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Every week we talk music with a chef or food with a musician. Hosted by Zach Brooks from Midtown Lunch and produced by Chuck P. More at http://www.foodisthenewrock.com

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Graham Elliot

Ep. 43 - You may know Chef Graham Elliot from one of his amazing Chicago restaurants (Graham Elliot, Grahamwich, G.E.B.).  Or as a judge from Masterchef on FOX. Or maybe as the food curator of Lollapalooza. But, did you know that music saved his life?  Or that he got to cook for Morrissey after writing him a poem describing why he wanted to cook for him?  He also tells Zach & Chuck about Gordon Ramsay's obsession with ABBA, and what it was like meeting Richard Marx (Spoiler: It was awesome.)  Masterchef Season 4 starts May 22nd on FOX.


30 Apr 2013

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Rachael Ray

Ep. 55 - You obviously know this week's guest as an author, Food Network personality, and daytime talk show host, but did you also know that Rachael Ray loves music and her husband is in a band? She's also obsessed with Austin, and every year throws a huge party at SxSw with her favorite bands.  We also found out that she's a crazy Foo Fighters fan, her first concert was Peter Gabriel, and her first crush was Tom Jones (and those feelings may or may not still exist.)


31 Jul 2013

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Tenacious D

Ep. 65 - Jack Black and Kyle Gass are our latest podcast guests, and this may shock you... but both of the members of The D are into food. All the major chicken groups are discussed... including roasted, fried and waffle topped.  We also find out Jack & Kyle's favorite BBQ spots while they're on tour, and Jack unlocks the mystery behind Zach's lifelong obsession with General Tso's chicken.  Tenacious D are presenting The Festival Supreme Saturday October 9th at the Santa Monica Pier.  But your tickets now and get more info at http://www.festivalsupreme.com/


8 Oct 2013

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Grant Achatz

Ep. 59 - Chicago Chef Grant Achatz (Alinea,NEXT) was in town this past weekend for the L.A. Food & Wine Fest, and we were lucky enough to get to sit down with him to talk about whether or not food is art (spoiler: when Grant Achatz cooks it, it is.) He also tells us about the void in his music taste that coincides with the years he was slaving away at the French Laundry. Grant also tells us about the time Justin Timberlake invaded his dining room at Alinea, and admits that one day he hopes to cook for Axl Rose.


27 Aug 2013

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Paul Stanley

Ep. 165 - Legendary Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley is this week's podcast guest. Not only is he part owner in the chain Rock & Brews, but he is also a great cook. We talk to him about the food his mom made for him growing up, the wood fire brick oven he has in his house for making pizza, plus his tips on how to make meatballs. And he tells us all about it while taking down a pair of fish tacos at one of the newly opened Rock N Brews in CA.


13 Oct 2015

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Doug Benson

Ep. 128 - Comedian and podcast impressario Doug Benson comes on the show this week to talk about food.  He tells us about the worst episode of Dining With Doug & Karen (spoiler: it was the one with Wayne Federman), his love of chain restaurants, and why he doesn't like eating food with his hands at restaurants.  Our pal Jeff Miller (from the band Black Crystal Wolf Kids) is the guest host, with beads in his beard. And you'll be excited to know that after the podcast we did do a slo-mo shakey face video of the bead beard.Also, after the show Doug suggested that after 128 episodes we should probably get a theme song for the show... so, we're doing it!  Want to make us a theme song? Put it together and send it to foodisthenewrock@gmail.com.  We'll post the best ones and have people vote on it.

1hr 17mins

27 Jan 2015

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Jon Favreau

Ep. 95 - Iron Man director Jon Favreau comes on the podcast to talk about his new movie "Chef", and what a big role music and food play in the film- which takes place in L.A., Miami, New Orleans, and Austin. Zach also brings up how similar the movie is to Swingers (which he also wrote and starred in), including the awesomeness of the soundtrack- which features music from Gary Clark Jr., Rebrith Brass Band, and Perico Hernandez. The film "Chef" is in theaters now, and stars Jon Favreau, Sofia Vergara, Jon Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman and Robert Downey Jr.


