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Allez les Bleus: The Squawka Talker's full World Cup review

What special qualities helped France win the 2018 World Cup? Was Modric a worthy Golden Ball winner? Will Shaqiri and Jorginho thrive at Liverpool and Chelsea respectively? This week's Squawka Talker, sponsored by BetBright, dives into all of the above, and more.


16 Jul 2018

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"Like Busquets, he gives Liverpool what the Spanish call 'pausa'."

Muhammad Butt and Will Hall join Squawka Talker host Jake Entwistle this week to discuss Chelsea's record defeat to Man City and Liverpool's midfield situation, along with predictions on the midweek Champions League action. Can Man Utd capitalise on PSG's injury woes?

1hr 5mins

11 Feb 2019

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"I hate to give Mourinho credit... but he was right about Lingard."

Is football coming home? Are Argentina screwed? Which set of final group games are we most excited about this week? To answer these questions and more, Squawka Talker host Thomas Rooney is joined by Jake, Muhammad and Sporting Index's Ed Fulton. You can find out more about Sporting Index and spreadbetting here. 18+ only. BeGambleAware.org

1hr 7mins

26 Jun 2018

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34: Ridiculous ways to decide the PL table & 'Man Utd x France '18'

START - 00:20:13 | Football's response to the coronavirus'It could completely revolutionise the football fixture calendar from next season on.'00:20:44 - 00:34:39 | Alternative league tables if the Premier League season ended now'Arsenal would finish above Spurs for the first time in three seasons.'00:35:16 - 00:45:21 | Forgotten injured players we cannot (and can) wait to see return'The Netherlands were genuine contenders to win Euro 2020... but without Memphis, it would have fallen apart'00:45:36 - 00:53:25 | Man Utd's quest to assemble the Premier League's best midfield'If Pogba and Fernandes are in the same team, do Man Utd have the Premier League's best midfield on paper?'00:53:25 - END | Inspiration from FRANCE 98' & 18''Man Utd could learn from France and their World Cup winning team to get the best out of Paul Pogba.'Find out more about the Squawka Talker football podcast's sponsors BetBull here. 18+ only | For more information, go to BeGambleAware.org.

1hr 11mins

17 Mar 2020

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Explained: the science behind Messi and Ronaldo's free-kicks

Welcome back, Squawka Talker listeners.In this special episode, Jake Entwistle is joined by Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT of 3CB Performance to breakdown the free-kick technique of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo from a biomechanics perspective.How do their techniques differ? Why is Cristiano Ronaldo struggling to score? From the run-up to ball-striking and what happens next, every step and every muscle is discussed.If you enjoyed the audio description, then be sure to subscribe to Raj's YouTube channel (3CB Performance) for some visual explanations.TIMESTAMPS FOR START OF KEY TOPICS00:04:20 | Is there a reason for Cristiano Ronaldo's dramatic run-up?"Ronaldo’s routine allows muscle memory to take over and his technique relies on the ‘recoil effect’ to generate shot power"00:13:55 | Why Lionel Messi 'sprains' his ankle when taking free-kicks“That's what makes Messi incredible...he's an artist”00:20:30 | Why makes Messi the current free-kick king?00:27:23 | How to do a knuckleball free-kick and why do footballers use it?00:35:55 | Why do Bruno Fernandes and Jorginho use the hop, skip, jump, score penalty-taking technique?00:44:05 | Explaining Messi's unique scoop technique and Happy Gilmore hip artistry"That's the most mobile position for the hip in a human body!"00:49:46 | Why can't Cristiano Ronaldo score free-kicks right now?00:56:40 | Favourite Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo free-kicks"It might be the best free-kick I've ever seen... it really summed up what Messi has become."

