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DriveThruHR is a captivating, easy-to-digest, and occasionally irreverent lunchtime discourse that covers topics relevant to HR professionals. Our 30 minute shows include our guest and host(s) discussing a variety of topics including HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Strategic HR. Hosted by @MikeVanDervort, @RobinSchooling, @TheOneCrystal and @DwaneLay. Running continuously since February 1, 2010. #DTHR

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Drive Thru HR Does #SHRM16

Live for #SHRM16 with Michael VanDervort talking with representatives from the Social Security Administration


21 Jun 2016

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Talking Truth to HR Power: A Discussion

HR professionals are often (or should be) the conscience of their organizations; serving as a guide while promoting appropriate and ethical behavior. Sometimes though the road is rocky and HR professionals misstep - whether through ignorance or, sadly, through indifference.Join us for a provocative conversation with Janine Truitt (@MzJanineNicole) of Talent Think Innovations as we discuss how the HR community (and individual practiioners) can best confront and challenge the legacy thinking and actions around racism and sexism that, unfortunately, surface in far too many activities and interactions. It's 2020...it's time to be better.


15 Jan 2020

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Michael talks to Karla Jo Helms about #MeToo Backlash

Michael talk to Karla Jo Helms of JoTo PR @JoToPR   Founder & Chief Evangelist, of JoTo PR Disruptors - The ‘Anti-PR’ PR Firm for Healthcare, Finance and IT. Our motto: “PR isn’t the answer. Results are.”?#MeToo Backlash Prompts New DiscussionsWhile the #MeToo movement successfully targeted sexual harassment, a backlash has been brewing. Karla Jo Helms of JoTo PR believes a new strategy can help resolve the standoff.


14 May 2018

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Talking HR and #Workhuman with John Baldino Live!

Talking HR and #Workhuman with John Baldino Live!Human resources is an art form. Balancing the law, various organizational construct principles and the differences in people takes great skill and a hunger to improve the balance daily.At Humareso, we strive to be the dynamic partner to companies who are seeking to remain compliant, culturally astute and profitably mobile.We believe in the greatness of people – their ability to rise from failure, to accept a challenge and to innovate business.To that end, we serve to encourage staff of all levels while maintaining the highest regard for business plans and corporate strategy.


9 Nov 2017

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Meet the #SHRM18 Bloggers – Joey Price

Meet the #SHRM18 Bloggers – Joey PriceToday's guest is Joey Price. @ joeyvpricehrLeading up to #SHRM18, Michael VanDervort will be doing a series of shows featuring the #SHRM18 Blog Squad.   The bloggers are HR professionals who give time and energy towards helping educate the HR profession and the business world about what is happening in HR and why it matters.  Enjoy these short snippet podcasts and learn more about the bloggers for #SHRM18Michael can be found everywhere on social media, but especially here and here. #SHRM18, #CUE2018, #DTHR,


13 Mar 2018

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Whistleblowers, Investigations and HR - #DTHR

Join us for today's timely conversation about whistleblowers and investigations.


26 Sep 2019

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Talking Employment Law with Mark Kluger

Join us as Robin and Mike talk with Mark Kluger about employment law issues employers are dealing with today and some potential answers to questions including  Should employers give gig workers benefits if they ask for them? Where the island of Digital is actually located, and why employers should know the answer to that question. New York harassment laws and the firing of McDonald's CEO Should employers give feedback to candidates?  the legal advice and the real-world state of the labor market  (Mark and I don't agree on this topic) Mark practices exclusively in the area of labor and employment law on behalf of employers. For ten years, before founding Kluger Healey, LLC, he was Chairman of the Labor and Employment Department of one of New Jersey’s oldest law firms. Mark is a frequent speaker and writer on sexual harassment and discrimination avoidance, workplace diversity, performance management, union avoidance, and a myriad of other employment-related subjects and regularly conducts training sessions for employers on these critical topics. In addition, Mark has extensive experience in counseling employers on issues involving discipline and discharge, reductions in force, mergers and acquisitions, compliance with wage and hour, disability, COBRA, and family and medical leave laws


5 Nov 2019

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HR Needs New Skills. What are they? Answers from Zoe Harte of Upwork

Human Resources needs new skills, but what are the skills you will need in the future.  Join Michael and Robin as they discuss this and other topics about the world of work with Zoe Harte.  The world of work is evolving rapidly. Yet only 1 in 5 HR leaders feels prepared to handle the challenges ahead. As head of HR for the world’s largest freelancing website Upwork, Zoë Harte has seen firsthand how quickly the pace of change has accelerated and will be joining us to discuss what's next. Zoë  Harte // SVP of HR and Talent Innovation, UpworkAs SVP of HR and Talent Innovation, Zoë leads the talent strategy at Upwork. As such, she has guided the growth of the company’s team by more than 75 percent since its merger in the spring of 2014 and helped guide the company through its public offering in October. She implements innovative management approaches and focuses on building a mission-driven culture for Upwork's team of employees and a global network of freelancers. Zoë’s team includes HR business partnerships, learning and development, workplace management, recruitment, compliance and onboarding, talent innovation and HR operations. In 2017 and 2018 Zoë was named to SIA's Global Power 100 Women in Staffing List.Rapidly changing skills requires HR to play a more proactive role in talent development.HR needs to get out of HR, to have a better understanding of the business.


