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The New P&L speaks to Alex Barker, Co-author - How to: Be More Pirate; Speaker; Coach

The New P&L - Principles & Leadership in Business

This week’s guest is the awesome Alex Barker. Alex is co-author of the brilliant book, How to: Be More Pirate and a keynote speaker and coach at the 'Be More Pirate' consultancy - an organisation that works with businesses to help them reclaim their power, purpose and potential. We discuss with Alex: · What to do if you are a free thinker, a pirate, within an organisation that doesn’t share or understand those characteristics · The cultural norms and structures needed to define a business in order to set the foundations for pirates to flourish within an organisation · How business leaders tap into the reserve of creative thinking they developed over the course of the pandemic to build the foundations for a culture of radical thinking · Why some leaders might fear a pirate approach in business · Whether self-awareness is the biggest inhibitor to adoption of more pirate thinking · If pirate thinking within teams could also lead to silo thinking To learn more, go to www.bemorepirate.com  If you’d like to join our movement at The New P&L and keep up to date with all our latest news, go to www.principlesandleadership.com and subscribe. Twitter: @TheNewPandL Insta: @principlesandleadership LinkedIn page: Principlesandleadership--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/principlesandleadership/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/principlesandleadership/support


4 Jul 2022

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Burnout with Alex Barker

White Coats of the Round Table

Mike and John hear from Alex Barker of The Happy PharmD about causes of burnout and how to spot the warning signs. They discuss whether burnout is the fault of a company or the individual employee, as well as if some positions in healthcare are doomed to be toxic. When you're at the point of hating your career, what then?  https://thehappypharmd.com/ https://www.patreon.com/WCRT https://whitecoatsoftheroundtable.com


1 Jul 2022

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In ‘the Warm Up’, we discuss the a quote of how football doesn’t create character, it reveals it. Do players bring character to the game or or does football create character out of players?This week on ‘the Huddle’, we look at the Sydney Uni Lions with our guests Alex and Nona. We overview the organisation and its history. Stacey shows that she has a big part in the history. Alex and Nona talk about their careers, and why they chose their team and positions. Alex talks about her basketball, baseball, rugby and soccer background, and growing up around gridiron. Nona is an alumni of Sydney Uni, and took the chance when the women’s team was created to play for her Alma Mater. She has come from a very different sporting background, coming into gridiron from cheerleading! We discuss the social aspects of the club and football in general. We look at how Alex was recruited to football and how player can “find their people” in a close knit football community. We check to see how the preseason is going. We ask how players can get in touch with the club. To end the week in ‘Rapid Fire’, we discuss our early predictions for the best defence in GNSW. ~ Stacey, Bec and Kristy


27 Jun 2022

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Speak Truth to Power! How to Develop Braveness And Face Power With Alex Barker

Negotiate Anything

In this episode, Alex Barker discusses how we can develop braveness to face power and express ourselves for what we think is right. Get your copy of Indispensable now.Request a Custom Workshop For Your CompanyGet Free Access to Over 15 Negotiation GuidesFollow Kwame on LinkedInThe Happy PharmDFollow Alex on LinkedInIf you've been a listener of the show and you've gotten a lot out of our programming, you can click here to Support Negotiate Anything.Kwame Christian With Alex Barker


10 Jun 2022

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The QI Guy in Conversation with...Alex Barker

The QI Guy in Conversation with...

This week I'm in conversation with.. Alex Barker. Alex leads the Be More Pirate community. Alex joined Sam Conniff in 2019 to give life to Be More Pirate as something beyond a book. Before piracy, she was Communications Manager at the RSA (Royal Society of Arts), and has spent a decade or so in the non-profit sector building networks and supporting social entrepreneurs. Alex leads the network and would like nothing more than to see a less conventional approach to social change take root.Follow Alex on Twitter: @alexandrabarke1 and visit her website.Be More Pirate Website: https://www.bemorepirate.com/Buy the books: Be More Pirate and How To Be More Pirate andListen to the podcast.Be sure to follow The QI Guy on Twitter: @TheQI_Guy


25 Apr 2022

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#55: Portugal-Turkey Preview w/Alex Barker

