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• An interesting and entertaining weekly podcast discussion on the business of pharmacy. • Listen to a new episode every Monday at BizofPharmPod.com or wherever you subscribe to podcasts.• In addition to hosting the podcast, Mike Koelzer owns an independent pharmacy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. • When not working, Mike enjoys improving his sight-reading at the piano.

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Anxiety in the Pharmacy | Molly Koelzer, B.A. Com.

Join Molly Koelzer and her dad, Mike, as they discuss such topics as dealing with anxiety in the workplace, career decisions, and personal branding.  You can find Molly on Instagram at mollykoelzer

1hr 2mins

23 Aug 2019

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Gaining Control Over Insurance Contracts | Benjamin Jolley, PharmD

Benjamin Jolley, PharmD is an independent pharmacist helping pharmacy owners understand and gain control over current contracting, especially DIR & GER.www.calendly.com/dir-fees


30 Jan 2020

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Think Like an Owner | Tony Guerra, PharmD

Tony Guerra is a pharmacist who teaches full-time as a chemistry and pharmacology instructor. He's written 15 audiobooks and hosts the Pharmacy Residency Podcast. He lives with his wife and triplet 8-year-old daughters in Ankeny Iowa. The best way to reach Tony is at tonypharmd1 on Facebook.


31 Jul 2019

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Marketing a New Pharmacy | Kyle Palmer of Parker's Pharmacy

Kyle Palmer is the executive director of marketing at Parker’s Pharmacy of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His expertise in the field of marketing has propelled the startup from zero patients to 5000+ patients and nearly 17,000 followers on social media, all in the matter of 16 months of the opening of the pharmacy. Follow along on @parkerspharmacy on Instagram and Facebook to witness phase 2 of their marketing plan.#business #pharmacy #podcast #pharmacypodcast #socialmedia #marketing

1hr 2mins

1 Nov 2019

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Standing Out in a Busy Pharmacy Marketplace | Ashlee Hayes, PharmD, of Rx Ashlee

Ashlee Hayes, PharmD/MHA, is the founder of RX Ashlee, a career development company that focuses on teaching professionals on how to stand out in a busy marketplace. Ashlee has been in the nontraditional healthcare arena for over 16 years and rose to the level of Director of Clinical Operations, in a pharmacy software company, before moving to her current role in career strategizing and consulting. She is the Career Strategist at the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy where she teaches students and alumni tools for career success. 


21 Aug 2019

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Flip the Pharmacy | Pharmacists Tim Mitchell & Paula Boettler

Tim Mitchell and Paula Boettler are community pharmacists at Mitchell's Drug Stores in Neosho, Missouri. They have been providing enhanced pharmacy services for the last 15 years. Their pharmacies are part of CPESN Missouri and were recently awarded a Flip the Pharmacy grant through the Community Pharmacy Foundation and CPESN-USA.


5 Dec 2019

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Behind-the-scenes of 'Rx Radio' | Richard Waithe, PharmD

 Listen as Richard discusses how extending his workday was the key to his successful launch, and continued success of Rx Radio. In addition to being the founder of Rx Radio, Richard is also the president of VUCA Health. 


31 Jul 2019

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Kick PBMs to the curb | Howard Danzig, CEO The ECCHIC Group

Howard Danzig is CEO of The ECCHIC Group, a pro-active health insurance management team saving small- and medium-sized business on their health care costs by using insurance, pharmacy, and medical resources the same way large employers do.www.ecchic.com

1hr 34mins

20 Feb 2020

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TakeChargeRx | Terry Forshee, BPharm, and Angela Forshee

Terry Forshee has been an independent pharmacist for 42 years.  He has done pretty much everything one can do in pharmacy. He has owned five stores, two DME companies, two home infusion pharmacies, and an LTC pharmacy.  Terry and Angela started the TakeChargeRx program for pharmacists in 2005 and developed it for independent pharmacists.  Contact: dt4c@takechargerx.com For Mike Koelzer Consulting™ please visit www.mikekoelzer.com


16 Aug 2019

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Functional Medicine Business Strategy | Abbi Linde, PharmD

Dr. Abbi Linde is a functional medicine pharmacist working to transform her pharmacy into a wellness center. Utilizing the framework of CPESN, nutrient depletion, weight loss, and functional medicine, Abbi is trying to build a diverse pharmacy business focusing on food as medicine and keeping patients off medications. #business #pharmacy #podcast #CPESN #functionalmedicine #foodasmedicine #medsync


8 Nov 2019

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Prescriptionless Pharmacy | Dr. Kathy Campbell, PharmD

How do you be a pharmacy and not fill prescriptions? Listen as Kathy Campbell, PharmD discusses her ongoing quest. www.drkathysays.com

1hr 12mins

10 Jan 2020

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Pharmacy Industry Medical Affairs | Anne Arvizu, PharmD, FASCP, PCC

Anne Arvizu, PharmD, FASCP, PCC, is a global consultant and to fortune 500 biotech companies, and a successful entrepreneur in Miami, FL. The companies she builds & affiliations she keeps all share a common focus of promoting productivity, health & life balance in the lives of entrepreneurial women executives.In 2002, Anne founded RxER Communications Corp., a management consulting firm partnering with biotech companies that require operational capabilities build within Medical Affairs. Anne is a premier Medical Information expert and sought after keynote speaker that brings 22 years of pharmaceutical medical affairs and operations globalization expertise to the table.For more information visit our site. www.rxercommunications.comIn 2018 RxER launched its proprietary executive coaching model and business framework, Corecentryx®, and the Corepreneur® podcast concept was born.​Anne also gives back to her community, currently serving as Chair of the YMCA Board of Directors in her local area.


