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Can Girls Sell!!! HELL YES! How to sell 1000+ Pest in 1 year - Amy Spencer

Amy is an amazing woman that is one of the best in the pest control business. She had always grown up in a competitive environment and she really decided to take it upon herself to be an inspiration to all other female reps that they too can THROW DOWN. She is the leading sales rep at Vantage Pest Control, and hit over 1000 acts in 2018. She is excited to share her ways of doing that on this podcast and tips and tricks for female knockers out there.


31 Aug 2018

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Connor Rockwood - 400+ alarm accounts 2 years in a row - How to

What makes a 400+ alarm rep? Golden door award winner at D2DconInvest into your business!


24 Feb 2018

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Straight Line Selling in a Nutshell - Jordan Belfort "Real Wolf of Wallstreet"

Jordan Belfort: Famous for the movie "Wolf of Wallstreet" We talk about the importance of door to door selling, and Jordan's passion for it. How he got started in door to door sales in the meat industry and how that shaped his career. He is excited to speak to our D2D Tribe at D2DCON in Jan 2019We dive into the principles he teach out of his book "The Way of the Wolf" Straight Line Persuasion. Make sure to share this podcast and come to D2Dcon in January d2dcon.com


19 Oct 2018

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Confidence is Everything in this Job: Craig Manning - Mental Performance Coach

We need to master our own mental performance more importantly than our sales skills!ONE OF THE BEST PODCASTS!!!Dr. Craig Manning is a Human Performance Scientist and the bestselling author of The Fearless Mind.A Professor of Performance Psychology at Brigham Young University for over fifteen years, he is alsoa Mental Performance Consultant for the University's athletic department. His clients include theCleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, Red Bull High Performance, Virginia Football, Oregon StateFootball, US Ski and US Snowboarding teams, and a roster of companies and Professionals aroundthe world.Dr. Manning has found the strongest correlation to high performance is Cognitive Control or MentalStrength. It is how well we use our mind that really matters. His Mental Strength Coaching unlockshuman potential, by eliminating interfering variables thus maximizing your performance.Dr. Manning has played tennis at both the Professional and collegiate levels. He has been a three-timeConference Coach of the Year at a Division 1 school while building it into a national Top 20 program,and he earned his Ph.D. at one of the elite doctoral programs in the country. Dr. Manning hasexperienced the highest level of human performance from the perspective of player, coach and appliedscientist.After more than 25 years of research and application in the field of human performance, Dr. Manninghas found that the key to success in athletic, business or personal lives is in the application of criticalskills. His methodology utilizes a scientific approach built around the natural laws of the mind toaccelerate human performance.Dr. Manning earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in Psychology from Brigham YoungUniversity, and a Doctorate in Performance Psychology from the University of Utah.


26 Oct 2018

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How to Be a Beast on The Doors - Dave Austin and Josh Brecheisen

DAVE AUSTIN brings out the best in his clients, many of which are the elite and professional athletes you watch on TV everyday. He is a highly sought after “mental performance coach” who has worked not only at the professional sports level, but also at every other level along the way.Josh shares some of his expertise as a coach,  "As a Soar coach, I leverage my years of experience as a headhunter to help people land the job they want. I spent so much time on the other side of the desk, only being able to hire a select few and turning so many away that I had a great desire to give out more "yesses" and less "nos." I wanted to tell more people what was right with them instead of telling them what was wrong."


8 Jan 2020

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Module #5 - Urgency Hack - Sam Taggart

How avoid "let me think about it" in your door to door sales. Make sure you do your presentation correctly to tee yourself up for success.


23 Aug 2017

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Psychology of Overcoming Objections and Referrals - Brandon Brown #1 Cutco

Brandon was the #1 Sales rep out of THOUSANDS in CUTCO the last 3 years in a row. He has managed to sell over $800,000 worth of knives in one year, breaking multiple national records. One things cutco does better than most companies is referrals and events. We dive into some of Brandons best practices to close more deals with face to face selling. He walks us through his referral process to make his business work for him.


6 Jul 2018

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How to be a Golden Door Winner in Door to Door Sales ROOKIE year! Jake Peden - Pest Control

Jake Peden was a trainer for NFL football teams, and he then decided to cut his teeth in Door to Door sales. He found that this was much like training, the more you worked at it the better you became. He goes over what it takes to be a top performer and closer in this industry. He also dives into how he sells so many pest control every day! Must listen!


