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Episode #31 - Trey Jones

Trey Jones is one passionate and determined 25 year old. He has already put down two major BMX events with Swamp Fest 1 and 2 as well as being sponsored by two major companies for over ten years combined, Cult and now Subrosa. Trey is proud to call Central Florida home and equally as proud to be a Lynyrd Skynyrd listening redneck that drives a 1979 TransAm as though he is Burt Reynolds. In the interview we cover the good, the bad and more good as we discuss the ups and downs of Swamp Fest and the responsibilites of being a pro that sometimes involve having some thick skin. I found Trey to be enthusiastic, proud, passionate and ready to talk at length on any topic...and so we did! Follow Trey through @treyjonesucks on IG, www.florideah.com or through his sponsors...www.vans.com www.subrosabrand.com www.theshadowconspiracy.com

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23 Apr 2018

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Episode #64 - Vic Behm

Vic Behm, wow. If there is one personality that I have interviewed that is ridicuosly skilled on the bike, brash to the BMX establishment and extremely confident, it's Vic Behm. He has definitely made his mark on BMX, like it or not. I say this because he isn't trying to be part of the BMX establishment. He is showing us how non-conforming you can be and still be part of competition. Anyone that has been in BMX for a bit remembers some of the most entertaining non-conformers (Chris Moeller, Dave Clymer, Terry Tenette, etc.) You may notice during the podcast that the one thing that I just don't understand is how USABMX can suspend someone without explanation and a time frame before Vic can race again. If it were me, I would lawyer up ASAP. I want to be clear here, I'm not condoning Vic's actions or any of the actions by the parties involved. Somewhere in-between is the truth. What I'm simply saying is that USABMX should explain why and how long the suspension is for. Pretty simple, unless you don't have a clear case along with witnesses and a police report. Whether you approve of Vic's actions or not, this is no way to handle the situation. Cult, Vic's sponsor, is as anxious for a ruling as Vic is. While they wait they lose opportunities to promote their BMX racing division. At the root of this Cult is a business and USABMX should never suspend without a process that includes all of the necessary information needed to satisfy everyone involved. I'm fully aware that there are two sides to every story, the details are of no interest to me. It's not my battle. Just give Vic and Cult the respect of a ruling so they can decide what to do from there. As always, that you Powers Bike Shop for sponsoring the show and a huge that you all for the IG DM's that make all of this worthwhile. Also, thank you Robbie Morales at Cult supporting my fundraising efforts, always.

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5 Feb 2019

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Episode #47 PT 2 - Brian Foster

Brian Foster Part 2! If you liked Part 1 you will love Part 2. We talk about his HOF nomination, 6 month suspension, transition to full time trail and park riding, mid school track smarts and of course the rock in his life, Dr Jennifer Foster. We also touch on some of the strong characteristics of the Strelecki family that have driven his in-law family to success. Definitely an episode that I feel really good about. The next time you see Brian Foster, give him a high 5 for his determination, staying power and relevancy that he seems to have naturally along with a laid back disposition. Also, big thanks to www.powerbikeshop.com for stepping up to sponsor the show, I'm extremely grateful for that. This show sponsor along with a few more in the works will allow me to take the show on the road even more and farther. I have some big goals that will happen! So please give Powers a shot when ordering online or at their shop, races and events like the DIY World Championships at Powers Bike on October 20th put on by www.digbmx.com and www.fbmbmx.com! Follow Brian's sponsors at: www.foxbmx.com www.fitbikeco.com www.merrittbmx.com To donate to the show hit up the donation link at www.thebmxinourblood.com While there link to any past episode! Intro music by Will Evans who can be found at www.willevans.com Newsflash! I accidentally edited out the secret word to be entered into the drawing for a Powers prize. It is DIY. Direct message me with that word/acronym and you'll be entered!*

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1 Sep 2018

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Episode #55 - Big Boy of the Scotty Cranmer Channel

