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Shane Mauss is a touring comedian who interviews scientists for the Here We Are PodcastRamin Nazer is an artist who interviews mystics for the Rainbow Brainskull Hour.Every Monday these comedians combine forces to contemplate meaning and purpose from their unique perspectives.Ambitious. Original. Funny

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The Reluctant Astronauts Of Comedy™ celebrate Ramin’s birthday!   This is the first podcast we recorded with no plan in mind, so we decided to keep things light by talking about uploading our consciousness into computers and life after death. Is space exploration all it’s cracked up to be?  Should we celebrate billionaires achieving space travel, or would that money be better spent on helping the planet we live on?  What would be your ideal amount of time to spend in space? Listen to The RAC™ each week as we expand our exploration of both inner and outer space.

1hr 55mins

26 Jul 2021

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Sweet 16

The Coming of Age Boys Of Comedy™ celebrate their Sweet 16th episode. Our Mind Under Matter baby is growing up so fast! To celebrate, we talk about juvenile development across the animal kingdom.  Difficulty self-regulating, rebellion, awkward courtship, risk-taking, and popularity contests… sound familiar?  What can humans learn about our own teen years from looking across species? The COABOC™ share stories of their own from that period of time and reflect on the way older adults tend to be judgmental about that stage of development.  Sex Ed was a bust when Shane and Ramin were in high school, so we drop some evolutionary principles about courtship and mating that should be taught in school.

1hr 47mins

19 Jul 2021

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Free Will

The Deterministic Choosers of Comedy™ contemplate free will. Have we been stuck in an infinite loop since the beginning of time?  If we restarted the big bang would we still be here, in this very moment, questioning what would happen if we restarted the big bang? What can identical twins tell us about genetic predispositions?  What aspects of your grandma’s prenatal environment might have influenced who you are today? Why do humans even care so much about the idea of free will in the first place?  Why is the power to choose so important to us in some domains but other times we want to be surprised or have others choose?  Why do we paradoxically choose commitments such as love? Join The DCC™ in our exploration of the prison of choice and be treated to some Terence McKenna and Tom Campbell impressions as well as stories of drugs, allergies, twins, and a lizard man!

1hr 49mins

12 Jul 2021

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Emotional Trials

The State-Dependent Boys of Comedy™ talk about the impermanence of emotions. Emotions often prime us toward action. Sometimes they are an imperfect best guess with utility and other times they're completely random. Regardless we usually find ourselves justifying them to ourselves anyway. Our emotions have been shaped by our past, but we also use our past as evidence for our current emotional state. This feedback loop can make a fluid state feel like it is a stable part of our identity that has always been and will always be. Listen to The SDBC™ on Episode 14 to find out what all of this has to do with space, influences, mustaches, nightmares and virtual reality.

1hr 51mins

5 Jul 2021

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Personality Tests

The Guinea Pigs of Comedy™ take a personality test! Shane and Ramin go through the Big 5 Personality Indicator questionnaire so you can hear how we rate on various traits. Along the way, we explore why the 'Big 5' uses extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism as the umbrella terms that all other traits fall under. We chat about why most modern personality researchers abandoned the Myers-Briggs Test long ago. We also talk about the role of both evolution and environment in shaping the diversity of human personality and why there are pros and cons to rating higher or lower on a given trait. You’ll not only get to learn a lot more about who we are, but we hope you will find it illuminating in better understanding yourself as well. We appreciate you being high enough in openness to listen/watch and neurotically hope you find this episode agreeable! Thanks to all the extraverts who spread the word about Mind Under Matter! Be conscientious and subscribe on YouTube or your podcast app and while you’re there please give us a Big 5-star rating!

2hr 3mins

28 Jun 2021

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Books Reports

This week The Semi-Semiliterate Boys of Comedy™ riff on some of their favorite books! Think book clubs are boring?  Have you ever been to a book club where the ghost of Terrance McKenna makes a cameo for a good ole’ bro hang with mushrooms, kratom, DMT, crying, grunts, and The World’s Greatest Fake Dad?? New Ramin impression alert! Find out how realistic different aspects of science fiction are from the ideas popularized by theoretical physicist and futurist Machio Kaku! We’ll finally answer some of those nagging physics questions that keep us all up at night:  Is perpetual motion possible?  What is the future of invisibility? Is it possible that there is a multiverse where Jay Leno has a garage full of classic civilizations? This episode is the first of a monthly public series where the SSBC™ will be taking suggestions from MUMtreon.  ​Shout out to Alex for this months topic!  If you like supporting ad-free content while getting an entire bonus series, game nights and more, head to patreon.com/mindunderpod where you can join the community and offer suggestions for topics that interest you. Subscribe to the show on YouTube or the podcasting app of your choice.

