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Commercial Real Estate Elite: Broker to Brokers is your leading resource for cutting edge commercial real estate strategies and resources from real brokers. Each week Justin Lamontagne will go state-to-state to uncover tools, tips and techniques straight from top performing commercial agents to help you stand out in this highly-competitive field. We’ll also dive into the stories behind the deals, both successful and failed, and discuss what it means to do commercial real estate the right way. This show is by a broker, with brokers, for brokers. To ensure you don't miss an interview, join our mailing list or subscribe today at BrokerToBrokers.com.

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Ep 03 - Missouri: Career transition tips with Tony Gagliano of the Thomas Realty Group

Tony is an eight-year veteran commercial broker after spending 13 years as a small business owner. We cover, among other things, the pros and cons of his transition from small business owner to broker.


31 Jul 2014

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Ep 22 - Featured Episode 3: A talk with CRE coach, author & broker Rod Santomassimo

In this week’s episode, I talk with Rod N. Santomassimo the founder and president of The Massimo Group. He’s a CRE broker, coach and author.  Rod possesses over 25 years of commercial real estate industry experience, a solid financial background and a proven growth track record that has repeatedly led to increased individual and company revenue. Prior to creating the Massimo Group, Rod served a variety of roles in the commercial real estate industry including broker, owner, manager and executive level management for local, regional and national brokerage organizations.  Prior to launching the Massimo Group, Rod was Executive Vice President of Sperry Van Ness where he was responsible the general oversight of the organization’s franchise operations and as well as their training platforms. During the course of this talk, Rod and I discuss his brokerage career, his transition to coaching, his book on CRE brokerage and a lot more. Rod really pumped me up and made me realize how lucky we are to be in our industry. Enjoy! 


14 Jan 2015

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Ep 13 - California: Writing the "book" on CRE with Brad Umansky

This week we visit California and talk to Brad Umansky, President of Progressive Real Estate Partners out of Rancho Cucamonga. Brad started his career in 1992 and became one of the leading retail brokers in Southern California having closed over 500 lease and sale transactions. In 2008 he founded his firm and backed off on day-to-day brokerage activities. As a result, Brad is really different from my other guests thus far in that he's in more of a leadership & mentoring role. But he did spend almost two decades in brokerage and even wrote a book on CRE strategies for investment real estate called Value Added. During the course of this talk, Brad drops a few nuggets from his book, he tells me about the Retail Brokerage Network, he promotes auctions as an alternative sales tool, and we roll through a TON of real life resources to find best CRE practices.


29 Oct 2014

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Ep 08 - Florida: Building your CRE team with Michael Fay of Colliers International

In this week's CRE Elite, we visit Florida and talk to Michael Fay, Chairman & Founding Partner of Colliers International South Florida office in Miami. Mike has been a commercial broker for over 30 years and has closed over $4 billion (with a B!), in transactions. He specializes in investment sales and has an acute understanding and experience working with lenders and special servicers on REO and note sales. Mike is the definition of a "rainmaker" and during the course of our interview he stressed teamwork and collaboration as the key to his success. He says the lone-wolf broker is a dying breed and his energy, drive and talent was obvious during our talk. I really enjoyed talking with him and hope you enjoy listening.


24 Sep 2014

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Ep 05 - Mississippi: Back to the fundamentals of CRE with Bill Hankins

Bill is a broker at Cook Commercial Properties in Jackson, Mississippi, and would you believe, among other things in his career, he spent 35 years as a very successful banker, but decided at the young age of 67 to transition to commercial real estate brokerage. 12 years later, he has been named the State of Mississippi’s commercial realtor of the year and is competing and beating, guys, literally 50 years his junior.


3 Sep 2014

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Ep 25 - Georgia: A talk with Michael Bull, broker and host of the CRE Show

In this week’s episode, I am honored to have Michael Bull join me. Michael is, of course, the host of the Commercial Real Estate Show - a top-ranked radio show and podcast. He's also an extremely successful broker and currently the CEO of Bull Realty based in Atlanta, Georgia. I was so excited about the opportunity to talk to Michael specifically about his brokerage career. He obviously wears so many hats as CEO, broker, coach, consultant and radio host I got a kick out of asking him to think back on his much simpler brokerage days. You can tell in this conversation it’s the love of the deal that still drives him, he is very much a broker at heart, despite his many other responsibilities. We covered a lot of ground in this talk as Michael shared some of the philosophies he’s built his firm around, some early missteps he took as a young broker, he shares some really interesting insight into what he’s looking for when hiring new brokers, we discuss his show and the many resources that come with that. His overall love of the industry we’re all so lucky to work within is really inspiring… and it got me pretty pumped up to close some deals! Anyways, this is certainly one of my favorite show’s that I ‘ve done. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


2 Feb 2015

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Ep 27 - Utah: Committing to "deliverability" and more with Mark Jensen

