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119 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jay Baer. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jay Baer, often where they are interviewed.

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119 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jay Baer. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jay Baer, often where they are interviewed.

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Creating a Coveted Customer Experience with Jay Baer

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We are almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Some businesses still haven’t adapted to the new needs of their customers. Jay Baer—a thought leader, keynote speaker, and advisor to many notable clients—shares his perspective with Start With A Win listeners that COVID-19 has provided an unprecedented opportunity for business growth if business owners are willing to take it. Right now, every business is a start-up because every business is having to reinvent themselves to accommodate the restrictions, changes, new expectations, and new needs of the business environment and consumers. People have adopted new ways of making purchasing decisions. Only the businesses that have kept up with their customers and the market are going to grow. 

Jay and his team have come up with a framework for achieving the coveted customer experience, which means that when you consistently exceed expectations, price and perfection don’t matter any longer. Instead, customers will be won or lost based on these three qualities: quick, clear, and kind. That framework is what people care about right now, and it is the best way for businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Almost every interaction they have had with anyone in 2020 has lacked those specific qualities. Even if you think you are doing a great job of practicing these qualities, you may be astounded to see the positive changes that would result from intentionally focusing on providing customers with a quick, clear, and kind experience. Consumers will be so pleasantly surprised that they will become unofficial brand ambassadors for you and help bring new business in the door.
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Jan 13 2021 · 25mins
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36 - Jay Baer: A conversation with the man behind the famous plaid suits

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Jay Baer is one of the best marketing minds in North America. He's a bestselling author, a hall of fame keynote speaker, an emcee, podcast host, collector of tequila and much more. I really enjoyed this chat with Jay. I have known of him for years and enjoyed his books but this is the first time we've spoken. In this hour-long chat, we touched on a whole bunch of topics and we got into the motivations and the personality of the man behind the flashy plaid suits. Hope you enjoy it!
Dec 06 2020 · 56mins

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Making Your Multifamily Marketing Remarkable with Jay Baer, Best-Selling Author & Founder of Convince and Convert

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"Your competitive weapon is to deliver something to the residents that they don't expect, and in doing so, turn them into advocates for the property."

You don't have a secret sauce. Oh, but you do, you say? You have nice properties, smart amenities, and friendly leasing staff? So do all your competitors. Your only advantage is experiential. So your competitive weapon is to deliver something to the residents that they don't expect, and in doing so, turn them into advocates for the property

That's our topic for this episode of Sync or Swim. 


Jay Baer, a trusted adviser to some of the world's most iconic brands and author of six bestselling books, including Youtility for Real Estate: Why Smart Real Estate Professionals are Helping, Not Selling. Jay is also the founder of Convince and Convert Consulting, a digital marketing and customer experience advisory firm that helps the world's most iconic brands gain and keep more customers.

What we talked about:

  • Jay's seven-generation heritage of entrepreneurship and how it affects his work today
  • What "youtility" is and how it adds value to your work
  • How to attract tenants who might be thinking of leaving the big city

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Nov 25 2020 · 27mins
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Best of VMM: How to Turn Customers Into Your Marketing Army, with Jay Baer

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Nov 21 2020 · 23mins
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Listener Favorites: Jay Baer | Spreading Your Message and Mission through Word of Mouth

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Jay Baer is an award-winning Internet pioneer who helps brands improve their digital marketing and customer experience. In this episode, we get to discuss some of Jay's most helpful methods on applying this in your own life which can be found in his most recent book, Talk Triggers. Jay discusses how to build a word of mouth strategy that will result in you becoming more talkable and in-turn, spread your message and your mission.

Find Jay's latest book here - www.talktriggers.com

To learn more about Jay Baer and his work, visit his website - www.convinceandconvert.com

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Oct 23 2020 · 47mins
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Jay Baer | Voice Marketing A Sound Strategy

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Voice-activated marketing is exploding and Jay Baer top marketing expert details in this episode the importance to add audio into your strategy.  We talk about how this is going to be one of the most important trends in the very near future. 

