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Pull up a seat and get ready to step into the woman you’re about to become. Join alongside National Bestselling Author, Jordan Lee Dooley, for this workshop-style podcast uniquely designed to help working women (like you!) steward your home, health, and work well – whatever your work looks like in this season. Each week, you’ll walk away with implementable steps to improve your everyday life as an ambitious woman. From cultivating a home to managing money well, women’s health to clean living, time management to goal setting, we cover it. Rooted in faith, inspired by Proverbs 31, and jam-packed with practical takeaways, each episode will inspire and equip you to pursue your dreams while prioritizing the most important things, or as J likes to say, “own your everyday.” Come invited, leave ignited.

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How to Maximize Your Time by Automating Your Life

Are you juggling a lot of different responsibilities? From work, to family, to ‘me’ time? And with the holidays approaching – you’ll have even more on your plate? In a world of competing priorities, life can feel chaotic as tasks escalate quickly. If you wish you had more time in your day- this episode is for you. Listen in as Jordan brings on author, blogger, and award-winning marketing professional, Jessica Turner, as they discuss how to maximize your time through identifying efficiencies. In this eye-opening conversation, Jessica walks through how to gain time by automating life tasks, finding the value of quality time with loved ones, and defining what ‘self-care’ really means. If you always feel pressed for time, you’re in for a treat. Lose the chaos, gain the mental clarity. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: http://jordanleedooley.com/how-to-maximize-your-time-by-automating-your-life The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. Learn more at http://lastingmediagroup.com


19 Nov 2018

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5 Ways to Keep Your Personal & Professional Life Organized

If you ever feel like a hot mess express, and organization is a lifestyle you're aiming for but struggling to reach, this episode is for you. Even if you're already fairly organized but want to up-level your focus as you prepare for the year ahead, tune in to learn five simple and effective ways to do just that.


8 Jan 2020

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Negative Thoughts? How to Stop Self-Sabotage (Ft. Dr Judy Ho)

In weird and uncertain times, it can be tough to stay committed to your goals. As if we don't already overthink the things we hope to do, uncertain or difficult times can make it even harder not to give up! So in this episode, Jordan called in an expert, a Clinical Neuropsychologist who literally wrote the book on helping people overcome self-sabotage, Dr. Judy Ho. If you’re having a hard time staying committed to your dreams, goals, or ideas, hold the phone on giving up just a little longer, and tune into this episode to learn: How to find what triggers your self-sabotage Tools to understand the patterns to your thoughts Techniques to be more empowered and in control of your thoughts Steps you can take to get out of the spiral of self sabotage once it starts And more To learn more about Dr. Judy Ho, or to get her book, visit drjudyho.com. After you listen, visit us over on jordanleedooley.com/self-sabotage and tell us which step or technique you’re going to try the next time you start to feel yourself sabotaging your goals, dreams, or commitments!


8 Apr 2020

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An Open Conversation on Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout with Kat Harris

Fear and anxiety stink. While there are other ways to phrase that more eloquently- that pretty much sums it up. If this uninvited guest (ahem fear, worry, overwhelm) has been a part of your narrative, Jordan is here to share that you are not the only one. In this special episode, Jordan brings on friend, speaker, digital content creator, female empowerment advocate, and Co-Founder of The Refined Woman, Kat Harris, as they share their own stories and experiences with overworking themselves and complete burnout. Listen in to learn how the women tackle their fear narratives, tangible tips to keep your feet on the ground when anxiety hits, and boundaries to set in order to lead the joyful life you were created for. In the wise words of Kat, sometimes we don’t know the lies we are believing until we look at the results of our actions. Sister, kick the lies and start believing the truth that you are strong, enough, and a delight. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Back to Basics Bootcamp: https://jordanleedooley.com/bootcamp-early-enrollment Silent Stressor Challenge: https://jordanleedooley.com/challenge Moving From Fear to Freedom: http://www.therefinedwoman.com/freebie Dr. Therese: http://www.drtherese.com Episode Details: https://jordanleedooley.com/An-open-conversation-on-stress-anxiety-burnout The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit lastingmediagroup.com

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16 Jan 2019

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How Our Diet Can Affect Our Mental Health - with Brittney Moses

Have you ever thought about how much what you eat can affect your brain health? In this episode, Jordan chats with a psychology student, Brittney Moses, who has spent some time researching this topic. Listen in as she unpacks the 5 reasons what you eat can affect your mental health, the list of 12 essential nutrients for your brain, and adjustments you can make to how you're fueling your body (which includes your mind).


