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It’s Up For Grabs Now | Gooners v Cancer ’89 Shirt Drawing ft. Sophie Nicolaou & Ruth Beck

At long last - the day has come! Gooners v. Cancer will be drawing the Grand Prize winner of the most amazing piece of Arsenal memorabilia out there today! We will be joined by Sophie Nicolaou aka Soccerdiva of the Highbury Squad and special guest Ruth Beck of Ruth Beck Art (www.buyruthbeckart.com) whose amazing Arsenal artwork will also be ending up in 5 lucky donors' homes tonight! It'll be a feel-good show and you can hear about all of the other great events coming up for Gooners v. Cancer in our 2022 campaign!

1hr 12mins

1 Jul 2022

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Raphina Schmaphina | The Gooners Pod Ep. 7.11 ft. Magic Eoin & French

Aaaaaah... never rated the bloke. Who needs him. He's a team killer. Wants to go Barca. Right? I mean, right? Anyways..... join Magic, Eoin and French (aka, 3 professional comedians) for about an hour of trying to find something funny about this week's news. We also relive a moment that nearly finished off the Gooners Podcast last year.

1hr 14mins

30 Jun 2022

Rank #2

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Jews For Jesus | The Gooners Pod WeeklyKickoff Show Ep. 7.10 ft. Magic, James, Melvyn & Julian

There are alot of Arsenal podcasts out there, but NOONE BUT US can bring you FOUR JEWS on a panel to talk about how excited we are for Jesus. If you crave that kind of content, then this episode is for you. We're joined by Melvyn Marks @melvynMarks, James Johnstone @llcooljames91, and Julian Becker to talk about the signing of Gabriel Jesus, and a variety of other key Arsenal topics on this Monday night weekly kickoff!

1hr 16mins

27 Jun 2022

Rank #3

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Some Gooners Talk | The Gooners Pod Ep. 7.08 ft. Tom Canton

Our Thursday Night show this week welcomes back one of our oldest (yet youngest) mates - the one and only Tom Canton, a friendly educated and informative voice that wakes you up at 8am with transfer news and player evaluations, and tucks you in at night with sweet nothings whispered in your ear. At least that's what he does for Magic, he just assumed everyone got that. Anyways, enjoy the show!

1hr 25mins

24 Jun 2022

Rank #4

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An Irish & a Jewish Guy Walk Into a Bar... | The Gooners Pod Ep. 7.07 ft. Andrew ”Arseblog” Mangan

TGP is once again graced by the presence of our mate Andrew Mangan, better known to many as Arseblog. We caught up on life since our last visit almost a year ago, talked about his recent massively successful in-person live podcast show at the Union Chapel in May, and learned Andrew's views on the fast-moving action-packed transfer window that has erupted in recent days. It's a nice tight hour with plenty of Phil Collins!

1hr 5mins

23 Jun 2022

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The Gooners Pod Goes to AA | The Gooners Pod Episode 7.06 ft. Andrew Allen @aallensport

We welcomed a duck-breaking guest to the pod today, Andrew Allen, deputy editor of Arseblog News and a rabid Arsenal fan since birth.  We had a great chat on a variety of topics, including his favourite Arsenal player(s), shirt numbers and whether they mean anything, the transfer window, Eddie Nketiah, Idris Elba, and Isiah Whitmore Jr. from the Wire, and a bunch of other sheeeeeeeeee-it.   Somehow, Assless Chaps made their way into the discussion along with some great thoughts from Andrew on the value of social media and the podcast "community" in the Arsenal fan experience of today.  Thanks Andrew for a great chat! 

1hr 24mins

21 Jun 2022

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TGP Weekly Kickoff 20 June 2022 | The Gooners Pod Ep.7.05

It's the Monday weekly kickoff show "starring" 3 of the TGP boyz - Jared, Mikey, and Magic. We get caught up on some topics of interest such as EddieGate, Transfer Strategy, depth, load management, and Herz' Cooch.

1hr 41mins

21 Jun 2022

Rank #7

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Return of a Legend | The Gooners Pod ft. Dan Potts | Episode 7.04

A Legend Returns! No, not Dan Potts, but Vieira! Vieira, whoooooooaaa! Magic and Jared welcome back our friend Dan Potts, co-host of Lee Judges TV and owner of a brand new football channel, Football's 12th Man @FTMPodcast_ which has debuted this month! Dan gets the honour of attending the first Gooners Pod "Week In Review" segment as we talked and laughed our way through all of the big events of the first week of the Transfer Window. It's a fun one!

1hr 48mins

18 Jun 2022

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Gettin’ Grabby with Gabbyft. Gab Marcotti | The Gooners Pod Ep. 7.02

Mike and Andy were joined today by our good friend Gab Marcotti, who, out of nearly 300 people who have appeared on the podcast, has known Mike the longest.  That's nothing to brag about though. We talked about the dreadful day in the Nations League for Mike and Andy's England and Gab's Italy, and whether it matters.   We talked about his great podcast on ESPN with Julien Laurens (The Gab and Juls Show), had some obligatory history lessons about Mike and Gab's teenage years together in London 73 years ago, talked about Chelsea's recent takeover and how it might affect the club in the coming years, and Gab gave us some absolute facts about what did and didn't happen with Arsenal's January pursuit of Dusan Vlahovic. Go to www.goonersvcancer.com and make sure to grab one or more of the last 130 entries for the Anfield 89 legend signed shirt - it's still "Up For Grabs Now!"

1hr 2mins

14 Jun 2022

Rank #9

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7:01: Wait - The Season’s Over? The Gooners Pod Season 7 Debut Ep. 7.01

The TGP Boyz end their hibernation and have just learned that the season ended and we missed out on the top 4. Apparently the transfer window has also closed and we've missed out on every single player in world football and plan on starting 9 players each game next season. Is it time to panic? Has Andy become a Charlton fan? Has Mikey Herz cut his hair into the words "AC Milan?" Has Eoin fathered any more children? Will Magic Mike be wearing a shirt? Tune in to hear from 4 of the TGP 5 (Jared is opening a new Subway), reunited and it feels so good! Trust us, it feels good. I said, IT FEELS GOOD.

1hr 21mins

13 Jun 2022

Rank #10