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Episode 73: How to be a Peaceful Mama w/ Natalie Sager & Lindsay Ambrose

Love Rising

In episode 73, Kylee & Clara connect with Peaceful Mama's + authors Natalie Sager and Lindsay Ambrose. We chat about how to be a more mindful and peaceful mother. They dive into tools to practice patience and understanding with your children and so much more. For more on Lindsay & Natalie:Website: https://peacefulmamas.com/Instagram: @peacefulmamasFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/PeacefulMamas/Book: https://peacefulmamas.com/book/


13 Nov 2018

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Ep136: Natalie Sager and Lindsay Ambrose on Peaceful Mamas: The Mind, Body, and Baby Connection

Jump Start Your Joy

This week on the show, I’m thrilled to have Lindsay Ambrose and Natalie Sager joining me to talk about their new book, Peaceful Mamas: The Mind, Body, and Baby Connection. The two joined together to write this book after meeting at a conference in Chicago, and bonding together over their love of Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning. Seeing how it could be tweaked, evolved, and applied to the transition around motherhood, AND seeing their like-minded approach to being moms, the two came together to create this new and unique offering for parents. Why you need to listen: Natalie, Lindsay and I dish a ton of very actionable and useable ideas for moms and parents. From both the mindset shift that we all encountered upon becoming parents, to other practical things, like how we go about setting a routine, and how we’ve helped growing children process their own emotions. This is especially poignant for me as I’d struggled with a morning routine quite a bit when my son was younger. There was something about the transition between getting up, to getting out the door to daycare that was very painful, as my son is a “dawdler.” (he takes FOREVER and gets easily distracted). Now that he’s 7, we have it down to a science (and he understands the routines, thanks to a great visual checklist we posted on the refrigerator. My favorite part of our discussion was when Lindsay brought up the idea of “plan tight, but hang loose” as a way of approaching parenting. As a project manager, of course I love a good plan. The reality of becoming a parent is that the plans don’t always come together as expected, and so often there’s improvisation and humor required as life throws some unexpected curves at you. Like that time you discover the backup shorts you’d packed for your son for a day at the beach are last year’s size, and do not fit. At all. And of course, this discovery happens when he is wet, sandy, very cold, and you’re about to get into the car for a two hour drive home. In that case, a stop by Target was the solution as we headed out of town. The trick is finding peace in the moments. Or, if overwhelm hits (and it does hit), finding ways to slow down, reset, and come back to a situation with a fresh perspective. It’s all in the mindset, and I loved getting to talk about some of the realities of motherhood with Natalie and Lindsay. In this episode Natalie Sager, Lindsay Ambrose and I talk about: How they met in Chicago over a shared interest in Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning Their own new spin on how to bring more peace into your day as a Mama What MAMAHH stands for: Mindfulness, Affirmations, Movement, Abundance, Health and Heart and how this can be put into action in your own life Tapping into little moments that will help to restore and rejuvenate you Finding the wisdom in your own heart, and focusing on that as a mother The “surrender” of parenthood What happens when you let go of the outcome needing to be a certain way as a parent Learning to trust that little voice inside you (your intuition) as a mother The RAIN method for approaching things: Recognize, Accept, Inquiry, Nurture / Kindness - and how this plays into mindfulness “Dealing” with the emotions and feelings children have Jumpstarting Joy for Lindsay: filling yourself up first, being more present and getting out of her head, and using her imagination Jumpstarting Joy for Natalie: setting intentions, releasing worries, and getting back to gratitude [bctt tweet= “Take tiny moments to restore and rejuvenate.” @peacefulmamas @ambroselinds @modhippiemama #podcast #mindfulness #peacefulmamas #happymom] Resources Website for the Peaceful Mamas community Natalie Sager’s website at The Modern Hippie Mama Lindsay Ambrose’s website at Everyday EveryMom The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) by Hal Elrod on Amazon


8 May 2018

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Episode 27: Life Recipes for the Everyday Mom with Lindsay Ambrose and host Dana Malstaff

The Boss Mom Podcast

Lindsay Ambrose is making everyday moments more meaningful as a woman, wife, and mother of three young children. She writes life recipes for being present, choosing love and finding more meaning in the moments that make up everyday. By making small positive changes in her life—including character, health, home, relationships, parenting and spirit—her outlook and mood positively changed. This positivity spread to her family. She sees parenting as an opportunity to evolve and grow as a person. She has learned to accept and appreciate more, making everyday moments with her children more joyful and meaningful. In this episode of the Boss Mom podcast, Dana and Lindsay talk about the power of the morning, why self care is so important, and why Lindsay loves making life recipes. Let's dive right in. Listen to the podcast:  Subscribe to the Boss Mom podcast in iTunes.  In this episode with Lindsay Ambrose you'll hear:  Lindsay's journey to becoming a Boss Mom and how her husband played a role in getting started. Living with a house full of littles and why self care is so important. Why Dana loves the middle of the night feeding sessions. Why we need to skip the idea of perfection and just share. How Lindsay deals with overwhelm. Recommended links and resources:  Dana's podcast with Jen Mann  Boss Mom podcast When Saying No Means Yes Lifebook Workshop Miracle Morning by Hal Erod. Trello. Check out Dana's free Trello Training!  The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin  The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert  Carry On Warrior by Glennon Mellon  Can I quote you on that?  I don't know where things are going to lead, but I'm okay with that because I know I'm making a contribution to the world. - Lindsay I can be the best for my kids if I'm being the best for myself. - Lindsay My biggest challenge has been following my heart as it leads me to write. - Lindsay It is up to me to create the career for myself. - Lindsay The things that make you a little afraid always help you grow. - Lindsay The morning is my time to think about where I'm at, where I want to be, and to get my day in check. - Lindsay You can't get business unless you ask for it. - Dana Connect with Lindsay Ambrose:  If you're looking for daily tips and recipes for how to be more present, choose love in difficult moments, parent consciously and live intentionally connect with her  blog Instagram / Facebook / Twitter Connect with Dana:  Boss Mom Facebook Community / Instagram / Periscope 


26 Feb 2016