26 May 2014

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Rick Bayless

Ep. 22 - Mexican food ambassador, and James Beard award winning Chef Rick Bayless takes time from running his Chicago restaurant empire to talk food and music with Chuck & Zach. We get him to talk about making mix tapes, food as art, and the similarities between chefs and musicians. Plus he talks about his brother Skip (the sports reporter), President Obama's victory, and about the time Jimmy Buffet came into one of his restaurants and didn't order a margarita. Recently he was awarded the Order of the Aztec Eagle by the Mexican Government, and his new cookbook "Frontera: Margaritas, Guacamole & Snacks" is in stores now.


13 Nov 2012

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Cheech Marin & Chef John Sedlar

Ep. 33 - You know Cheech Marin from his important work as half of the comedy duo Cheech & Chong, but did you also know that he is an avid cook? He competed on Rachel's & Guy's Celebrity Cook Off on the Food Network, and last month hosted a dinner at the Los Angeles restaurant Playa.  Just before dinner we got to sit down at the restaurant with him and Playa Chef John Sedlar to talk food and music.  Cheech tells us about the origin of his name, where he buys his beans, and how pizza delivery is going to be worked into his Cheech & Chong app "The Fatty", which you can download on iTunes for free.


19 Feb 2013

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Ep. 75 - We kick off 2014 w/ singer, songwriter, DJ, photographer and vegan author Moby. Zach went to his house, where they talked about sustainable farming, the Museum of Jurassic Technology, oysters, and how advances in Vegan cooking over the years have made touring much easier for him over the years. He also tells us the story of how he bought stock in Whole Foods immediately after discovering the first branch in Austin in 1992, and floats his theory that heaven is vegan. Moby's latest album "innocents" is out now on Mute Records.


7 Jan 2014

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J. Kenji Lopez Alt

Ep. 168 - This week's podcast guest is J. Kenji Lopez Alt, the Managing Culinary Director of Serious Eats and author of the recently released cookbook THE FOOD LAB (an instant classic, and a must have book for any home cook.) We talk to Kenji about his obsession with the Beatles, how he almost became a professional musician, and his love of karaoke.Directly after the episode, stick around for a preview of EGG ROLL HUNT, Zach's audio quest to find the Grateful Dead fatty egg rolls he's been talking about on the podcast for the past 3 years. The entire thing is now available at http://HOWL.FM. Use the promo code EGGROLL for a free month.


3 Nov 2015

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Andy Ricker

Ep. 40 - You may know Chef Andy Ricker from Pok Pok, his Thai food empire that started in Portland and expanded into New York City last year. He's a James Beard Award winner, and his wings are legendary. But did you know that he also spent a lot of time as a DJ and a musician before becoming a chef?  He also geeks out about New Zealand music with Chuck, and tells us about his first concert (Spoiler: It was Bob Marley). His cookbook Pok Pok, which comes out in the fall, is available for pre-order now.


9 Apr 2013

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Lita Ford

Ep. 155 - Rocker and former Runaway Lita Ford is this week's podcast guest, in advance of her appearance on Chopped.  We learn all about her childhood, how she learned to cook Italian from her mom and learned to fish and hunt from her Dad.  She tells us about all the McDonald's she ate as a member of the Runaways, and how she always felt pressure to stay as thin as the rest of the girls in the band.  Then we talk about the Rock Stars episode of Chopped airing August 18th on the Food Network.


4 Aug 2015

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Fall Out Boy

Ep. 79 - Fall Out Boy returned from hiatus last year, complete with a slimmed down Patrick Stump. But don't let their lead singer's new look fool you- the dude loves to eat.  Patrick is this week's podcast guest, and he tells Zach all about what it was like to grow up getting to eat all the great ethnic food in Chicago. He also admits to being an on again off again vegetarian (a reluctant carnivore, if you will) and tells us about how good Taylor Swift's catering is.  Fall Out Boy's Monument Tour w/ Paramore kicks off in June. Go to www.falloutboy.com for more details.