1hr 9mins

24 Apr 2020

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2: 'Chelsea can get excited about N'Golo Kante's Messi impression'

N'Golo Kante was everywhere during the Uefa Super Cup final – and the Frenchman's performance suggests that there are plenty of reasons for Chelsea to be positive about the 2019/20 season.Find out more about the Squawka Talker football podcast's new sponsors BetBull here.18+ only. BeGambleAwareTIMINGS:START - 00:13:29 | Liverpool's front three keep tricking us into thinking one is most important "The Liverpool team is like a sensitive ecosystem."00:13:29 - 00:22:15 | Reasons to be excited for Chelsea"He has a lot of similar traits to Kevin De Bruyne.. wait till you see him on Chelsea's free-kicks and corners."00:22:44 - 00:30:12 | Man Utd vs. Wolves"Mr Recovery will help Man Utd deal with Wolves' biggest threat."00:30:12 - 0:36:55  | Chelsea vs. Leicester City"Brendan Rodgers will know he can take advantage"00:36:55 - 0:42:30  | Arsenal vs. Burnley"Ashley Barnes is a totally different test for Arsenal"00:42:30 - 0:47:05  | Southampton vs. Liverpool"Liverpool and Man City will be 'free hits' until they hit a bad patch"00:47:30 - 00:01:10 | Man City vs. Spurs"You would expect him to overtake David Beckham and set a new Premier League record"

1hr 9mins

15 Aug 2019

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"Lampard has been Pogba's role model for years"

Is Paul Pogba the Premier League's best midfielder right now? Is Mohamed Salah conning referees? Has there ever been a worse take on Newcastle United than Rio Ferdinand's recent assessment? Jake Entwistle is joined by Will Hall and Muhammad Butt for this week's Squawka Talker, in which all of the above is discussed, along with a little bit of transfer chat.

1hr 4mins

14 Jan 2019

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"I can see why England called Jadon Sancho up after that moment vs Monaco"

Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City are all on 20 points at the top of the Premier League table, so which team looks best-equipped to win the title? Muhammad, Will and Jake are this week's podders, answering the aforementioned conundrum along with what England fans can expect from the Three Lions' three brand-new Lions.

1hr 13mins

8 Oct 2018

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SQUAWKA SCOUT: Could Barella be Chelsea's 'everywhere man'?

Got 20 minutes? This week we bring you a bonus podcast. 'Squawka Scout' shines a light on the rumoured transfer targets everyone's talking about, from strengths and weaknesses, to the clubs rumoured to be interested. This week, we're talking about one of Italy's rising stars, Cagliari midfielder Nicolo Barella, who is said to be interesting Chelsea.


18 Jan 2019

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"Kante is now playing Pogba's France role at Chelsea."

Who's to blame for Man Utd's defeat to Brighton? Where is Kante actually playing these days? Is Ronaldo going to take Serie A by storm? Thomas Rooney, Jake Entwistle and Muhammad Butt assemble for this week's Squawka Talker to discuss such topics and more.

1hr 4mins

20 Aug 2018

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12: 'Lampard's likeable Chelsea will be title challengers within two years'

Frank Lampard is making Chelsea likeable – which is a trait the west Londoners have scarcely possessed during the Roman Abramovich era – and managing to keep his fringe players happy despite the fact they are, well, on the fringes of his team. This week's Squawka Talker team, consisting of host Jake Entwistle, Muhammad Butt and Sam Long, dissect the key action from Champions League Matchday Three, including the Blues' impressive victory over Ajax. Meanwhile, how do you get over a flat, disappointing performance at Old Trafford? If you're Roberto Firmino then the answer is combine absurd skill with function to pull off a rabona through ball and draw comparisons with Ronaldinho. There is also insight on Tottenham's attempts to get their mojo back, plus analysis on why Aston Villa midfielders Jack Grealish and John McGinn might just cause mighty Manchester City a bit of trouble this weekend. We couldn't wrap things up without a spot of 'Squawka Six' to discuss the 2019 Ballon d'Or (not so) shortlist, including who was criminally overlooked and who had no right to be included. Find out more about the Squawka Talker football podcast’s sponsors BetBull here.18+ only | For more information, go to BeGambleAware.orgEPISODE TIMINGS:START - 00:07:00 | Spurs search for their mojo 'The Spurs stadium is a well-oiled, money-making machine.' 00:07:00 - 00:20:30 | Filthy Firmino & Liverpool's strength in midfield depth 'Firmino combines absurd, showy skill with function like Ronaldinho.' 00:20:50 - 00:33:00 | Lampard's likeable Chelsea producing results 'Lampard's likeable Chelsea will be title challengers within two years.' 00:33:00 - 00:39:33 | Mini Champions League round-up 'Haaland looks like a footballing lab experiment.' 00:39:33 - 00:47:46 | The big test for McGinn and Grealish 'Aston Villa are developing of the best midfields outside the big six.' 00:47:46 - 00:56:34 | Gareth Southgate's England No.10 'Unfortunately, the England squad already has everything Maddison offers elsewhere.' 00:57:01 - END | Squawka Six: Men's Ballon d'Or 'Raheem Sterling has become Superman.'

