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The Kathlyn Hart Show | Inspiring Interviews with Badass Women About the Journey from Dreaming to Doing

Ready to earn more, switch careers, start a business, or maybe even quit your job to travel the world, but scared as hell to actually take the leap? Then mama you are in the right place. Finding the courage to get outside of your comfort zone to do something new can be downright scary and overwhelming (especially when it feels like everyone is killing it and you are completely clueless). In this podcast, salary negotiation coach and motivational speaker Kathlyn Hart sits down with inspiring badass women who candidly share all about their journey of going from dreaming to doing.

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038: Attracting the Life You Want to Live with Rachel Rossitto of Rose Holistic

It's sometimes in the darkest of time, that we truly learn to see the light. For this week's guest, Rachel Rossitto of Rose Holistic, it took hitting rock bottom and a trip to the ER for her to start exploring what her greater purpose and big WHY. How did she transform her life from a party girl to a self-loving women's coach, certified holistic health coach, yoga instructor and birth doula? Tune into this week's episode to find out... For full show notes + links to resources visit www.thebigleapshow.com/episode038


28 Sep 2016

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029: Becoming the Boss of Your Life with Emilie Aries of Bossed Up

After finding herself burnt out, broken up with, and laid off all at the same time, this week's guest Emilie Aries knew she needed to make a change. She was tired of putting her job above everything else, only to have it all fall apart, and began asking herself the big questions like, "who do I want to be," instead of "who should I be?" Through reflection and a lot of deep inner work, Emilie realized how much she had been trying to live up to others expectations, rather than tuning into what she wanted to do. Inspired by her journey and the countless other women she's met who struggle with the same challenges she once faced, Emilie founded Bossed Up, the resource she wish she had - an organization to help women create happy, healthy, and sustainable career paths.  For full show notes + links to resources visit: www.thebigleapshow.com/episode029/


26 Jul 2016

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025: Getting Out of Your Own Way with Leah Jachimowicz of Coffee n Cream Letterpress Printing

This week we sit down with Leah Jachimowicz of Coffee n Cream Press Letterpress Printing, San Francisco, CA. A full service specializing in letterpress greeting cards, custom wedding invitations, personalized stationery, mixed media artwork and prints. For full show notes + links to resources visit: www.thebigleapshow.com/episode025/


21 Jun 2016

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019: Be Yourself and Don't Let Anyone Stop You with Cary Williams of Too Pretty Brand

Raise your hand if you've ever been told you can't do something because you're a girl? *hands raise over here - hello* Well, this week's guest was sent that message year after year as a boxer, being told she was "too pretty" for the sport (surprise, surprise for them after she would take her first swing). Now, years into the sport and owner of The Stables boxing studio in Santa Monica, Cary Williams is on a mission to counter that message, and spread the good gospel that you are never "too pretty" to do anything you want. Tune in this week as Cary shares... How the Too Pretty Brand came about years of facing people telling her she was "too pretty" to be a boxer, and after noticing young girls she was coaching trying to dress less like a girl in order to be taken seriously. The evolution of the Brand over the past five years from an idea to a clothing brand to a movement The doubts she had in the beginning of her business, and how she stays true to her vision for the brand regardless of what others say Why she started a Kickstarter campaign, and how you can support the Movement How she supports herself financially and how she balances her time between the Too Pretty Brand and her boxing studio Advice to aspiring business owners For full show notes + links to resources visit: www.thebigleapshow.com/episode019/


10 May 2016

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003: Showing Up, Starting and Supporting Others with Lindsay Jean Thomson of Women Catalysts

Today we are sitting down with a special guest who is near and dear to my heart.  Lindsay Jean Thomson is a life coach and one-half of Women Catalysts, an organization dedicated to igniting women into action. I met Lindsay at a time I was desperately seeking other women entrepreneurs and big dreamers to connect with.  For over two years prior to meeting Lindsay, I had been heads down thinking that I could "do everything on my own." Eventually the weight of trying to do it all on my own caught up with me and I realized I needed to find a local community of women to support me. So I started attending every networking event I could find on Meetup and Eventbrite in an attempt to find "my people."  After dozens and dozens of awkward conversations filled primarily with silent uneasiness I almost gave up. Until I found Women Catalyst. Within seconds of walking into my first event, I could feel how this was no ordinary community.  Instead of the uncomfortable small talk, I instantly found myself surrounded by bold, vibrant, curious women who I couldn't stop chatting away with... of course the delicious glass of wine was a nice bonus to help us all feel more relaxed ;) Since that first event I haven't been able to stop talking about and going to these events, and for that reason I am so grateful to Lindsay for taking the leap and starting this community. In this episode, she'll be sharing: How she went from being a lost 20-something working in PR to a yoga teacher and eventually found herself buying a one way ticket to San Francisco from D.C. where she continued work as a yoga teacher, became a life coach and then founded Women Catalysts with her friend Kim Hunter. How the idea of Women Catalyst came about, and why it was important for her and Kim to not only give a platform to women leaders, but also help develop the next generation of women leaders. Lessons around beginning a networking event series and her advice to others who are inspired to do the same. For full show notes + links to resources visit www.thebigleapshow.com/episode003


