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Stephen King's It: hispanic trans Superman, working in a bookstore and horror vs comedy with Anna Piper Scott

Book(ish) with George Dimarelos

This week I sit down with comedian, transwoman and voice of a generation Anna Piper Scott to discuss Stephen King’s It. Our conversation covers the (not very) dirty little secrets of working in a bookstore, gender and race swapping popular characters, similarities between horror and comedy and so much more. Enjoy!Books discussed:It by Stephen KingLock In by John ScalziFeed by Mira GrantDexter series by Jeff LindsayThe Marvelous Land of Oz by Frank L. BaumSuperman: Red Son by Mark Millar You can follow Anna on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.Follow Book(ish) and give me your thoughts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.Sign up to our newsletter here. Join our facebook group here.You can now physically send us stuff to PO BOX 7127, Reservoir East, Victoria, 3073.Want to help support the show?Sanspants+ | Podkeep | USB Tapes | MerchWant to get in contact with us?Email | Twitter | Website | Facebook | Reddit Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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14 Jul 2020

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The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands, by Stephen King

The Weird Tales Podcast

I am so pleased and proud to present this episode to you. It's been a long time goal of mine, and I'm super happy to have gotten it here. Thank you all so much for listening. I really appreciate it. Twitter: WeirdTalesPod Email: TheWeirdTalesPodcast.podbean.com


2 Jun 2020

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1263: A 3-Step Framework to Nail Your Pricing & Maximize Profits w/ Stephen King

B2B Growth

In this episode we talk to Stephen King, President & CEO at GrowthForce. If you like this episode, you'll probably also love: The 4 Moments You Must Win to Retain B2B Customers with Tim Riesterer Directive drives search marketing results for software companies around the world, but you'll feel like their only client. Get a custom proposal at directiveconsulting.com Are you getting every B2B Growth episode in your favorite podcast player? If not, you can easily subscribe & search past episodes here. You can also find us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


18 May 2020

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The Top 10 Terrifying Tales Of Stephen King

Talk Is Jericho

What are Chris Jericho and Jojo Feeney’s (from “Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan” pod) Top 10 Stephen King books? The answers will definitely surprise you, but will include stories and trivia about “The Shining,” “Carrie,” “The Stand,” and “It.” They talk about the movies and mini-series made from King’s books like “Misery,” “Under The Dome,” “Pet Cemetery,” and “Christine.” You’ll hear analysis on favorite characters, plot lines, scenes, and sequels. Plus, they talk about some of Stephen King’s great music references, and his amazing storytelling ability.

1hr 1min

8 May 2020

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Ep 324: Stephen King, "Graveyard Shift"

Book Fight

This week we talk about one of Stephen King's early stories (first published in 1970, the same year he graduated college) and the recent rash of pandemic-themed personal essays. Are there ways to write about your quarantine experience while acknowledging that you're not the center of everyone else's universe? If you like the show, and would like more Book Fight in your life, please consider subscribing to our Patreon. For $5, you'll get access to three bonus episodes a month, including Book Fight After Dark, where we read some of the world's weirdest--and steamiest!--novels. We've also recently begun a new series of Patreon-only mini-episodes called Reading the Room, in which we offer advice on how to navigate awkward, writing-related social situations. How do you talk to a writer whose work you like after a reading? How do you promote your own writing without annoying people? Should you force your spouse or significant other to read your work? We've got the answers to these and many other pressing questions.

1hr 11mins

27 Apr 2020

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Rejecting Stephen King

We Regret To Inform You: The Rejection Podcast

Stephen King is the king of horror. But in 1973, he was a high school English teacher living in a double-wide trailer, writing stories at lunch and fielding rejection letter after rejection letter from publishers. Welcome to the premiere episode of We Regret To Inform You: The Rejection Podcast. This week, we break down King’s inspiring story and connect the fascinating dots between his crippling rejection and unparalleled success. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


6 Apr 2020

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S7: April Fooled: Stephen King: IT & John Wayne Gacy

Parcast Presents

This episode is brought to you by Villains, a Parcast Original. For more episodes like this one, subscribe to Villains on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.The 1980s were rife with depictions of evil clowns—and for good reason. John Wayne Gacy and others like him were terrorizing minors across the country. On top of this, Stephen King created one of the most iconic villains in fiction: Pennywise from the 1986 novel IT. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


3 Apr 2020

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Villains: (Stephen King) The Outsider & El Cuco

Parcast Daily

It is a literal boogeyman taken from the nightmares of children across the globe. And when it decides to kill, there is nothing modern police methods can do to convict the actual suspect—because it wears the face of an innocent. In Stephen King’s The Outsider, it is known by the Spanish name of the boogeyman, El Cuco.This episode premiered on Friday, March 27, 2020. For more episodes like this one, subscribe to Villains on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


27 Mar 2020

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Crouch End by Stephen King

The Great Stories

BONUS EPISODE: Trev Downey reads Stephen King's Crouch End

1hr 2mins

14 Mar 2020

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Episode 45: Stephen King: Nonprofit Accounting Done Right

Nonprofit Vision With Gregory Nielsen

Effectively managing accounting functions is critical to effective governance and maintaining the public trust.  Stephen King, President and CEO of GrowthForce, joins Greg to discuss tips for nonprofit accounting done right, outsourced accounting, and strategies to prevent fraud.   


19 Feb 2020