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Redefining Balance for Working Mom Podcast by Your Life Rocks

Working mom life is full of blessings! The Your Life Rocks podcast is for Christian moms looking for practical strategies to grow in all areas of life they are trying to balance. You will learn how to reach your goals in your faith, marriage, parenting, career, health, home, finances, and friends and fun. Yes, we believe balance is possible because we believe you can define balance to be whatever you want.

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3 Steps For Creating Balance In Your Life

Balance can be a hard thing to wrap our heads around as a working mom.  But I'm here to tell you that it is possible.  How do I know this?  Because all things are possible through Jesus.  When it comes to creating balance in your life, there are three main principles and these principles are what Your Life Rocks is all about. Learn more about creating balance in your life by starting your free 7 day trial of Life Balance Membership.  Go to LifeBalanceMembership.com


26 Dec 2017

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Planning for Weekly Success

Preparation is key for success for any working Christian mom!  In this episode we talk about the importance of preparing for the week ahead by removing all obstacles to your goals.  I share with you how I use Sunday to do and give you my free full Sunday checklist that you can download at YourLifeRocks.com


5 Dec 2015

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Creating Structure for a Balanced Life

The promise of a new season can be so sweet but it can be even more rewarding if you enter it with intention.  In this episode, we are talking about how to create a structure for balance in your life and how to reset your systems for a successful season ahead.  Stay tuned to the end for three tips to help you get there! Join us the week of August 19th inside the Life Balance Membership as we go through the 7-day course, Clear the Chaos, all together!  In this course, you will get the tools to create a structure to your week to allow for balance to flourish, plus build the important supports needed for the journey to balanced living!  Join us by upgrading inside the app or going to LifeBalanceMembership.com Plus, you'll get the back to school guide to setting a strong foundation for your kids right when you join!


13 Aug 2019

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Mindset of busy

As a working mom trying to balance your career, your kids, marriage, faith, and everything else....you have a lot on your plate!  It's one thing to have a lot going on and something else entirely to have a spirit of busy.  Being busy leads to overwhelm and it is a dark and negative road.  In this episode, learn tips to help you stay in the light.  itapkgmv


25 Oct 2016

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The Weekend Reset

Organizing your home can offer up a world of relief from the middle of chaos. If devoting a weekend to cleaning and organizing your home sounds like an impossible chore, then this is the episode for you. You see, I think organization can be fun, and you’ll feel pretty wonderful afterward too!  Are you ready to get your life in order? Join us: Weeklysuccessplanning.com 


24 Apr 2018

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Getting Back on Track When You Feel Unbalanced

Last week we talked about how to come back when we face burnout.  This week, we are talking about the other thing that takes us away from being the best we can be...falling out of balance.  More importantly, we are talking about how you can get back on track after you have fallen off your balance. Here's the thing, balance is not a place to arrive to.  It’s not an accomplishment. It is a verb.  It’s an action that we choose to take each day in our lives to be the best version of ourselves in all that God has called us to be. Looking for more tips and inspiration as a working Christian mom?  Check out the monthly LifeStyle Guide inside the Your Life Rocks app Download iTunes Download Google Play


29 Oct 2019

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Becoming Financially Fit with Rachel King

Your Life Rocks is all about helping working Christian moms grow closer to their goals in all areas of life.  Today, we focus on helping you move closer to your money goals.  Our guest, Financial Coach Rachel King, shares tips to help you do just that.  You can get links to everything that we talk about in this episode by going to www.yourliferocks.com/46


11 Oct 2016

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How To Fill Your Bucket When Your Burnt Out

If you are new to the show, I’m Jenny a fellow working mom and founder of Your Life Rocks an online resource for working Christian moms.  I hope you download the app, subscribe to this podcast because Your Life Rocks is all in for you. Both on the podcast and in the resources in the app you will find tips and inspiration to live your best life as a working mom all the while keeping your faith at the center of it all. Today’s podcast is a bit personal for me, but I wanted to share this with all of you because what I am going through right now, I know so many of you might be as well or at least will be dealing with because I hear from you all the time when you do feel this way.  I see it in other facebook groups and hear it from my friends as well. And this isn’t my first time dealing with it. I’m talking about burnout, exhaustion, and working with an empty bucket and feeling out of balance. Get the app for working Christian moms!  It’s a free app with planning tools, free courses, and a lifestyle guide to help you grow in all 8 areas of life! Download iTunes Download Google Play Ready to create more balance in your life?  Join Life Balance Membership today!


22 Oct 2019

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Becoming a Master Juggler

You have a lot going on in your life and it can be a challenge to juggle it all without dropping the ball somewhere.  In this episode, learn from the professional (real) jugglers and how you can apply their skills to your life as a working Christian mom.  You can reach your goals.  You can manage it all and keep a smile (a real one) on your face.  Life Balance and Peace are waiting for you.


20 Sep 2016

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{Home} Clear the Chaos with Allie Casazza

In this episode, we are focusing in on our homes with our special guest Allie Casazza from the Purposeful Home podcast.  We are all about helping working Christian moms clear chaos and Allie is going to share some tips to do just that in your home by decluttering.  Allie is known for being a minimalist, but her message is really about simple motherhood.  Podcast Sponsor: LifeBalanceMembership.com


20 Jun 2017

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Life System Series; Personal Habits For Success

Episode 1 of a 3 part series diving into systems and habits to move you closer to your goals.  In this episode, we look at personal daily habits.  Morning and night time routines that move you closer to your goals and create a balanced life.  Your Life Rocks is passionate about helping you achieve goals in all areas of your life and equipping you to build a life that rocks.  For all links for resources shared during this episode, visit our show notes at www.YourLifeRocks.com/33


5 Jul 2016

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Mindset Coaching with Kristi Dear: How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Christian working mom and mindset coach Kristi Dear stops by to share some tips for creating success and getting out of your own way.  As a mom of three, she has some great advice that she shares on how she maintains balance in her life and still have a successful career.  You will love hearing her story on how she changed her mindset to change her life by loosing over 80 pounds, follow her passion, and build a life that rocks!


