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Produced by Capital Markets Today, host Louis Amaya, discusses capital markets, whole loan /MSR/ secondary trading, real estate and mortgage lending with industry experts.

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C-19, "Another Real Estate Crash Is Coming", Qazi, PhD Candidate Unv. of London

The COVID-19 crisis, like the subprime mortgage crisis a decade ago, has sparked major public interventions to stabilize the financial markets. But the Fed isn’t stepping in to bail out the real estate sector — and the big losers are set to be ordinary households. This is the intro to an article title “Another Real Estate Crash Is Coming” written by Shehryar Qazi, a doctoral student and researcher in political economy at the University of London We are fortunate to have Shehryar on the podcast today to discuss the article and obtain his thoughts on how the real estate market will play out over the next 18-24 months.  Shehryar is a PhD Candidate in the department of economics at the University of London and is the coordinator for the universities “Political Economy of the COVID-19 Crisis” project.


29 May 2020

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Are re-performing loans ready to be securitized? - Morningstar Credit Ratings

Brian Grow and Gaurav Singhania of Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC join the broadcast to discuss the growing NPL/RPL securitization asset class.  Brian and Gaurav will review the current NPL/RPL market, discuss Morningstar Credit Ratings' ratings approach and examine the evolution of the non-rated to now possibly rated asset types.


5 Nov 2014

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C-19, Secondary Mkt Loan Sales: Opportunity or Business as Usual, LeBlanc-DebtX

For distressed debt buyers, it could be the calm before the storm.  Some deals are floating about with investors pricing them as a sort of reconnaissance exercise to determine the bid/ask levels. The first wave to hit was leveraged lenders, but most expect a sharp increase in deal flow by the 3rd or 4th quarter once participants on both the buy and sell side have more transparency on how the Covid-19 issue will play out. Joining the podcast to discuss the approaching NPL opportunity is David LeBlanc, Managing Director at DebtX.  David covers banks, investment banks, opportunity funds, hedge funds and other institutional investors active in the secondary market. David previously ran DebtX's trading desk for 10 years, including during the great financial crisis. He has traded over $30B in distressed and performing commercial and residential real estate and corporate debt in the secondary market. 


22 May 2020

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Gibson@Mt.View IPS-RMBS, CMBS, Whole Loan Pricing & Outlook

Scott Gibson, Senior Vice President at MountainView Independent Pricing Service., a subsidiary of MountainView Capital Holdings discusses valuations for fixed income securities, residential whole loans, and other hard-to-value assets.  Mr. Gibson also provides insight into the current housing recovery and the potential for the whole loan market throughout the rest of 2013.  What is the secondary market pricing a modified or re-performing loan today?


13 Jun 2013

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Community Reinvestment Act & Non Performing Whole Loan Trading

Vince Orduno, of Orduno & Associates, joins the broadcast to discuss the intricacies of the Community Reinvestment Act and how the Act aligns with Neighborhood Stabilizing initiatives and objectives that many buyers of non-performing loan pools strive to achieve.  Vince Orduno has extensive experience in multicultural lending and consults with investors, banks and other institutions promoting effective CRA strategies.


6 Oct 2014

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Pipeline Hedging - Brown, CEO Mortgage Capital Management

There are a number of conflicting theories on what makes a company successful when they enter into, or have been, operating in a hedging environment.  Dean Brown, Founder & CEO of Mortgage Capital Management discusses pipeline hedging and how it reacts to rate movement. Since 1994 MCM has effectively helped mortgage bankers maximize profitability, decrease earnings volatility and manage risk.