4 Feb 2014

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Jurassic 5's Cut Chemist

Ep. 39 - Coachella is just two weeks away, and this week our guest is Cut Chemist (aka Lucas MacFadden) the brilliant turntablist from one of the headliners we're most excited to see, Jurassic 5.  Lucas tells us what it was like growing up in what's now Thai Town w/ musicians like Biz Markie, Wil Dog from Ozomatli, and Zach de la Rocha. Plus he shares his recipe for amazing chicken wings, shows us how to eat horse dick, and most amazingly gets Zach to consider juicing. Follow him on Twitter @cut_chemist and for god's sake, like his food photos on Instagram so he'll post more of them!


2 Apr 2013

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100th Episode w/ Eddie Huang

Ep. 100 - We did it!!!  100 episodes... and what better way to celebrate than by finally getting chef/writer/food show host/TV sitcom creator Eddie Huang to come on and shoot the shit about music with us (among other things.)  Back on episode #35 w/ Francis Lam, we promised you Eddie and it only took us 65 episodes to deliver on that promise! In addition to asking EH about his first albums and first concert, we also ask him what it was like to eat ribs with 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell and he cops to being completely awestruck by Cam'ron. There was also a lot of hip hop talk, 19% of which Zach understood. Our friend Jeff Miller from Thrillist steps in as guest host.  Eddie has his own podcast called Monosodium Glutamate, his MTV show "Snack off" debuts July 10th, and he has a sit-com coming soon to ABC called "Fresh off the Boat"- which is based on his memoir of the same name.


1 Jul 2014

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Ep. 29 - Claire and Jona from the L.A. (by way of Portland) band Yacht stop by Bronson Island and end up becoming our favorite vegans of all time. They talk fake meat food science, the Vegan Passport, coconut bacon, daiya cheese and what it's like to have Hot Chip as their personal mixologists. They also tell us what it's like touring with LCD Soundsystem, and how nerve wracking it was to soundcheck in front of the band while they ate dinner.  The story ends with Claire and Jona doing an imitation of Nickelback (no joke.)  Thanks to my old radio buddy Mark Hamilton for filling in for a very sick Chuck P. again this week.


22 Jan 2013

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Steve Aoki

Ep. 167 - EDM fans need no introduction to this week's guest, the legendary DJ/Producer and founder of Dim Mak records, Steve Aoki. While food fans have likely heard of his equally legendary father and founder of Benihana, the late Rocky Aoki. We met up with Steve at Ledlow in Downtown L.A. where he shared with us some of the lessons he learned from his dad, and told us about the Vegan co-op he lived in during college, the restaurants he now owns, and what a day in his life is like. And obviously we talked to him about how he became so good at throwing sheet cakes.


27 Oct 2015

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David Chang & Peter Meehan

Ep. 2 - Momofuku Chef David Chang and Lucky Peach Editor Peter Meehan tell Zach & Chuck about their love of Pavement, Levon Helm, Van Halen, the Allman Bros, George Harrison, and the Indigo Girls.  Plus, Peter talks about his band Spectre Folk and David admits that the music at Momofuku is too damn loud.

1hr 1min

12 Jun 2012

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Wolfgang Puck

Ep. 129 -  Iconic Chef Wolfgang Puck is this week's guest on the Food is the New Rock podcast.  Zach met him at CUT in Beverly Hills to talk about the music he listened to as a child, the music he plays in his restaurants, and the musicians he's gotten to cook for over the years. (Warning: There's a a lot of name dropping in this podcast.) We also ask him whether or not inspiration is a young person's game, and he tells us about the time that he saw Louie Armstrong as a kid in Austria. We're dropping our episode a little early this week because... we're featured on iTunes!  So if you want to thank somebody for getting this podcast 12 hours early this week, you can thank them.


2 Feb 2015

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