If I was to make a list of the qualities I would look for in a friend Big Boy of the Scotty Cranmer YouTube Channel could check off nearly every box. In addition, Big Boy has completely transformed himself physically into the healthiest version of himself by dropping over 125 pounds by focusing on exercise and diet. Oh, and he can ride a bike better than most in the few short years he has been off the scooter. Front flip off of a building?! Yes. Flairs on command? Yes. Most importantly, a solid friend that would do anything for you? Absolutely. Most of you all know the Scotty Cranmer story but most likely not from his Big Boy's perspective. This is a part 1 of 2 podcast because Big Boy really wants to answer questions from followers the next time we meet up and I am all for it. So enjoy the podcast and think about what friendship means to you. You can find more about Big Boy by simply searching for the Scotty Cranmer YouTube Channel. As always, thank you to Chad at www.powersbikeshop.com for sponsoring the podcast and Big Boy's sponsors www.cultcrew.com and www.theshadowconspiracy.com among others. Always keep an eye on Powers Bike shop for www.thebmxinourblood.com giveaways to loyal listeners. Just like and tag a friend!

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4 Nov 2018

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Episode #23 - Robbie Morales - Cult BMX

Ok, I'm a little biased but for good reason. Robbie "Robo" Morales is the real deal. Has he been perfect? Admittedly, no. Who really is? Robbie openly talks about exactly this in the interview. What Robbie has been is an accomplished trail rider, racer, street rider, marketer, company owner and dedicated sponsor to his riders over the years. Having grown up around Robbie I have seen the sincere, the passionate, the obnoxious, the skilled, the fun loving...the everything that makes Robbie who he is today. Everyone learns as they go and Robbie has learned more than most of us in BMX, sometimes the hard way. Bottom line, I want people to get to know the Robbie I know. A mature man that owns everything he has done, perfect and not. I loved taking this interview on and digging into the mind of a passionate BMX lifer that has much left to give. I hope you feel the same by the end of the listen. Find Robbie at @cultcrew on IG or through the www.cultcrew.comAnd please, the next time you see Robbie or contact him on social media...thank him and tell him what an integral part of BMX he has been. We couldn't and can't do this without people like him!

2hr 27mins

28 Feb 2018

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Episode #14 - Scotty Cranmer

Scotty Cranmer. Hard to say enough in this show description. Scotty has become a good friend and delivered the most heartfelt words in this interview. Complete open book. He is one of a kind and you will hear why in this interview. If you love inspiration and BMX heroes, this is the podcast for you. My only hope is that this interview reaches the masses for one reason, to motivate and inspire. I produce this podcast purely for the passion of the sport of BMX and the gratification that get from making a difference in someone's life. Scotty will help this goal along with this one! Please support his sponsors that support him and his amazing message as well as the Scotty Cranmer YouTube Channel. Also, please consider Scotty merchandise at www.scottycranmerbmx.comThank you for listening and thank you for all of your feedback!RIP Incline Club and thank you for the memories!Recording on location at The Incline Club in Lakewood, NJ on 12/8/2017www.snafubmx.com www.hyperbicycles.com www.vans.com www.foxracing.com www.inclineclub.net www.scottycranmerbmx.com

1hr 52mins

24 Dec 2017

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Episode 39 Part 1 - Steve Crandall - FBM

Steve Crandall, an interview I've been looking to do since I started the podcast last October. Drove down to Richmond, VA and was treated to a taste of Steve's Richmond life. In Part 1 you will hear much about FBM's history as well as Steve's history with BMX. Be sure to turn up the volume when walks a bit away from the mic to tend to dinner among other things, those are more moments you will want to hear. FBM is a lifestyle as much as it is a brand. Steve and his FBM crew of riders and employees show that consistently with FBM events and being active with the community. Beyond that Steve talks about his announcing job with Vans and how honored he is to do it. Always bringing the stoke, that is Steve and always will be. you can find Steve at:@vansbmxprocup events www.fbmbmx.com www.leastmost.com@crandallfbm on IGAnd of course at the #findyourfightjam at @powderridgepark on 7/29/18

