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Connection Over Compensation: Creating An Engaging Culture For Millennials

The most important factor in keeping millennials engaged at work is authenticity. They want to be in an atmosphere where they can comfortably be who they actually are and celebrate their unique aspects and abilities. As leaders, managers are now tasked with making millennials and all generations feel that being a part of their team is special. Each day they report to work, millennials need to know that their work matters and that they contribute to larger organizational goals. They’ll work harder understanding why objectives are assigned, and how their responsibilities align to the organization’s goals as a whole. The millennial mindset believes what they do today will contribute to who they become tomorrow. It’s the feeling of connection that fires up the millennial workforce. Some people are better connectors than others, but over time, all generations in the office will become more comfortable and benefit from the deep sense of collaboration. More than title and compensation, millennials want autonomy, and they value deep social bonds through time with peers and developed relationships. If people understand and embrace their differences rather than control perspectives and foster uniformity, the millennial generation becomes most effective. In this podcast, learn how to enable a connected community within the office, how to connect the dots between connection and high performance, how to hire for empathy rather than competition and bring people closer together – a positive shift in organization performance is sure to prevail.


8 May 2017

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002: Understanding the Employee Experience - Three Keys to Success

Smart leaders and organizations are increasingly focused on developing a comprehensive experience for their employees- from hire to retire. But what does this mean? How can companies start the process of building an employee-centric workplace? In our second Nine to Thrive HR: Deep Dive podcast, we hear from thought leader and author Jacob Morgan, whose new book The Employee Experience Advantage will be available on March 27, 2016. Jacob explores the three keys to success in building an employee experience and offers insight into why and how this shift is so critical for business performance today.


27 Feb 2017

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003: Talent Assessments 101

In our third episode of Nine to Thrive HR - Deep Dive we hear from three Industrial-Organizational Psychologists from two different organizations who give us a primer in Talent Assessments 101. How are assessments created? When should they be used? What factors should be considered when purchasing an assessment? What are the innovations and trends in the space? We cover everything you need to know and want to know in this 30 minute podcast about assessments


26 Mar 2017

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Diversity & Inclusion: A 3-Tiered Approach to Addressing Assumptions to Achieve Gender Equity

Gender equity is something most leaders say they want at their company. But achieving it can be frustrating and elusive. Jodi Detjen, Managing Partner, Orange Grove Consulting presents a 3-tiered strategic approach to overcoming assumptions on all levels of an organization. She outlines key examples of assumptions about the way business is done that need to be addressed if a company wants to truly achieve gender equity.


26 Jun 2017

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Strategic Workforce Planning and People Analytics Linked by Change, Tech and Data

Workforce strategy and people analytics are “absolutely complimentary,” according to Aon’s Director of People Analytics, Neil Shastri. Strategic workforce planning isn’t going anywhere, which makes the need for core skills among people as important as ever: teamwork, learning comprehension and long-term planning ability, for example. As the rate of change in the workplace picks up, each shift makes workforce planning even more relevant to all employees that contribute to business success. Organizations and their people must be ready to adopt new processes and best practices, especially among the rise of digital transformation, new technology and bucket loads of data. Join Shastri and his partner, Aon’s People Analytics Practice Leader, Ranjan Dutta, to learn about building workforce planning capabilities, how new tech can (and should) help the process, and what matters most in using strategic workforce planning and people analytics to leverage data.Register/Watch the upcoming webcast: http://www.hci.org/lib/how-build-agile-workforce-planning-teamLearn more about Workday: https://www.workday.com/


17 Sep 2018

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New Performance Management Approach Starts By Setting The Right Pace

So you want organizational change, and you want it now? Watch your speed as you push pedal to medal – leading your organization through a performance management revolution is best done at a rush hour rate, with possible traffic jams along the way. Dr. Anna Tavis is the Clinical Associate Professor of Leadership and Human Capital Management at New York University, and is on deck to share her presentation, “Cultural Due Diligence Prior to Your Performance Management Revolution” at HCI’s 2017 Performance Management Innovation Conference. Tavis says leaders must first know where their organizations stand with goals. What fulfillment strategies do you need to change? As leaders move through a cultural discovery process within their organization, they should expect the unexpected. “Focus on data evidence,” Tavis says. “Performance management comes from the essence of what strategies the business is all about.”So at what speed should performance management change travel? That rate shouldn’t be underestimated, and leaders must have the courage to practice the new agendas, according to Tavis. While the revolution won’t happen by winning a race, urgency during transition demands fast movement, with careful attention to the road. Listen to the above podcast to learn which steps to take during a successful process of a performance management revolution.