25 Oct 2019

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How Passion Ignites Growth | Jerrica Dodd, PharmD

Dr. Jerrica Dodd is a pharmacist, entrepreneur, coach and leader. She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, a Master of Science in Pharmacy Administration from The Ohio State University, and a Master of Science with a focus in Applied Pharmacoeconomics from the University of Florida. She completed her pharmacy practice and administration residency at The Ohio State University Medical Center. Dr. Dodd has been a pharmacist for 21 years and transitioned into full time entrepreneurship after a 17-year career in the pharmaceutical industry in multiple roles in Medical Affairs. She has also managed a hospital pharmacy, and has experience in retail pharmacy. Her recent educational pursuits have been completion of a Nutrition Health Coaching Certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Currently, she is enrolled in the Institute of Functional Medicine and aiming to introduce a functional medicine perspective to the pharmaceutical management of member patients of Your Pharmacy Advocate, LLC where she is the founder and CEO. Dr. Dodd has been requested to serve as a speaker for numerous and diverse professional and community events. Her experience also includes speaking to diverse audiences including health care providers. Jerrica’s most recent speaking engagements were as a speaker and panelist at entrepreneurial events at the 2019 Essence Festival in New Orleans, LA. She is a co-author of the recently published book, I Survived and has been featured on MizCEO, Glambitious and UpWords magazine covers in 2019. Dr. Dodd enjoys traveling, reading, teaching Zumba, cooking, and attending cultural events. With her background in pharmacy, leadership training and her passion for people, Dr. Dodd enjoys encouraging people to be their best and to get the most out of every opportunity that life presents. Her favorite scripture is Luke 12:48...”to whom much is given, much is required” and Dr. Dodd endeavors to live life giving back from the abundant ways in which she has been blessed. #business #pharmacy #podcast #pharmacypodcast


22 Sep 2019

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Pharmacies as Health Hubs | Tripp Logan, PharmD, COO of ESPhA

How can your pharmacy become the health hub of a community? Listen in as Dr. Tripp Logan, PharmD, COO of ESPhA discusses the possibilities. https://www.espha.net/staff/tripp-logan/


24 Jan 2020

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Rx Merger & Acquisition Business | Jared, Justin, & Joel Rhoads

The Rhoads Brothers (Jared, Justin, and Joel) currently own Triavo Health, a healthcare merger & acquisition consultancy firm based in Arizona and Illinois. The three of them bring over 60 years of pharmacy experience, which includes pharmacy operations/corporate experience as well as independent pharmacy ownership. They have worked with pharmacy owners and buyers across the United States, which includes independent owners, large and small pharmacy chains, and private equity groups. Both Jared and Justin graduated from the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy. You can find more information at www.triavohealth.com on the organization, as well as the background of the Rhoads brothers #business #pharmacy #podcast #sellingpharmacy

1hr 4mins

16 Nov 2019

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Behind-the-scenes of 'Pharmapreneur Academy' | Founder Blair Thielemier, PharmD

Blair Thielemier, PharmD, equips pharmacists to create successful consulting services. https://pharmapreneuracademy.com/

1hr 22mins

29 Mar 2020

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Searching Out Low-Quality Medicine | David Light, Valisure

David Light is a biotech scientist and entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Valisure. He is responsible for the global ranitidine recall. https://www.valisure.com/

1hr 18mins

26 Dec 2019

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Behind-the-Scenes of 'tl;dr pharmacy' | Brandon Dyson, PharmD

Brandon Dyson, PharmD is the founder of the pharmacy education website, tl;dr pharmacy https://www.tldrpharmacy.com

1hr 1min

19 Oct 2019

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How to Change Careers | Adam Baillio, PharmD

After a successful career in theater, Adam Baillio decided he needed a career with more consistent work. Pharmacy was his choice. Never one to relax in his pursuits, he knew that even as a student, networking with current pharmacy professionals would get him a continual leg up on the competition. Listen as Adam discusses how he uses not only social media, but his own podcast to build his brand. To be a guest on the show, please contact mike@mikekoelzer.com 


6 Aug 2019

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Behind-the-Scenes of 'The Happy PharmD' | Founder Alex Barker, PharmD

Alex Barker helps pharmacists create fulfilling careers and lives. When he started pharmacy, he quickly burned out. But now Alex shifted his career to help pharmacists find new jobs and start businesses. Alongside 'The Happy PharmD' team, they create content, classes and conferences to help pharmacists. When he isn’t working, he dates his wife, helps raise two beautiful daughters, plays a Mario game and reads comics. www.TheHappyPharmD.com Indispensable: The prescription for a fulfilling pharmacy career

1hr 27mins

17 Jan 2020

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