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THE CARDONE ZONE is the one place to find everything Grant Cardone: Real Estate Investing Made Simple, Power Player interviews with superstar entrepreneurs, authors, experts, coaches, and business leaders; The G&E Show - the business of Marriage and How to Build an Empire; Digital Marketing tips; Young Hustlers for Sales Professionals; and much, much more!

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442: Power Players with David Goggins

On this episode of Power Players, I sit down with David Goggins, a retired navy seal, best selling author, and endurance athlete to talk about his new book, "Can't Hurt Me" which is available on amazon. This is a must watch interview. Come spend 3 days with me in our upcoming 10X Growth Conference in Miami. Get the best deals at https://10xgrowthcon.com/tickets


19 Dec 2018

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How to make the most of the 10X Growth Con

Tune into today's episode of Young Hustlers to prepare for 10X Growth Conference 2020. Be ready to implement these 3 solid tips to ensure you have the most memorable experience ever.


7 Feb 2020

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212: How to Sell Yourself

On today’s episode, Grant talks about something that even some of the 2016 presidential candidates could use a few tips about—how to sell yourself. Simply showing up is not enough. Grant discusses how some of the GOP candidates may have been on-stage, but they didn’t show-up to blow-up. Watch Grant discuss these three rules to selling yourself: 1. Show up, and then show up again — then show off 2. Claim the stage as the authority 3. Sell who you are Think of your life as a movie and remember you are the producer, director and writer. That being said, it is invaluable to learn how to present yourself in a moment and command an audience.


15 Apr 2016

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The ONE Thing Holding You Back


2 Jul 2020

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204: How to Make Your First Million

12 Steps to Make Your First Million: 1. Never Been Easier 2. Saving Won’t Do 3. Live Below Your Means 4. Tax Angles 5. Mature From Income to Investor 6. Boss Up 7. Automate a Pay-Yourself-First Program 8. Be in a Hurry 9. Do the Millionaire Math 10. Do Not Diversify 11. Multiple Flows 12. Avoid Spending Money


19 Feb 2016

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3 Ways to Increase Revenue Today


21 May 2020

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How to Handle Pressure

How do the Cardones handle pressure as a couple? What are their go-to tactics to make it work even when the going gets tough? Today you’ll learn that while trust is an extremely important factor for them, having fun is just as vital. When you remind each other that you’re playing on the same team you learn how to have fun with it and reshape what pressure looks like. Tune in for more insight!


30 Jan 2020

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3 Steps to Inspire Your Day

Here are 3 simple steps to inspire your day!


13 Jan 2020

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252: Time is Money

There is a direct relationship between time and money—they are connected. What do they have in common? If you want more money, you really want more time. Speed is the new big. You need to either go half as far or twice as fast. If you could have more of time or money, which of them would you choose? Time is money. Time is distance / speed, so if you want to get rich you have to do more with your time or buy other people’s time. Grant is in a hurry. When you slow down you become less valuable. Grant is in a hurry. When you slow down you become less valuable. Plant more crops each day and you’ll have a bigger harvest. Here are 3 tips today: 1. Decide to control time. 2. Make Priorities. 3. Multiply time. The same 3 problems exist with time and money. People don’t know how to make it, keep it, or multiply it. It’s the same 3 problems.


17 Feb 2017

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5 Tips that Made Me 7-Figures

Do you know where you see yourself in the next 5 years?… That question is so common and almost makes everyone cringe. Good news is, it doesn’t have to feel that way. When you set up a plan for yourself that you truly commit to and honor, you’ll be excited to answer that question that was once so scary. In today’s episode of Young Hustlers, tune in to learn 5 simple yet demanding tips that will get you to generate a 7 figure income.