1hr 34mins

24 Jun 2018

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Episode #50 - Van Homan

Van Homan as my 50th episode! For this occasion @nuno_oliveira (of Odyssey) did a special podcast announcement using gold to honor the 50th episode, I am truly honored that Nuno has helped with the podcast graphics as well as @brianiarocci with the www.thebmxinourblood.com website! Anyway, 2 more episodes and I'll have 52 weeks straight of interviews! So back to Van, he has been so passionate, diverse and talented for years. And he just won the BMX Legend NORA Cup! In this episode Van talks about his big move to Japan for the next two years to work for Tokyo 2020 in preparation for BMX in the Olympics. What a great choice. Van continues to kill it on the bike at 38 years old and works as a judge at UCI and other events around the world. We also talk about the success of the Uncovered BMX series this past winter with @bkachinsky For these reasons and more I believe Van will do an awesome job helping steer the ship for Olympic Freestyle and ultimately get more kids on bikes due to the huge Olympic exposure. Wish Van all the best as he takes on this job that gives him a great opportunity to use his experience with BMX to do the best he can. With over 25 years in the sport, I'm sure Van will do a great job. Please support Van's sponsors that support him and the sport!@fitbikeco @bellbikehelmets @duobrand @gsportbmx @uncoveredbmx @rivercityleatherAnd a huge thanks to @powersbikeshop supporting the podcast and the BMX community. Don't forget to tag a friend on the Powers IG when the post the podcast on their IG! You could win a Van Homan Fit Stem!

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23 Sep 2018

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Episode #86 - FBM DIY Championship

The FBM DIY Championship was the final stop of DIY series and it was everything we all hoped for! Crazy pallet and plywood creations made for this event are a huge part of the fun. Steve Crandall did an amazing job keeping everyone stoked throughout the day and a big reason as to why good things happen if you want them to. All of this fun was accomplished with no admission, no rules and no frowns. Huge thanks again to Chad of Powers Bike Shop for making this even happen on the logistics side and the event side. You won't hear quite as much about the actual event in this BUT you will hear from many positive people from Richmond that help make this happen. From outside of Richmond there were also many like minded BMXers like myself that are part of the event and focused solely on the success of the event. Not sure who won the vert wall Ginch lasagna prize or any other contest throughout the day on the craziest and sketchiest ramps and safe to say that everyone riding and spectating had a great time!One of the major accomplishments of the jam was the kicking off of the Rad Share non-profit venture, if you want to make a difference look this organization up and help any way you can. You will hear plenty about that as well as Swampfest #4 information involving the change of venue for this year. In order of appearance:Steve Crandall Matt CoplonChad PowersJames LukasAdam GinchJeff T the TM of the Powers Bike Shop national teamNate Hanger of Rad Share www.radshare.orgTrey JonesBrett DownsVelicity MillerLastly, closing comments by Steve Crandall Please check out Rad Share through their website www.radshare.org where you can donate to make a difference. As always, thank you for listening and Powers Bike Shop for supporting this podcast!

1hr 29mins

3 Nov 2019

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Episode #39 Part 2 - Steve Crandall - FBM

So happy with the way part 2 turned out. Steve is such a good hearted soul that I respect tremendously. If you haven't caught Part 1, please do, it's well worth it and leads right into Part 2. In Part two you will hear everything from sobriety talk, realizing what your identity is, lots of great FBM bus talk along with a great Tag KFC salad bar story. As always, thank you for interacting and making this a community effort with your IG questions. They are always so much fun, as you will hear in this episode. Support those that support the sport and that is most definitely www.fbmbmx.com www.leastmost.com www.lastcalldistro.com

2hr 24mins

1 Jul 2018

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Episode 38 Part 2 - Garrett Byrnes

The much anticipated Part 2 of the Garrett Byrnes interview is here! Enjoy! Thank you Garrett Byrnes for you insight and impact, much appreciated by all. As always support those that support BMX. Thanks again to www.crustbikes.com for the interview space, it was perfect.Lastly, keep July 29th open for the Find Your Fight Jam for the family of Kevin Robinson. It is shaping up to be the best fundraising event yet! Find info on the jam at www.thebmxinourblood.com along with links to past podcasts, especially Part 1 if you haven't listened to yet!

