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The Center for Investment Excellence features educational insights across asset classes and investment themes designed to give you the tools you need to empower better decisions and build stronger portfolios.

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Demystifying private credit

Are you being paid for your additional risk? Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


1 Mar 2018

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Risks and Opportunities across Private Markets

Have investors been forced to embrace private markets? Find out with David Lebovitz on this week’s episode on the Center for Investment Excellence.


27 May 2019

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A Look at Strategic Beta: Past, Present, Future

With investors looking to achieve alpha, reduce volatility and minimize costs, can smart beta achieve the perfect balance in today's environment?


6 May 2019

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Volatility…Can this be good news?

Instead of being worried about volatility, be prepared. Join us this week as David Lebovitz discusses a game plan for volatility on the Center for Investment Excellence.


17 Jun 2019

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The impact of global aging

How will global aging impact savings, growth and interest rates? Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


13 Feb 2018

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Discipline and Opportunistic: Looking at the Private Equity Landscape

What's going on in the world of late cycle investing, unicorn IPOs, and growth in the private equity market? Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


22 Apr 2019

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Use volatility to your advantage across emerging markets

Tim Morris, Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific Equities Investment Specialist, and Leon Eidelman, Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific Equities Portfolio Manager, explore how COVID-19, the decline in oil prices and market volatility are impacting the asset class.


6 Apr 2020

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The path of the U.S. dollar

Where is the U.S. dollar headed? Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


18 Jan 2018

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After every Bear Market is a Bull Market

John Bilton will discuss the market selloff, asset class views and speak to our Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions and changing viewpoints given recent volatility.


13 Apr 2020

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Real estate perspectives: portfolio considerations across the risk spectrum

To build or not to build? To buy or not to buy? Join us in exploring the current commercial real estate market outlook. Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


28 Mar 2019

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Alternatives in multi-asset portfolios

Why consider increasing your alternatives allocation? Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


16 Aug 2018

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Factor investing through the cycle

What are the potential investment implications of factor based investing? Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


2 Aug 2018

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Technology's potential impact on economic growth

How will new technology impact economic growth and market returns? Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


31 Jan 2018

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The virus credit cycle

Ben Hesse, Head of AWM Strategy & Business Development, discusses the impact of COVID-19 and recent market volatility on the banking sector, investment management and the financial system.


16 Apr 2020

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ESG in fixed income

How do your peers embed ESG into portfolios? Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


12 Apr 2018

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Factor investing in fixed income

Why consider factor based fixed income investing? Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


19 Jul 2018

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An alternative view

Where do we see potential in alternatives? Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


7 Jun 2018

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Tools to manage risk in portfolios

What tools can help manage risk at the end of the cycle? Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


13 Sep 2018

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Real assets in liability-aware portfolios

How can core real assets help improve liability-aware portfolios? Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


30 Aug 2018

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Tackling the retirement dilemma

Can we tackle the retirement dilemma? Visit jpmorgan.com/institutional/investment-excellence.


7 Dec 2017

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