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What's my purpose? How can I overcome adversity? Can I find joy in hardship? How can I become my best self? How do I win each day? What’s my perspective? What motivates me? What do I value?Welcome to the Win the Day Productions Podcast where we will answer ALL of these questions and so much more! Your host, Becky Allen is on a mission to help others become the best version of themselves. Each week we'll discover how people are wired, how they process the world and how their strengths can be used to win each day.Can you imagine how differently we would walk out our days if we understood our true value? Can you imagine the collective compound effect of living life this way?Now that looks different for all of us but together we’ll learn how to live the life we’re called to.Ready to be inspired and become a part of the movement? Subscribe, hit play and let's dig in!

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45. Battling Addiction

Addiction is something many of us quietly struggle with. It can show up in different forms, for different reasons and at any stage of life. It's a quiet struggle, until it's not. Three years ago, life was feeling overwhelming for Dave Baumgarten and he found himself in a place he never imagined. His anxiety grew as he experienced loss and grief and so did his drinking habits. He tried to hide his growing addiction but he bottomed out he found himself in the ICU with a blood alcohol content level of .3857. Tune in now to hear Dave share his battle of overcoming addiction, how his wife and support system stuck by him and how God met him in his lowest moment through his battle with addiction and journey to sobriety. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/becky_allen/ SHOW NOTES: https://winthedaypro.com/battling-addiction


22 Jul 2021

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44. 30, 000 Feet

Have you ever experienced an ‘emotional check point’? A déjà vu moment of sorts that totally catches you off guard? Something triggers a memory from your past and it all comes flooding back? I was traveling home recently and I had an emotional check point hit me like a brick wall. The old feelings, stress, anxiety, heaviness and weight of life in that season came flooding back. It took everything I had to breathe and pray through the moment. Moments later I was in the sky looking out my window with tears streaming down my cheeks. I let myself feel that moment but there was more. I couldn’t help but see the growth and the woman I’ve become over the last 3 years since that day. I couldn’t help but wonder what my 30,000 foot view of my life looked like?  Listen now to hear me talk about that emotional check point, that although hard, reminded me that God never leaves us for nothing and that He’s making us into something. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/becky_allen/ SHOW NOTES: https://winthedaypro.com/30000-feet


15 Jul 2021

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43. Feeling your Feelings

How do we know if a feeling is good or bad? Are feelings good or bad? How to match our feelings to our reality? What feeling do you spend the most time feeling? Or the least? What emotional rules have you given yourself? Join my 7 year old daughter, Lainey, and I as we discuss the 'feeling wheel' as we gain a better understanding on what feelings make up our daily input and output and how we can be mindful of letting ourself feel but also letting it go. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/becky_allen/ SHOW NOTES: https://winthedaypro.com/feeling-your-feelings


1 Jul 2021

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42. The Hardest Thing

What dream have you hidden? You know, the one that you’ve tried to forget about? The one you’ve stopped telling others or maybe even yourself because it hurts too much to have it realized but not met? That dream that no matter the doing, distractions and best efforts to ignore, it remains, buried but still alive? It’s so easy to hide the desires of our heart but we can’t from our Creator. He already knows. So what would happen if we stop hiding from ourselves and we start believing in advance what God will make sense of in reverse? Listen in now to hear Becky remind us why it's important to keep telling ourselves our story, trust in the timing and how foresight can be 20/20 as we do the hardest thing. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/becky_allen/ SHOW NOTES: https://winthedaypro.com/the-hardest-thing


24 Jun 2021

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41. 'Be Careful, Have Fun, Good Luck'

Have you lost a parent at a young age? Or perhaps you've struggled with grief and isolation? How does someone overcome the mental battles that comes during hard times? How can we support others through loss and struggle? How can a parent help a child through trauma and difficulties? Four an a half years ago, it was a normal, fall day for 15 year old Dakota Leuzinger. Little did he know that day would be his last time hunting with his dad. Life changed in an instant. Tune in how to hear Dakota bravely share his story of losing his father, the struggles that come afterward, what pulled him out of his lowest point and how he's helping others walk through hard things. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/becky_allen/ SHOW NOTES: www.winthedaypro.com/be-careful-have-fun-good-luck/