9 Jul 2019

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2019 Labor and Employee Relations Trends w/ Phil Wilson

Join Michael VanDervort of CUE Inc. as he talks to Phil Wilson, President of the Labor Relations Institute about his trends and predictions for 2019 pertaining to labor and employee relations.What we will talk about:Union organizing in 2019What to expect from The National Labor Relations BoardThe rise in activism What kind of labor reform might we actually seePositive Employee RelationsApproachable Leadership


14 Jan 2019

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It's Hot! "Hot Topics" for HR in November 2019

Today we're doing a bit of a throwback episode to the #DTHR vibe back in the early days (circa 2010 - 2012) when the host, with or without a guest, would pull up the news from within the people/talent/HR realm and dive into the details. Join Robin and Mike as we chat about:the settlement announced by the EEOC yesterday (11/18) wherein Dollar General agrees to pay $6M to settle a class race discrimination suitwhat do do when your brand/company implodes and you have MASS layoffs (i.e. Juul...WeWork).We go live at 1 PM ET - dial in to talk to the hosts at (516) 387-1968.#OldSkool


19 Nov 2019

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Michael talks to Kenny Berger, President and CEO at WorkSearch.com #SHRM17

Join us on Friday 6/9/2017 as talk to Kenny Berger, President and CEO at WorkSearch.com.  Like so many things throughout our collective history, necessity (or frustration) spawns invention. The same is true of WorkSearch. Created out of sheer exasperation with the “go-to” Job Boards (you know who they are, you’ve probably been annoyed by them when you’ve had a job opening or while job searching), Kenny Berger, CEO of WorkSearch, decided that if there wasn’t a better way available, he was going to make one!


9 Jun 2017

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Talking Talent and Employer Brand w/ @thewarfortalent #DTHR

Join us for a high-energy high-impact chat with James Ellis, Director of Employer Brand with Universum as we discuss ALL the things:Why does an employer brand matter?What are the best ways to communicate your employer brand?How does EB connect to engagement and retention?Can I do all of this on a small/minimal/barely-existent budget?We’ll laugh. We’ll learn. We’ll give you something to think about during your lunch hour.Join us.@MikeVandervort@RobinSchooling@DrivethruHR


11 Jun 2019

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And in Other HR News....Don’t Lose Sight of.... (these things)

HR professionals are, it goes without saying, spending the vast majority of their time stewarding their teams and organizations through the impact of COVID-19; ensuring their employees are safe, focusing on business continuity, and facing the difficult challenges of furloughs and layoffs,But day-to-day HR responsibilities still continue and there are things that we can’t let shift to the wayside such as continuing to ensure our workplaces (even the newly virtual ones!) are free from harassment and making decisions that are non-discriminatory.Join Mike and Robin for a conversation with Jim Webber, Trainer/Investigator/Author, as we navigate the “things we can’t forget!” You can follow Jim on Twitter ... @JimWebberLOL (otherwise known as @EvilSkippySays)


31 Mar 2020

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An HR Leader’s Roadmap with Kindrick Benoit #DTHR

HR leaders have experienced a seismic shift as the role of the human resources leader has evolved to one that is truly collaborative and advisory. Long gone are the days when HR merely showed up, ticked off the boxes, and called it a day. (because yes...those days did exist....).Join us as Robin and Mike talk with Kindrick Benoit, HR and Diversity Manager with SCP Health, about HR’s role as a change agent, how to build and maintain collaborative relationships with other leaders, and the critical importance of diversity and inclusion in today’s organizations.


22 Oct 2019

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HR Skills of the Future - #DTHR with @anthonyonesto

So what, we often find ourselves asking, are the must have KSAs for HR professionals of the future?As the digital transformation sweeps the world there are, of course, incredible changings happening in workplaces around the globe. In the recent “2019 HR Skills of the Future” report, the authors discuss the need for HR professionals to become digitally and numerically literate...but what does this mean in the trenches? How do individuals working in human resources take that journey? What does the future look like not just for the CHROs at large enterprises but also for Susie the HR Coordinator at a regional insurance office in Ames, IA or Monroe, LA?  Join us this week with guest Anthony Onesto, Chief People Officer at Suzy, who has led numerous HR transformations. Prior to becoming CPO at Suzy, he was Head of US for Konrad Group and founded KAE.ai, an artificially intelligent human resource agent that augments human resource departments and he’s helped build and scale several high-growth startups over the course of his career. Anthony is also founder of Ella Adventures, which creates and publishes a girls in STEM focused comic book and cartoon series called Ella the Engineer.@RobinSchooling@MikeVanDervort@DrivethruHR


9 Apr 2019

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