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This podcast journeys into the world of people from all walks of life. Through the power of communication I aim to shine light on topics that will add value. Designed to inspire, ignite, and uplift the speaker and listener through exposing the beauty that exists within the raw and the real.It's a 'wherever, whenever' kinda podcast where you can find an episode to match your mood, the weather, or the company. If you, or someone you know, has a story that that will add value, get in touch!And So The Hey Lo Effect Begins...

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Episode 110: Intention is Everything with Tom Evans

Set intentions in each moment to take create the trajectory of your destiny.


24 Jul 2021

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Episode 109: Embrace Change with Tom Evans

Embrace the change within yourself and be willing to change your friendship circles, job, mindset to get the change you're desiring. A lot of people struggle with letting go of identity and who they feel they are, or even who other's say they are..like "Oh but that is just SO BRIAN!" You know?! We are always investing time into being our best versions of ourselves and maybe you feel you want that too - reach out and say hey and let us know where you're at and where you want to go! If you're happy with life and not wanting change, THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR YOU. With oceans of love and light, Tom & Lo


23 Jul 2021

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Episode 108: Joey The Nomad

Joey originally hails from Manchester England and after 7 years spent travelling the world to every continent the world has to offer he decided to call the sunny shores of Perth home.   From birth Joey was abandoned by his father which caused a large amount of confusion and mental health issues growing up, with bouts of depression and dices with suicide. Once Joey found a physical home for himself he began the real journey of life in understanding who he was as a person and where his troubles came from.  Using a method today known as EP7 Joey was able to realise his true reason for being in life in not only being able to become the father that he never had, but being able to share all of the lessons of EP7 and his fatherly love to the world, through his coaching in EP7 and his in school workshops, on Creativity, Resilience and his B.A.M Principles.   A completely organic connection with this absolute legend and he has so much incredible wisdom to add to the world - honoured to get to be in the presence of this legend!   ➤➤➤ MORE OF JOEY    ➤Instagram: @joey_the_nomad  ➤Facebook: Joey O’Dell  ➤Website: https://jwgodell.com/ ➤Podcast: Naked Reality

1hr 40mins

22 Jul 2021

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Episode 107: Patience in the Process with Tom Evans

Wednesday Wisdom: Be Patient In The Process A must listen if you're struggling to remain present and clear in whatever it is you're doing - @coachtomevans gets vulnerable and shares his own circumstances, which may sound very similar to your story too. We both certainly needed this Wednesday Wisdom chat this morning!


21 Jul 2021

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Episode 106: The Search Queen with Sonja Pototzki-Raymond

Sonja Pototzki-Raymond MSc, also known as Sonja - The Search Queen. She is a Google Search Expert.  Sonja the founder of The Marketing Republiq, an agency nationwide focused on getting clients' businesses found on Google by their ideal client for the problems that they solve. She has successfully generated over $95 million in sales for clients since her business started less than years ago.  Sonja holds both an honours degree and master’s in marketing, she has been in the global marketing and advertising industry for the last 16 years and she has worked on some of the world's leading brands such as Guinness, Jameson, Nestle, L’oreal, and Special K, to name a few.  She has also secretly been given the name as The Marketer with a Huge Heart. 😊  QUESTIONS SONJA COMMONLY GETS ASKED 1.       How did you start your business and why did you start it? 2.       How do you help business owners? 3.       Lesson you’ve learned throughout your business journey? 4.       Common Marketing problems I see 5.       Why did you pick Google to niche into? 6.       What’s your biggest Google secret that you can share?   ➤➤➤ MORE OF SONJA    ➤Instagram: @sonjathesearchqueen  ➤Facebook: Sonja Pototzki-Raymond - Join her FREE FB Group too:  Entrepreneurs Search Engine Revolution: https://www.facebook.com/groups/searchenginerevolution ➤Website: FREE TRAININGS https://go.thesearchqueen.com/freetraining-1


20 Jul 2021

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Episode 105: Discover Your Thrive Factor with Shannon Dunn

Shannon is a long time business coach and helps ambitious women leverage their Thrive Factor and turn their wisdom into profit without the hustle and overwhelm.   The Thrive Factor Framework TM is an Archetype system she created over a decade ago. Just for women it taps you into creating and experiencing thriving by celebrating being who you were destined to be. It’s all defined in your innate potential archetypal blueprint. Your mindset, marketing, money and magnetism strengths are defined and to be celebrated.   Shannon is also founder and Principal of Thrive Factor School teaching women in business, via a certification program, the art of Thrive Factor Profiling and the magic of the Thrive Factor Coaching methodology. The best immersion in - Self awareness, wisdom embodiment, personal leadership.    She has a vision to have 440 or more licensed graduates of the Thrive Factor certifications by 2030. Women who are collectively changing the conversation about women thriving and providing opportunities for women globally to understand who they are and claim their right to thrive. I don’t do small things so you are right about the leadership and serving on a greater scale   There’s an abundance of colour and smiling in her world and you can see that just by looking at her or simply hearing her voice and the passion in it!  When she is not doing all this, Shannon is leading retreats, speaking and is an author a number of times over so she is always crafting words and writing or creating something.    ➤➤➤ MORE OF SHANNON    ➤Instagram: @shannon_thethrivefactor  ➤Facebook: Shannon Dunn  ➤Website: thethrivefactor.com

1hr 19mins

19 Jul 2021

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Episode 104: Relationships vs. Transactions with Tom Evans

Some Wednesday Wisdom with @coachtomevans as we speak about the importance of building authentic relationships!♡♡♡ Short & sweet listen! Get amongst it! With high vibes, Tom & Lo


18 Jul 2021

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Episode 103: How to Remain Steady Amongst the Chaos with Tom Evans

Another Value Chat Session with @coachtomevans as we talk about not getting too caught up in all of the chaos! So often we're stuck in the past memories or feeling worried about the future, based off imagination and what hasn't actually happened yet! We discuss some very basic techniques and tools to implement in moments of stress and overwhelm and the things you have the ability to control within yourself, versus trying to control the external environment and those around you🤟🙌🔥 If you want more guidance with any of this work, please reach out to Tom or I and we'd be more than happy to connect! Stay steady, Tom & Lo


17 Jul 2021

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Episode 102: Confidence is Built, It's Not Innate with Alex Kotarba

All days have been leading to building more confidence - Starting with: ▶️CLARITY and understanding your WHY behind what you do ▶️CAPABILITIES and how realising how capable you already are can allow you to step into action immediately ▶️COMMIT - commit to yourself and your own success, it's as simple as that. ▶️COURAGE - when you do all of the above, the courage will start to build and to remember that confidence and success is built by taking courageous and uncomfortable action daily, no matter how small (embrace the growing pains!) ▶️CONFIDENCE - alas, we arrive here. It is not innate and must be built, so start doing the things that will make you grow to new heights. @alexkotarba and I recommend starting with physical movement, food & nutrition and also working in your mind too!! We have so much enjoyed this process and aim to add value! We are more than open to feedback and any questions that have come up, we will gladly answer to the best of our abilities!!! With oceans of love and light, confident beings, Alex & Lo


16 Jul 2021

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Join Lauren along with her sister Sarah, and her brother-in-law Josh, as one of them runs us through a gratitude practice - they do this every night before dinner, as this is the time they are all available to reconnect, to check in, and to take a moment to all pause together  - blessing each meal and moment for the day with a dash of gratitude. Join in with any moment of the day that you are needing an attitude of gratitude (it doesn't just have to be when you're eating...but it's a nice place to start!).


15 Jul 2021

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