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Call to Action is a show about remarkable online marketing success stories and how you can apply the lessons to your own marketing campaigns. You can expect candid interviews with digital marketing professionals and thought leaders featured on the Unbounce blog, actionable tips, actionable tips for improving your conversion rates and exclusive offers for marketing optimization tools, events and resources. Every Wednesday, hear experts in the digital marketing field talk about Conversion Rate Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, A/B Testing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Landing Page Optimization and more!

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Are You Making These Landing Page Mistakes?

Diving into the world of landing page optimization can seem a little bit overwhelming. There is a lot of conflicting advice surrounding your design, your CTA button, your copy. So it may just be easier to throw a page up and cross your fingers for those conversions. But hold up. There are still some basic landing page mistakes that every marketer should know to avoid... so why are they so common? That's why in this episode of the Call to Action podcast, we speak to Casey Ark about the most common landing page mistakes that his agency faces, and how to solve them.


7 Oct 2015

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Every Piece of Content Marketing Needs to Serve One of These 4 Goals

With everyone and their grandma pumping out blog posts and ebooks galore, it takes a lot of effort to get your content in front of the right people. On this episode of Call To Action, we speak to Shopify's Tommy Walker, about his open letter to content marketers. Tommy had a bone to pick with content marketers over producing tons of content without a clear strategy. As he explains in the podcast, every piece of content you create needs to fit into a larger strategy – and have one clearly defined goal from the start. http://unbounce.com/podcast 


23 Jan 2015

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Why People Just Aren’t That Into Your Landing Page

As marketers, it’s super easy to get caught up in our data and analytics. Sometimes, we’re watching our click-through and conversion rates so closely that we lose sight of the fact that there are people behind every click. Real people with real emotions. In this episode we speak to Talia Wolf, CEO and founder of Conversioner, about how tapping into your customer’s emotional needs can make your landing pages more powerful.


27 May 2015

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Why Marketers Need to Be More Like Tour Guides

In this episode of Call to Action, Unbounce's Art Director Denis Suhopoljac shares how marketers and designers can work together to create landing pages that actually serve your campaign goal. Then, we talk to full-stack marketer Vincent Barr about what exactly a wayfinding convention is and how it can help you guide your visitor toward your call to action. 


29 Jul 2015

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Product Marketing is the New Content Marketing

Your customers don't care that you think your product is better than the competition. But they do care about consuming delightful, in-depth content that will make them better at their jobs… which raises the question: is it possible to educate your audience with highly useful content without tiptoeing around what you actually sell? Gregory Ciotti, Content Strategist at customer support software Help Scout, thinks so. In this episode of the Call to Action podcast, our Content Strategist Dan Levy speaks with Gregory about how product marketing is the new content marketing.


27 Jan 2016

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Hiten Shah on the Marriage of Data and Content

When you work on a marketing team, the right hand doesn't always know what the left is doing. The analytics people work on their stuff, the content people work on theirs. But could they tell you what the other is working on, and why it's important? Not always. Which is a shame, because analytics and content marketing aren't as far apart on the marketing spectrum as you might think. Or at least they shouldn't be. In this episode of the Call to Action podcast, Hiten Shah co-founder of Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg (to name a few), makes the case for why more content folks should spend more time thinking about data, and vice versa.


23 Sep 2015

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How to Convince and Convert Customers Like Jay Baer

Haters gonna hate. But Jay Baer of Convince and Convert doesn't think you should let their comments roll off your back. In this episode of the Call to Action podcast, he explains why he thinks you should clap back - and even hug your haters.


11 May 2016

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Landing Page Design Trends You Should Swipe Left

Marketers are slowly realizing that good landing page design creates a sense of trust and can ultimately lead to higher conversion rates. That is, unless you’re losing sight of other important things, like making your unique value proposition the star of your page. Or letting design take precedence over persuasive copy. In this episode, we talk to Mark John Hiemstra, Content Marketer at Unbounce, about some landing page design trends that can actually do harm to your conversion rates – and how to determine whether they’re right for you.


20 May 2015

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Beating Banner Blindness

In this episode of the Call to Action podcast, we have a quick story about why we've restructured our AdWords account into country-specific campaigns. Then, we speak to Aaron Orendorff of iconiContent about everything display ads: banner blindness, the fat thumb phenomenon and how one company used display ads in their content to recruit qualified employees.


10 Jun 2015

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The Psychology of Landing Page Design

There's a reason that so many conversion rate optimization "best practices" we learn about stem from the field of psychology. If you understand human behavior - the desires and motivations of your audience - then you're better equipped to give people what they want. In this episode, Neil Patel of KISSMetrics and Quick Sprout explains how anticipation works in a user's brain and how you can leverage it to create more enjoyable user experiences… all while increasing your conversions.


