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Episode 21: Tom Evans - Ultra Runner

Conversations About Running

In this Episode of Conversations About Running we are joined by professional ultra marathon runner, Tom Evans. Tom is a former captain in the British Army and kicked off his career as an ultra-runner in 2017 when he finished 3rd in the Marathon des Sables, despite only entering as a bet! He quickly established himself as one of the best ultra runners in the world when he went on to win the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc and finish 3rd in the iconic Weston States. Your hosts, Callum and Gavin, chat with Tom about his approach to nutrition and fueling both during training and day to day life as a professional athlete. We also chat about his mindset and approach to racing as well as Tom's vision for the future of the sport. If you enjoy listening to Conversations About Running then be sure to share with your friends in the running community to help spread our podcast further.

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31 Jul 2021

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Episode 109: Embrace Change with Tom Evans

The Hey Lo Effect Podcast

Embrace the change within yourself and be willing to change your friendship circles, job, mindset to get the change you're desiring. A lot of people struggle with letting go of identity and who they feel they are, or even who other's say they are..like "Oh but that is just SO BRIAN!" You know?! We are always investing time into being our best versions of ourselves and maybe you feel you want that too - reach out and say hey and let us know where you're at and where you want to go! If you're happy with life and not wanting change, THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR YOU. With oceans of love and light, Tom & Lo


23 Jul 2021

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Episode 107: Patience in the Process with Tom Evans

The Hey Lo Effect Podcast

Wednesday Wisdom: Be Patient In The Process A must listen if you're struggling to remain present and clear in whatever it is you're doing - @coachtomevans gets vulnerable and shares his own circumstances, which may sound very similar to your story too. We both certainly needed this Wednesday Wisdom chat this morning!


21 Jul 2021

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Episode 43 - Tom Evans - Pro Athlete - Olympic Marathon Trials

Run to the Hills

This week Eddie and Gary catch up with Tom Evans as he prepares for a possible UK FKT (Fastest Know Time) attempt. He chats about the London Marathon Olympic Trials too. Also, Eddie and Gary discuss their weekly training on the UK and French trails.Each week we'll bring you interviews with runners from the front, back and middle of the pack. We'll share training advice, nutrition advice and kit reviews too. We'll talk about current running stories and stories from inspirational people who we feel you might be interested in.This podcast is available to listen to at Spotify and Apple Podcasts too. Links below.https://open.spotify.com/show/2HlWHlGA8D6ifm1TmnP2Kthttps://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/run-to-the-hills/id1504643103YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaUcGDYF8919iZSDC8uV9xgFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1005937909821744Bloghttps://www.chiacharge.co.uk/​blogs/newsTwitterhttps://twitter.com/run_tothehillsStravahttps://www.strava.com/clubs/runtothehillspodcastInstagramhttps://www.instagram.com/runtothehillswithchiacharge/?hl=enStravahttps://www.strava.com/clubs/runtothehillspodcastChia Charge - Since 2012 Chia Charge has been making sports nutrition which not only helps you perform better but tastes great too. You won't find any oddities in our Yorkshire baked flapjacks either, just good honest kitchen cupboard ingredients that make you move and feel great.

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25 Jun 2021

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Episode 67 - Living a State Of The Art Life with Tom Evans

The Betar Project

Today I am joined by fellow podcaster Tom Evans who shares his journey from having a Mental breakdown and asking the questions of who am I & what is my purpose ? as most of us do at some stage in life. Thankfully a call from his mother changed everything when she said just sleep it off and figure it out tomorrow. The next morning Tom was up at 3am and smashed himself in the gym, this is where his passion further grew for health and fitness which lead him down the path of Personal Development. Tom shares what it means to live a state of the art life and how you can live it.Tom has a podcast funnily enough called The SOTA Process which I highly recommend you check out and also give him a follow on Instagram @coachtomevansIf you got value from this episode please share it on your socials and give me a rating on iTunes it helps to grow the show and reach a larger audience.


1 Jun 2021

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Tom Evans - Music production and over a decade of DJ'ing in Melbourne

The Integrity Audio electronic music, nightlife, music producer and DJ Podcast

We’ve got a bit of a Melbourne legend this week  - man about town Mr. Tom Evans. After all these years DJ’ing he's still one of the most in demand selectors in Melbourne and he's no stranger to producing eitherWe chat about where it all started for him, his time as a music producer, how his collab with Jacob Malmo - The Journey started and we also go into a bit of a dark experience Tom had while DJ’ing which you’ll have to keep listening to find out what he had to say. It’s a shocker and I’m sure it was a big eye opener for him, as it will be for the listeners…As always, if you’re liking the podcast, hit us up on Instagram and let us know what you think of the podcast - @integrityaudiomusicSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/integrityaudio)


12 Apr 2021

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#37: The Awakening Magic of Creativity with Tom Evans

