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Morningstar's Picks for IRAs

This week on the podcast, our experts offer their mutual fund and ETF ideas for funding an IRA.


8 Mar 2019

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Michael Kitces, REITs, Value ETFs, and More

On this week's podcast, special guest Michael Kitces on sequence of return risk, a good world-allocation fund, and new retirement legislation.


12 Apr 2019

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Earnings from Coke and Cisco, Generating Cash Flow in Retirement, and More

This week on the podcast, our analysts’ takes on Coca Cola and Cisco results; Christine Benz suggests three strategies for generating cash flow in retirement; Travis Miller highlights 3 utilities for income investors; Jon Hale talks about the growth of sustainable investing; Mark Cash gives his take on Dell stock; and Alex Bryan shares a low-cost ETF with a focus on strong businesses.


15 Feb 2019

Rank #3

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Contenders to Amazon, SECURE Act, and Enbridge

In this week’s podcast, equity analyst Joe Gemino highlights Enbridge as a dividend opportunity, Christine Benz invites Vanguard's Maria Bruno to talk about strategies for young investors, equity analyst Zain Akbari analyzes which brick-and-mortars can contend with Amazon, Daniel Sotiroff shares insights on the evolution of foreign stock index funds, and Christine Benz discusses what SECURE Act means for retirement. 


20 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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Berkshire Hathaway’s Valuation, 3 Funds That Have Lost Their Mojo, and More

This week on the podcast, our analysts take a look at three funds that’ve been downgraded due to manager losses, Christine Benz discusses whether retirees need bonds, Abhinav Davuluri takes a look at earnings in the semiconductor industry, Ben Johnson discusses Morningstar’s latest research about fund fees, Dan Culloton talks about a promising international fund on our radar, and Gregg Warren discusses Berkshire Hathaway’s valuation.


3 May 2019

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3 Good Ideas for IRAs, Housing, and More

This week on the podcast, Christine Benz with 3 ideas for IRAs; Eric Compton sees an attractive dividend opportunity with Wells Fargo; Beth Foos on a Bronze-rated muni fund with a solid team; Erin Lash thinks Kraft Heinz is undervalued despite bad news; Alex Bryan with 4 ETFs for IRAs, and Jaime Katz on how the slowing housing market affects Home Depot and Lowe’s.


1 Mar 2019

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Bond Investing, Hands-off Portfolios, and Promising Fund Managers

In this week’s podcast, our analysts share three funds managed by great up-and-comers; guest Ed Slott covers divorce, taxes and retirement planning; Tom Lauricella discusses key considerations for today’s bond investor; Christine Benz explains how to create a hands-off portfolio in retirement; Erin Lash gives her take on Campbell’s new recipe for profitable growth; and guest Mark Miller talks about Medicare pitfalls.


28 Jun 2019

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Bank Dividend Stocks and Choosing Target-Date Funds

In this week’s podcast, equity analyst Eric Compton highlights bank dividends, Vanguard’sRich Powers discusses what drives fund flows into ETFs, equity analyst Scott Pope explains what makes United Rentals attractive, Jeff Holt provides guidance on choosing the right target-date fund, and analyst Eric Jacobson shares our favorite core plus bond fonds. 


15 Nov 2019

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Lyft IPO, IRA Tips For Later in Life, and More

This week on the podcast, Ali Mogharabi on what Lyft is worth, Christine Benz with fixed-income ETFs for retirees, Ariel’s John Rogers with two of his favorite mid-cap stocks, Brian Moriarty on the state of the high-yield bond market, Eric Compton with ratings changes in the bank sector, and Christine Benz with IRA contribution tips for later in life.


22 Mar 2019

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Last-Minute IRA Tips, Steady Dividend Payers, and More

This week on the podcast, Christine Benz with tips for last-minute IRA contributions, Damien Conover with undervalued health-care stocks with secure dividends, Russ Kinnel with the recipe for finding “fantastic” funds, Erin Lash with high-quality and underpriced packaged goods stocks, Alfonzo Bruno with a strong inflation hedge from Vanguard, and Ariel’s John Rogers on the changing face of value investing.