In this enlightening episode, Jay shares how audio and voice are about to reshape how business connect with customers in this new emerging format.

He is a 6 time New York Times best-selling author, world-renowned speaker, 7th generation entrepreneur, build 5 multimillion-dollar businesses. 

Paddle in.


Connect with Jay

Talk Triggers: https://www.talktriggers.com/

Jay Baer:  https://www.jaybaer.com/

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Show: www.groundswell.fm

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Oct 04 2020 · 1hr 1min
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178: WHY You Need to and HOW to RESET Your Marketing TODAY [Jay Baer Interview]

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The digital first mindset that your business needs to survive today is only part of the story. My special guest for today, the legendary marketing author and speaker Jay Baer, argues that the circumstances that we live in today require every business to function as a startup and create an entirely new relationship with your customers and potential clients.

Listen in as Jay gives some specific advice as to how to do this - hint: "FAQ" is a strategic keyword here - as well as also provides some strategic wisdom around the customer experience marketing gap that he sees and why it is critical to close it to remain relevant today.

Jay Baer Links:

Convince & Convert: https://www.convinceandconvert.com/

Jay Baer: https://www.jaybaer.com/

Social Pros Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/social-pros-podcast/id499844469

Episodes Mentioned in the Show:

138: Customer Experience Marketing: Why You Must Embrace It to Stand Out as a Business [Dan Gingiss Interview]

35: Youtility: Jay Baer Shares Insights on Mobile, Content Marketing, and Social Media

Reference Links for Neal Schaffer:

My Website: https://nealschaffer.com/

Learn more about this podcast: https://nealschaffer.com/maximize-your-social-influence-podcast/

The Age of Influence Free Preview: https://nealschaffer.com/age-of-influence-preview

Sep 17 2020 · 37mins
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How to Handle Haters, Trolls, and Complaints with Jay Baer

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In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Jay Baer on Hugging your Haters!

They go over 2 different types of complaints:
1. On-stage
2. Off-stage

They also speak about the Playbook for handling on-stage complaints:

1.     Listen Harder – You have to find where the complaints are, most of the time they are in-direct and may not reach out to you or tag you in their social media post. 

2.     Be Quick – the expectation for response time is fast. 

3.     Respond with Empathy – the reality is that you have no idea what is actually happening in that customers life. Empathy is key to breakthrough in any conversation that has any sort of tension or disagreement in it.

4.     Reply only twice - Don’t get sucked into the argument or conversation. Reply only twice, no matter what they say, or what the circumstances are.

For full show notes visit: https://creatingabrand.com/056

Jul 21 2020 · 28mins
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How To Get Your Customers To Market For You With Jay Baer

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In this episode, I am joined by one of the world’s most inspirational marketing and customer service keynote speakers, Jay Baer. He is the founder of convinceandconvert.com and a 7th-generation entrepreneur. Jay believes that the best way to grow ANY business is for your customers to grow it for you. But that only occurs if you deliver a customer experience that creates conversations.

Word of mouth influences 50% of all purchases, but we too often take this for granted. We just assume that our customers will talk about us. But they won’t unless you give them a story to tell.

Jul 08 2020 · 41mins
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151 - NYT Best-Selling Author Jay Baer on Why Sales Is About Help Not Hype

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Wow! Talk about turning marketing on its head!!

Jay Baer doesn’t believe in a secret sauce, but boy he sure has one...

Jay preaches Youtility.

Youtility is the simple, easy, practical, but oh-so-rare philosophy of giving away what you know, for free, one bite at a time.

Why would anyone want to do that??

Because, especially now, it’s the professional who is the most helpful who will eventually win the business.

And he has lots of examples to prove it. And lots of ideas about how you can do it.

To learn how to generate more referrals and repeat business, visit: www.remindermedia.com

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#MakeAMillionInRealEstate #StepByStepSalesMarketingTips #RepeatReferralBusiness

Jun 15 2020 · 42mins