The Temple Podcast - with Edward Pike & Guests

In this episode, Edward speaks to Tom Evans, author, composer and meditation teacher with an innate capacity for understanding the magical nature of our reality and for explaining it to others. Tom is a prolific creator, author of over 15 books including the recent Soulwaves: Insertions and the upcoming 3rd part of the series, the Duadex. A former broadcast engineer for the BBC, he “switched his attention from the magic of TV to the magic of the mind”: the result is a whole body of work dedicated to making the esoteric “exoteric”, asking Big Questions and making what seems complex as simple as possible. What You'll Learn In this conversation, we dive deep into the mechanics of channeling, or as Tom calls it ‘channel-in’, i.e to bring through what is already created.  We also touch on: Creativity as a way to bring divine order to chaos The power and importance of meditation to access the invisible realms Taking conscious control of our chakras Our role as caretakers of the planet  Our true potential as creatives and bringers of wisdom Continue Your Exploration You can find journaling prompts, contemplation questions and further resources on the episode page on the Temple: https://thetemple.love/content-all/37-the-awakening-magic-of-creativity-with-tom-evans. Join the exploration and share what you are learning and discovering in the comments. Links Website: www.tomevans.co Insight Timer: www.insighttimer.com/tomevans SoundWise: https://mysoundwise.com/publishers/1604682383613p

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1 Apr 2021

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Tom Evans on rehabilitating sex offenders, and what we really need to teach young men about consent and sexual norms.

Human Cogs Podcast

Tom Evans is a renowned psychologist who has worked in private practice for two decades and now works in the challenging space of the rehabilitation of sex offenders in Australia, and with young men struggling with issues of consent. In this episode, we step into some difficult and dark areas of the human psyche with Tom, as we explore primitive drivers and sexual dictates, how young men learn about ‘normalised’ sexual behaviour, what consent really means, and what we should be teaching them about healthy, mutually consenting sex.Tom also shares his own harrowing story as a victim of crime, and how this traumatic experience has informed his clinical practice, and the way he works with - and understands - the complex psychology of young men. This conversation deals with some very difficult topics, especially in light of what is currently playing out in the Australian Federal Parliament, and in a week that has seen thousands of people join 40+ Women's March4Justice rallies across the nation demanding an end to gendered violence and inequality.But despite this backdrop to the conversation, this episode provides a point of light because within the darkness Tom sees in human behaviour, he works to enable hope - and ultimately healing - for perpetrators, victims and for humanity at large.  Please note opinions and statements in this episode are the express views of Tom Evans and not those of his employer. SHOW CREDITS Hosts: Sabina Read and Madeleine GrummetGuest: Tom EvansSocials: LinkedInTechnical Producer: Daryl Missen at Purple Wax Join us on instagram at human.cogs Available on Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts or listen via our website. If you like this episode please leave us a QUICK REVIEW so more people can listen and learn from these stories! Thank you :)See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


16 Mar 2021

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Episode 20 - Tom Evans

Sparks of Madness

Tom Evans is a Welsh comedian who also works at Hot Water, one of the country's leading comedy venues. In this episode we discuss eating disorders, the impact of covid, the future of comedy and Tom's desire for an industry with fewer cliques and a more supportive approach.  Find out more about Tom at https://www.facebook.com/Tomecomedy/ 


15 Mar 2021

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Sophie Coldwell and Tom Evans in Conversation

Inside Tri Show

Sophie Coldwell is a British triathlete and her fiancé Tom Evans is an ultra runner. Sophie’s a front-pack swimmer, she represented England at the Commonwealth Games in 2018 and was 9th at the Olympic Qualification event in Tokyo.  Tom's background couldn't be more different, a British Army captain, he entered Marathon des Sables in 2017 after a bet. He ended up finishing 3rd. He won the 101km race at the UTMB in 2018 and finished 3rd at Western States in 2019. He's turned his attention to the road and hopes to qualify for the Olympic marathon. You'll hear05:25 How they met10:07 Their love for their chickens that they keep at home20:25 What Tom really thinks of triathlon and Sophie's opinion of Tom's training34:15 Tom's background in the army and how that helps his mental resilience40:55 The different sponsorship opportunities between ultra running and Olympic distance triathlon - Sophie doesn't have a wetsuit sponsor for 2021, despite being one of the best swimmers in the sport47:35 Sophie's Olympic goals49:48 Tom's marathon hopes52:45 How they chill out and switch off from sportFind out more about this week's guest - Sophie Coldwell and Tom EvansSophie Coldwell InstagramTom Evans InstagramLike what you heard?Let me know! Connect with Inside Tri Show across Social Media, just search Inside Tri Show or click on the icons belowWin a unique Inside Tri Show bobble hatSimply sign up for my regular newsletters before the end of February 2021! All new and existing subscribers will go into a draw for a chance to win the one-off hat from Fudge Hats.GET YOUR HANDS ON AN EXCLUSIVE EPISODE!Sign up to be a vino buddy or a training buddy on Patreon and get your hands on the latest patrons-only exclusive episode, including a wonderful interview with Rosie Swale Pope PLUS unheard snippets with Joanna Rowsell and Hannah Grant.You can still support me and support the show by clicking here to buy me a coffee every so often by becoming a Patron of the Inside Tri Show.Supporters of the showLong Range Fuel are phenomenally tasty nut butters from Resilient Nutrition, enhanced by cutting edge science, to boost your stamina, keep you calm and alert and bolster your resilience. Get 10% off by using the code insidetri10 or go direct via this link.33 Fuel – natural and very yummy sports nutrition. For your chance to win 3 months supply of award winning 33 Fuel Ultimate Daily Greens, enter the draw by clicking on this link. And as always, use the code INSIDETRI33 for a discount at checkout at www.33fuel.com.Komfuel - Like a pic' n mix of sports nutrition through your letterbox! Listeners can get 20% off all orders or advance sweat tests using the code: INSIDETRI at www.komfuel.co.ukFind out more about HelenHead over to Helen's website to find out more about her.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn - https://podcorn.com/privacy

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17 Feb 2021