12 Mar 2017

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Fresh Ideas Every Recruiting Leader Should Steal from the CMO

"Recruitment is Sales, Recruitment is Marketing." For some time now, we've been saying that the talent acquisition playbook isn't so different from that of a company's revenue-generating teams. But the field of Marketing, in particular, continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. What can recruiting leaders learn from their marketing counterparts? We'll explore a few concrete ideas with Lever CMO Leela Srinivasan.


5 Jun 2017

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Becoming a Strategic Partner in the Cognitive Era of HR

What is Cognitive HR? In today's era of artificial intelligence and machine learning, technology pioneers like IBM are leveraging inventions like Watson to help organizations make better talent decisions. In this podcast, Dan Mayville of IBM discusses what we can learn from Watson about talent strategy and how HR can use analytics to become a strategic partner in the business.


5 Dec 2016

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Including the Employee in Employee Engagement

How can you ensure that your engagement surveys are a vehicle for individual and organizational change? A holistic approach to engagement needs to be taken that includes employees, managers, and organizations. It is critical to the success of engagement initiatives that all employees receive feedback on their engagement surveys.This podcast, featuring Dr. Scott Rigby of motivationWorks, will share research-based and practical recommendations for improving the experience at work and putting the employee at the center for engagement initiatives.Related Research: http://www.hci.org/hr-research/actionable-engagement-solutionsTo learn more about this Webcast and future Webcasts please visit: http://www.hci.org/lib/stop-leaving-employees-out-employee-engagementTo learn more about the underwriter of this podcast please visit: https://motivationworks.com/


17 Dec 2018

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Just a Bit about Microlearning

Sometimes in the rush to keep up with the latest trends the details may get lost in the shuffle. With microlearning there can be a push to make everything bite-sized and focused on video-based content. Luckily there are experts like Sue Rodeman who are in a position to give advice from a place of subject-matter expertise. Listen to this interview to learn tips to make microlearning work strategically for your organization.


14 Nov 2016

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If You Have a Workforce... You Might Need Workforce Planning

Have you ever wondered why the best laid talent management plans often go awry? Perhaps it is because the talent strategy is built on a foundation of shifting sands. Jeff Gross, CEO of MyPeoplePlan, sheds some light on the subject of workforce planning and how a measured examination of the workforce needs will lead to more stable business results in the long run.


6 Dec 2016

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Innovative Strategies for High Volume Hiring Success

Organizations that routinely undergo periods of high-volume hiring experience unique challenges. In this interview, Ajay Patel, Talent Acquisition Strategy Architect at Peoplefluent, explores how companies can balance technological solutions with the human element to secure quality hires quickly. He also explores the role of assessments in managing sheer volume of applications and becoming more proactive in the hiring process.


21 Dec 2016

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Inclusive Diversity at Work: What's Data Got to do with It?

Inclusive diversity is one of the most important parts of talent management strategy, but there must be a reliable reason behind the madness. Successful inclusive diversity execution requires more than looking at different skillsets, knowledge and people, and planning ways they can help make organizations better. Data is the differentiator in making your inclusive diversity initiatives work. Data is your guide; data is your basis for strategy design. In this podcast, Amanda Reid reveals the role data and social science research should play in your inclusive diversity strategy, and tips to apply the winning ways at your company.Join us at our 2019 Inclusive Diversity Conference May 6-7 in San Francisco, CA


25 Feb 2019

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Overcoming Fear of Feedback

To develop people and grow organizations, performance management processes must center on a model for continuous, high-quality feedback. Feedback is simply information on an individual’s progress toward a goal. Yet, fear of giving and receiving feedback stops the flow throughout organizations. This podcast features Karin Hurt, author and CEO, who shares her tips and models for addressing feedback fears.Check out the research here: oracle.com/performancefeedback