14 Jul 2018

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How to Manifest your Results in Door to Door Sales - Its all Mindset - Russell Dean

#1 Spectrum Sales Rep in the country the last three years. Russell dives in to the best ways to becoming a top rep in door to door sales, and improving your mental mojo. How to stay positive throughout the tough time everyone typically has knocking doors.


23 Jun 2018

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Shoney Ivens - Regional Xcite - 0-4000 Acts in 2 years - Selling like a BOS

Learn how to Close more deals - We go through exactly how he pitches and some of his closesHow to recruit strong leadersWent from 0-4000 satellite accounts in the last 2 yearsOver 500 personal deals


16 Dec 2017

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How to Build a Massive Business Knocking Doors - Ed Mylett

The really successful people in life KNOCK DOORS." Nothing is beneath them. They are willing to make the cold calls, and they are leading from the front. Ed Myett wasn't an introvert by nature. He was commonly shy, so we talked about ways one can really build confidence. 1) Keep agreements with your self!2) Max out.. go the extra mile on everything you do. How to really impact as a leader. You have to be able to link your people gifts they have to what they want. Pull the greatness out of an individual. When recruiting - recruit to an environment. Excited to have Ed Mylett speak at D2DCON Jan 18th in SLC UT.


29 Oct 2019

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The Most Common Mistakes First Year Reps Make in D2D Sales: Lenny Gray - D2D Millionaire

How to sell pest control door to door from one of the industry legends Lenny Gray - D2D Millionaire. Author of D2D Millionaire. He has trained and worked with thousands of reps over the years and found the biggest problems around first year reps. This would be a great training for your new guys and have them listen to this before they start on the doors.


25 Sep 2018

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Setema Gali - Coach, Author, Former Vivint Manager, Superbowl Champion

Learn the 6 H's that kept Setema successful on the doorsLearn about the transition out of the doorsLearn how Setema has had a balance in his life and how to do that. Amazing passion and drive from this man that went from rags to riches, rags to riches, and found success "after the game"


19 Oct 2017

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Truly Figure out What is Your 100% - Josh Zuniga- Pacing 1500 Pest Act 2019 - Owner Urbanex

Often times in door to door sales we don't really give it our all. There are hundreds of reps out there that don't fully give it their 100% but are super talented. They don't realize what their true potential is, and never will tap into it. For years Josh got pretty good results. It wasn't till he decided to transform his physique that he really realized he could do hard things, and really push himself. He woke his mind up and started performing at the highest level ever in pest control. He has now sold over $16,000 in a day. 28 in a day, and done some record breaking things.


16 Jun 2019

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Brian Harmon - 770 Satellite 2017 - Habits are everything

There are very few people ever sold over 700+ personal satellite accounts in 1 year! He goes into how he does it. What does it day look like, and how he leverages referrals to sell higher volume!


20 Apr 2018

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Nathaniel Olsen - VP of Sales Training New Star- 608 in 90 days - Crossfit World Qualifier

How to sell over 600 satellite deals, and what he does to close better. What make someone so good at the job.


20 Nov 2017

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How to Maximize D2D Sales - Sam Taggart

Sam Taggart400+ Alarm Accounts in a summerOwner and Founder of the D2D Experts & D2Dcon

1hr 11mins

15 Oct 2019

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Walid Halty - CEO Dvinci Energy One of the Youngest Successful Leaders in Solar

How to lead teams and organizations at such a young ageHow to stay organized and accomplish so much when wearing so many hats.How to properly communicate with your reps and people. ACCOUNTABILITY to its finest!(Sorry about my voice... it was GONE)


11 Nov 2017

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Advice for 1st Year Guys to CRUSH: Sean Donley - 700 Direct TV 2018 Rookie Year

Advice for any first year guys, or managers looking to help their first year guys spoken from the best 1st year guy in the industry!Super impressed by this young buck selling more satellite accounts than anyone in the industry in 2018. He really took it to heart and put 2 feet into making door to door sales a career. He walks through his 5 best pieces of advice for those that want to be top performers fast and not have to go through such a steep learning curve.


1 Dec 2018

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Steve Bond - CEO of FIG - Fourplex Investment Group - HOW DO YOU START REAL ESTATE

Learn how Steve has done over $300 million in revenue over the last few years by simply doing GOOD business. Treat your people fairly and make sure to always put your customer first. Integrity goes a long ways. Steve helps people invest in their future to build wealth and long term real estate plays. We do this job to create ourselves financial freedom and now is our chance to do that! Real Estate is an awesome vehicle. Steve is also speaking at D2DCON!


12 Jan 2018

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