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Podcast #162 Duke Long 4 Reasons Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Is Failing NOW! And You Can’t Stop It!

You can’t, you think you can but no, you can’t. What does it take to have a competitive real estate company today? At at least the basic level it should be what? Are you sure or are you just hoping it won't change until you retire?


28 Nov 2017

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Podcast #154 Coy Davidson Senior VP Colliers Houston.

Old school for sure. New school and then some. Do you think you know how to adapt to the digital commercial real estate world today? Learn from one of the originals. He's on all of my lists He could be his own list. Listen and learn!


2 Oct 2017

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Podcast #131 How Tenant-Only Broker Representation Will Shape the Future of Real Estate.

Technology will change the role of a tenant representative, but not replace it. With technology making it easier than ever for potential tenants and buyers to find available properties, the future role of a tenant representative will be less about helping someone find space. Rather, tenant representatives will be sought out to provide advice, negotiate and exclusively represent the interests of the tenant/buyer. Successful tenant representatives will use technology to streamline and automate the ways in which they research properties. This will allow them more time to reinvest in providing clients with their expertise and non-conflicting representation.


29 Apr 2017

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Podcast #146 John Orr VP. Retail Services Colliers.

Why do we hear so much about the death of retail? Are you actually buying less? Of course not. Retail sales have grown close to 100 Billion Dollars since the last recession. What about Jobs? We’re actually at close to a 10 year low for unemployment. How about demographics and spending habits? It can't be just about technology or can it? What defines a true retail experience? If you are a developer, broker or retailer how do you adapt? All of this and more with 30 years of retail real estate experience and a southern accent thrown in for good measure.


7 Aug 2017

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Podcast #105 Commercial Real Estate The Dirty Little Secret.mp3

How Many Can There Be? Collecting Commissions. Part 1 It really comes down to two central elements – Time Value of Money and Risk vs. Reward. Collecting Commissions. Part 2 Take nothing for granted. Don’t assume people will take the high road and make things right. At the end of the day, it comes down to self-interest.


4 Mar 2017

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Podcast #144 Stephen King CEO Rexmls.com

What is rexmls.com? Who is this guy Stephen King anyway? He wants to create a multi-layered real estate protocol that will connect landlords, brokers, buyers, and sellers over a worldwide decentralized network while later giving them the ability to transact.  But he is thinking way different. He is building a global real estate listing and transaction platform using Ethereum and IPFS. And in doing so will create a universal standard for real estate data. If that's not enough to make you click and listen nothing will!


24 Jul 2017

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Podcast #140 Min Suh CEO and Founder Assess+RE.

A Faster, Better Way to Underwrite Real Estate Deals. Comprehensive Modeling and Financing. Instant Error-Checking. Continuous Updates and Improvements. Everything You Need to Gain Clarity on Your Real Estate Investments. Assess+RE is committed to the mission of helping every commercial real estate professional do their best possible work. Our team is deeply passionate about building powerful and easy-to-use software so that our users can focus on building great real estate companies, not figuring out which button to click. Assess+RE Min Suh.


20 Jun 2017

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Podcast #149 Allen Buchanan Lee & Associates.

Do you want to find out how to do real world hyperlocal? What is content creation like for a broker today? Are you neglecting your "brand?" How do you engage with possible clients online? Is it just about online activities? Of course not, are you sure, maybe it is now. Can you say you are giving back to the business of commercial real estate? How serious are you about your tech stack? All this and so much more. Connect with Allen Buchanan. Allen's Blog: Location Advice. Tuesday Traffic Tips.


28 Aug 2017

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Podcast #196 Amol Sarva CEO Knotel.


6 Aug 2018

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Podcast #158 Duke Long Decentralise Your Data. Keep The Power In Your Own Hands.

Just Listen!


31 Oct 2017

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Podcast #180 Brandon Sedloff Managing Director, VP - Sales Juniper Square


9 Apr 2018

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Podcast #130 We All Now Live In The Commercial Real Estate As A Service World.

Commercial real estate has evolved from a Products Era to a Products and Services Era. We then went from Products and Services to the Customer Focused Era and eventually to where most think we are now, and that is the Relationship Focused Era. You hear and see it every piece of press every day. “Commercial Real Estate Is A Relationship Business.” I understand why that needs to be the mantra of commercial real estate, but I must disagree with that to a point. The rest of the world and commercial real estate itself has fundamentally moved on. We are now in the “As A Service” stage of commercial real estate. This is a fundamental shift in the way, not only we in commercial real estate but the entire business world now works.