12 Feb 2020

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How to Stay Physically, Spiritually, and Professionally Fit

Tune into this special episode as Jordan brings on a gal that she personally coached, Tanner, to help her find breakthrough in her health coaching business. Tanner brings wisdom into the #1 emotional struggle she sees amongst the women in her groups, how she personally continued to grow her health coaching career, and also what to do when you hit complete burn out. Whether you’re the gal who is a business dreamer, the woman desiring community, or the sister who hit a wall in her finances or fitness – this episode is for you.  For more information about Tanner, click here! Sign up for the Own Your Everyday Book Club here! Get your copy of Own Your Everyday Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook

1hr 6mins

19 Jun 2019

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Slow Down, Take the Pressure Off, and Embrace Your Faith

Do you fear being misunderstood by others? That if you are vulnerable, you’ll lose your strength and ultimately become more lonely? In a #liveauthentic world, it’s tough to decipher what living vulnerably looks like and how to execute that in a healthy way. But sometimes, it’s the questions that you ask, rather than the answers you’re given, that open the door to your peace and steadfastness. In this episode, listen in as Jordan invites on music artist, Amanda Lindsey Cook, as they dive into how rhythms of rest can feel like a crash landing, why social media isn’t necessarily the problem (spoiler: it’s our unconscious behaviors that are), and how to come to a place where your faith isn’t fantasy. Sister, if you’re walking through a season of grief or frustration and you’re ready to put yourself at the mercy of love, peace, patience, and kindness – this episode is for you. Lose the fear of being misunderstood because you’re welcome here. Pre-order the book: jordanleedooley.com/book Grab your preorder bonuses! jordanleedooley.com/oye-freebies Book tour info: https://jordanleedooley.com/oye-tour Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook

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8 May 2019

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Navigating Miscarriage - Our Pregnancy Loss Story

A heavier episode than usual, Jordan opens up about her journey with pregnancy and loss in hopes of shedding light on what miscarriage is like, how we as women can better support one another through grief like this, and ways to break the stigma and change the way society views this topic.

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5 Feb 2020

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How to Love Your Single (or Dating) Life - with Stephanie May Wilson

With the holidays just around the corner, we know that the site of mistletoe or sound of a Christmas love song can be enough to make a single girl cringe. We get it. The cute, snuggly photos friends share with their boyfriends/husbands and engagement announcements all over Instagram are nice but when you feel like the one who's still not having the best time in the dating scene, it can be HARD to really be happy with where we're at. So, Jordan called in the expert. Literally. Stephanie May Wilson's mission is to help women thrive in their single and dating lives and in this episode, she unpacks a beautiful middle ground between two equally destructive perspectives we tend to swing between when it comes to singleness and marriage, how to invest in your single life, and even how to intentionally prepare to become the right person more than just looking for the right person. If you're needing a little insight on how to thrive in your single or dating life this holiday season, look no further than this episode right here. Thank you to our sponsors, Mejuri, ZipRecruiter, and Boll & Branch. Take advantage of our special offers here: Mejuri: For free shipping on orders of $100 or more, go to www.mejuri.com/she ZipRecruiter: Try it for free by going to ZipRecruiter.com/she Boll & Branch: For $50 off your first order, go to www.bollandbranch.com and use the code "SHE" Grab Steph's Prayer Journal Here: Every Single MomentFollow Steph on social here: @smaywilson


20 Nov 2019

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How to Find Your Passion

Trying to figure out what you’re passionate about? Or better yet, which of those passions you could turn into a career verses which are meant to be hobbies? Have you ever wished you had a mentor to help you navigate life and purpose only to realize finding a ‘mentor’ isn’t exactly as easy as going to the grocery store and picking your favorite off the shelf?  Yeah, we hear you, girl.  Listen in to this episode as Jordan brings on writer and entrepreneur, Darrah Brustein, as they offer an idea to ‘reverse engineer’ your passions, and how to experience mentorship as you steward those passions in ways you never thought possible.  Get the 9 Questions to Ask to Find Your Path Here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/darrahbrustein/2017/08/20/9-questions-you-should-ask-your-network-right-now/ Get your copy of Own Your Everyday here: JordanLeedooley.com/Book Thank you to our sponsor, LOLA! Give it a try at mylola.com with the discount code SHE.


