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CC 067: How To Get Rankings & Traffic Without Backlinks With Doug Cunnington

Welcome to the 67th edition of the Content Champion Podcast. On the show this time, I’m delighted to be speaking with SEO and productivity expert, Doug Cunnington, of Niche Site Project - about how to get traffic to your niche sites without building backlinks. With Amazon recently slashing affiliate payouts in certain product categories, how much […]


6 Mar 2017

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CC 077: Does Content Marketing Work? With Sarah Mitchell

Does content marketing work anymore? Is content marketing dead? These are just some of the questions I hear all the time - and that I hope to answer in ​this edition of the Content Champion podcast.


4 Jul 2018

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CC 076: How Content Marketing Leads To Sales With Chris Marr

Hello and welcome to episode 76 of the ​Content Champion Podcast. On the show this time, I’m delighted to be talking with the founder of the Content Marketing Academy - Chris Marr.


5 Apr 2018

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CC 075: On-Page SEO (SEO Essentials)

Business owners spend a lot of time and money creating visually appealing websites and in-depth content to promote themselves online. While these are key features in generating leads, you also need to understand on-page SEO essentials if you want your site to rank properly in the search engines and be found by potential clients. Since many […]


13 Dec 2017

Rank #4

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CC 084: 2020 SEO Predictions With Matt Diggity

On the show this time I’m delighted to be talking SEO predictions and trends for 2020 with world renowned SEO, blogger, speaker and online entrepreneur, Matt Diggity.


31 Oct 2019

Rank #5

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CC 068: How To Scale Content Creation With Dom Wells

On the show this time I'm talking with niche site entrepreneur and expert affiliate marketer, Dom Wells of Human Proof Designs. Dom created Human Proof Designs for two reasons: to teach others about affiliate marketing, and to give you ready-made niche sites that are worth buying.


19 May 2017

Rank #6

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CC 069: How To Make Money Podcasting With Yaro Starak

On today’s show it is my complete honour to be discussing podcast monetization with one of the very first people I ever started following online - the Internet marketing expert, online entrepreneur, coach, blogger and podcaster, Yaro Starak - author of the Blog Profits Blueprint and founder of the superb blog Entrepreneurs-Journey.com. Yaro began blogging over […]


1 Jun 2017

Rank #7

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CC 083: 12 Evergreen Link Building Techniques That Work With Matthew Woodward

On the show this time I’m delighted to be discussing evergreen link building techniques with award winning SEO and digital marketer, Matthew Woodward...


10 Aug 2019

Rank #8

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CC 090: How To Write SEO Content With Nathan Gotch

In this episode I'm delighted to be discussing how to write SEO content with world renowned SEO expert, Nathan Gotch. Let’s dive in…


12 Dec 2019

Rank #9

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CC 086: Content Marketing With WordPress (For Beginners) With Andy Cabasso

Welcome to the show. In this episode I'm discussing content marketing with Wordpress (for beginners), with Internet Marketing expert Andy Cabasso of OffSprout...


14 Nov 2019

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CC 072: Duplicate Content (SEO Essentials)

Welcome back to another ​show in the SEO Essentials series of the Content Champion podcast. A common issue with many of our new client websites is duplicate content. Duplicate content can play a significant role in your site’s ability to rank well on search engines such as Google.  Content Champion’s Head of SEO, Tom Peary, joins […]


23 Nov 2017

Rank #11

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CC 074: Backlink Audits (SEO Essentials)

​Welcome to another episode ​in the SEO Essentials series of the Content Champion podcast, where ​we ​discuss the foundational aspects of SEO ​you need to get right before ​rolling out a successful SEO campaign - or employing an agency.  This time I'm joined again by our Head of SEO, Tom Peary, to ​look into the subject […]


6 Dec 2017

Rank #12

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CC 088: Small Business Website Conversion Mistakes With Gill Andrews

On today's show I’m pleased to be discussing small business website conversion mistakes with experienced copywriter and website consultant, Gill Andrews...


28 Nov 2019

Rank #13

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CC 070: Introducing The SEO Essentials Series

​In this 'housekeeping' episode of The Content Champion Podcast, I set the scene for our new series of shows called 'SEO Essentials', where we discuss the prerequisite on-page SEO steps you ​must take to maximise your long term success with both SEO and content marketing. ​So if you're considering outsourcing your SEO or embarking upon a […]


6 Nov 2017

Rank #14

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CC 071: Canonicalization (SEO Essentials)

​​Welcome back to the SEO Essentials Series of the Content Champion Podcast. In this episode, I'm ​discussing canonicalization with highly experienced SEO, Tom Peary. Yes we know, don't let your eyes glaze over quite yet - as getting this right could save your organic traffic. Tom ​is the Head of ​SEO here at Content Champion, and […]


15 Nov 2017

Rank #15

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CC 066: A/B Split Testing For Content Marketers With Nick Disabato

On today’s show, I’m delighted to welcome Nick Disabato, the writer, designer and A/B testing expert - and author of The A/B Testing Manual. A/B testing is the scientific method applied to making conversion changes on your website, and Nick’s 'Draft' Design Consultancy has a proven track record of using research driven A/B testing to […]


6 Feb 2017

Rank #16

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CC 080: How To Create Videos With Confidence With Lindsey Hazel

In this episode of the podcast we're considering how to create videos with confidence for your online business, with video marketing expert Lindsey Hazel...


15 May 2019

Rank #17

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CC 085: How To Grow A Boutique Agency With Dan Englander

In this episode it's my pleasure to be discussing the boutique agency business model with experienced marketer and lead generation expert, Dan Englander...


7 Nov 2019

Rank #18

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CC 081: How To Get Leads & Clients Running Facebook Ads With Lucas Lee-Tyson

On the Content Champion Podcast this time, we're looking at how to get leads and clients running Facebook ads, with Lucas Lee-Tyson of Growth Cave...


23 May 2019

Rank #19

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CC 079: How To Start a Local Lead Generation Business With Tom Buckland

Learn how to start a local lead generation business in multiple locations, with SEO expert Tom Buckland of Ghost Marketing and HQSEO...


30 Apr 2019

Rank #20