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Each episode, we dive into all things frustrating, weird, confusing, and even great about the odd world of retail pharmacy. For those dishing out drugs to the general public and wondering "What Am I Doing Here?", it's time you know... you're not alone.

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Corporate Quotas, Would You Go Back To Pharmacy School?, Proving Patients Wrong

ReTell Community! This episode was a blast as we were able to spend pretty much all of it with your issues, patients of the week, etc. Thank you for supporting the show, listening, subscribing, reviewing, etc AND for continuing to connect. Keep it up: Facebook and Twitter Happy end of summer and keep fighting!  - M 


23 Aug 2019

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Hydro-Corndogs, White Coat Syndrome, Is This It?

Be sure to like the ReTell Pharmacy Facebook page and follow the show on Twitter: @retellpharmacy  Love the show so far? Leave a rate or review on iTunes!  Thank you to everyone so far who has supported the podcast! 


14 Aug 2018

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The Big 50, Patients Who HAVE To Speak With The RPH, Same Rx Different Pharmacy

ReTellers! It's episode 50! How has it been a year already?? I can't thank you enough for the support that has gotten us to this milestone. You are what makes the show happen and I love connecting with you all. Continue to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter and tell me what's happened at YOUR pharmacy. You all are the best, keep fighting.  - M 


19 Jul 2019

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Calling Out Sick, Pharmacist and... Financial Advisor?, Your Least Favorite Drugs

To all the listeners, supporters, contributors of the show, THANK YOU. I've said it before and I'll say it again... this couldn't happen without you. And today's episode proves it as we get into some of your responses from social media. Continue to reach out through Facebook and Twitter. Oh and follow the show on the socials as well to keep up with the latest of the podcast.  Keep fighting!  - M 


25 Oct 2019

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No Shame, Calling Insurance Companies

Thank you all for continuing to listen and support the show! The podcast wouldn't exist without you and your stories, topics, feedback, etc. Keep it coming through Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to subscribe and follow to stay up to date with the latest of ReTell. Keep fighting.  - M 


31 May 2019

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Time, The Lost Art Of Listening, Head Nodders, Read The Room

This episode was mostly made up of YOUR patients of the week. It's an incredible way for you to vent and let others know that they aren't alone, because we ALL deal with the same issues in retail. Keep them coming! Send your funny interaction or patient my way via Facebook and Twitter. Remember to keep HIPAA intact and let me know if you want to remain anonymous!  Thank you to everyone for your continued listening/support/feedback for the show, it wouldn't exist without you guys. Keep fighting.  - M 


14 Jun 2019

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Doctors Make Mistakes, Patients With No I.D., Phrases To Use At Work

Have I told you all thank you yet? Probably. But I'll say it again as I'm blown away by the support and love given on a weekly basis. Thank you so much! Keep it coming, along with feedback, topics, patients of the week, etc - that all can be done through Facebook and Twitter.  Also, be sure to follow the show on the socials to stay up to date. Keep fighting!  - M 


15 Nov 2019

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Health Screenings, Smoke Clouds, Suboxone Paradox

Enjoying the ReTell Pharmacy podcast? Drop a rate and/or review in iTunes.  You all are what drives the show, I'd love to hear from YOU and what happens at your pharmacy: Connect with the show on Twitter Connect with the show on Facebook Thank you all for the love, support, and feedback!  - M  


28 Nov 2018

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Patient JUST Left The Dr Office, Uber Driver Thieves

Thank you to everyone for supporting the show! Subscribe and leave a rate/review in iTunes if you like what you hear so far.  What do you want to talk about? Let me know on social media: www.facebook.com/retellpharmacy www.twitter.com/retellpharmacy Be sure to like the FB page and follow the show! 


23 Aug 2018

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Lethal Gout, Walking Up To The Drive-Thru, Forgetting Patient Names

ReTell Community, I am blown away at your support for the podcast. Thank you so much for continuing to listen, reach out with stories, review in iTunes, etc. Have a story, patient interaction, or topic you want to discuss? Send it my way via Facebook and Twitter.  Keep fighting.  -M


16 Aug 2019

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Flu Shots Are Coming!, The "Fake-Out" Patients, Out Of Stock Issues

Happy August, ReTellers. Fall will be here before we know it and that comes with it's many challenges in the retail pharmacy arena. But, not to worry, we're in this together. As the summer ends, continue to send me funny interactions, patients of the week, etc: Facebook and Twitter. Your stories are what drives every episode. I want to hear from YOU.  Thank you so much for all of your love and support!  Keep fighting.  - M 


2 Aug 2019

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TMI, Temper Tantrums, Go to the E.R.!