The Seleção Podcast

On Episode 55, host Danny Pinto is joined by European Football journalist Alex Barker (@EUROExpert_) to preview the World Cup playoff semifinal between Portugal and Turkey. Alex provides a look at the players and matchups the Turkish Nation Team brings to the win-or-home playoff match against the Seleção.    www.selecaopod.com Twitter.com/SelecaoPod YouTube.com/c/theselecaopodcast Facebook.com/SelecaoPod Instagram.com/SelecaoPod selecaopod@gmail.com Music for the podcast provided by Uzohms Follow Alex Barker: Twitter.com/EUROExpert_


21 Mar 2022

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Reviewing the January transfer window - with Euro Expert Alex Barker

Inside Football with Joe Simon Podcast

The Euro Expert Alex Barker is back to discuss the big transfers that took place across Europe in January.Joe and Alex reflect on their suggested incomings at Newcastle, who our their favourite transfers this window were, and what to expect from the new signings. Follow Inside Football on Twitter:https://twitter.com/inside_fballpod Read our analysis:https://insidefootballwithjoesimon.substack.com/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


4 Feb 2022

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Rebuilding Newcastle United - with Euro Expert Alex Barker

Inside Football with Joe Simon Podcast

This podcast is all about Newcastle United.We look at their current personnel, search Europe for some smart transfers they should look to make, and their strategy going forward. Euro Expert Alex Barker joins Joe to analyse the club currently sitting second bottom in the Premier League. Follow Inside Football on Twitter:https://twitter.com/inside_fballpod Read our analysis:https://insidefootballwithjoesimon.substack.com/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Jan 2022

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#40. Acceptance, Taking a Sabbatical, and Working in Your Zone of Genius - Alex Barker


Today's guest is Alex Barker.Before we get into it...Alex Barker, PharmD loves helping pharmacists create fulfilling careers and lives. ​​He founded The Happy PharmD to provide career coaching and career development classes, and since 2017, the company has helped over 1,500 pharmacists. His best-selling book, Indispensable: A prescription for a fulfilling pharmacy career has sold more than 4,000 copies and helped countless pharmacists love their profession again. When he isn't working, he has fun with his wife and two beautiful daughters, plays Nintendo and Dungeon & Dragons, enjoys coffee and good guacamole (not at the same time), and reads comics. Now, Let's get into it. In this episode...We go deep talking about:Mental illness, guilt and shame as a first time dadAccepting your circumstances and trying to make them betterSabbaticalsIdentifying our mistakes as parents when it comes to punishmentsThe truth about the entrepreneurial journeyHaving a healthy business + Family lifeFinding your zone of genius.Just like all first time dads, Alex Barker transition to fatherhood was a struggle. He mentally struggled with the idea that he was not doing enough as a father.His struggle originated from his dad leaving while he was young and all his life, acceptance was the theme of his life and he hardcore sought it and desired it. Alex let's all dad know that, "You are a great dad most of the time and it's okay to have bad days too!"It's okay to let your children know that YOU ARE NOT PERFECT and that you also make tons of mistakes.Quick question... Do you apologize to your kids when you realize that you've gone too far with your punishment or reaction?Stay tuned to this episode and find out about Alex Barkers take on this!To connect with Alex, you can find him at:Web: https://thehappypharmd.com/LinkedIn: @thehappypharmdFacebook: @TheHappyPharmD ---Welcome to the Dad.Work Podcast!It's my goal every episode to help dads suffer less, love more, and parent confidently.We'll be diving into mindfulness practices, healing trauma, conscious parenting, natural living, compassionate communication, the spiritual aspect of fatherhood, and more.There are a lot of amazing teachers and guides who help men become more aware and conscious, but there's not a lot of resources for men who are both fathers and interested in a mindful exploration of consciousness and improvement.This podcast aims to help bridge that gap.Resources, Links, Show Notes:https://dad.work/pod/Join our Free Private FB Community for Conscious Fathers:https://dad.work/fb/Take The Course to Become A Conscious Father and Suffer Less,Resources, Links, Show Notes:https://dad.work/podcast/Follow Dad.Work:https://instagram.com/dadwork.curt/https://www.linkedin.com/in/curtstorring/https://twitter.com/CurtStorring"ELITE DAD" HABIT STACK:https://dad.work/habits/


3 Jan 2022

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91-A Side Hustle Success Story With Alex Barker of PharmD

The Hobby Hustler Show

Do you try a side hustle for 2-3 months, give up and then start another side hustle for 2-3 months only to repeat the same process? If so, you're not alone. In fact, Alex Barker called himself a "side hustle addict". As always, remember to request access to our private community at www.hobbyhustler.com/fb


18 Oct 2021