24 Jul 2019

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How to Live a Minimal-ish Lifestyle with Desirae Endres

Raise your hand if… you know you’re spreading yourself too thin just to live up to other’s expectations? How about if you go home after work only to feel more overwhelmed because your house is cluttered but you don’t know what to do about it? Yeah, we’ve all been there, sister. If you’re ready to get clarity and a guide on how to simplify your life, then listen in as Jordan chat’s with her friend Desirae, host of the Minimalish podcast, and learn not only how to live a more intentional life with a grace-based approach to minimalism but also what to do with all of those spatulas stuffed in the same kitchen drawer just waiting for their turn to be used! Connect with Desirae here: instagram.com/minimalish.desirae Grab Jordan’s Book, Own Your Everyday, here: http://bit.ly/2Lut4xc Thank you to our Sponsor, Boll and Branch. Take advantage of our exclusive offer here: www.bollandbranch.com and use the code "SHE"


30 Oct 2019

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Managing Expectations in Your Relationship or Marriage

Have you ever been disappointed from unmet expectations in a relationship? Or hurt by a miscommunication with your spouse? It certainly happens to the best of us. And it certainly happens on the once a year Day of Love - Valentine's Day! Whether you are in a serious relationship, recently engaged, or newly married - this holiday can come with some weight from heavy expectations. Listen in to this special episode to glean both a male and female’s perspective on how to kick the pressure and step into a fun and memory-making Valentine’s Day, and every other day of the year really. You’ll hear from both Jordan and her husband on their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, why it didn’t exactly go according to ‘plan’, and the lessons they learned the hard way that day that they carry with them into everyday situations. Whether you are a modern day cupid or more bitter toward this Valentine’s Day, listen in for humorous stories and tangible tips on how to manage the hype that can harm your joy. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: http://jordanleedooley.com/managing-expectations-in-your-relationship-or-marriage The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit lastingmediagroup.com @lastingmediagroup


14 Feb 2019

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How To Know If He’s the One and If You’re Ready To Get Engaged

How do you know if you’re ‘ready’ for engagement? A lot of people say ‘when you know, you know’ – but is there a checklist to cross off first? A life-changing moment before saying the big ‘yes’? And once you are engaged – how in the world can you serve that season well and not just hope for it hurry up and get to that wedding day? Sister – trust that you are not the only one with these questions. Listen in as Jordan continues her relationship series with answering these 'engagement period' thoughts with extreme empathy and personal experience. You’ll gain insight on her dating to engagement relationship with her husband, why it’s perfectly normal to ‘mourn’ the transitioning out of your single life, and the one question she answered for herself before becoming a fiancé. If you’ve ever felt left asking yourself if you’re ‘ready’ for engagement or how to soak up all the goodness of that season – this episode is for you. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: http://jordanleedooley.com/how-to-know-if-hes-the-one-if-youre-ready-to-get-engaged The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit lastingmediagroup.com


13 Feb 2019

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever told yourself, ‘I’m inadequate and out of my league’? Or do you turn down opportunities because you think you’re not ‘qualified’? Welcome to what is known as ‘Imposter Syndrome.’ In this episode, Jordan walks through seven tips on how to overcome this limiting narrative and why these untruthful thoughts appear in the first place. Get ready to kick Imposter Syndrome to the curb and begin to knock on the doors to your destiny. @Jordanleedooley @Shepodcast More Episode Info: http://jordanleedooley.com/overcoming-imposter-syndrome/ http://lastingmediagroup.com/she


17 Oct 2018

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3 Keys to Networking and Making Friends

Maybe you just moved to a new city for a job opportunity you’ve been waiting years for... but find that struggling in the whole making friends department. Creating like-minded community with a busy schedule, as a grown up, and in a new place or new season is HARD. Or maybe you’re a small business owner or work from home and tend to feel a little isolated, like you’re on an island and your friends don’t quite understand “what you do.” Networking with others in your industry and connecting with people who GET YOU can be equally as hard.    So, in this episode, Jordan unpacks several lessons she’s learned when it comes effectively cultivating friendships and a few key steps you can implement right away to start building new relationships effortlessly (instead of awkwardly).    Grab a copy of Own Your Everyday here!   Thank you to our sponsors:    Grove CollaborativeModsy: Use code "SHE" for 20% off


31 Jul 2019

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How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship and Prepare for Marriage

Long distance dating is hard. Especially if you are a quality time person. How can you transition to engagement if you’re not even in the same city? What should you know before saying I Do? In this special episode Jordan walks through these questions and more with her good friend, author, podcaster, and non-scripted television series star, Audrey Roloff. Listen in as the women discuss how to be single, yet searching, tips to navigate the tricky waters of long distance dating, and why there are still ‘good men’ out there. If you’re single, ready for engagement, or prepping for the wedding day, this episode is here to help refine your head and heart to prepare for your next life season. Preorder your copy of Jordan's Own Your Everyday book here: jordanleedooley.com/book Then, grab your OYE bonuses here: jordanleedooley.com/oye-bonuses Check out Audrey's new book, A Love Letter Life at ALoveLetterLife.com!