1hr 13mins

24 Oct 2019

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'The Van Dijk weakness Ryan Babel warned us about has been exposed'

Light the beacons! Ryan Babel told us Virgil van Dijk had a weakness and now we know what it is... Host Jake Entwistle is joined by Sam Long and Muhammad Butt to discuss an exciting week of international football which includes a Raheem Sterling hat-trick, Wales' wonderkids, Germany's lightning forwards and Jorginho in a midfield two. The panel also make their predictions for the return of Premier League football which sees Spurs travel to fortress Anfield. Finally, 'Firing Blanks' returns this week to take a look at the PFA Player of the Year awards and why they need a massive overhaul. Make sure to rate and review the Squawka Talker on whichever platform you listen to us on! The timestamps for this week's episode are below: 00:00:00 - 00:19:20: England vs Czech Republic 00:19:20 - 00:28:00: Netherlands vs Germany 00:28:00 - 00:33:40: Wales wonderkids 00:33:40 - 00:38:30: Spain's style explained 00:38:30 - 00:43:45: New-look Italy 00:43:45 - 00:52:00: Premier League predictions: 00:52:00 - 01:01:54: Firing Blanks

1hr 3mins

25 Mar 2019

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"Man Utd need to sign England's duel-master."

Jake Entwistle is joined by Muhammad Butt and Will Hall for this week's Squawka Talker, where we look at this weekend's FA Cup action, Sadio Mane, Zidane's Real Madrid return, Juventus' first Serie A defeat of the season and much more.

1hr 7mins

18 Mar 2019

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Squawka Talker Awards: Player of the Year to the Premier League’s biggest flop

Despite being a day later than usual, the latest Squawka Talker is well worth the wait… In this week's episode, host Jake Entwistle is joined by Muhammad Butt, Sam Long and Tom Green to make a Squawka Six shortlist for six new and improved Premier League awards: Player of the Year Young Player of the Year - done properly Rookie of the Year - with a twist Most Improved Player Manager of the Year Flop of the Year After discussing the quest for the best, the podcast fixes the broken criteria for Young Player awards in an attempt to find the brightest U21 talent in the English top-flight this season. Crystal Palace's Yu-Gi-Oh, Burnley's own Leroy Sané, Christian Eriksen 2.0 and Bournemouth's baby-faced, bubblegum-footed forward all make an appearance in this bumper episode. Also, a look back on the players that have let us down in 2018/19 as we dig up some very bold pre-season predictions and cry about injuries and some truly baffling defending. Tuck in all at once or listen to the six mini chunks as we go through the candidates for each award. Make sure to keep an eye on the Squawka Instagram story to cast your vote for each of the awards on Thursday! Full timestamps below: 00.00.00—00.02.40 Introductions and awards rules 00.03.05—00.28.35 Player of the Year 00.28.38—00.47.50 Young Player of the Year 00.48.08—01.01.52 Rookie of the Year 01.02.05—01.19.35 Most Improved Player of the Year 01.19.52—01.31.50 Manager of the Year 01.32.00—01.46.35 Flop of the Year 01.46.35—01.48.44 Learn how to stream Sunday's PFA Awards for free before we say goodbye

1hr 50mins

23 Apr 2019

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1: 10 predictions for the 2019/20 Premier League season

