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Business Bootcamp Podcast is made for small business owners.My name is Mike Andes. I started college at the age of 13 with full intention of going to medical school. I went to school for an MBA and now I own a landscaping company, an Anytime Fitness gym, and 3 online businesses. I share my highs, lows, and experiences being an entrepreneur. You can learn from my mistakes and identify with the day-to-day struggles of a small business owner.Call in or ask a question online and get concrete advice about your company. If you are looking to START, GROW, OR SAVE your business I want to help you! Learn from business people and seasoned entrepreneurs as they share their personal stories and experiences on the interview portion of the show.

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How to Double Your Income in 2017 - Ep.138

Here are the 5 things that will help you DOUBLE your personal and/or business income in 2017 1.) Hire Someone to do EVERYTHING in Your Business Besides Sales You've gotta focus on the key drivers of growth and the #1 item you must pay attention to is sales and revenue generation. Yes, payroll, expense tracking, web design, office organization etc are all important but having a clean desk or perfectly design Profit/Loss Statement won't double your business in one year. Outsource clerical/admin tasks or hire someone to do them for you. 2.) Call Your 10 Dream Clients/Customers Which companies or persons would blow your business up if they became paying customers? Write them down -- call them. Better yet, walk into their office and show them you mean business about doing business with them 3.) Track Your Time and Work 8% More Per Day 8% is just 2 hours per day. That might mean cutting out some TV time or mindlessly fingering through magazines or watching sports highlights on YouTube, but the results of this ultra productivity will pay big dividends -- not just financial ones either. Get your focus on time, it' the one thing you got! 4.) Cut Your Monthly Expenses by 25% That might mean selling the big house in the nice neighborhood or downsizing from the Mercedes E-Class to a Honda Accord. Or it might just mean not eating out and going to the movies 3-4 times/week. Decrease your expenses, limit you junk, live a more fulfilling life. 5.) Know You Numbers and Set Bench Marks If you want to go from $30K / year to $60K per year you will need to increase your income by $2500 per month. Set benchmarks. In the next 6 months you need to increase your monthly income by $1250. Seem hard? That just means you need to make $42 more each day. Know your numbers, break it down, set benchmarks.


3 Jan 2017

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You've Been Marketing Wrong! - Ep.115

If you have been using "promotional" marketing tactics you have been doing it wrong all along. Get higher paying, higher quality clients by using alternate methods of marketing that build relationships and trust with potential customers.


2 Sep 2016

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7 Areas You Must Systemize in Your Small Business - Ep.86

How do you grow a small business? How do you scale it to become larger, more profitable, and efficient? SYSTEMS. Creating systems and procedures is important in developing a successful business and Mike shows you the areas of your business that must be systematized.


13 Mar 2016

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How to Start Business While Doing Shift Work - Ep. 129

Have a great idea but work shift work? Andrew writes in with a question. He works 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off in the mini industry and wants to start a moving company.


28 Nov 2016

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How to Go From Idea --to --Business - Ep.158

Aaron lives in Vancouver and emailed a question about starting a mobile fitness business for HR departments. Mike gives advice on creating a minimum viable product, and making real businesses out the ideas you have!


14 Mar 2017

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How to Interview 30 People in 2 Days

I recently hired a few people for my business... it took me 30 interviews to get those successful candidates. Here are 4 of the things I use in my interview process to find and hire great talent while retaining a great company culture.  Questions? Go to BusinessBootcampPodcast.com This episode is sponsored by Gusto. Go to Gusto.com/bootcamp for a free 90 day trial of their payroll and employee benefits software


25 Jan 2019

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Q&A - How to Optimize Your Website - Ep.122

AJ has an online commerce store that sells car racing parts. Mike gives him some pointers on SEO, speed and design, as well as conversion on his website.


12 Oct 2016

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4 Reasons Why You Must Grow Your Business to $1M

I know what it is like to start at zero... I know what it's like to hire your first employee... and I know what it is like to run a business that makes less than $1M in annual revenue. Today, I share 4 reasons why you should scale your business to at least a 7-figure company. Questions? Go to BusinessBootcampPodcast.com This episode is sponsored by Gusto. Go to Gusto.com/bootcamp for a free 90 day trial of their payroll and employee benefits software.