17 Oct 2019

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193: Cold Calling is Dead Because You Suck

On today’s episode Grant discusses the art of cold calling. It’s necessary and unavoidable for everyone at some point in their lives—especially for entrepreneurs. As long as you need something in business -- more clients, a permit, a loan or a favor, you will have to get to the right person, get their attention and convince them to take action. Tune-in and watch Grant role play with various callers and critique their cold calling pitches. Grant offers tons of valuable information to make your cold call a successful one: Here are a few tips to master the cold call: 1. Be confident 2. Open with your reason for calling 3. Offer a bold claim early in the call Cold calling is one of those things an entrepreneur must learn to master. The sooner you start to cold call as a way to promote your business, the better off you will be.


20 Nov 2015

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330: CZ "How to Double Money"

Inflation is decreasing the value of your money. Know how to calculate the future value of your money, so you can make sure to invest in the right vehicles to always have cash flow.


1 Jun 2018

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338: CZ "Be Hard on Yourself"

We all need to be tough on ourselves. That means being honest with ourselves. Taking a hard look at our environment, situations and how we are acting and making decisions. You need to make sure you are protecting yourself and personal environment. And sometimes, many times in fact, that will involve making hard decisions. The right thing is almost always the hardest thing to do.


15 Jun 2018

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467: Three Things You Must Do to Be Successful in Sales

Check out this episode with Jarrod Glandt on 3 things you MUST do to have success in sales!


8 Feb 2019

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309: Millenial Money Mistakes

We all have made money mistakes—but the problem is for many, they keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again. You must learn from these common mistakes if you're ever going to create big wealth in your life. Here are some top money mistakes: #1 Being Short-Sighted #2 Not Developing Any Skill Set #3 Making Zero Investments to Learn More About Money #4 Living Above Your Means #5 Not making investments in time and money to get better


26 Apr 2018

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515: How to Set Goals to Become a Millionaire

In order to become a millionaire you need people. You need loyal, competent and hardworking people on your side. When I changed my goals, I added a 0 to my numbers and people on my team. You’re not going to reach your goals without having people involved.In order to become a millionaire you need people. You need loyal, competent and hardworking people on your side. When I changed my goals, I added a 0 to my numbers and people on my team. You’re not going to reach your goals without having people involved.


31 May 2019

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The Passive Income Formula

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. Can you imagine getting a check for not working each month for say, $10,000 or (120K) a year in dividends? Wouldn't that be nice? I am going to show you how to do the math and what investment vehicles will do that for you.


9 Nov 2019

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456: Three Targets You Need in 2019

Learn the 3 specific goals and targets you need for 2019 in this episode of the Cardone Zone!


14 Jan 2019

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158: How to Buy Multi-Family Apartments

In this previously aired episode, Grant Cardone, successful entrepreneur, best selling author and real estate investor shares the secrets to multifamily investing. For over 25 years Grant Cardone has been investing in multifamily real estate. He believes the America is becoming a renter’s nation offering a great opportunity to create additional income. Grant offers so many helpful details and announces a new show where he will take an even deeper dive into the many things associated with multifamily properties. In this episode Grant discusses the reason one should invest in apartments: Why to invest in multifamily real estate: 1. Preserve capital. 2. Protect yourself long-term. 3. Multiple flows of income. 4. Leverage (debt vs. money down) 5. Expenses paid by others. He also offers concise definitions of terminology associated with multifamily investing such as Cap Rate, Price Per Unit, Pro Forma, Trailing 12 and Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR). Grant underscores that it is incredibly important one understands all that is involved so they can have the certainty and courage to pull the trigger. He suggests starting where you live, where you can go see units and understand the area. This episode of Cardone Zone sets up a new show that Grant will do on Whatever It Takes Network focusing on creating wealth through multifamily investing. If you’re wondering how you can get started tune in.


13 Mar 2015

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329: YH "Tie Your Sales to Your Finances"

You're at 1 of 3 points in your life right now: #1 Basic Needs #2 Reinvesting #3 Multiplying When you're at basic needs, you're only getting enough to survive, you're never improving your life. When you finally start to reinvest in you, you begin to grow. Investment leads you to be able to multiply what you have. Tie your sales to finances and you'll make more money, be more motivated, and be able to help other people


31 May 2018

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