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The Podfathers is a podcast from Clem, Large, and Uncle Chaps from Barstool Sports breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly of fatherhood. Other books and websites and podcasts have tried to explain what life as a new dad is like "from a dude's perspective." "As told by Guy's guys." or "from a mans perspective." They have all failed. Through their own personal experiences and brand of humor, the Podfathers help parents everywhere relate to the wild and crazy ride that is raising children.

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Podfathers S3E4: Big Cat AKA Dad Cat

Big Cat sits down with Uncle Chaps to finally open up about his beginning of fatherhood. The Podfathers reflect on the family impact Kobe Bryant's tragic death has had across the world. The guys finish the show with some mailbags!!!


29 Jan 2020

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Podfathers #80: The Mother of Barstool featuring Erika Nardini

Clem has the pleasure of being joined by the Mother of Barstool, Erika Nardini. Erika gives us a peak into the her life outside of Barstool as a wife and mother. Clem and Erika cover topics from the mailbag, raising young children, and balancing the chaotic Barstool lifestyle!!! 


16 May 2018

Rank #2

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Podfathers #121: Parenting The Call Her Daddy Girls

The Call Her Daddy girls are taking the world by storm and the Podfathers are a little worried about them. They listen to Alex and Sofia's latest episode and try to give them some advice from a parent's point of view.Also on this ep: If your son passes away, can you save his sperm for a future grandchild? And mailbag questions!!!


6 Mar 2019

Rank #3

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Podfathers #110: Money Money Money

On this edition of Podfathers, Large teaches Chaps, Clem, and you the Podfamily how to manage your money, and how to make that money into more money. People forget that Large worked on Wall Street so he's basically an expert at this stuff!!!


12 Dec 2018

Rank #4

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The Podfathers #2: Nine and a Half Months

In the 2nd episode The Podfathers walk you through 40+ weeks of life with a pregnant woman. Non-alcoholic beers, saying she is "glowing", classes on how to keep a baby alive and how to help her get a baby out of her vagina!!!If you have questions for The Podfathers take our survey and submit a Q: kfcradio.com/AskDadFollow us on Insta and Twitter:instagram.com/podfathersshow twitter.com/podfathersshow

1hr 1min

25 Oct 2016

Rank #5

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Podfather #63: Proposing at Disney

On this edition of Podfathers, Clem tells the story of how he proposed to his wife at Disney. We help a listener decide what to name his incoming child, and Chaps previews the Jaguars game that happened yesterday. All this and more on Podfathers!!!


15 Jan 2018

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Podfathers #138: Conception Dates, Going Away With The Kids, And The Madness Of Becoming A Barstool Dad

Large and Clem discuss all the happenings at Barstool during the pseudo vacation week following Grudgement Week at HQ. Large has 2 birthday parties to plan thanks to his birthday present to Saint Anne years ago. Clem has no vacations to plan because he has a moody 1-year old. And Reags joins the pod to talk about what he is expecting while his wife is expecting their son who is due in September!!!

1hr 29mins

3 Jul 2019

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Podfathers #118: The Podfathers, Ebony, And Christian From WWE Walk Into A Bar

The bartender looks and says “What is this, a joke?.  Nope it's a very special podcast where Ebony gives us her secrets of parenting, talk about watching the Super Bowl with kids, and answer mailbag questions before we bring on Christian to talk about our newest favorite show, Knight Fight!!!


6 Feb 2019

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Podfathers #114: We're Rooting For Philip Rivers

Did you know that Chargers QB Philip Rivers has had a toddler in his life since 2002? This weekend's early football game won't phase him because he's never gotten a full night's sleep in his life. Sesame Street introduces a new homeless puppet. Large tells a story about his son getting burned at a restaurant, and more!!!


10 Jan 2019

Rank #9

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Podfathers S3E3: Dadding While Divorced featuring KFC

The Podfathers welcome the return of KFC after Kevin survived a 4-day holiday weekend snowed-in with his kids. He opens up about the struggles about parenting by himself and more. McCartney wants to make a major life decision and Chaps is unsure how to handle it. We open up the mailbag and more!!!


22 Jan 2020

Rank #10

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Podfathers #61: Mrs. Chaps

On this week's episode of Podfathers we are joined by the one, the only, Mrs. Chaps. Her mother was in town for Christmas break, and ruined everything by having savage, unstoppable diarrhea. Chaps blogged it, and Mrs. Chaps joins the show to tell all the haters that the story was NOT fake!!!


3 Jan 2018

Rank #11

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Podfathers Season 3 Episode 1: We're Here To Help ft. Brandon Newman

In 2020 the Podfathers are hitting the reset button. Chaps, Clem and Large are going to retell their parenthood stories from the very beginning, as they usher in a ton of new parents at the Barstool Office. Today they answer some questions that expecting dad Brandon Newman has, along with memories from when they were expecting for the first time!!


8 Jan 2020

Rank #12

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Podfathers #120: Fighting In The Front Yard

Chaps has returned from Daytona, where he was dadding the whole trip. While he was away from home, his wife pulled off the parenting move of the century. This Blippi guy might make you think twice about the videos your kids are watching. Large and his oldest hide some activities from his wife and more!!!


20 Feb 2019

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Podfathers #155: Three Podfathers But Only Two Beards

Chaps is in NYC for the week, but he made a big change. He shaved his beard. How will that affect things at home? Halloween is coming up, should you give out jello shots to trick or treat chaperones? And why is Finn going to work at the plumbing supple store during his vacation? All this and more on this week's Podfathers!!!


30 Oct 2019

Rank #14

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Podfathers #97: Getting Drunk At Disneyland

Summary: Large returned to the podcast to discuss how his trip to Texas went while his kids had a big first week of school. Clem appeared to suffer a midlife (maybe three quarter life?) crisis live on the pod before settling down to talk about Disneyland lifting its ban on booze and how to handle your baby getting mad at you for touching your wife's boobs!!!


12 Sep 2018

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Podfathers #94: Mother In Law Recap

Chaps's mother in law spent the weekend and Chaps tells the Podfathers about all the things that made him crazy. Large reveals his wife is now an avid listener. Chaps wants the Pope to cure his butthole, Clem is going to Saratoga this weekend, and much more!!!


22 Aug 2018

Rank #16

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Podfathers #89: Large And In Charge

Barstool's newest hire and father of 3, Large, joins Chaps and Clem for his first appearance on the show. Large talks about his sons being stoolies, meeting his wife, his family's cussin policy and much more!!!


19 Jul 2018

Rank #17

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Podfathers #16: Chaps vs Daycare

Chaps unleashes on daycare, Clem's daughter kisses a boy, Tom Brady kisses his dad on the lips, how to blame everything on germs, and the guys talk about coming home after being away from the kids!!!


8 Feb 2017

Rank #18

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Podfathers #91 - Alive Days, Babies Sleeping Through The Night, And Large Entertains The Idea Of Heroin

Chaps celebrated his Alive Day by discussing what it was like telling his daughter that he was shot while on duty in Iraq. Clem updates the crew on AJ's pinstripe status. And the gang takes questions from the mailbag (kfcradio.com/askdad), which led to Large thinking about dabbling in heroin!!!


1 Aug 2018

Rank #19

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Podfathers #115: Sitting On The Floor Of A Plane

 Due to an airline mess up,  a family had to sit on the floor of a plane for the entire trip. How would the Podfathers handle it if that happened to them? We also answer a bunch of questions from the mailbag!!!


16 Jan 2019

Rank #20