2hr 16mins

17 Jun 2018

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Episode #69 - The Fids

The Fids. I think that some of us get to the point in life that we start live the way we want to, not the way we are told to by our peers and society. That point in life for Fids came early on. At the age of 11 he was already going where he wanted to with BMX and skating. Through elaborate schemes and lack of technology in the Mama Fids household, Fids found a way. As I took the trip down the Fids memory lane I heard so much of him taking on challenges that most wouldn't. The Nitro Circus mega ramp show came to England last year when Fids was almost 49 and he sweet talked his way on to the 63 step climb to the top and let go. If you haven't seen the video go to @thefids on IG and find it. Not only did he session it for 20 minutes but the Nitro crew asked him to be part of the show! This is much of how Fids has lived his life. The podcast starts off with a few minutes of Leland Thurman, Fids best friend in the U.S., because I just had to know about the tattoos each of them have of each other on their ass cheeks. It's a site to behold. The podcast was recorded at Swamp Fest last weekend and was worth every minute. You can find Fids at The Source at night giving lessons or anytime on IG and Leland @shitluck on IG. Enjoy and don't hold in the laughter, it's just too good to be true and it is very true! Warning, there is quite a bit of explicit language and talk so listen closely to the John Lee recorded disclaimer and proceed with caution and love every minute of it.

2hr 24mins

7 Apr 2019

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Episode #95 - Fingers Crossed BMX

Everything you want to know about Fingers Crossed is right here in this podcast! I was pretty excited to learn more about Ruben Alcantara and Garrett Byrnes newly released project. As of now Fingers Crossed is all about building your own fun, much like Steve Crandall would say! The basic premise is the amount of fun you can have riding a 20" BMX bike with suspension on any terrain. I'll leave the interpretation of this project up to each of you. What I do know is that Ruben and Garrett have something really cool going on and I'm very psyched to see what direction this goes! Garrett and I definitely spend some time revisiting some of his last podcast with me (episode #38) as we talk about the impact and rejection of the stigma of self help. There is a bit of everything for you all in this one! So enjoy and learn more about @fingerscrossedbmx on IG while it evolves week by week. As Darren Meenan said, if Ruben and Garrett are involved it is going to be good, and it is! As always thank you for listening and consider subscribing to the podcast and jumping on the www.thebmxinourblood.com to donate and check out past episodes. Coming up next, Brett Downs followed by Ground Chuck McCrea.

2hr 44mins

19 Feb 2020

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Episode #87 - Jocelyn Camarra

Joce Camarra is the epitome of a badass. Somehow the universe aligned and we connected at the 1st (maybe 2nd?) race and beginning of her BMX experience. Jocelyn (@joc313 on IG) is absolutely a different animal. Never before I have seen this type of progression while skipping the traditional steps of learning how to ride BMX racing, trails, park, etc. We jumped into some heavier questions and her opinion of how women as well as men (very much so myself) have learned that there is no perfect method of excelling in such a challenging hobby. Enjoy Jocelyn's (@joc313 on IG) journey thus far, it's pretty damn amazing. Also, you will hear @radshare mentioned over the next few episodes. If you are able, jump onto to Radshare.org/donate/ and give what you can to give back to the next generation of BMXers that are coming from less than ideal living situations. Enjoy your week!You can also find me @Gromdad2000 on IG, Joe Doherty on FB and of course on thebmxinourblood.com to donate to the podcast mission. Thanks for listening!

2hr 58mins

8 Dec 2019

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Episode #68 - Jimmy Levan - Go Fast Pull Up

Here you go, the Jimmy Levan documentary interview! The podcast was recorded the morning after the Go Fast Pull Up premier at Swamp Fest. Not my best work with the questions but still amazing to hear the behind the scenes talk about this piece of BMX history. The documentary was awesome. Do yourself a favor and order a copy from propsbmx.com or digbmx.com The documentary is so well done. The bonus of the included book makes it even more worthwhile. Thank you to Chris Rye for sitting in on the podcast and Jimmy Levan for giving us the time. Also, thank you to Vans and Dig BMX for supporting the huge effort that Chris Rye (Props BMX) put into creating a documentary that will stand the test of time. Be on the watch for Metal Bikes soft goods that Jimmy will release over time along with the chance that he starts Metal up again. As always, thank you to Powers Bike Shop in Richmond, VA as well as my friends of the show, Nuno Oliveira and Brian Iarocci for helping with the podcast announcements and thebmxinourblood.com website.


