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Trends Like These is a weekly round-up of what's trending on Facebook, Twitter and all over the Internet. Brought to you every Friday by Travis McElroy, Brent Black, and Courtney Enlow. Follow us on Twitter @TrendsLikeThese! Join us, won't you?

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Southwest Flight 1380, Beyonce Headlines Coachella, James Comey Book Review, Starbucks Removes Black Men, UK Windrush Scandal (feat. Dave Bulmer), Michael Cohen, Trump Attacks Syria, 4/20 + FDA Approves Marijuana Drug, Mayochup, Alex Jones

INTRO 0:26 4/20 Blaze It! The Story of 4/20 Stoner Goonies Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:52 Starbucks Arrests Black Men Southwest Flight 1380 Beyonce Headlines Coachella UK "WINDRUSH" SCANDAL w/ Dave Bulmer 31:06 POLITICS ROUNDUP 1:03:30 James Comey Book Review Trump Attacks Syria Michael Cohen Update TIDBITS 1:32:03 FDA Approves Marijuana-Derived Drug Alex Jones Sued Over Sandy Hook Mayochup WI-FIVE 1:39:15 OUTRO 1:41:50

1hr 45mins

20 Apr 2018

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Vine, Electoral Solutions, Oregon Militia

Hey cool kids! This marks the first of two special episodes where Brent records and edits the whole thing! That’s right! If you’re a listener who always reads this stuff, THIS IS BRENT OMG HI I’M WRITING TO YOU! Travis is a dad now so he’s taking some well deserved paternity leave. This episode has awesome guest hosts Rachel Stine (@toothpasta) & Pat Contri (@PatTheNESPunk) who talk about the death of Vine and the 2016 US election, and I also cover the verdict of the Oregon militia who made news earlier this year as well as a medically optimistic wi-five! Enjoy and remember to share!


31 Oct 2016

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Winter Olympics, The Flu, School Shooting, Uma Thurman Interview, Quentin Tarantino, Shaun White, Police Consent Loophole, Rob Porter, Stormy Daniels Payment, Proposal to Change SNAP

INTRO: 0:25 Biden Correction Black Panther Review Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES: 10:21 Winter Olympics The Flu School Shooting (Content Warning: Gun Violence) TERRIBLE MEN (CONTENT WARNING: SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND ASSAULT) 47:37 Uma Thurman Interview Quentin Tarantino Shaun White Police Consent Loophole POLITICS ROUND UP: 1:04:28Rob Porter (Content Warning: Abuse) Stormy Daniels Payment Proposal to Change SNAP WI-FIVE OF THE WEEK: 1:29:57 OUTRO: 1:32:10

1hr 35mins

16 Feb 2018

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Trump/Times, Holiday Hole, Vote Audit, Pizzagate, Richard Spencer

Hello Cool Kids! We're back from Thanksgiving and we're ready to talk turkey! First, a quick rundown on what happened when Donald Trump (finally) sat down with the NY Times. The folks at Cards Against Humanity offered a very strange Black Friday deal this year! It looks like we are going to end up doing a vote recount in at least one state, possibly more! A very strange and completely unfounded conspiracy has been blossoming under the radar on the Internet. We also take a look at the man leading the Alt-Right. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

1hr 32mins

28 Nov 2016

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Nintendo Switch, Cyber Attacks, Brexit and Trump (with Dave Bulmer)

Hello Cool Kids! We have a super fun (and a kind of terrifying!) episode of you today! First, Nintendo released a teaser trailer for their new console, the Nintendo Switch!  America was the target of 3 waves of cyber attacks on Friday and so far, there's not really much we can do to prevent another attack. Special guest Dave Bulmer (@DemonTomatoDave) joins Brent to discuss the American election season from a British point of view and how it is similar to Brexit. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and remember to share!