6 Nov 2013

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Buying/Selling Non-Performing Loans - Fullwood, Pinnacle Investments

It was recently reported in DC News that three of the nation's largest mortgage lenders have put sizable packages of non-performing and performing mortgage loans on the market for investors to buy First reported by Bloomberg, The loans are worth a combined $4.5 billion.  Bank of America has put up approximately $2.56 billion worth of delinquent debt for sale, including non-performing loans, performing mortgages and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), Citigroup has put up $1.8 billion worth of non-performing mortgages for sale, and JPMorgan Chase is looking for a buyer for $143 million worth of nonperforming mortgage loans.  And lastly, Freddie Mac just sold $440 million in non-performing loans. Data compiled by Mission Capital shows that about $4.2 billion worth of non-performing loans and $3.2 billion worth of modified or re-performing loans have traded or been put up for sale so far this year. Joining the broadcast to discuss the non-performing mortgage market is Troy Fullwood.  Troy is an 18+-year veteran of the secondary mortgage business, along with being a personal investor.  He has been involved in over 13 thousand residential mortgage transactions totaling over a billion dollars in transactional history throughout the United States.


18 Feb 2015

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Bifurcation Of The Mortgage Origination Business - Showalter, CAO - Digital Risk

Tom Showalter, Chief Analytics Officer of Digital Risk, joins the broadcast to discuss QM and origination defect requirements and potential impact. Showalter, hints that the bifurcation of the mortgage origination business is eminent. Showalter reflected that a mortgage company’s business is understanding consumers needs and wants then developing credit, marketing and secondary policy that meets market expectations. Because of the compliance risk and costs, manufacturing the loan or the process of originating will most likely fall to a few large companies that have the ability and balance sheet to invest millions into technology, compliance and process. Showalter goes onto to discuss the GSEs, short and long term outlook, impact of origination defects to price and performance.


5 Feb 2014

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IMN SFR Podcast Series - Single Family Rental, Section 8-Hemani, Alna Properties

According to a recent article in USA today, single-family rentals are developing faster than any other portion of the housing market. The rentals outpace both single-family home purchases and apartment-style living, according to the Urban Institute.  Single-family rentals have gone up 30% within the last three years Joining the podcast to discuss the single-family rental market is Alex Hemani, Founder of Alna Group of Companies. In 2006 Alex founded Alna Properties as his investment vehicle and built a portfolio of several hundred SFR along with a firm to provide property management services for the Alna Properties portfolio as well as other SFR investors.  Alex continued to expand his reach with creating “We Buy Homes In USA” to identify SFR investment opportunities across the country.


30 Nov 2017

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Single Family Rental Update & Analysis - Morningstar w/ Singhania & Grow

Gaurav Singhania, SVP RMBS and Brian Grow, Managing Director RMBS at Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC join the broadcast to provide updates and analysis on single family rental performance.  Singhania and Grow will provide updates on securitizations, institutional players, emerging strategies, investor landlord strategies, multi-borrower deals and the latest information on Invitation Homes


26 Jun 2014

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Recent Secondary Trades, Nationstar, Redwood, QM & QRM

Jacob Gaffney is our guest and will discuss current market trends and provide color on Redwood Trust, Nationstar, QM, QRM and Real Estate Jacob Gaffney is the Executive Editor of HousingWire and HousingWire.com. He previously covered securitization for Reuters and Source Media in London before returning to the United States in 2009.


24 Jan 2013

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NoteExpo Podcast Series - Alternative Investing, Parson-CIO Heritage Capital USA

Generally speaking, there are two types of note buyers; The institutional investor will purchase notes on a national basis with their own funds. They might hold for a long investment, liquidate or trade out and maybe even securitize on the secondary market.  The private investor purchases notes on a smaller scale, usually limited to a certain geographic region. The private investor market has grown significantly over the past several years creating a liquid market place to buy and sell on a smaller scale.  There is a certain level of knowledge that needs to be acquired for a private investor to be successful.  Structuring their investments, sourcing deals and managing their portfolio are just a few of the areas in which expertise is required. Joining the podcast to discuss alternative investments and private placement opportunities is Ryan Parson.  Ryan is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Heritage Capital USA, Inc. and Mile Marker Club, as well as the Director of Investor Relations at Colonial Capital Management. Ryan works with individual and business clients to provide financing solutions for all types of real estate and alternative investments.


12 Oct 2017

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2014 Economic Forecast - Fermanian Economic Institute - Dr. Reaser, Ph.D.