2 Apr 2019

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Episode #4 - Cody Diggs - Trail Rider Of The Year

NORA Cup Trails Rider of the Year Cody Diggs talks about his riding, trail building, importance of helmets, how he stays stoked on BMX, FBM for the people, etc. (as well as a few questions from the fans). I love every interview but this one was a laugh a minute as we sat by Cody's trails campfire on the Friday night before the Circuit Pump Track Jam and the FiftyFoe54 benefit jam the following day at Cody's trails. Bonus background insight from James Nutter, Jake Straight, Seth Medeiros.... ;)Good times, all the reasons I find on site interviews so good! I think you will like this one if you like BMX. Reach Cody through @codydiggs on IG or through FBM Bikes. Anyone you would like to hear interviewed? Send me a message through @gromdad2000 or @ddrbmx on Instagram or email to jpdoherty70@gmail.com

1hr 10mins

6 Nov 2017

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Episode #85 - Zach Full Face Newman

One of the many cool things that happen when you go to the XGames is that you meet good people from around the USA as well as the world. I went to the XGames a couple months ago with no intentions of recording anyone, I just wanted to take it in and understand how this made for TV insanity really works. I first met Zach minutes before BMX vert and the connection was made and I became more aware of the 1/2 pipe heavy hitters. Fast forward a few months and he we are, story recorded. Crazy how it worked out that Zach Newman was in the middle of an 8 week school show schedule and was passing through while doing shows in Connecticut while calling Northern Kentucky home. I'm really happy that Zach let me know he was around, the timing was perfect for a podcast interview. He was just looking to say hi while coming through but I always have the equipment ready to record because you just never know! Anyone that rides 14' half pipes, as well as anything else he or she can find, has a mind and body full of courage, determination and persistence. Persistence is a word that Zach knows well, especially with his passion for riding and competing in 1/2 pipe competitions. Mainly the Xgames. Enjoy the conversation, Zach has great stories valuable lessons of persistence that everyone can benefit from. Also, thank you for continuing to follow along my journey of podcasting as I start my 3rd year thanks to all of you out there in BMX land! A special shout out to Andrew Bayes this week from Tasmania for making a nice donation through thebmxinourblood.com There are lots of BMX podcasts out there these days so I appreciate that so many of you are enjoying mine, I'm extremely grateful. Anyhow, heading to the FBM DIY World Championships in Richmond, VA tomorrow. If you see me, please say hello and sign the inside of The BMX In Our Blood podcast booth, I insist!

2hr 32mins

25 Oct 2019

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Episode #27 - Gary Young

Gary Young! The man behind the amazing professional BMX freestyle athlete that you all know and love. Listen in as Gary tells stories about everything from word traveling to his humble beginnings in San Diego. Definitely one of the nicest pros you could meet. I was very fortunate to have Chris Doyle, a good friend of Gary's, available to sit in on this one and add to the experience for the listener. I believe even Chris learned a thing or two about Gary! The three of us also talked about the role being parents have in our lives as we each enjoy this role. As always, thanks for listening and supporting the podcast through IG and the www.thebmxinourblood.comIt is much appreciated and fuels the podcast forward through your donations, merchandise purchases and kind words! Lastly, please support the sponsors that support Gary-www.vans.com www.sundaybikes.com www.odysseybmx.com www.lifeproof.com

2hr 19mins

25 Mar 2018

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Episode #18 - Isaac "Ground Chuck" McCrea

So excited to publish this podcast! Isaac Ground Chuck McCrea is the total package. Honest, entertaining, generous and not afraid to offend anyone! If you are looking for quotes and stories that will stand the test of time, listen closely to this one, Ground Chuck doesn't disappoint. Example, "if I didn't get hurt I would make Clint Reynolds my b*tch". That's for starters. Seriously though, Isaac is a fun loving guy that has his heart so much in the right place and has been an icon for years. Enjoy the listen and be ready for the Halahan boys next week. Pittsburgh legend month!

2hr 13mins

23 Jan 2018

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Episode #20 - Chris Doyle - Multi Talented BMX Pro

Chris Doyle, the consummate professional with the friendliness of an old friend. I have to admit, this one intimated me a bit because Chris is so well spoken and experienced...and I'm not! Ultimately, Chris's demeanor made the interview flow so well. Chris has an amazing memory and articulated his experiences so well. I'm positive you will all love this one. As always, support the companies that support our BMX riders such as these that sponsor Chris Doyle. Find Chris on IG at @chris_doyle22www.kinkbmx.com www.rockstarenergy.com www.duobrand.com www.campthree.com www.empirebmx.com

1hr 43mins

4 Feb 2018

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