18 Jan 2016

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021: Turning Your Voice into a Business with Voice Actor Carrie Olsen

Know that catchy commercial voice you can’t get out of your head?  That my friend might just be the voice of this week’s guest, Carrie Olsen. Tune in as voice actor Carrie Olsen shares... How she went from working in eLearning to discovering voice acting and launching a full time business in it within only 4 months A behind the scenes peak behind her first few gigs and what it was like to take the leap The importance of her voice coach in helping her take her work to the next level Her aggressive marketing and outreach plan + lessons in learning to prioritize and say no Final pieces of advice for anyone looking to take the big leap For full show notes + links to resources visit: www.thebigleapshow.com/episode021/


24 May 2016

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023: Following Your Curiosity with Stephanie Halligan Art to Self

Today get ready for a big ole dose of self-love, as we sit down with Stephanie Halligan, the motivational cartoonist behind Art to Self. After years of climbing the traditional career route, she found herself suddenly say, "Noooo, this is not where I'm supposed to be, something isn't right." Unsure of what "right" was she followed her curiosity and started The Empowered Dollar, a blog where she shared her story of paying off student loans and gave advice to others on how to do the same.   While it was a step forward, something still wasn't quite right. Tune in as Stephanie shares... What she was like as a child, how she lost her desire to create, and her job in the real world after graduating from college. The shift that took place once she found herself in the "dream job," and how she started her first blog, The Empowered Dollar on the side as a creative outlet. The evolution of The Empowered Dollar, and how it became a safe place for her to share her creativity as well as build her confidence around sharing a message with the world (and also surprisingly lead to a side hustle which turned into her own consulting practice). Her words of wisdom on following your curiosity which lead to the creation of her new blog, Art to Self, as well as her recent book, "Happy to Be Me, A Tree: A tall tale of growth and self-love." Recommendations on building a growing and audience, as well as parting words on how to keep going when you feel stuck and in a rut. For full show notes + links to resources visit: www.thebigleapshow.com/episode023/


8 Jun 2016

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030: Overcoming Challenges and Choosing Your Attitude with Eve Peters of Whim

"When you at first don’t succeed, get back up and try again." This week we sit down with Eve Peters, founder of dating app Whim (the app that gets you from phone to date in just few taps), to hear all about her journey of starting two businesses within the dating realm, challenges and lessons learned along the way, and tips and nuggets of wisdom on how you can take the leap and start a business of your own as well.  For full show notes + links to resources visit www.thebigleapshow.com/episode030


2 Aug 2016

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007: It's Never Too Late for a New Dream with Emily Chase Smith of Chase Smith Press

Who says just because you get a law degree you need to be chained to a life of pantsuits and working 9-9 for the rest of your life? Today's guest Emily Chase Smith of Smith Chase Press realized pretty quickly in her 20s that her and law were a terrible fit. As fate would have it, she was forced to explore what she wanted to do when she and her then husband moved to Prague and she was suddenly unable to practice the career she had spent so many years working towards. Tune in to this week's episode to hear how this powerhouse of a woman made - not just one, but many leaps from law, to consulting work, to speaker and now author and coach and her words of wisdom on how you can do the same! In this episode, she'll be sharing: How after realizing she didn’t want to continue a career in law, she found the permission to start dreaming of a new career during her time living in Prague as she began listening to various podcasts and reading books like Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love. Worked as a bankruptcy attorney after she moved back and that morphed into consultant for small businesses about their finances.  Seeing the same pattern and that’s when she started speaking and wrote her book, The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur How, even though she enjoyed the freedom of being a consultant and speaker, she was challenged to relook at her life when her friend asked the big question, “Is this really what you want to be doing with your life,” leading her back to one of her oldest passions of writing, and how she was able to turn that passion into her next career. For full show notes + links to resources visit www.thebigleapshow.com/episode007


15 Feb 2016

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015: Finding the Courage to Start, Scale & Sell a Business with Bonnie Coberly of Healthy Bites