24 Oct 2016

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SDCC 2016, Nintendo, Mike Ward, DNC

Hello my friends, we meet again! It's been awhile, where should we begin? Well, Travis just got back from San Diego Comic Con and he want to tell you all about it! Brent's got some rumors and news about Nintendo! Future consoles? Stock Prices? You betcha! A comedian in Canada has been fined $42,000 for making mean jokes (there's a lot more to it than that) and it has sparked a big discussion about sensitivity and humor! The Democratic National Convention took place this week and the people have some strong thoughts! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

1hr 20mins

28 Jul 2016

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1 in 6 Millennials has $100K in Savings???, Hillary Clinton vs Tulsi Gabbard, Impeachment Update, Lizzo Credit Controversy, Brexit Update, New Hocus Pocus Film

*TIMECODES*  BEYOND THE HEAD-*LINE* 5:15 1 in 6 Millennials Has $100K? POLITICS ROUNDUP 18:33 Mega-Trumpdate Clinton vs. Tulsi TIDBITS 44:49 Brexit Update Lizzo Credits Controversy New Hocus Pocus Film WI-FIVE 50:37


25 Oct 2019

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Michelle Wolf’s WHCD Roast, Avengers: Infinity War, Rudy Giuliani’s Big Screwup, 27 More Women Accuse Charlie Rose, Tom Brokaw Sexual Harassment, UK Windrush Update, #MuteRKelly, Zach Levi Steps In It, North & South Korea Making Up, Boy Scouts Change

EPISODE TIMECODES: INTRO 0:25 Seasonal Allergies Bevs Like These Change Your Twitter Password! AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR 6:45 *HEAVY SPOILERS FROM 11:40 UNTIL 36:10* TERRIBLE MEN 36:10 Tom Brokaw #MuteRKelly Over 100 Assaults by Uber Drivers Charlie Rose MICHELLE WOLF’S WHCD ROAST 1:07:13 TIDBLAST! 1:43:26 Are North & South Korea Making Up? Three Trump Tidbits Zach Levi: Dumb Again! High School Pooper CAUGHT Boy Scouts Changing Its Name UK Windrush Update TRAVIS DOES THE WI-FIVE! 2:11:28 OUTRO 2:13:09 We’re looking for a (paid) logo designer!

2hr 17mins

4 May 2018

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Pewdiepie Revisited, Trumpdate, Milo Yiannopoulos

Hello Cool Kids! Boy oh boy, have we got a big one for you! OVER TWO HOURS OF TRENDING NEWS COVERAGE! Last week, we barely skimmed the surface of Pewdiepie. This week, we researched over 25 sources to bring you the most in-depth analysis of the situation we could muster! We cover a series of stories in this week's Trumpdate ranging from questions about anti-semitism to non-existent Swedish events. To round out this week's episode, we give you all the info that's fit to print(?) about the recent events surrounding Milo Yiannopoulos! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

2hr 10mins

23 Feb 2017

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Matt Lauer, Trump Tweets, #CyberMonday, New York Times Nazi, Creepy White House Decor, Angela Lansbury, North Korea Missile, Garrison Keillor, Republican Tax Bill, Jeffrey Tambor, YouTube Child Exploitation, Al Franken, John Conyers, and more!

INTRO 0:24 Travis' phone call w/Mel Brooks Does Thanksgiving Need an Orgy? Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 7:28 New York Times Neo-Nazi Cyber Monday Trump in re: Time Magazine YouTube Child Exploitation Seth Myers: Best Feminist? Prince Harry/Meghan Markle Creepy White House Decor TERRIBLE MEN 35:11 Jeffrey Tambor Nick Carter Chef John Besh John Lasseter Charlie Rose Matt Lauer Garrison Keillor Russell Simmons Angela Lansbury(?!) Israel Horovitz Access Hollywood Tape Fake? POLITICS ROUNDUP, PT 1 46:58 Resistbot Net Neutrality TERRIBLE (POLITICS) MEN 59:36 Joe Barton and Wes Goodman Al Franken and John Conyers Project Veritas and Roy Moore POLITICS ROUNDUP, PT 2 1:09:30 Trump's Tweets Republican Tax Bill TIDBITS 1:36:23 North Korea Missile Test Rex Tillerson To Be Fired, etc WI-FIVE 1:41:28 OUTRO 1:43:47

