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64 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Cameron Esposito. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Cameron Esposito, often where they are interviewed.

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64 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Cameron Esposito. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Cameron Esposito, often where they are interviewed.

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The power of humor with comedians Lauren Lapkus & Cameron Esposito

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For many women, “joking around” is something we do when we’re uncomfortable. Humor is a way to deflect an unwanted sexual advance, brush off a sexist comment, or cope with anything else that makes us cringe. But when we wield humor intentionally and unapologetically, it can be much more than a defense mechanism—it can be a tool to take back power. For this episode of Tilted, we asked two outstanding women in comedy—Lauren Lapkus and Cameron Esposito—to tell us all about how they’re doing that, and how we can do it, too.

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Nov 24 2020 · 42mins
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Cameron Esposito

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This week, we take a gosh darn moment to CELEBRATE, and even though this was taped back in September, what a guest we have to celebrate with: Cameron Esposito! You love her stand-up, you love her podcast Queery and you sure as shootin' love her new memoir Save Yourself! And we get INTO it on this episode: everything from Cam's first kiss to her first communion! All this plus YOUR advice questions! And to ask Qs of your own, call 323-524-7839 and leave a VM or just DM us on IG or Twitter! Also, support the show on Patreon or with a t-shirt and watch us every Wednesday on Twitch!

Nov 10 2020 · 1hr 21mins

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#120 Cameron Esposito: I Currently Hate Standup Comedy

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Teresa talks to Cameron Esposito, author of "Save Yourself" and host of Queery podcast, about her recent rift with standup in her identity. She shares her experience with therapy as well as how she has been coping in the early days of quarantine.  Note :We recorded this episode in the first 100 days of quarantine and a lot has happened in the world since then. Cameron Esposito is a standup comedian, writer, podcast host, and her debut book "Save Yourself" is out now and available in audiobook. Follow her at @cameronesposito.

Aug 05 2020 · 58mins
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Pride Bonus: Cameron Esposito

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In her final pride bonus episode, Margaret speaks with author and comedian Cameron Esposito about how her comedy reflects her life experiences and where she sees stand-up going post-quarantine.

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Jul 02 2020 · 44mins

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Episode 70: Cameron Esposito Wants You To Know You’re Doing Better Than You Think

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Cameron Esposito is a stand up comedian, actor, host of the Queery Podcast, and is an even during a pandemic best selling author.  She’s hilarious, and smart, and awesome, and her passion has always been providing support and shining a light on disenfranchised communities, especially the LGBTQ+ community.  In this episode we talk about how her work and her art has changed and even saved lives, we discuss how she pivoted from wanting to be a priest to becoming a comedian, and why she is always putting her customers, fans and people first. All that and so much more!

Jun 24 2020 · 1hr 12mins
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"Live Wire House Party" with Cameron Esposito, Claude Taylor, and The Lone Bellow

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Host Luke Burbank and announcer Elena Passarello choose their ideal fictional characters to join them in lockdown; comedian Cameron Esposito unpacks the ups and downs of making Zoom her new comedy stage; Claude Taylor, who launched the Twitter feed @ratemyskyperoom, critiques Luke's home studio background; and The Lone Bellow share a new song they collaborated on while social distancing.

May 01 2020 · 52mins
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Cameron Esposito Wants You to ‘Save Yourself’

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Cameron Esposito made a huge splash in the comedy world seven years ago when she made her late-night stand-up debut on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The other guest on the show, Jay Leno, called her the “future” of comedy and declared “Lesbians rule!” Since then, Cameron has created her own TV show called ‘Take My Wife,’ released a stand-up special called ‘Rape Jokes’ and this past month published a memoir with the inadvertently timely title ‘Save Yourself.’ On this episode, Cameron talks about all of that, plus getting “zoom-bombed” with hardcore pornography, starting to tell jokes about divorcing her ex-partner comedian Rhea Butcher, her current girlfriend’s battle with the coronavirus and a lot more. 

Twitter: @cameronesposito and @mattwilstein | Instagram: @cameronesposito and @lastlaughpod

Order 'Save Yourself' by Cameron Esposito.

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Apr 21 2020 · 1hr 6mins
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Cameron Esposito Saved Herself

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Cameron Esposito is a Los Angeles-based standup comic, actor, and writer. She’s the host of the Queery podcast, which features interviews with LGBTQ luminaries. 

Recently, Cameron released her first book, Save Yourself, a memoir that addresses sexuality, gender, and equality. It describes how her Catholic upbringing prepared her for a career as an outspoken lesbian comedian.  

Also, Cameron is the co-creator and co-star of the TV series, Take My Wife. Her recent comedy special, Rape Jokes, raised nearly $100,000 for RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. 

All systems have hypocrisy and flaws. Nobody is perfect. Comedy can be a relief. 

Cameron is endlessly curious about other people’s past and present experiences. What will happen next?

Topics Discussed:

  • Her Catholic upbringing
  • Gender equality and queer theory
  • Social justice, support, and safe places
  • Liberation theology
  • What was missing in the Catholic message she was taught
  • Fear of abandonment
  • The connection between being a comic and a priest  
  • The importance of having accountability in communities

Links and Resources: 

Cameron Esposito

Queery with Cameron Esposito

Save Yourself

Take My Wife

Rape Jokes



Matthias Roberts on Patreon

Apr 07 2020 · 40mins
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Love is Vulnerability is BRAVERY (ft. Cameron Esposito)

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On this week’s episode, Reshma sits down with comedian Cameron Esposito to talk bravery and relationships. They confront staying true to who you are, where embarrassment really comes from, and the challenges of marginalized relationships.

Plus, Reshma answers the questions you've been sending in at the end of the show. You can tell Reshma your Brave, Not Perfect story or ask her a question by calling 347-76-BRAVE or sending an email to bravenotperfect@girlswhocode.com. Plus, you can follow her on twitter and instagram @ReshmaSaujani or join the Brave, Not Perfect Facebook group: https://bit.ly/2t5p41l

Queery (podcast): https://bit.ly/2xg5CRd

Rape Jokes (standup special): https://bit.ly/2QEYg0i 

Save Yourself (memoir): https://bit.ly/2Uefowg

Follow Cameron's instagram: https://bit.ly/2UtcHWk

Follow Cameron on Twitter: https://bit.ly/3aeslvv

--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bravenotperfect/message
Mar 24 2020 · 39mins
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Episode #190-CAMERON ESPOSITO! Comedy, Eyepatches, Sex, Advice & More!!!

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Cameron Esposito is a Los Angeles-based comic, actor, and writer. Her new book Save Yourself is available for pre-order NOW and if you get the audiobook through Libro.fm you can choose your local bookstore to benefit from the sale. 

Cameron joined me via zoom to answer your advice questions, tell us about her childhood eyepatch, comedy, her book AND MORE. 

Mar 20 2020 · 54mins