It's not every day for me I get to sit down with someone who has started, scaled and sold her own company.  When I met Bonnie Coberly at a local networking event just weeks after she had moved to San Francisco from Washington D.C. after selling her company Healthy Bites I knew we needed to hear her story on our show. First off how does one get to the point where they can SELL there company?  But more importantly for our conversation here on The Big Leap Show, what was the journey like? Tune in this week as Bonnie shares... How her personal experience with a digestive disorder and her road to discovering changing her diet inspired her to start learning about food and nutrition. The five-year process of slowly shifting careers to do marketing in health-related companies to eventually getting certified as a health coach. What inspired her to start her own food delivery in 2009, and how she tested her idea at the beginning and one of the craziest stories she can remember What she learned in her first few years of business, her words of wisdom on picking a business partner, and her transition to wanting to sell the business and start her next journey in California How she’s changed as a person through the process of owning and selling her own company. For full show notes + links to resources visit: www.thebigleapshow.com/episode015/


12 Apr 2016

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Reprogramming Your Mind For Success

The thoughts that we have on a daily basis affect how we feel about ourselves and the actions we then take. What happens though when these thoughts are based in fear though? Naturally, they will cause us to doubt ourselves and keep us small and safe. A habit I've been building to help me counter these negative thoughts is using audio affirmations to reprogram my mind. By recording what I want to believe and playing it over and over, I've noticed a huge difference in the thoughts that I have on a daily basis. In this week's episode, I wanted to share with you a mini audio program that you can use to reprogram your mind and thoughts for success as well. I hope you enjoy! For full show notes + links to resources visit: http://www.kathlynhart.com/episode059 ✨ Share the Love ✨ Tag me @iamkathlynhart on Instagram or Twitter and share your favorite nugget using the hashtag #TheKathlynHartShow ✨ Leave a Review ✨ Loving the show and want to help spread the word? Make my day and leave a review in iTunes! This will help us rank higher so that more badass individuals like yourself can hear these conversations. … and lastly, have an amazing day :) xoxo, Kathlyn


24 Apr 2019

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012: Challenging Yourself to Earn Your Worth with Stefanie O'Connell of The Broke and Beautiful Life

Quick question, if you were a writer, which sounds better to you... writing 67 articles for $30 a pop, or 1 article for $13,000? I'm guessing I know your answer :) If you're like me, the thought of getting over $10,000 for one article is MIND-BLOWING.  For this week's bold and daring guest however, this has become her reality. Tune in as Stefanie shares... How The Broke and Beautiful Life got it’s start, and how learning about money has been a game changer in her life The determination that was created to turn her blog into a business because she was sick and tired of babysitting and checking coats in order to make her rent. How she found the courage to increase her rates from $30 a post to over $10,000! The voices that she battled with in the beginning as a financial expert, and how she moved through them. Her advice and encouragement to others to make sure their whatever they are doing on a daily basis is in alignment with their bigger picture of what they want in their life For full show notes + links to resources visit: www.thebigleapshow.com/episode012/


21 Mar 2016

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008: Believing in Yourself and Never Giving Up with Leah McKendrick of Villainess Productions

Imagine working your whole life to become a singer, finally landing a record deal, moving across country to start recording your music... only to have it all be taken from underneath you.   Today we sit down with an incredibly inspiring guest Leah McKendrick of Villianess Productions who shares with us her story of recreating herself as a writer, producer and actress after the folding of her record label and her words of wisdom on the importance of believing in yourself and never giving up. In this episode, she'll be sharing: 2:15 - Her story of how she went from an aspiring singer to award winning writer, producer, and actress. 5:35 - Dealing with depression following the folding of her record company, and how she refocused her energy into producing live singing performances as a next step instead of giving up 9:35 - The mindset shifts she’s had to learn and make that has helped her to make it in the Entertainment industry 15:36 - Realizing how she needed to create a life outside of her work in order to not burn herself out 17:00 - The gifts she's seen from her experience and how it propels her forward 18:40 - What she's working on next, and advice to anyone else looking to go for their dreams. For full show notes + links to resources visit www.thebigleapshow.com/episode008


22 Feb 2016

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033: Creating a Freedom Lifestyle with Rebecca Tracey of The Uncaged Life

Dream about starting your own business, working from wherever, and never having to put on pants again? Well, you're not alone.   This week's guest Rebecca Tracey of The Uncage Life is the queen of the no-pants party and is on a mission to help as many other business owners create their own freedom lifestyle. How did she get her start? I'll give you a hint... It included a van, shotty McDonalds WiFi and a whole lot of drive (pun most definitely intended) 😜🚙  For full show notes + links to resources visit www.thebigleapshow.com/episode033


23 Aug 2016

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009: Listening to Your Intuition with Caroline Winegeart of Made Vibrant

If you find yourself crying everyday after work you know something might be wrong...  For Caroline Winegeart this wake up call was the beginning of a journey of learning to really listen to her intuition and find the courage to act on it and become her whole authentic self. In this episode, she'll be sharing: 3:25 - How she found her entrepreneurial spirit and the creation of her design studio and blog Made Vibrant. 7:38 - Early days in marketing, learning to listen to her intuition, and dealing with the fears of quitting her job (especially around disappointing others) 17:35 - A huge life decision she had to make which helped to built her courage muscle 21:00 - Differentiating between your intuition talking vs. knowing if you need to just keep persisting, and the mental tapes that play in her head and how she deals with them 25:30 - Final words on her recent TEDx Talk and now how her journey has lead her to helping business owners find and share their authentic voice online through their branding For full show notes + links to resources visit www.thebigleapshow.com/episode009