17 Jun 2021

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40. Someday

Have you let life get in the way of your dreams? What’s the one thing you wish to experience in this lifetime? What’s your ‘someday’? How can you create your ‘someday’ today? We can’t know the sand that’s left in our hourglass. We don’t know what tomorrow holds or how the rest of our days will unfold. So let's allow joy, build in room for adventure, leave space for spontaneity. Don’t let your ‘someday’ never arrive.  We can ‘someday’ our entire life away. Our busyness can keep us from the fullness of really living. We can delay promises to ourselves and those we care about and soon enough time has slipped and ‘someday’ never comes. No more ‘somedays’. I’m here for today. Tune in now to hear what 'someday' I made happen today. 😍 FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/becky_allen/ SHOW NOTES: https://winthedaypro.com/someday-2


10 Jun 2021

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39. Set Free

Have you ever felt like something was missing either within yourself or in your life-as if there's a void that you can't define and yet can't escape? You've been trying to find your purpose, and sometimes you even question whether you have one? Author Jill Allen has faced those questions and has discovered the way to show up as the woman she wants to be-the woman God designed and created her to be. Anxiety and busyness can keep us from walking in our purpose, rooted in joy but it doesn't have to be that way. God offers us a different way to live. Listen now to hear me talk with Jill as she reveals the steps she took along the journey that led her to God's unconditional love. You can take these exact steps to freedom and enjoy His peace too. Jill is a mom of 5, wife to Rob of 19 years, personal trainer, author and host of the Find Your Fierce Podcast. Click here connect with Jill. Purchase Jill's book, 'Set Free' here. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/becky_allen/ SHOW NOTES: https://winthedaypro.com/set-free


3 Jun 2021

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38. Before Me vs. After Me

Have you lost yourself, or even your joy, after a hard season? It's so easy for this to happen, and even part of the process of becoming a new creation. When you lose yourself after something hard, how can you rediscover who you've now become?  Hard things change you. We gain a new perspective and new parts of us. Old parts die, new parts come to life. How do we let go of 'before me' while making space for 'after me'? How do you celebrate 'after me' without guilt and shame of what brought you to this space? Self discovery after hard things in so no easy process. Listen now to hear about how I learned who 'after me' was and how I let go of what no longer served me so I could step into the fullness of who I am today. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/becky_allen/ SHOW NOTES: https://winthedaypro.com/before-me-vs-after-me/


27 May 2021

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37. Confessions of a Special Needs Mama

Has your life ever taken an unexpected turn? If so, how did you handle the gap of where you thought you'd be and where you actually found yourself? Were you able to still find joy? How do you rest in that unknown space?  6 years ago Jenny and her husband Brandon found themselves pregnant with their second child but this pregnancy felt different. Even though the world said otherwise, mother's intuition kicked in as God spoke to her about this baby's life. Even though they never saw their story unfold the way they did they knew it was exactly where God was bringing them all along. Tune in now to hear Jenny's confessions of a special needs mama. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/becky_allen/ SHOW NOTES: https://winthedaypro.com/confessions-of-a-special-needs-mama Follow Jenny on Instagram here. You can purchase your copy of Brandon’s book, Special Strength: Lessons from Livia here.


13 May 2021

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36. It Won't Always Feel Like This

What do you say to yourself on hard days to shift your persepective? Do you have a mantra, a battle cry, you use for a pep talk? I do. And I've shared it with many friends going through hard times: a cancer diagnosis, grief, loss, becoming a young widow, waiting for a baby, to be a mom, sick kids and divorce. And now I'm  going to share it with you... It won't always feel like this. Listen now to hear Becky talk about how this mantra carried her through her hardest days by acknowledging her hurt, releasing the pain and looking forward to what's coming next. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/becky_allen/ SHOW NOTES: https://winthedaypro.com/it-wont-always-feel-like-this/


6 May 2021

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