Like the show so far? Get more plugged in! Subscribe, like the ReTell Pharmacy Facebook page and follow the podcast via Twitter for updates: www.facebook.com/retellpharmacy www.twitter.com/retellpharmacy Thank you to everyone for the feedback and support of the show! I'm always looking for more topics to bring up on each episode, the crazier, the better. Send them in! Lastly, if you like the podcast, please leave a rate and/or review in iTunes and tell a fellow comrade at work about the show. Thank you to all! 


28 Aug 2018

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Staying Alive, Drs Of The Week!, White Coat Syndrome Strikes Again

ReTellers!  With the new year comes so many challenges, issues, interesting patients, questions... you name it. Have a "what just happened" moment? Let me know and we just may talk about it on the show. Facebook and Twitter is the way to do it. Remember, if you want to stay anonymous, just say the word :)  Now, more than ever, it's important you know that you are not alone! Keep fighting.  - M  Get your FREE digital copy of Indispensable: The Prescription For A Fulfilling Pharmacy Career (by Alex Barker) by clicking here. 


3 Jan 2020

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We Can't Read Minds!, The Ice Cream Argument, HIPAA Police, Be Kind

ReTellers! I want to hear from YOU. Every week you guys are sending in your topics, patients of the week, vent sessions, etc and it's all gold... keep it up! There's no better way for the ReTell Community to know they're not alone than by hearing your stories. Comments or DM's via Facebook or Twitter is the way to do it. While you're there, don't forget to like/follow to stay up to date with the podcast.  Thank you all for listening/supporting the show!  - M 


18 Oct 2019

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Pharmacy Tunes, By The Book, Trusting Your Techs

ReTell community! You have all been vital in creating each episode and I thank you! Keep sending me your topics, patients of the week, etc on Facebook and Twitter. You are all the best, have a great week and keep fighting.  - M 


28 Jun 2019

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New Year = Insurance Armageddon

ReTell Community, this past year has been incredible, amirite? And this next year will be BETTER. With each patient of the week, story, amount of feedback, etc I get from you, it makes every episode (and the show as whole) that much better. Keep it coming! Facebook and Twitter is the way to do it. Also, let's face it, the new year is going bring a TON of interesting patients, requests, problems, etc - let me know about them!  2020 is coming and it's going to be awesome (once we get through January, that is lol)  Happy New Year and keep fighting!  - M 


27 Dec 2019

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"Just Ask Me!", Hipaa Schmipaa, Ringing Up A Cartful

ReTellers! Loving the podcast? First of all, thank you :) Secondly, be sure to leave a rate/review in iTunes if you haven't and stay up to date with the show by liking on Facebook and following on Twitter.  Connect with me through the socials this week if you need to vent, have a funny interaction, or want to talk about anything else in this insane world of retail pharmacy. Keep fighting!  - M 


9 Aug 2019

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Patients Of The Week, Waiters

Loving the podcast so far? It's only happening because of you and your stories! Keep them coming through Twitter and Facebook. The ReTell community is the best, really... you all keep giving me great ideas, feedback, etc and I love it. Have a killer week and keep fighting!  - M 


24 May 2019

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Corona Frenzy, Your Patients and Drs Of The Week

In the midst of public panic, it's so important to not only stay educated but to know you're not alone. We as health care providers and humans are all in this together. Stay connected with me and the rest of the ReTell community through Facebook and Twitter.  Thank you so much for your constant love and support. Stay strong and stay safe my friends!  - M 


13 Mar 2020

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Patients Who Ask You Out, 3 Question Max, What Drug Would You Make?

Have a weird/interesting/rude/awesome/funny patient come by your pharmacy? Have an awful day and need to vent? How about something great that happened? Let me know! Facebook and Twitter, comments or DM's. I want to hear about it because it drives every episode (and I'm on vacation so, let's be honest, I need YOUR stories)  Thank you to all for continuing to listen/support/follow the show, you guys are the best.  Keep fighting.  - M 


8 Nov 2019

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