28 Apr 2017

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Podcast # 108 “It’s All About Relationships In Commercial Real Estate.” That’s Bullshit!

-The site the data and the bottom line are THE important factors. NOT the Broker or Brand! -The site the data and the bottom line are what determines the deal. -Maybe you should focus on a better way to present and represent your piece of property.


13 Mar 2017

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Podcast #148 Diane Vrkic Founder CEO Waypoint.

What if real estate professionals have not only access to data but what if that data is made available in a manner as user-friendly as possible? What if real estate teams could communicate across a portfolio no matter where they were located? The current wave of CRE tech provides infinite data but data is just data if you can’t derive insights and drive value. Where is next wave of CRE tech going and how will it help unlock hidden value in data-driven organizations? The recent wave of tech innovation has solved the first challenge, which is getting to the starting point. Systems now house information, not people. Faster access to insight. What’s next? Performance analytics? Enabling collaboration? All this and so much more. Waypoint. Waypoint is the leading expense and performance analytics technology solution enhancing the way commercial real estate professionals gather insights to drive asset performance. Founded in 2009 by Diane Vrkic, a former Fortune 50 Chief Operating Officer in the CRE industry, the Waypoint financial analytics solution provides a simplified way for asset and property managers to drive down expenses, improve operating efficiencies across a portfolio and deliver greater returns for owners and investors. Waypoint also works with electric and natural gas utilities to plan, design and deploy large-scale market transformation, energy efficiency and demand-side management programs for commercial users. Diane Vrkic. Diane Vrkic is the founder and CEO of Waypoint, the premier asset management platform for performance analytics and operations management. Waypoint arms real estate professionals with trusted local market intelligence and a solution focused on driving asset value. Waypoint makes it easy for asset managers to identify real-time performance opportunities; property managers to effectively manage costs, and acquisition teams to validate financials of target properties. Waypoint is fueled by over 2 billion square feet across 275 U.S. markets – making it the industry’s largest operating performance database of its kind. Prior to Waypoint, Diane was the Global Chief Operating Officer for Jones Lang LaSalle’s Energy Services Business. Diane is an active leader in industry organizations such as ULI and BOMA as well as industry initiatives such as the DOE’s Better Buildings Initiative. She is dedicated to improving the way commercial real estate decision-makers access and uses information to enhance the performance of their assets.


21 Aug 2017

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Podcast #187 Scott Sidman Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer Building Engines.


26 May 2018

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Podcast #115 “Loopnet: Where Deals Go To Die.”

Broker A has a long term relationship with building owner B. Out of nowhere the owner decides to push a spectacular asset. Broker A makes two quick calls and finds out it’s hotter than he thought. He makes three more calls and now has four hot prospects. He fields three quick verbals and tells the owner he made get a deal on paper and the number they wanted and then some with a short cycle to close. Now I ask you. Is that deal on or off the market? What makes it a “market property?”


18 Mar 2017

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Podcast #138 Michael Schnabel Co-Founder Capstak.

Capstak makes it easier to source deals, find partners and access capital. Capstak is the commercial real estate market network where professionals connect, find opportunities and transact. Connect with Michael Schnabel on LinkedIn. https://youtu.be/qEjAi5nkN0Y


5 Jun 2017

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Podcast #163 Tony VanderBeek Commercial Realtor Coldwell Banker Brooklyn New York

What is the state of retail today? Wait, what is the real state of retail today in one of the biggest retail markets in the world? Is gentrification a relevant term? How does that affect the marketplace? Can you just blame Amazon for everything wrong with retail? What are the real day to day cost-effective tasks for brokers today? Hint: Relationships. All that and so much more. Connect with Tony.


2 Dec 2017

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Podcast #134 Yan Khamish Ten-X.

Brokers, ReTrading, Dealmaking, Boxing, Client Aquisition, Global Reach, Commissions, Celebrity Name Dropping. What did we leave out? Not much! Connect with Yan: Ten-X LinkedIn.


8 May 2017

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Podcast #181 Casey Flannery Landlord Rep Broker. Memphis, Tennesse


16 Apr 2018

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