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The Urge to Merge: Possible Implications from the AT&T-Time Warner Court Ruling

Sara Araghi, CFA, vice president, research analyst, Franklin Equity Group, and Marc Kremer, CFA, research analyst, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group, discuss some of the possible implications of the US Court ruling in favor of AT&T’s bid to merge with Time Warner.


20 Jun 2018

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The Year Ahead: Will the US and Global Expansion Continue in 2018?

Three of Franklin Templeton’s senior investment leaders offer their outlook on the global investment landscape and whether the US and global economic expansion could continue.


9 Jan 2018

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Retirement...Disrupted: Is the US Facing a Crisis?

Ahead on this episode—we listen in on a panel of experts discussing the potential US retirement crisis and the fear factors surrounding retirement disruption.


12 Jul 2018

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Global Investment Outlook: Coping with a Changing Market Landscape in 2020

Our senior investment leaders have a cautiously optimistic outlook for 2020. They still do not see a global recession looming and believe there are plenty of reasons to remain invested.


23 Dec 2019

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SECURE Act Signed into Law: Sweeping Changes for the US Retirement System

Franklin Templeton’s retirement experts look at how SECURE Act will change the US retirement system short and long term.


7 Jan 2020

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Updating the Outlook for Fundamental Changes to the US Retirement System

An update on the legislative and regulatory landscape affecting US retirement plans and policy with Drew Carrington and Michael Hadley.


13 Feb 2019

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US & European Equity Outlook: Growth and Opportunities

Templeton Global Equity Group’s Andrew Burkly and Franklin Equity Group’s Grant Bowers discuss their outlooks for European and US equities.


19 Nov 2019

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Making Sense of Recent Market Action

On this episode, three of Franklin Templeton’s senior investment leaders break down the key factors driving market movement and how they view economic conditions.


15 Jan 2019

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Disruption of Money

Roger Bayston, senior vice president, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group; Austin Trombley, vice president and data scientist, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group; and Anthony Hardy, research analyst with Franklin Equity Group, give us their take on the disruption of money and the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.


26 Apr 2018

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Tax Reform and the Possible Impact on Retirement

Drew Carrington, head of Institutional Defined Contribution at Franklin Templeton Investments, breaks down how lawmakers could target retirement dollars for tax revenue.


29 Nov 2017

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2018 Investment Outlook for Europe

David Zahn, Franklin Templeton’s Head of European Fixed Income, talks about what 2018 has in store for the European region.


24 Jan 2018

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Market Resilience: Strength in Numbers

Concerns about where the financial markets are heading appear to be at the forefront of many investors’ minds—including the possibility of a near-term recession. Our senior investment leaders think some market observers are misguided. In our latest podcast, Sonal Desai, Stephen Dover, Michael Hasenstab and Ed Perks give their outlook for the global economy and where they see potential opportunities today.


25 Mar 2019

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US Housing Market: Are There Cracks in the Foundation?

The US housing market is starting to cool off a bit, but the big question is whether there are cracks in its foundation. Paul Varunok, head of Securitized Assets with Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group, shares his view on our latest Talking Markets podcast. He discusses the state of the US housing market today and why he doesn’t see a repeat of the housing crisis that hit the US market a decade ago. He also shares some thoughts on where he’s finding opportunities as an investor in the space.


31 Jan 2019

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Health Savings Accounts: How They Work and Are They Right for You

Our Kevin Murphy,  Head of Strategic Accounts, Defined Contribution Investment Only Division – US, sits down with Jamie Greenleaf, lead advisor and principal with Cafaro Greenleaf, to discuss Health Savings Accounts.


11 Oct 2019

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Sustainable Investing for Today & Tomorrow

Julie Moret, Franklin Templeton’s Head of ESG, speaks to us about how sustainability isn't about passing a moral or ethical judgment, but an objective view on how society, consumers and investors are behaving differently, and how companies are managing to these drivers of change and really thinking about them in terms of vulnerabilities and future drivers of growth.


11 Dec 2019

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Navigating Uncharted Territory and Market Volatility

Sonal Desai, Chief Investment Officer, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income, and Michael Hasenstab, Chief Investment Officer, Templeton Global Macro, discuss possible near-term and long-term impacts of the coronavirus outbreak and other market shocks.


13 Mar 2020

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Retirement Plan Implications: DOL Fiduciary Rule Decisions and RESA Legislation

A look at what the anticipated changes in The Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act might mean for both plan sponsors and participants, as well as an analysis of the latest court rulings of the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule.


3 Apr 2018

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Smart Beta Investing in the Changing Emerging Market Landscape

Franklin Templeton ETF Specialists Todd Mathias and Rick Felix discuss the nuances of smart beta while taking a look at the changing investment landscape in emerging markets.


25 Apr 2019

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Value Investing: Recent Challenges and Future Opportunities

A look at why value investing has been challenged during the extended equity market bull run, and the changing conditions that could turn the tide.


9 Mar 2018

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AI and Machine Learning: A View from Silicon Valley

Two Silicon Valley Executives from artificial intelligence businesses join Ryan Biggs, Research Analyst with Franklin Equity Group, to discuss the state of AI technology, and the urgency for businesses to transform.


12 Dec 2018

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