17 Mar 2019

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Cash Flow Rules! - Ep.224

On this show we talk about how to improve your cash flow sing hard and soft systems. I also share some customers experience encounters I have had as well as the book I am currently listening to. Have a question on how to start, grow, or save your business? Go to businessbootcamppodcast.com/contact This episode is sponsored by Gusto. Listeners of the show can go to Gusto.com/bootcamp and receive a FREE 90 Day trail of the payroll and benefits software!


23 Jan 2018

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How to Start Making Money Online as a Side-Hustle - Ep.234

Today, I share how and why I started the podcast and how it has morphed into LandscapeBusinessCourse.com I share about the online business side of things and how you can replicate my success by focussing on 1.) Your Passion and 2.) Your Audience


28 Mar 2018

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Interview: How to Get Paid for Speaking - Ep.119

Recorded LIVE from FinCon in San Diego. Mike sits down with speaker and entrepreneur, Adam Carroll to discuss his speaking career and how he makes money sharing his financial message with college aged millennials.


26 Sep 2016

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Google+ is The Biggest Deal! - Ep. 116

Some people forget that Google is a business. They are also the most used search engine in the world and a great way to market to potential clients... The result of this is that using Google products gives a you a better chance of succeeding in the SEO game.


9 Sep 2016

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What Toyota Can Teach Small Businesses (Lean Management: Interview w/ Paul Akers)

Today, I interview the godfather of LEAN, Paul Akers. Lean is a concept in business and life of cutting waste and making processes more efficient. Paul is the owner of a renowned manufacturing facility that uses techniques from Toyota and Japanese manufacturers to make their people and processes ultra-efficient. Paul is the author of a book I highly recommend called, "2-Second Lean" Questions? Go to BusinessBootcampPodcast.com This episode is sponsored by Gusto. Go to Gusto.com/bootcamp for a free 90 day trial of their payroll and employee benefits software.


27 Feb 2019

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Ep6: Interview - Clay Prototype to 1 Million Unit Sold w/ inventor Julie Austin | startup | inventing | entrepreneur

It was a hot day in Texas and Julie Austin was a dehydrated runner... it was then she had an idea. Follow her journey from that moment until several years later she owns a production and distribution business that produces a NASDAQ award-winning product that's shipped around the world. Shownotes Come on the Show


22 Jan 2015

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How to Build a 7-Figure Service Business Using Facebook Ads

Today, I share the specific tactics I've used for online direct response marketing. Click, Create, Convert. These are the steps to creating a seven figure business, regardless if you are online, offline, retail or service-based. Questions? Go to BusinessBootcampPodcast.com This episode is sponsored by Gusto. Go to Gusto.com/bootcamp for a free 90 day trial of their payroll and employee benefits software.


29 Apr 2019

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Partnerships, 2017 Goals, and the Law of Attraction - Ep. 130

Q&A with Mike about partnerships. How to start a partnership correctly and how to overcome disagreements during a partnership. Mike also talks about his 2017 goals and planning practices and the one thing that every entrepreneur needs -- ACTION!


5 Dec 2016

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The Hustle is Real - Ep.190

Today I share about what my company is up to and the decisions that we have coming up next week to start a second location and franchise the concept.


12 Jun 2017

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Quit Your Job in 6 Months - Ep. 93

Hate your job? Want to create your own business and take the entrepreneurial plunge? Mike tells you the steps to doing this over the course of the next 6 months. Following these steps will ensure the business succeeds and you don't go hungry in the mean time.


18 May 2016

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Reverse Engineering Your Customer - Ep. 132

Mike answers two questions from a small business owner that has a big idea for the painting industry. Instead of thinking about what you can get out of the sale, think from the point of view of your customer... your needs will work themselves out if you do that!


12 Dec 2016

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Forget Your Product! You Sell Reactions - Ep.194

You don't sell products or services! You sell the reactions that your product/service creates. The food, mowed lawn, built house, etc are just the vehicle to create a positive reaction by your client.


17 Jul 2017

Rank #20