In this week’s CRE Elite, I visit the state of Utah and talk to Mark Jensen, the Senior Vice President of Investment Sales for the Newmark Grubb Akers office in Salt Lake City. Mark is a top producing investment broker with 10 years experience in the field. He is a member of the national Newmark Grubb Alliance Capital Markets Team and has closed over $350 million in commercial transactions since 2004. While he has experience and real time activity in all CRE sectors, Mark has sold over 2,000 apartment units in the past five years alone and that’s really his sweet spot. Mark has become a standout in the industry due to his focus on the best interest of his clients’ and he is fun to do business with and I really picked up on that during the course of our talk. We really had a lot of fun, ranging from his balance between work and family, to his investment sales strategies in marketing and networking, he describes what may very well be the “perfect” deal, he tells a great story about how he landed one of his most important clients, we spend some time talking about his own website where he features blogs, videos and white paper studies on his market. He highlights the importance of understanding the concept of an Exit Strategy and we break down a broker’s responsibility for “deliverability” and what that means. It’s an interesting discussion and concept and this whole show really delivered. It’s one of my longer episodes but well worth every minute. Enjoy!


17 Feb 2015

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Ep 32 - Nebraska: "Try one more time" with Bryan Hartmann

In this week's episode of Commercial Real Estate Elite: Broker to Brokers I visit Omaha, Nebraska and speak with Bryan Hartmann the Senior Vice President of NAI NP Dodge. Bryan has over 15 years of experience in real estate. His experience includes residential and commercial land development, commercial development, investment sales, and office leasing. Bryan earned the distinguished title of Top Producing Broker at NAI NP Dodge in 2011, 2012 and 2014.  I was particularly interested in speaking to Bryan given his extensive experience in land sales and development. A recurring theme on my show this year has been a lack of inventory and Bryan and I discuss just that. The lack of building over the last 10 years has led to a dramatic strain on available space in certain markets and sectors. I've seen it locally here in Maine and Bryan's going through the same thing. People think low vacancy rates are a good sign for the economy and maybe that's so. All I know is that it's actually inhbiting deals as I struggle to find new and larger locations for my clients. Bryan and I also discussed how he's leveraged his past experiences as a developer in understanding his clients needs as well as lenders, he explains the importance of not trying to "dabble" in residential or commercial real estate (do one or the other - tough to do both), and I was thrilled to hear Bryan's highlighted marketing tip - personalized newsletters. It's something I've implemented successfully in Maine and found very effective.  We also covered the importance of persistence. In his words, "Try one more time" on that tough deal. Lastly, I drop a nugget about why I love when my competition forwards my emails... Enjoy guys! 


6 Jul 2015

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Ep 15 - Texas: Social Media and CRE with Coy Davidson

In this week's CRE Elite, we visit Texas and talk to Coy Davidson, Senior Vice President of Colliers International's Houston office. Coy specializes in Tenant Representation with a focus on the office and healthcare industries. He’s a 23 year veteran of CRE brokerage. Coy was way ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and the potential social media has on our industry. In 2009, he started blogging about CRE and created an incredible resource via his personal website. Additionally, he’s leveraged Twitter, among other social media sites, as well as any broker that I've seen in the country. This was a very enlighting talk that I learned a lot from and I hope you do to.


12 Nov 2014

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Ep 11 - Colorado: The benefits of a boutique brokerage firm approach with John Propp

In this week's CRE Elite, we visit Colorado and talk to John Propp, President of John Propp Commercial Group just outside of Denver, CO.  John’s skills, fanatical attention to detail, extreme proficiency with numbers, responsiveness, patience, negotiation, compassion, assertiveness, diplomacy, CCIM education, and most importantly, sales ability, are perfectly suited to the real estate management business. John is equally comfortable working with the National Corporate Retailers as he is with the Mom and Pop business owners that make up such a large portion of the retail business. As an owner of real estate, John has the perspective needed to make prudent decisions that have a positive long-term effect on the profitability and viability of any project. As a landlord, he understands that the main reason for him being there is to service the needs of the customers, the tenants. During the course of our conversation we discuss his experiences in the early 90's developing opportunities via foreclosures, John shares an awesome story about leveraging all the services your firm can supply and towards the end of our talk John discusses how he was able to earn significant income beyond brokerage commissions.