15 Mar 2019

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Underspending in Retirement and Value Standouts

In this week’s podcast, Robby Greengold highlights three stand-out value funds, Michael Hodel shares dividend opportunities in telecom, Vanguard's Joel Dickson discusses spending enough in retirement, Charles Gross explains why Sherwin-Williams is overvalued, and Christine Benz shares lessons learned from portfolio makeover week. 


22 Nov 2019

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529 Ratings and Value and Growth Picks

In this week’s podcast, our analysts highlight three great value funds, equity analyst Charles Fishman talks energy, Alex Bryan shares three bond ETFs for a low yield environment, analyst Madeline Hume discusses results from our recent college saving plan ratings, and Alec Lucas picks three gold-rated large growth funds for your shopping cart.


25 Oct 2019

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Year-End Financial Planning and Vanguard Dividend Funds

In this week’s podcast, Vanguard's Maria Bruno offers some fourth-quarter portfolio strategies to prepare retirees for next year's tax season, Travis Miller discusses dividend opportunities in the utilities sector, Eric Jacobson breaks down high-yield municipal bonds, Alec Lucas explores dividend fund options offered by Vanguard, and Soo Romanoff sheds light on Teva’s valuation against the backdrop of the politically charged opioid epidemic.


8 Nov 2019

Rank #13

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First-Quarter Review, Christine Benz on Managing Cash in Retirement, and More

This week on the podcast, Russ Kinnel discusses the dominant performance of growth strategies during the first quarter, Sarah Bush talks about the bond market’s performance so far this year, Ben Johnson recaps the first quarter in ETFs, Christine Benz on how to manage cash in retirement, Jake Strole with a high-quality yet undervalued insurer, and our analysts share 3 good funds having a great year.


5 Apr 2019

Rank #14

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Dividend Opportunities, Medicare, and Balanced Funds

In this week’s podcast, opportunities for dividend-focused investors in the integrated oil group; the many moving parts of Medicare; generating cash flows from your portfolio; our picks around electric vehicles; and Russ Kinnel's Favorite Balanced Funds.


1 Nov 2019

Rank #15

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How to Invest in Times of Volatility, and Opportunities in the Markets

In this week’s podcast, we continue to cover movements in the market and how you should invest amid times of volatility. First, Daniel Needham discusses the importance of staying invested. Then, Karen Andersen and Preston Caldwell discuss the implications of the coronavirus for the economy and the market. Next, we highlight sectors that are the most undervalued. Then, Russ Kinnel highlights funds that saw improvement in ratings after leadership changes. Lastly, Christine Benz shares the exceptions to the rule of sitting still during market volatility.


20 Mar 2020

Rank #16

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Large-Caps, 529s, and a Wide-Moat Pick

In this week’s podcast, our analysts take a look at three great funds for your “mad money” account, retirement expert Ed Slott talks with Christine Benz about mistakes to avoid with Qualified Charitable Distributions, Seth Goldstein with an undervalued wide-moat stock, Russ Kinnel with three of his favorite actively managed large-cap funds, Madeline Hume recaps the findings in Morningstar’s latest 529 report, and Gregg Wolper takes a look at frontier funds.


31 May 2019

Rank #17

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35 Years of Empowering Investor Success

This week on the podcast, we are celebrating Morningstar’s 35th Anniversary with a roundtable discussion between founder and executive chairman Joe Mansueto, Morningstar managing director Don Phillips, and Morningstar CEO Kunal Kapoor about Morningstar’s past, present and future. Stay tuned after the discussion for a brief video about what it means to us to empower investor success.

1hr 2mins

17 May 2019

Rank #18

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Top Small-Cap Funds, Protecting Finances from Cognitive Decline, A Stock With 30% Upside

In this week's podcast, funds run by topnotch managers, an excellent deep value fund, and cheap oilfield services companies.


14 Jun 2019

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A Dividend Pick, Foreign Investing, and the Benefits of Working Longer

In this week’s podcast, Zain Akbari with a dividend stock for your shopping list, Christine Benz talks with Kevin McDevitt about where fund investors are putting their dollars this year, special guest Mark Miller discusses whether working longer should be a part of your retirement plan, Alex Bryan on whether you should invest abroad, John Barrett with a new high-quality stock for your watchlist, and Matt Dolgin finds attractive ideas among data center stocks.


2 Aug 2019

Rank #20