1hr 50mins

21 Jun 2021

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A Brief History Of Human Fictions

The Fictitious Fictional Fictions of Funny™ explore the way that imagination and storytelling have shaped human evolution. This week Ramin reveals his latest impression as we pay tribute to author, historian, and YouTube neighbor Yuval Noah Harari. We tend to think the objective realities such as accumulating resources and the use of tools have put humans at the top of the food chain, but those abilities aren’t exactly novel in the animal kingdom.  Perhaps what sets humans apart is our ability to communicate, organize, and cooperate around subjective realities.No other species has built and destroyed entire civilizations over stories that are no more real or even entertaining as an average modern movie. Objectively, what even is Mind Under Matter?  Is it the equipment we use to record?  Is it the YouTube Channel you can subscribe to?  Is it the server it is stored on?  Is it the podcast you can download on your favorite app?  Is it the internet that delivers it?  Is it Shane and/or Ramin?  Is it the editor Matt and/or producer Rhianna who are paid by your Patreon support?  Is it our website?  Is it the merch you could buy on the website?  OR is Mind Under Matter an agreed upon fiction that only exists in our collective imagination?   Listen to an impression of someone else’s imagination to find out the true nature of reality!

1hr 39mins

14 Jun 2021

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This week The Space Cadets of Comedy™ try to recall what they know about memory. You can’t remember EVERYTHING, but would you really want to even if you could? How about some appreciation for forgetting? Without that unsung hero of memory, consciousness would have a lot harder time knowing what is worth holding on to. What makes the cut in each of our autobiographical memories? How is the brain deciding what makes the highlight reel? Memory might seem like a recorder, but it’s also the editor and the PR person. That can make recounting experiences and eyewitness testimony as deceptive as a magic show. Listen to get some science history lessons from The SCC™ as we explore the most memorable neuroscience patients. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to advance science... all you really need is to get yourself some abnormal neural functioning, and spice that up with a heaping scoop of cognitive dissonance. It's so easy you might not even remember it happening no matter if it's happening again and again. You could pay a therapist or hypnotist to implant the memory of listening to this episode, or do it the old-fashioned way and subscribe on YouTube or your favorite podcast app

1hr 55mins

7 Jun 2021

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Open Mic Knights

The Reminiscing Boys of Comedy™ share stories of the teachers who inspired them as well as what prompted them to start comedy about 15 years ago. Why did it take going to jail to follow a dream? What is it about hitting rock bottom that can prompt one to shoot for the stars? What’s scarier: Your first open mic or getting mugged? And what happens when The RBC™ finds out that following dreams can also become its own prison? GETTING to do something vs HAVING to do something can completely change the subject experience of what is objectively the same act. When you turn the thing you love into your career, it can make what you love feel like a job... just ask Genghis Khan. Finally, we consider the hedonic treadmill of modernity. Technology has in some ways allowed many of us the opportunity to live better than medieval kings, but we’re also our own servants.

1hr 47mins

31 May 2021

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"I Know a Crazy!"

The Middle-Aged Super Mature Grown-Up Men of Comedy™ celebrate Shane’s 41st birthday the only way they know how… by dissecting it tirelessly!Shane metaphorically jumps out of his own birthday cake to share some birthday memories. Pro-tip:  If you want to make a birthday memorable, get the police involved.Being over the hill might remind some of mortality, but knowing you probably have to grind out another 40+ years of existence can drive a person insane.  Sometimes it feels like you’re aging like fine wine, other times life feels like an LSD trip that has gone on a bit too long.  Life is truly bizarre. Wondering what to get a podcaster for their birthday?  Easy!!!  The same gift every podcaster wants… a thoughtful review of the show on your favorite app.   Lastly, if the birthday boy can get a little sentimental in a typically goofy podcast description:  Finding an audience of people who get me in a world I don’t always get, makes me grateful to exist. Thank you for listening to The MASMGUMC™!

2hr 11mins

24 May 2021

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