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Bringing you the knowledge of 1%ERs to help you reach your peak potential. Join multi-millionaire CEO, Sam Bakhtiar, as he interviews today’s business leaders, top athletes, and everyday people achieving massive success in Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, and Fun. Learn to separate yourself from the 99% and become a 1%ER.

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CHASE HERO: How I Made $700 Million By Not Caring What People Think!

I've been trying to get this man on my podcast FOREVER!!!! Chase Hero! When I say that this man is the most laid back person I've ever met, it's no joke. There's a certain something about Chase that just makes you feel like you can really relate to him. Most successful people now in days talk about everything they've done right, but rarely about all the things they've done wrong. Chase really does not care what people think which I think has allowed him to make millions. You get some honest people here and there, but it seems like at a certain point people are just trying to shine light on how successful and "giving" they are. How many times do you here some big business or entrepreneur talk about, "Oh I give to this charity and I do this and that for these people over here." A LOT. Chase? He donates and gives back to the community but you would never know unless you asked him! He doesn't do it for the hype. He does it because it's the kind of person he is. Growing up in a small town, he used to sell drugs and get in to all kinds of trouble just to see how much he could get away with. He was even incarcerated... a few times. After some WILD ups and downs he is a stunningly successful entrepreneur in the e-commerce industry. Chase keeps it REAL about life and everything he's been through If you're concerned with people thinking you're "cool" or you feel like you've had such a shitty life that you couldn't possibly amount to anything.. You NEED to listen to this podcast! It's going to change the way you think and view yourself. Let me know what you think Much Love, Dr. Sam B. P.S Don't forget to share with your friends and family, everyone could learn a little something from this interview with my good friend Chase Hero! Thank you for all your support Time Stamps: 4:38 - Being put in a box 6:15 - People Don't See My Highlight Reel 7:05 - Wear that badge and succeed! 8:30 - People want to hate you 11:45 - People are trying to be "cool" 13:15 - What Makes Us Human

1hr 25mins

21 Sep 2019

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