3 Apr 2019

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What No One Tells You About Your Newlywed Years with Amanda Carpenter

Do you ever feel you must be the worst wife on the face of the planet? Did your first year of marriage leave you thinking you're the only marriage that struggles with certain arguments? There are so many lies we begin to believe about ourselves and our relationships – especially when we feel we are the only ones going through it. Well, sister, no longer. Get ready to dive into a raw and real conversation on the joys and struggles of the newlywed years as Jordan brings on speaker, author, and friend – Amanda Carpenter. This episode highlights the parts of marriage that most would like to keep hidden, so that you leave no longer feel isolated in your struggle. You’ll be equipped on how to keep your anger managed during arguments, learn why marriage didn’t solve your problems (actually, it probably magnified them) and maybe even feel that you understand your man a bit more. Sister, marriage is so worth it. And this episode is here to remind you of that – with a bit of humor and relatable stories along the way. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: http://jordanleedooley.com/what-no-one-tells-you-about-your-newlywed-years Jordan's Book: https://jordanleedooley.com/book Amanda Carpenter Links: https://mandacarpenter.com @mandacarpenter


13 Mar 2019

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7 Tips to Stay Motivated and Follow Through When You Don't Feel Like It

Do you ever feel that you just lack the ‘motivation’ to hit your goal that remains unaccomplished? Or that your actions don’t always align with the priorities in your life to help move you forward? Sister, it can be tough to stay on track and follow through on those not-so-easy to achieve milestones. But have no fear, because in this “Ask J Series” kick-off episode, Jordan is breaking down the behaviors, habits, and mindset shifts needed to cross the finish line and remain committed to your goals- even when you don’t exactly feel like it. You’ll learn why feelings of motivation aren’t the key to success, why routines are way more important than you may think, and how to track your progress in a new way. Sister, if you keep asking yourself why you don’t have the motivation, give yourself a little grace and listen in to learn how to align your actions with those goals that are about to become a reality. @jordanleedooley @shepodcast Episode Details: http://jordanleedooley.com/tips-to-stay-motivated-follow-through Bootcamp Enrollment: https://jordanleedooley.com/bootcamp-early-enrollment The SHE Podcast is a part of the Lasting Media network of podcasts. To learn more visit lastingmediagroup.com


30 Jan 2019

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A Chapter From "Own Your Everyday" - Overcoming Insecurities

Ever feel that you are merely attempting to look confident, rather than actually being confident? It can be easy to lose yourself in the process of the image you are trying to portray- rather than actually being the person you want to be. It’s time to kick the insecurities by facing them head on – and this is the episode to help you do just that. Listen in to grab a sneak peek of Chapter 3 from Jordan’s book, Own Your Everyday, to lessen the distractions from the life you were made for. You’ll be laughing from relatable stories while also transforming from the mindset shifts you’re about to experience. It’s time to break ground to break the barriers and step into a lifestyle of owning the responsibility of your insecurity, making a plan on how to respond, and digging into the dirt rather than covering it up. Because sister, you were made for more than just covering up insecurities. It’s time to step into the women you were made to be. Order the book: jordanleedooley.com/book Get the audio book: https://adbl.co/2LYbndh Book tour info: https://jordanleedooley.com/oye-tour Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook


15 May 2019

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How to Boost Your Confidence and Kick Comparison

Has insecurity kept you small, stuck, and stagnant? Does comparison of other’s success steal your confidence? Lots of things are competing for our attention. Which means lots of things are also competing for our confidence. If you’re tired of the cycle and ready for some confidence consistency, this episode is for you, sister. Listen in as Jordan brings on friend, influencer, and Sassy Club Founder, Dani Austin, to chat about what really steals our confidence and what you can do about it right this minute – because you have more power than you think, sis. It’s time to put an end to comparison, competing priorities, and jealousy killing our confidence – and begin to sassily step into impacting the lives of others. Pre-order the book: jordanleedooley.com/book Grab your preorder bonuses! jordanleedooley.com/oye-freebies Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook Learn more about Dani Austin and The Sassy Club here: http://www.daniaustin.com/


10 Apr 2019

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