1hr 46mins

1 Dec 2017

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Rudy Giuliani, Glenn Beck, Weed Update, DailyBeast Grindr Story with guest correspondent Cameron Esposito

Have we got one heck of an episode for you this week! It is jam packed with all kinds of big discussions and we barely even mention Donald Trump! Rudy Giuliani (while introducing Trump) appeared to have forgotten about 9/11, but did he? Glenn Beck seems to have had a change of heart and he's catching some heat for it. We have an update on the scheduling of marijuana in America. The hilarious and charming Cameron Esposito joins us to discuss a controversial story out of the Olympic village. A DailyBeast reported created fake profiles on several dating sites, including Grindr, and then published specifics regarding the people who responded. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to tell your friends!

1hr 14mins

18 Aug 2016

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CATS + STAR WARS: TROS Discussion!, Pope Slaps Woman's Hand, FDA Bans Vape Products, Joe Biden Would Choose Republican VP, MSM Gets Real About Bernie, Impeachment Update, Democratic 2020 Race Update

*TIMECODES* CATS AND THE RISE OF SKYWALKER DISCUSSION! – 11:29 *MOVIE SPOILERS* POLITICS ROUNDUP – 49:45 Impeachment Update Joe Biden Would Choose Republican VP MSM Finally Honest about Bernie Democratic 2020 Race Update TIDBITS – 1:14:11 Pope Slaps Woman’s Hand Away FDA Bans Vaping Products WI-FIVE – 1:23:19

1hr 28mins

3 Jan 2020

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Pewdiepie Again, Ted Cruz Likes Porn, Male Fertility Crisis, Equifax, James Woods, Hurrican Irma, Hillary’s Book, Trump Meets Dems, Trump Doesn’t Call Mexico, Medicare For All, Trump Tweets, Jemelle Hill/Miss Texas, HR620

INTRO 0:24 Bevs Like These Destiny 2 Review BTH 5:17 Male Fertility Crisis Equifax Hack James Woods vs. Armie Hammer & Amber Tamblyn Hurricane Irma PEWDIEPIE AGAIN 36:56 HILLARY’S BOOK 54:21 POLITICS ROUND UP 1:01:07 Trump Meets With Dems Ted Cruz Likes Porn Trump Doesn’t Call Mexico Medicare For All Trump Tweets Jemelle Hill/Miss Texas HR620 WI-FIVE OF THE WEEK 1:33:47 OUTRO 1:36:04

1hr 39mins

15 Sep 2017

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Leslie Jones, Ice Bucket Update, RNC

Hello there Cool Kid! Come in, come in! Don't just stand there in the door way! Have a seat and let's talk about what's going on in the world! Did you hear about the trouble that Leslie Jones has had on Twitter and the punishment the lead troll received? We have some info on the long lasting effect of the Ice Bucket Challenge of two years ago. Folks, there has been a whole lot of news coming out of the RNC! From usage of a Queen song, the collection of speakers and Melania Trump's perceived plagiarism, there's been a whole lot of buzz on the social medias! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

1hr 3mins

21 Jul 2016

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Electoral College Vote, Facebook Fact Check, Sofia Vergara, 2016 Year In Review

Hello Cool Kids! Sorry for the delay, but we wanted to make sure this episode was super good! Also, we were traveling. Mostly the super good part though! Well, the Electoral College did their thing and... it went pretty much as normal. Facebook has announced new plans to help weed out fake news. Sofia Vergara is going through some intense and (in many ways) confusing legal battles over her fertilized eggs. Finally, we take a look back at 2016! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Please enjoy and remember to share!

