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13 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Bryan Singer. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Bryan Singer, often where they are interviewed.

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13 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Bryan Singer. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Bryan Singer, often where they are interviewed.

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Bryan Singer - Apt Pupil

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Our Bryan Singer episode discusses Apt Pupil, controversial behavior on film sets, and a chance meeting between A Film By... podcaster Brad Koszo and Singer, himself! 

Sep 22 2020 · 59mins
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Cinema Royale - Talking 'The Umbrella Academy', 'Summerland', Bryan Singer, and more!

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On this episode of Cinema Royale, we’re joined by Cortland Jacoby who talks with John about The Umbrella Academy season 2! We then spend some time by the beach with Gemma Arterton in Summerland, and…sadly, we also gotta talk about this Bryan Singer stuff on the anniversary of the X-Men franchise. All this and more!

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Aug 08 2020 · 1hr 18mins

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Bryan Singer meet Ray Fisher - Podcast e27

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Bryan Singer, meet Ray Fisher - Podcast e27

* Shang-Chi Resumes Filming

* Jeff Loeb Accused

* Avengers Gamerverse

* A Rant on Screen Rant

* Praise for Alex Ross' Art

* Tom King vs Jae Lee

* DC Showcase - Batman: Death in the Family

* Chillmonger's Take on "X of Swords"

* Book Stores vs Comic Book Stores

* Bryan Singer vs The Hollywood Reporter

* David S. Goyer vs The Lone Ranger

* Ray Fisher on Justice Con

* Zack Snyder on Justice Con

* Pronunciations in Comic Books

* Ray Park Really Was Canceled

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Aug 02 2020 · 2hr 11mins
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Episode #9 || Bryan Singer Sex Ring? | St. Louis Couple | Q&A

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Jul 02 2020 · 1hr 18mins

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What A Creep: Bryan Singer (Season 4, Episode 5)

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What a Creep

Season 4, Episode 5

Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer’s movies have earned more than $3 billion at the box office, putting him in the top tier of Hollywood directors. His films include four X-MEN movies, THE USUAL SUSPECTS, APT PUPIL, and SUPERMAN RETURNS. He directed most of BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, but he got fired three weeks before filming was completed, and his name was removed from the credits. He’s also is a serious creep, who has been accused of multiple sexual assaults over the past 20 years, and Hollywood only recently started acknowledging it.

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Jan 31 2020 · 47mins
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132: R Kelly/Bryan Singer, shocking exposés and survivors getting heard. Guest: writer Rachel Leah

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This week we are joined by Rachel Leah (writer at Salon.com covering culture, race and criminal justice) for a conversation on some difficult topics but also about what may be the beginnings of a cultural shift.
Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, R Kelly, Michael Jackson, Bryan Singer… Recently there’s been a wave of shocking articles, exposés and documentaries about allegations of sexual misconduct by high profile artists and industry titans. Allegations that have dogged them for years, sometimes even for decades. How can it be possible that these allegations have been industry, and even public, knowledge for years and still their careers flourish? But has the #Metoo movement allowed for more survivors to come forward with their stories when the justice system seems to often have failed them? And what does this mean going forward? Rachel Leah has been covering these topics extensively and joins us this week for an in-depth conversation.
Feb 09 2019 · 27mins
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Bryan Singer Part 2

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Bryan Singer may be going down soon, and he may end up taking "Bohemian Rhapsody" with him. Join Rachel as she shares the latest scoops on Singer's latest accusation.
Jan 26 2019 · 28mins
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Bryan Singer's #MeToo Moment, The Masked Singer: Creepy or Cute? - This Is Courtney Stodden

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Episode one betches! Courtney Stodden finally has a show! Today we talk about Bryan Singer’s #MeToo moment, FOX’s new reality comp singing show: The Masked Singer - Creepy or Cute, and the future of iTunes soon-to-be most downloaded podcast, This Is Courtney Stodden.

From celebutante, to tv star, to pop musician, Courtney Stodden can do anything. And now, for the first time, we get Courtney’s unfiltered thoughts in her wild new podcast, THIS IS COURTNEY STODDEN where Courtney Stodden spills all the tea - every week! Hang out with your bestie Courtney every week, and be sure to subscribe and comment to get on her good side! But let's be honest; she doesn't have a bad side!

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Jan 25 2019 · 29mins
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Ep. 32 - Hollywood Ignores Bryan Singer's Sex Abuse Accusations

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    --- Bryan Singer Sex Abuse Allegations ---

    As stated in this episode, all the allegations discussed are allegations and have not been proven in court. The purpose of this commentary is not to condemn Bryan Singer but to point out the hypocrisy in Hollywood when it comes to sex abuse allegations. I'm suggesting that the sex and orientation of the accusers dramatically changes the way the media covers the story and that male victims, especially gay male victims, are not taken as seriously as female victims. This is my opinion only and the stories quoted come from published stories about Bryan Singer and his associates.


    I'm your host, Darren Van Damme!

    I love movies and even love "talking movies" with interesting people so I release semi-weekly episodes featuring a different guest, usually an actor or filmmaker. We talk about their projects, process and mutual favorite movies + the additional side tracked topics podcasts wander into.

    Thanks for listening!
Jan 15 2019 · 51mins
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Bohemian Rhapsody Review (Dir. by Bryan Singer & co.)

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In this week's episode, the hosts talk about how the Queen biopic could have been better. As a warning to you listeners, about 30% of this episode is spoken in horrible british accents. Don't like it? Well then you just don't understand us, man.
Nov 09 2018 · 34mins