EPISODE TIMINGS:00:04:21 - 00:15:30 | The Premier League 2019/20 title race"They are probably the best team in the world."00:15:30 - 00:31:30 | Who qualifies for the 2020/21 Champions League?"Arsenal will do their best impression of 2017/18 Liverpool."00:31:25 - 00:49:28 | Biggest threats to the top six"Player for player, Leicester and Everton are so even"00:49:28 - 01:04:06 | Relegation candidates"Burnley have nailed down their survival formula"01:04:06 - 01:11:40 | The surprise package"Aston Villa could genuinely finish properly top half"01:11:50 - 01:20:30 | Signing of the season"He can take Man City up another level"1:20:37 - 1:27:59 | Young Player of the Year"Solskjaer's fluid front-line will really suit Rashford."1:28:10 - 1:40:03 | The Golden Boot & Gloves"Harry Kane has the chance for revenge on Mohamed Salah"1:40:16 - 1:46:25 | Playmaker Award"I fully expect him to explode as a result. History beckons."1:46:34 - 1:51:05 | Virgil van Dijk's successor"Do they even need Kevin de Bruyne? Yeah they do, wait and see."FURTHER READING:Premier League predictions for 2019/20 explainedBT Sport's Script of the 2019/20 season

1hr 52mins

7 Aug 2019

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'Man Utd's galaxy brain move? Trade Pogba for two Real Madrid midfielders'

00:01:20 - 00:13:08 | 2019 World Cup showing Women's football doesn't need smaller goals?'At a World Cup, gender isn't the only significant factor in height.'00:13:08 - 00:18:50 | Argentina are NOT good'The Copa America could bail out Barcelona'00:18:50 - 00:29:30 | Sarri's Juventus'Juventus fans will turn on Sarri - quickly - because of previous comments'00:29:30 - 00:34:15 | Chelsea's Pep Guardiola: Super Frank or Jody Morris?'The Guardiola success has stiffed over a few clubs that have tried to emulate it'00:34:15 - 00:50:00 | Pogba goes public - so what's Man Utd's galaxy brain move?'He's more like a 6'3 Frank Lampard'


17 Jun 2019

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16: Predicting Spurs' finish under Jose & stuff we think will happen in Man City v Chelsea

00:00:55 - 00:20:13 | Predicting Tottenham's league finish Jose Mourinho'It's a bit of a tragedy if Spurs do now win a trophy...'00:20:13 - 00:22:54 | Can West Ham sour Jose's Spurs debut?'They seem to have Spurs' number when it matters.'00:23:17 - 00:40:30 | Five things we think will happen in Man City v Chelsea'Terry blocked* a signing who would go onto become the most effective goalscorer against Chelsea in Premier League history.'*Reportedly00:40:50 – END | A United derby.... of sorts'Man Utd have nothing approaching a system of play... Sheffield Utd do.'The Squawka Talker is sponsored by BetBull. 18+ and Gamble Aware listeners can download the app here


21 Nov 2019

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'Hazard could break Salah's Premier League record'

Sam Long is joined by Muhammad Butt and Jake Entwistle to discuss the birth of a new exciting Premier League duo, Brits in the Bundesliga and predicting everything you could possibly predict about the 2018/19 Champions League...

1hr 7mins

17 Sep 2018

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22: Predictions revisited: The Premier League 2019/20 mid-season review

00:01:45 - 00:14:01 | Which team is mostly like to stop Liverpool becoming Invincibles II?'Jürgen Klopp have mastered 'getting on base' Moneyball style'00:14:32 - 00:25:16 | Chelsea's chaos theory proven right in top four race'Werner could allow Chelsea to experiment with a Magic Square built for pressing'00:25:16 - 00:35:05 | Thanks for the memories, Big Six, but it's time to go'Leicester have proved they are completely merciless'00:35:37 - 00:55:05 | The relegation battleHow Sheffield United made us look silly00:55:10 - 01:01:45 | Young Player of the Year, and more...Could TAA replicate a Ronaldo and Bale feat?01:02:02 - END | Squawka Sixes: FA Cup third round special'The Championship's best young player is being linked to Man Utd by credible sources...'Find out more about the Squawka Talker football podcast's sponsors BetBull here. 18+ only | For more information, go to BeGambleAware.org.

1hr 25mins

2 Jan 2020

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"Liverpool and Man City gave the rest of the Premier League a wake-up call"

It's a Premier League opening weekend special, as Thomas Rooney, Jake Entwistle, Will Hall and BetBright's Dean Ryan review all the action - from Man Utd's win against Leicester and Liverpool's ruthless dismantling of West Ham, to Arsenal's first top-flight game post-Wenger.

1hr 4mins

13 Aug 2018

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