1hr 19mins

21 Dec 2016

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Terrible Men, 2017 Election Results, Doctor Who Costumes, Dry Clean Dress, iPhone Glitch, Disney Bans L.A. Times, Church Shooting, Kessler Verified, Stranger Things 2 Story, Transgender Elected Officials

INTRO 0:23 Doctor Who Costume Bevs Like These Dry Clean Dress HEADLINES 9:21 iPhone Glitch Disney Bans LA Times Church Shooting (CW: Gun violence) Kessler Verified Stranger Things 2 Story (SPOILER WARNING) 44:20 --With special guest Tybee Diskin TERRIBLE MEN (CW: Sexual Assault and Abuse) 1:06:25 POLITICS ROUND UP 1:35:27 2017 Election Results Transgender Elected Officials Tidbits WI-FIVE 1:52:57 OUTRO 1:55:06

1hr 57mins

10 Nov 2017

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Chastity Belt, Womb Detox, The Onion, Fact or Fiction, Porn Trends

On this week's episode: A woman in Padua sought assistance after losing the key to her chastity belt. A homeopathic company is selling balls one inserts in to their vaginas and Brent and Travis are justifiably furious! The Onion has been purchased by Spanish language network Univision. Brent challenges Travis to determine which memes are true and which are false. Pornhub has released their 2015 year in review with some interesting statistics! Finally, we discuss a celebrity hero in this week's Wi-Five of the Week!


21 Jan 2016

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Trump IMPEACHED, Adam Driver Interview Walkout, Whoopi Goldberg vs. Meghan McCain, JK Rowling Sticks Up for TERFs, Critics Respond to CATS, Michael Jackson Musical

*TIMECODES* BEYOND THE HEADLINES - 4:55 Adam Driver Interview Walkout Meghan McCain vs. Whoopi Goldberg Maya Forstater, TERF ...and JK Rowling Defends Her! POLITICS ROUNDUP - 38:29 Trump Impeached! TIDBITS - 1:09:35 Critics Respond to CATS Michael Jackson's Glove Musical?

1hr 24mins

20 Dec 2019

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Patreon's Big Mistake, Russia Barred from Olympics, Bryan Singer, Michael Flynn, Terrible Men with Courtney Enlow, Resistbot cocreator Jason Putorti, 2018 Midterm Preview, California Wildfires, Super Bad Gun Bill Passes in the House, Killer Cop Sentenced

INTRO 00m 25sec   News Just Keeps Going Dilly Dilly The Disaster Artist Bevs Like These   BEYOND THE HEADLINES 6m 39s   Christmas Tree Costume Girl Russia Barred from Olympics Patreon's Big Mistake California Wildfires   TERRIBLE MEN 32m 45s   Time's POTY The Silence Breakers Danny Masterson & House of Cards S6 John Conyers & Al Franken Bryan Singer Trent Franks & Blake Farenthold Roy Moore 19 Allegations Against Trump INTERVIEW Courtney Enlow   RESISTBOT CO CREATOR JASON PUTORTI 1hr 15m 34s   POLITICS ROUNDUP 1hr 36m 02s Michael Flynn Trump's Self-Implicating Tweet Are Pence's Hands Clean? What If Trump Got Impeached? HR 38 Super-Bad Gun Bill Tax Bill Post-mortem 2018 Midterm Preview   TIDBITS 2hr 13m 42s   Gay Wedding Cake SCOTUS Case Trump Names Jerusalem New Israeli Capital Walter Scott Killer Cop Sentenced to 20 Years 28 Senators Protest FCC's Net Neutrality Plan   WI-FIVE 2hr 20m 53s   OUTRO 2hr 23m 29s

2hr 27mins

8 Dec 2017

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#MeToo, Scaramucci Holocaust Poll, #WomenBoycottTwitter & #WOCAffirmation, Trump's Terrible Gold Star PR, Brooklyn Bull, KFC Wins Twitter, Spain vs. Catalonia pt 2, Larry Flynt vs. Trump

INTRO 0:25 Halloween party vs. Baby birthday party Brent's Halloween costume Bevs Like These KFC Wins Twitter BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:52 Scaramucci Holocaust Poll Restaurant Resells Popeye's #MeToo Brooklyn Bull Spain vs. Catalonia pt 2 The Unreported Airport Bombing #WomenBoycottTwitter & #WOCAffirmation POLITICS ROUNDUP 46:55 Trump's Terrible Gold Star PR Larry Flynt vs. Donald Trump WI-FIVE 1:11:29 OUTRO 1:13:07

1hr 14mins

20 Oct 2017

Rank #20