25 Feb 2015

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The No-Shortcut Approach to Building a Credible Content Marketing Strategy

"New year, new me" is a phrase I'm sure you're all hearing lately. For those who actually need to restructure their content teams or strategies this year, that phrase might be ringing especially true. But how do you figure out which changes will bring about the biggest benefits? Our content strategist, Dan Levy, nerded out with Jay Acunzo of NextView ventures about the different ways to grow a high-performing content team, and why developing a credible content strategy is hard work, but absolutely necessary. Plus, hear Jay talk about his issue with the growth hacking trend.


13 Jan 2016

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Why These Words Make Copywriting Experts Cringe

Copy is an important part of persuading prospects to convert... so then why do marketers toss around cliche terms like "world-class" and "breakthrough" on their landing pages?  On this episode of the Call to Action podcast, we chat with Henneke Duistermaat of Enchanting Marketing about her disdain for certain overplayed terms in the marketing space.  No one wants to feel like they're being sold to - Henneke discloses which words you're better off avoiding if you want to write copy that converts.  http://unbounce.com/podcast 


4 Feb 2015

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Retargeting, as Explained by Nerf Guns

Sometimes, your landing page visitors aren't quite ready to convert. At least not yet. And that's all right. There isn't much you can do to convince people who simply need more time, but there is a lot you can do to remind them that you exist and gently nudge them toward conversion. Which is where retargeting comes in. In this episode, we talk to Johnathan Dane about how retargeting can help you recapture those prospective customers that haven’t yet taken the plunge (but totally want to).


29 Apr 2015

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Is Everything The Tech World Says About Marketing Wrong?

In this episode, we speak to Samuel Scott, Director of Marketing at logz.io, about a post he wrote for TechCrunch about why the tech world has marketing all wrong. He explains why the martech world has fallen into an echo chamber of meaningless buzzwords — and what can be done about it.


21 Dec 2016

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Marketing Machines: Part 1

In this special two part episode of the Call to Action podcast, Unbouncers Amy Wood and Helen Arceyut-Frixione sit down with our CTO Carl Schmidt and our Director of Data Science, Tommy Levi to try to get some answers about the mysteries behind “machine learning" and how it can help, or hurt, digital marketers. 


15 Jun 2016

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Why Branding and PPC Go Together Like PB&J

Branding and performance are typically seen as being on opposite ends of the marketing spectrum - the PPC specialists run their campaigns while the branding experts concern themselves with more high-level strategy. But as Dana DiTomaso, Partner at digital marketing agency Kick Point explains in the latest episode of the Call to Action podcast, if you don't see how the two relate, you're likely cheating yourself out of a higher conversion rate.


3 Feb 2016

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Your Social Media Campaigns Should Never Skip This One Step

On the surface, running a social media campaign seems relatively straightforward. Write your copy, create your assets, set up tracking and then queue it all up in your social media scheduling tool. Simple enough, right? But if you want to run social media campaigns that actually moves the needle for your business and bring you measurable results, then there's one important step you should never skip: A/B testing your campaigns. In this episode of the Call to Action podcast, we speak with Marcus Taylor, founder and CEO of Venture Harbour, about why (and how) you should be testing your social media campaigns. 


22 Apr 2015

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What Unbounce Learned From Launching 8 Growth Experiments in 8 Weeks

In this episode of the Call to Action podcast, we talk with Brian Hemeryck, Unbounce's Growth Strategist, about the results of his ambitious project to launch eight new marketing growth experiments in eight weeks. Plus, learn why Brian accepted the position under the condition that he would not be titled "Growth Hacker."


23 Mar 2016

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Does Your Lead Nurturing Strategy Stink of Spam?

Psst! We're taking a lil' break for the holiday season but will be back to our regular podcasting schedule on January 6th. We all know what spam looks like when it lands in our inbox, yet we're quick to approve email marketing campaigns that are strikingly similar… That's the realization that Steven Moody, founder of Beachhead Marketing, had one day - and what he cautions against in our latest episode of the Call to Action podcast. In the episode, Steven chats with Unbounce's Content Strategist Dan Levy about how to woo the people on your email list (so they don't mark your emails as spam).


25 Nov 2015

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Should You Kill Your Homepage?

At Unbounce’s Call to Action Conference in September, Cara Harshman, formerly of Optimizely, told the audience that it’s time to kill the homepage. We asked her why, and what should rise up in its place.


2 Nov 2016

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