to not lose? Jill Stanton talks money mindset

Sparkle and Thrive

“When good people make good money, they do great things!”Chris HarderWhen Jill Stanton’s husband asked her, ‘Are you playing to win? Or are you playing to not lose?’ it was a classic lightbulb moment 💡. It was an invitation for Jill to dream big instead of preparing for the worse, and it’s a mindset Jill believes we should all adopt, especially when it comes to money. Because women have a tonne of limiting beliefs when it comes to earning the big bucks, and we have a nasty habit of unconsciously putting roadblocks in our way when it comes to wanting more of it. So, for this week’s episode, Jill is helping us tackle this very thorny issue. And given she’s one of the best money mindset gurus we know, you’re in for a treat! As one half of the duo behind Screw the Nine to Five, Jill has helped dozens of TechPixies hone their idea for an online course (and make some serious wonga in the process) through the Course Creator’s Bootcamp. And now she’s striking out on her own with the launch of the Millionaire Girls Club, a networking hub for women who are unapologetic about their success.  Let’s just read that again: a hub for women who are unapologetic about their success. Because, ladies, we need to get to a place where we aren’t embarrassed to shout about the big numbers we’re aiming for. We need to stop thinking, ‘I haven’t got enough money, I need to make more of it’ (and generally being money’s clingy first date, as Jill puts it) and start owning the room with a mindset that says ‘money flows easily to me’. Fortunately, this episode will help you do just that. Here’s what to listen out for: [02:46] Hear Jill’s thoughts on why women have such a hard time talking about money.[04:36] Does magic flow into your life? [08:10] How do you change a belief that’s no longer serving you? [10:11] Do you take ‘Response Ability’? [13:39] Interested in online course creation? Learn more about the Course Creator’s Bootcamp. [16:26] Do you ‘should’ on yourself?  [20:47] Joy talks about her experience of setting up a pop-up group.  [26:01] Hear about Jill’s latest venture, the Millionaire Girls Club.  [30:51] Learn more about adopting an abundance mindset.  [35:17] Be unapologetic about your success.  So, if you want to get out of your own way and start playing to win, you need to press play on this week’s episode right now. Oh, and if you want to get in on the online course creation game, be sure to sign up to Jill & Josh Stanton’s next Course Creator’s Bootcamp kicking off this March. For links and resources mentioned in this episode, please visit our website. Shout-out to talented TechPixie Sophie Rose Simmons for doing this awesome voiceover for the pre-roll to the Sparkle and Thrive Podcast. Want to get in touch? We'd love to hear from you.Follow us on social media @techpixies and ping us a DM or drop us a line at support@techpixies.com Thanks for listening!


22 Feb 2021