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Unconventional recipes for love and liberation. In a world filled with hate, injustice, and despair, our sense of shared humanity depends on learning to MAKE radical, revolutionary, justice-centered love. Not find it, not fall into it. But intentionally create and wield it. Centering the voices of historically and culturally marginalized people, How To Make Love™ will provoke and challenge you to create your own recipe for and practice of making more love — in your life, and in the world. And ask you to include justice as a critical ingredient. New episodes about 2 times a month.

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33: "Don’t ignore the things that won’t let you go." (ft. Jovian Zayne)

Join guest Jovian Zayne for a discussion all about BEing on purpose. And: how to find or refine your own personal purpose. Jovian is the founder of the International Day of Purpose, an international speaker, and professional development coach. Find links to all of the resources from today's conversation at: https://laurabrewer.love/episode33 Love How To Make Love? You can give a little love by writing a review on iTunes or joining our incredible inside supporters on Patreon. ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/howtomakelove


29 Oct 2019

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