15 Dec 2015

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Hacks for Christian Working Moms

In this episode, I share some of the best hacks and tips for Christian working moms.  Some of these tips will help you in your career, others for your marriage, home, fitness, or parenting.  I hope this list of 10 hacks blesses you and helps to clear some chaos and create some balance in your life.  Have more hacks that you want to share?  Join us in our community, www.YourLifeRocks.com


25 Apr 2017

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Life Systems Series: Creating a Happy Home

This is our second episode in our Life System Series.  In this episode, we are taking a deeper look into the habits and systems that create a happy home.  Your home is the center of your life.  Learn to create a vision for this area of your life and how this affects your marriage as well as your kids.  Learn habits and systems to help you get closer to your vision and goals for your life.  For more information and links to everything that we talked about in this episode, go to www.yourliferocks.com/34


12 Jul 2016

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Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Being a Christian woman with a lot on your plate is not easy.  Most of us can lower our standards and begin the slow fade as try to managing work, and the overwhelm of life.  As Christians, we are called to always give our best.  How?  In this episode, we talk about how to have a healthy mindset around this and we share some practical tips that you can apply to your life so you can be the Best Version of You!


8 Nov 2016

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A Different Way to Set Goals

Join us in a 7-Day program called the New Year Reset inside Life Balance Membership.  Start your free 7-day trial by diving into this program.  Click here to get started. So, with last week ending a series and next week starting a series, we are in a week of transition.  And really that is what this week has been all about….meaning the week between Christmas and New Year.  It is my favorite week of the year because it is quiet, there isn’t that much going on and I can just breath, think, and be. Every year I use this week to reflect on areas of my life, give gratitude, dream a little and just talk to God about bigger things than I normally get to on a daily basis.  I go through a process that allows me better insight to setting goals and getting ready to accomplish them.   It is this exact system that I have been teaching to our Life Balance members this week.  If you are not a life Balance member, you can still join us! The great thing is that we are walking through a pre-recorded course that you can start really at any time.  It’s a 7-day new program that has been added to the membership and it will help you get clear on your goals in a whole new way.   In this episode, I wanted to share with you three of the principles that we teach in this program.  It’s a different way of setting goals than most people do, but so highly effective.


31 Dec 2019

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Balancing Your Home: Decluttering with Dana White of A Slob Comes Clean

Balanced living involves many different parts of your life.  At Your Life Rocks, we teach 8 parts of your life and one of them is your home.  In this episode, we have special guest Dana K White with us.  Dana is an expert in de-cluttering and keeping your home.  No matter where you are in the process of de-cluttering your home, there are tips here for you!


16 Feb 2016

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Overcomer Series: Battle with Depression

First episode in a 4 part series titled:  Overcomer!  As working Christian moms, we all need to hear those victory stories to inspire us.  That is what this series is all about.  In this episode, we talk with Allie Davis on her battle with depression.  How she found healing and has used the experience of her journey to help others. 


23 Aug 2016

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Busy Moms Dealing With Stress

In this episode, we are diving into the topic of stress.  I mean, who doesn't have stress in our lives, right?  We all know that it is just a part of our every day, but how can we effectively deal with it?   Luckily, we have an expert guest to help us out.  Gina Poirier is a happily married mom of three, stress management coach and writer who helps overwhelmed, exhausted moms find peace and purpose in the everyday. Check out free resources for Christian moms at ginampoirier.com, where "Wiping noses for Jesus is legit!" Gina has put together some great tips for us on this topic.  I hope you have a listen as she shares her insight.  Here is the outline of our conversation. 1.  Create a healthy perspective about stress.  Stress is not a bad thing.  It was designed by God for our good.  Once we can see stress in our lives from a neutral place, we can be better equipped to deal with it in a healthy way. 2.  Know you can't always control stress but you can control your stress response.  Let's talk about stress resiliency.  As you begin to build up this up for yourself, here are the things to think about. Physical- Taking care of your body with good nutrition, staying hydrated, exercise, and getting the right about of sleep for yourself. Emotional/Mental- Setting boundaries, minimizing toxic self-thinking, working on better relationships, limit screen time. Spiritual- See point three. 3.  Taking spiritual rest.  God created us to do amazing things, but he also called us to slow down and rest.  The Bible calls us to this over and over and God has set examples through nature and through his own actions as well.  It's about celebration and showing gratitude.  So choose your Sabbath.  Pray about it and see how God would have you implement this into your life. Gina has a great 5-day challenge for you called StessLESS.  You should totally sign up for it and can find it here: https://ginampoirier.lpages.co/stressless-free-course/ This episode was sponsored by Life Balance Membership.  If you are serious about creating more balance in your life, start your free 7-day trial and try out the Life Balance system for yourself.  Go to LifeBalanceMembership.com to get started.


5 Sep 2017

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{Time Management} Protecting Your Schedule

Planning our time, setting intentions...they are the key to creating balance and reaching your goals.  But sometimes we get sidetracked and our plans can get interrupted by those around us.  As a working mom, there are multiple distractions.  In this episode, we are talking about how to protect your productive time. This topic was voted on inside our Facebook Community.  We would love to have you join us!


11 Jul 2017

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