29 Feb 2016

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022: Respecting the Process with Speaker & Author Sahar Paz

Today's interview is one that's very special to me.  Just over two years ago I met and sat down with speaker and author Sahar Paz for an interview series I was doing for my blog Bitches Work.  Sitting down with Sahar, was like sitting in front of a mirror... a mirror that I didn't want to look at.  Her message was and continues to be simple yet powerful - find your voice and learn how to turn your negative thoughts and emotions into your allies. Tune in this week as Sahar shares... The people pleasing journey that she lead her to the edge of the Brooklyn Bridge in an attempt to commit suicide, and the life changing shift that happened within her leading to the big question, “What am I here for?” Facing burnout again at 33 from her non-profit, and stripping down her identity to reflect and practice “being” instead of continuing to create, create, create. How she works with the relationship between thoughts and emotions and her advice to others who are looking to take a leap Navigating the twists and turns in her entrepreneurial journey and final thoughts on building your soldiers of support, showing up, and giving yourself permission to be curious and patient with your journey. For full show notes + links to resources visit: www.thebigleapshow.com/episode022/


31 May 2016

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004: Testing Your Product and Welcoming Feedback with Anna V. of Paper Anniversary

We all hear stories about the overnight business success, but what does it really take to find that kind of success?   Today's guest Anna V., gives us the inside scoop on how her business Paper Anniversary found "overnight success," and her words of wisdom to help you do the same! In this episode, she'll be sharing: How she kept her passion of creating paper jewelry up on the side as a hobby as a way to relax her mind outside of work and how after a combination of luck and preparation she was able to turn her hobby into a full time business. How the success of her business allowed her to dream about where she wanted to live, and actually freely make the move from Canada to California. Why she advises others to put something out before you’re established, and her take on why it’s important as a business owner to be open to change, uncertainty and open to listening to what our customers want, not just what we want. For full show notes + links to resources visit www.thebigleapshow.com/episode004


25 Jan 2016

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041: Trusting Your Gut and Bursting Through Open Doors with Dyan Dolfi-Offutt of Soda Pop PR

What happens when our first dream doesn't work out?  We find our second dream of course ;) At least that's the wisdom from this week's guest Dyan Dolfi-Offut. After the sudden passing of her mother, Dyan realized at 27 that the dream she once had to make it in Hollywood was no longer the dream she wanted to chase. Instead, she found her heart calling for PR, the field she had studied all through college. But how was she able to not only land a job after 5 years of no experience in the field but rise to the top and then go on to start her own company Soda Pop PR a few short years later? Tune into this week's episode of The Big Leap Show to find out... For full show notes + links to resources visit www.thebigleapshow.com/episode041


20 Oct 2016

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006: Staying True To Yourself, Yet Open to Change with Rachel Schneider of Bluebelle Concierge

This week on The Big Leap Show we sit down with Rachel Schneider, co-founder of Bluebelle Concierge. In this episode, she'll be sharing: How her company Bluebelle Concierge started with the intention of providing lifestyle support to older senior adults, but pivoted when their inquires started coming more from start up companies who were looking for help for their overwhelmed professionals. Her experience co-founding Bluebelle Concierge with her best friend and how their lives changed after they made the big leap. Why she feels it’s important not only to your happiness, but for the betterment of your company to hire out and not feel the need to do everything yourself. Her definition of success and what she recommends for others as they are looking to begin their journey into entrepreneurship. For full show notes + links to resources visit www.thebigleapshow.com/episode006


8 Feb 2016

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005: Learning from Mistakes and Finding Strength from Within with Adesina Dowers of Hot Spot Yoga

Hot mama on a mission! Time to stop sweating the small stuff and go out there and make it happen. At least that's what Adesina Dowers of Hot Spot Yoga is sharing with us this week's podcast! In this episode, she'll be sharing: Why she felt she needed to quit her marketing job at Island Def Jam in New York, reconnect with her yoga practice and move across country to Berkeley, California. How her desire to open a yoga studio evolved from noticing a gap in the industry where she realized she could serve people who wouldn’t normally take a yoga class (with the help of some bubbly and Wu Tang). How she got past the voices in her head asking “Are you good enough, should you be here,” and learned to trust herself, her intuition, and to value who she is as a person. The scary challenges she faced when opening up a yoga studio, and how she was able to keep focus, stay positive and keep moving forward. For full show notes + links to resources visit www.thebigleapshow.com/episode005


1 Feb 2016

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