Listen to a live recording of the Fermanian Business & Economic Institute's 2014 economic forecast conducted on December 6, 2013 by Dr. Reaser, Ph.D. & Chief Economist.. Lynn Reaser, Ph.D., is Chief Economist f at the Fermanian Business & Economic Institute (FBEI). The Institute engages in economic analysis, modeling, and forecasting with practical and actionable recommendations Dr. Reaser is also the Chief Economist of the Council of Economic Advisors for California State Controller John Chiang, and is a participating economist in the S & P/Case-Shiller Real Estate Index and many other leading economic gauges and surveys.  From 1999 to 2009, she served as the Chief Economist for the Bank of America Investment Strategies Group. Dr. Reaser provided the global and U.S. economic framework for investment strategy for high net-worth, institutional, and brokerage clients, encompassing over $500 billion under management. She previously served as Barnett Bank’s (Bank of America) and First Interstate Bank’s (Wells Fargo Corporation) Chief Economist.


9 Jan 2014

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Fed Tapers Stimulus - Analysis And Impact

Analysis by Brent Nytray, Director of Capital Markets at iServe Lending.  We'll discuss impact to the bond and equity markets, inflation, forward guidance and currency value.


19 Dec 2013

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Lockhart, Vice Chairman of WL Ross, QE Tapering / FNMA/FHLMC

Recorded live at the Five Star Investor Symposium in Dallas Tx, Lockhart, former Director of FHFA discusses QE tappering, the future of FNMA/FHMLC, interest rates, whole trading and more.


13 Sep 2013

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IMN SFR Podcast Series - Single Family Rental Prop Mgt, Ortner-Renters Warehouse

According to a recent article in Mortgage Professional America, the fastest-growing segment of the housing market today is single-family rentals.  The shift to single-family rentals is being driven by a number of factors, notably tight mortgage credit and millennials’ lifestyle choices, which differ from earlier generations’. For the past three years, single-family rental has hovered around a 30% growth rate, compared with an average growth rate of less than 15% for multifamily during the same period. Joining the podcast to discuss the single-family rental market is Kevin Ortner, President and CEO of Renters Warehouse.  Renters Warehouse manages more than $3 billion in residential real estate, servicing over 18,000 properties and 13,000 investors in over 35 markets across more than 20 states.


28 Nov 2017

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The NoteExpo, Repass - Managing Director of Colonial Funding Group

The non-performing loan market has diversified over the past several years with loans flowing through primary, secondary and tertiary markets to a broad range of large and small investors. The NoteExpo was launched to fill a void in the Note Industry that attracts the large, medium and small investors who interact in this space.  Joining the podcast to discuss the upcoming conference is Bob Repass, Managing Director of Colonial Funding Group and NoteSchool.  In addition, Bob is the Fund Manager and Chief Investment Officer of Colonial Capital Management’s Colonial Fund 17 and Colonial Impact Fund II.  Bob is a 28-year veteran and expert in the seller finance discounted mortgage and distressed asset industry. Over the course of his career, he has purchased over 40,000 performing and non-performing mortgage loans totaling over $2 billion dollars in volume.


10 Oct 2017

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Brown,CEO of Mortgage Capital Mgt-Hedging & Float Down Locks

Dean Brown, founder and CEO of Mortgage Capital Management joins the broadcast to discuss effective hedging strategies for secondary market professionals during an environment of rising interest rates. Since 1994 Mortgage Capital Markets has effectively helped mortgage bankers maximize profitability, decrease earnings volatility and manage risk.


20 Aug 2013

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Monetizing Illiquid Whole Loan Portfolios

Patrick Howard, Managing Director of Capital Markets at Cascadia Equity Leasing will discuss stratigies for monetizing illquid whole loan portfolios.


18 Dec 2012

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Crawford, VP of Analytics, DataQuick

Gordon Crawford is responsible for developing models and analytics, including home price indices, automated property valuation models, and loan performance models, at DataQuick. He previously served as VP of mortgage research at Fannie Mae for more than 20 years directing loan and property performance research, home price forecasting, property valuation models, and home price index estimation methods.


10 Sep 2013

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