15 Oct 2014

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Ep 31 - Canada: "To list is to last" with Paul-Eric Poitras

Bonjour everyone, in this week's episode of Commercial Real Estate Elite because we’re going international, all the way to Montreal, Canada. I was referred to an incredibly passionate and talented commercial real estate broker named Paul-Eric Poitras. I don’t usually quote company bios, but I liked this one and based off my talk with him, it really describes Paul-Eric well, “Paul-Éric is an industry veteran, a man of action, and a devoted father. He has excelled in commercial real estate since 1990. Over the years, he has earned the respect of his clients, colleagues and collaborators thanks to his professionalism, leadership, rigor and efficiency. As soon as he finished his studies, he jumped in with both feet and let his passion for real estate lead the way. An accomplished athlete, he is always up for new challenges and actively seeks out opportunities to surpass himself—a quality that comes through in his work where he does everything he can to reach his clients’ objectives, and to do it quickly and efficiently. As Team Leader of the Poitras Team, Paul-Éric brings his in-depth knowledge of the market and its trends to all his clients. He loves what he does and is committed to offering his clients a smooth and unique real estate experience.” Now, about today’s show, Paul-Eric was an awesome quest. His energy and love of the industry just oozes in this interview. He dropped some incredible tips and his quote early on, “to list is to last” really resonated with me as that’s been my personal mantra locally for the last year or two. We cover how he advanced early on, best practices in marketing materials, what apple trees have to do with real estate, of course Wayne Gretzky get’s mentioned, we had some fun and just killed this talk.  Paul-Eric shot me an email after our talk and said, “sorry, I get fired up about this shit” and I loved that. The dude loves the biz and got on a roll and I just let him go… Paul-Eric, no apologies necessary, Thank you sir and to my audience, enjoy this show as much as I did.


17 Jun 2015

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Ep 30 - Oregon: Andie Edmonds, not "one of the boys"

In this week’s CRE Elite, I visit the state of Oregon and talk to Andie Edmonds, a Partner and Principle Broker at NAI Aris out of Bend. Andie’s background in finance and real estate investing provides a unique combination of experience that enables her to offer thorough, on-target services for her clients. With a deep transaction history and a CCIM designation, Andie is a recognized expert in her market. Andie serves on the Board of Directors for the Oregon/SW Washington Chapter of CCIM. Andie is a graduate of the University of Oregon with a degree in Business Administration-Finance. Andie is the Chairwoman of the Family Access Network Foundation Board of Directors and also spends time volunteering with Bethlehem Inn and Central Oregon Junior Golf Association. This was a fun talk and I was pleased to get right back in the swing of things, as it’s been a few months since I’ve conducted an interview. Andie proved to be a perfect guest and we cover a lot of ground. I really enjoyed her featured transaction story for which she was recognized by CCIM, it’s see why. I also appreciated her candor and perspective when I asked her about being a successful female broker in our largely male dominated industry. There’s a lot going on in this talk and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Enjoy!


8 Jun 2015

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Ep 07 - North Carolina: A female's perspective on CRE with Ellen Moore of C.B. Commercial Triad

In this week's CRE Elite, we visit North Carolina and talk to Ellen Moore, a broker at Coldwell Banker Commercial Triad based in Winston Salem. She's been in the brokerage business for over 20 years, is very active in the community and has received numerous awards, most notably the 2012 Winston Regional Association of Realtors Commercial Practitioner of the Year. Ellen is my first female guest on CRE Elite and I took the opportunity to ask her about her experience in what is, frankly, a male dominated industry. Her candor and advice made for a great interview.


17 Sep 2014

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Ep 17 - Pennsylvania: Business development with Ryan Miller

Today we visit Pennsylvania and I chat with Ryan Miller, the newly named Executive Vice President of NAI Global for the Eastern Region of North America. After a 10-year plus career as a broker for CBRE, Ryan now serves as more of a business development manager on behalf of NAI Members. Ryan's role is to develop strategy to maximize resources that will drive business and build the NAI Global brand. Ryan is a member of CoreNet Global and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). He was also recently named one of the Real Estate Forum’s Top 50 under 40 industry professionals. During the course of our talk Ryan and I discuss his transition from brokerage to management and broker support. He endorses the importance of specialization. He shares some wins both in brokerage and his new role at NAI and also gives some strong advice for newer brokers. . I really enjoyed this talk because Ryan was able to share his experience from both brokerage and management perspectives. Enjoy!


24 Nov 2014

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Ep 28 - Oklahoma: Multi-family brokerage the right way with Melanie Richardson

In this week’s CRE Elite, I visit the state of Oklahoma and talk to Melanie Richardson, the Executive Vice President of First Commercial in Tulsa, OK. Melanie is a multi-family specialist with a background in Property Management and Customer Service. She assists Buyers and Sellers throughout the state of Oklahoma and several other mid-west markets. Melanie is very involved in her local REALTOR associations which we discuss and has chaired several state committees and has been recognized by here peers throughout the state as a result. I was interested in talking with Melanie for a couple of reasons. One, her standing as a well known and respected Realtor in her state. And two, her specialization in multi-families is something that I haven’t spent a lot of time on during my shows. It’s clear she does real estate the right way by leading with her clients interests first and foremost. I also really appreciate her focus on persistence. In fact, she gives a great quote towards the end “No really means not yet” is one of my personal favorites so far. Enjoy!


24 Feb 2015

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