27 Oct 2019

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Key Elements of a Leadership Development Program Done Right

You know you’ve achieved greatness in your leadership development program when it helps deliver top candidates and retains high-performers. But there’s more: The program also aligns with your company’s vision and provides the finest experiences at work, those that might even change the lives of employees. This podcast joins talent management and organizational development leaders of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and reveals their approaches to leadership development program success.Listen to Joe Dicianno and Anthony Gigliotti's full keynote at our 2019 Learning and Leadership Development Conference: https://lldconference.com/


12 Aug 2019

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Achieving Strategic Alignment with Your Business

We want to believe that a great strategy will win the day but, if people don’t understand it and how it applies to them, the rubber never meets the proverbial road. In this episode, we catch up with Leadership Expert, Best-selling Author, Speaker and Educator Greg Zlevor about the importance of strategic alignment in your organization and how to support the process as a leader and a follower.Want to hear more from Greg on this topic? Catch him live at HCI’s 2020 People Analytics and Workforce Planning Conference in Miami, Florida. Learn about the conference and how to buy live or virtual passes at www.pawpconference.com


2 Dec 2019

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Candidate Experience: Take Time To Get It Right

Candidate experience can make…or break…your organization’s relationships with people, and its ability to attract, engage and retain top performing folks. The notion that candidate experience means treating people exceptionally well simply doesn’t cut it. If you’ve ever applied for a job and received no response from a potential employer, you likely know how it felt to be left hanging, as if your application materials fell into a dark hole. People want to be informed, regardless if they’re considered for the job or not. They might feel forgotten, but they certainly won’t forget about the bad experience they had with your company. Candidate experience sends a loud alert about what it’s like to be part of your team. Word of mouth makes maintaining good rapport and offering multiple methods of communication crucial to your organization’s future business success. Do what’s necessary, even if it means more time and effort, to make certain the message being sent is a good one.To learn more about IBM please visit: http://www.ibm.com/watson/talent/


31 Jul 2017

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Wait… So Feedback Should Start with a Question?

Performance leadership transformation mean’s a new kind of leader is in town: one who thrives in being purpose-driven, curious and agile. Today’s best performance management leaders start conversations by asking the right questions, and they know that it’s not about having all the answers. It’s about having the best questions that create trust in meaningful communication with employees and team members.The “Leading with Questions” model demonstrates a practice that is just that: a practice. The key to success comes from realistic expectations and development over time. Join Karen Hutchison, Executive Coach at Ernst & Young, to learn how to start leading with questions, and make authentic connections that drive engagement where you work.Learn more about the 2018 Performance Coaching & Development Conference: http://www.hci.org/pcd-conference/2018


19 Mar 2018

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The Secret To Growth And Development, And Just Enough Fun At Work

If you work for a company that values growth and development so highly that 6,000 hard working employees volunteer their time to make it happen, you’re certainly in a great spot where community and fun flourish.Google’s Googlers-to-Googlers (g2g) program selects an internal volunteer teaching network – dedicated to help peers learn and develop, outside of their core job responsibilities. Volunteers (g2gers) coach and mentor, design learning materials like e-courses, and help with tough times and difficult conversations. They provide fun stuff, too, like salsa dancing and even fire breathing!Google’s Head of Executive Development Programs, Sarah Devereaux, says the g2g program is 96 percent focused on work-related topics, and the rest is spent on fun, which increases engagement when everyone has something different to share. Continuous learning is a big part of Google’s culture, and Devereaux says there’s a secret to successful internal training. Listen to this learning and development podcast to discover the secret behind finding passionate people who can help their team grow.To learn more about the 2017 Learning and Leadership Development Conference please visit: http://www.hci.org/lld-conference/2017


14 Aug 2017

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Building a Coaching Culture at Ernst and Young

Alison Hooker, who is the Former Americas Chief Talent Development Officer for EY, describes the gradual process of building a strong coaching culture at Ernst and Young (EY). One of the largest professional services firm has invested to make coaching a "highly valued asset at the firm". From senior leader support to a focus on individuality and purpose, Alison defines what is important to make this coaching-centric culture thrive.To learn more about the underwriter of this podcast please visit: https://www.coachfederation.org/


22 Aug 2017

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